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What have you got planned?

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grannyactivist Fri 17-Feb-12 11:25:50

Just checking my calendar and it looks like this:

Today: Funeral sad - Friend coming to stay for long weekend smile

Tomorrow: Breakfast with friend then off to visit eldest son (meeting in Cheltenham - restaurant recommendations welcome) to celebrate his 22nd birthday. cupcake smile

Sunday: Outing with friend during the day and then join with her and other friends for the evening wine

Monday: Friend leaves - Spend day with daughter and grandson (late son in law's 28th birthday) sad

Tuesday/Wednesday: Grandson to stay sunshine grin sunshine

Thursday: Meal and film with in laws wine smile

Friday: Teaching - Evening meal with friends wine

What have you got planned?

tanith Fri 17-Feb-12 11:35:55

Well done for filling your calendar with some lovely events grannyactivist. My calender isn't nearly as full.

Today: granddaughter here for lunch

Monday: off for my monthly 2day trip to XMIL (we do a big shop) she enjoys the company.

Wed: swimming

Thurs: weekly shop

So not much going on next week really..

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 11:36:44

Today wait in for Virgin Media.hmm
This afternoon wait for DD to come, she is off to a funeral and then staying the night.sad smile
Tomorrow go to choose paint smile
Sunday clear out bedroom ready for painting, and move us into the spare room hmm
Monday Start painting with DH. Lunchtime escape and meet friend for lunch
hmm wine
Tuesday Leave DH to paint, whilst I do my voluntary job at a Cancer
Wednesday Finish bedroom, put it back together again and , hopefully, move back
Thursday DS and DDIL to suppersmile wine
Friday To hairdresser for colour smile

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 11:48:36


gracesmum Fri 17-Feb-12 11:49:50

How to make a person feel inadequate sad but well done all you busy people

Friday: visit DH in hospital
Saturday and Sunday - same
Monday - Art history class (maybe) then visit DH....
Tuesday - guess what?
Wednesday - Literature class then visit DH in hospital - oh and Weight Watchers hmm

better shut up - I am happy for all those smiles and sad for those with sads, just got me at a bad moment.

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 11:49:51

I'm thinking about it jeni

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 11:53:50

Sat read files
Sun read more files
Mon tribunal
Tues tribunal
Wed tribunal
Thurs tribunal
Fri hair and relax!

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 11:54:33

Oh did I mention I'm retired?grin

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 11:57:51

Oh gracesmum I'm sorry you feel so low, how is DH? Here's a few (((hugs)) and somethanks, and how about somecupcake Take carex.

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 12:00:51

Don't take carex, it sounds toxic, take care x.blush

Oxon70 Fri 17-Feb-12 12:04:16

I nearly was going to ask you what carex was....had a good giggle!

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 12:09:39

Oh! I was just going to google it to see if was an instant antidepressant?
Reading gn is much better though. Can it be prescribes on the nhs? It works better than Prozac!

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 12:20:17

I think carex is for washing your hands!

em Fri 17-Feb-12 13:07:01

Gracesmum please can we do a mutual hug? My days are much like yours at the moment but it's visiting DD1 in hospital! When I'm not there I am babysitting to let SiL visit. These sessions also involve inevitably, cooking, washing and ironing. This morning I've been at my own home but ironing GDs' school shirts so I can return them this pm. Also cooked and carved a big roast from her fridge as it was approaching sell-by date. However I'm delighted with DD2 and DS as they've come up with an excellent idea to help. If, as we hope, DD1 gets home in the next day or two, then DD2 will take baby, I'll have 2year-old and DS will have the 'big ones' over Monday and Tuesday. They have tentatively arranged days off so that sis can have a couple of days to recuperate at home. What a team!! Snatching 10 minutes for a trip to GN before I dash off.

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 13:28:28

Sounds like you have a great family em,and you are a good mum (((hugs)))

numberplease Fri 17-Feb-12 16:32:19

Today, down to daughter`s house to help get the food ready for her wedding reception tomorrow, as she`s doing the food herself to save money.
Tomorrow, daughter number 3`s wedding to her long term partner, followed by a reception at a local pub.
Sunday, chill out.
Monday through to Friday, childminding little grandson and taking him to nursery.

Anne58 Fri 17-Feb-12 18:48:56

1)Today (Friday 17th Feb) day off, but ended up doing 3 hours work on a proposal due by COB, would have delivered it yesterday, but client kept changing the brief. Bastard. (Remote access, so working at kitchen table in pyjamas blush

Then hair appointment.
Then supermarket shopping. Clean cat litter trays, change bed linen, put bed linen washing on. Make bed.

2) Tomorrow (Saturday 18th) Put first load of clothes washing on. Shopping trip to Lidl, for cheap wine & other stuff. Then meet chums at pub for Racing Club. Hooray! Come home , take washing out, cook supper.

3) Sunday (19th Feb) Do rest of washing , cook roast, eat roast, more boring domestic stuff etc, sort out what to wear for Monday.

4) Monday to Friday, work.

nanachrissy Fri 17-Feb-12 20:24:35

Em and Gracesmum can I be in the hug too please?
Every day visit Dad in care home. confused Not good. sad

Sat....Friend (male) wink coming to cheer me up...grin
Sun... Take him back home...visit Dad.sad

Anne58 Fri 17-Feb-12 20:55:12

nanchrissy I think you definitely deserve a hug!

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 21:10:00

I think you are all marvellous. I couldn't cope with all that!
Well done and hugs to all of you thanks

tanith Fri 17-Feb-12 21:15:43

Definitely hugs to everyone caring for family members in one way or another... thanks

JessM Fri 17-Feb-12 21:20:17

Oh big hugs all round really. Sounds like a bit of a treadmill folks .
Looking after MIL in her midland retreat for the weekend. She doesn't go out but I can.
Gracesmum, I am going to pm you about a U3a talk about Poster Art this week that might be of interest.
Oh lord, feeling glum too. Just spoke to kids in sydney (which does not happen often). DS has something wrong with his eye. i was hoping he would tell me it was better but it is worse. sad They are coming over to Uk next July, which I know they can't afford. sad And now I have had a text telling me that my GD wants to know why i did not appear to be more excited that they were coming to see me... sad
OK moan over.

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 21:32:22

Oh dear. There are days when everything you do seems to either be taken wrongly or misunderstood! I think you just have to go to sleep and wait until the morning!
Hope tomorrow goes better!sunshine

glammanana Fri 17-Feb-12 22:36:15

Monday DGCs back to school,go with DD to choose paint for lounge hmm
Tuesday I have offered to help paint said lounge but can only paint to my shoulder height as I am frightened of ladders sad
Wednesday we should be nearly finished so will help to iron and replace curtains (keep me away from that ladder) !!!
Thursday I have promised I will go with DD to pick some new cushions for the lounge to add a bit of
Friday will have to do Supermarket shop for bits and bobs and wait for Ocado order to be delivered.May be able to get in a quick visit to my pal who lives 10mins from my home sometimes it is so difficult to find the time as I know I will be there for 2/3 hrs talking a load of rubbish but you do feel better after that I think.

gracesmum Fri 17-Feb-12 23:19:25

Lots of different coloured emoticons but the overall impression is of highly energetic ladies!!
Group hug definitely extended and accepted with gratitude! Might be busier next week as DH may move to Heart Hospital in Marylebone.
Em it sounds as if the sisters are doing you proud - following their Mum's example I think. Hope your DD is home soon and restored to health before you collapse with exhaustion.
I see we have a wedding smile and lots of other stuff - do you remember when weekends were when you were meant to rest and relax?
(I like the look of the U3A talks jess - hope I can make them. A couple of friends from the village were talking about them last night - first I had heard of these.)