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Gmajen Sun 19-Feb-12 11:31:07

Yesterday I went to the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy. What an absolute joy. No subdued lighting and peering reverently at tiny jewels of paintings but bright sunshiney lights and huge canvasses of exploding colours in woods and hedgerows and lanes. It was a fantastic experience - thoroughly recommended but alas so hard to get a ticket now.

absentgrana Sun 19-Feb-12 11:37:11

Lucky you Gmajen. envy

MaggieP Sun 19-Feb-12 12:00:33

Good to hear that gmajen as we have tickets to go just before Easter and it finishes. I was unable to get tickets on the first round but when more were available we jumped in! Keep trying anyone who wants to go.

Seventimesfive Sun 19-Feb-12 18:11:13

Yes, it's a great exhibition that envelopes you in colour and makes you smile! I am a friend of RA so can go as many times as I like. Would recommend to those who are in London or near enough and enjoy exhibitions.

Nsube Sun 19-Feb-12 18:16:53

It's brilliant! You'll never look at landscape in the same way again.

petallus Sun 19-Feb-12 23:00:26

Couldn't get tickets so consoled myself with the huge poster of The Arrival of Spring which is on the wall just above my desk. I intend to go to the Lucien Freud exhibition at the National Gallery next month.

digikidnan Sun 19-Feb-12 23:06:22

Yes it's brilliant! And what a great role model, many of the pieces created in the last 4 years, and he's 74!