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Jamie Cullum

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whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:25:56

Does anyone else think he's got the sexiest voice on radio today?

He is soooo sweet.

And gorgeous.

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:26:19

Yes, I know I'm a cradle snatcher!!! hmm

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 19:27:04


whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:30:49


He's on Radio 2 now. hmm

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:32:07

Here's a picture of him - with some dame! hmm

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:32:42

That was a long link for one little picture! grin

Worth it though, eh?

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:33:52

I bet there'll be umpteen grannies out there gazing at that pic all night now.

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 19:37:55

En oo no way.
He's scruffy unkempt and looks a right little twerp.
This is a windup I presume.

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 19:59:04

It is not a wind-up!!!!

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 20:03:38

Oh dear I'm sorry you have this problem jing, just have a nice cold shower, go to bed and it will all seem a nasty nightmare in the morning.

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 20:10:16


Do NOT report that!

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 20:11:11

To whom?

glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 20:19:39

jingle I prefer 'The Buble' myself grin,r:17,s:0

Carol Tue 31-Jan-12 20:32:53

Now you're talking - a grown man!

syberia Tue 31-Jan-12 20:35:01

I get the Jamie Cullum thing, Jingl, I have always thought he is gorgeous

glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 20:42:41

Jamie or Buble carol

numberplease Tue 31-Jan-12 20:43:53

Jingl, that "dame" is his missus, Sophie Dahl. She`d make 2 of him!

glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 20:46:11

I didnt know they were a couple, dont seem to go together.

Carol Tue 31-Jan-12 20:52:42

Buble glass. Jamie Cullum is a boy grin

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 21:02:11

Buble? Still looks like an unshaven self fancying git!

glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 21:13:41

jeni wash your mouth out grin grin grin

carol ohh saw him in concert looks even better in the buff real life wink

whatisamashedupphrase Tue 31-Jan-12 21:16:02

Michael Buble (or whatever his name is) is boring.

Just you and me then Syberia with any taste. smile

So, is that Sophie whatsisname's daughter. You know, Danny and the whatsit.

ROALD!!! Got it!

Or grandaughter?

glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 21:17:44


glassortwo Tue 31-Jan-12 21:18:34

Jingle boring is not what I would have called him grin

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 21:22:40

You are all NUTS. Behave yourselves and act your age! Let's have some more decorum please.
Remember that marvellous song in Mamma Mia. "your only a child"!
You are setting a very bad example to the the younger generation.
What would your grandmothers have said