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Mother's Day

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thistle Tue 13-Mar-12 14:38:46

My own mum, in her 80s, insists she doesn't want any recognition (too commercial/what, only one day a year?) but I must admit I rather like it.

Do other gransnetters have thoughts about how they like Mother's Day to be marked?

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 13-Mar-12 14:42:11

I just like it if we're all together. Including son who's more concerned about the new girlfriend at the moment than his mother.

I wanted Pizza Hut, but they're all coming here. DD is cooking though!

jeni Tue 13-Mar-12 14:47:43

I shall be on my own as usual!

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 14:50:41

DS texted me to ask what I was doing on Mothers' Day. I had no idea when it was and had no plans, so he asked me to go to stay - in the house they are moving into on Friday! So I am going down on Saturday and hoping they will have organised a bed for me by the time I get there!

glammanana Tue 13-Mar-12 15:02:28

My DD rang me this morning and the conversation was "Hi mum would you like to come down for Sunday lunch with dad it is Mothers Day you know,I will go and buy a leg of lamb and a piece of pork and you can cook it in your oven for me " she says!!! OK says I " just make sure that your brothers both know where we will be in case they decide to drop in" So DD rings her brothers and tells them" mum is at my house on Sunday she is cooking the meat at home to save all the faffing about on Sunday" Great came the reply from the boys we love mum's cooking ask her to make one of her fab trifiles please,so I am now cooking for the whole family and doing the puddings and in the meantime just scratching my head wondering how it came about !!! but I do love it grin

absentgrana Tue 13-Mar-12 15:10:09

I always used to invite my mother to lunch on Mother's Day and would give her a small present – chocs and flowers. She spent the last five years of her life living in my house and we always celebrated Mother's Day. It came as something of a shock to me to find myself terribly sad on Mother's Days after she had died, sadder than on her birthday or the anniversary of her death. I think it was because I no longer had mother and my daughter was the other side of the world. Mother's Day in New Zealand is in May, anyway. This year, we shall be together as I shall arrive in Nelson on Saturday evening – together, unless the baby decides to put in an immediate appearance. But that would be just another cause for a family celebration. smile

Greatnan Tue 13-Mar-12 15:15:19

I still miss my mother twenty years afer her death. She could be a prickly so and so, but I never doubted her love for me.
I don't expect any recognition next Sunday because it is not Mother's Day in NZ. I will get out some of the lovely cards I have had from both daughters in the past.

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 13-Mar-12 15:16:02

That's lovely absent. So glad for you. smile

Sbagran Tue 13-Mar-12 15:19:19

grin grin grin*glamma - we wouldn't have it any other way would we! Not had any hints of what my lot are doing but we had them all together this last weekend for hubby's big 60!!! So probably won't have too much fuss.

I have mixed feelings about Mother's day. On one hand I think it is great for Mums to be fussed over and made to feel special on that day - hopefully it means mums are special for at least three days per year - Christmas Day, her birthday and Mother's Day.

However, it is hard for those who may have recently have lost Mum, or for Mums who are on their own for any reason. A dear friend of mine had a miscarriage (many years ago now) within a week or two of Mother's Day - she had lost her first baby so Mother's Day was horrendous for her. I am pleased to say she went on to successfully become a 'Mum' several times over but would have been devastating had that not been the case.

((((HUGS)))) to jeni Don't forget that there is always someone logged into GN. xxx

ChrissieB Tue 13-Mar-12 15:27:35

My mum lives 90 miles away from me and loves Mothers Day so will be going to see her for the day on saturday and then ringing her sunday morning. I will be having my own 3 sons and family round on Mothers Day and cooking a dinner for them (nothing unusual there) as they reckon no-one cooks a sunday roast like their mum smile

Greatnan Tue 13-Mar-12 15:28:12

We can chat to each other, jeni! We might be able to make some mischief whilst the others have all got their backs turned.

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 15:28:23

glamma - you put a whole different spin on the concept of 'mothers' day'! How glad I am that my DS1 trained as a chef and the other one is also a great cook. I'd like to say it was my influence, but they may have developed their skills in self-defence against my cooking. wink

jeni Tue 13-Mar-12 15:33:45

greatnan what us! Make mischief? [innocent] emoticon. Perish the thougt!
Thins quietly,now what can we do to upset the others when they stagger walk home?

JessM Tue 13-Mar-12 15:42:18

Mothers doing the cooking on mother's day. Never ceases to astound me. Myst want to I guess, otherwise you would say "It's my day and I would like to put my feet up and be waited on thankyou"
My sons are both in countries where mothers day is at different time of year. All of the dates pass without note usually. Once in a blue moon i might get a random and unexpected card. I could trek to the midlands to be with MIL but my plan is to be at home getting on with stuff I want to do. DH will be there etc and the thought of going out with them to a restaurant on MD fills me with horror.

susiecb Tue 13-Mar-12 15:43:41

My daughters, both Mothers regard the day as theirs rather than mine. My mother regarded it as hers. My husband says I am not his mother which is true. Eldest daughter sends a card usually the following week and youngest usually sends flowers - last year she invited me out for a took me for a meal and I paid - not doing that one again. Step son doesn't send anything or the seven grandchildren. I have spoilt this lot!

I shall by myself something nice and probably do the cooking.

bagitha Tue 13-Mar-12 15:46:22

annobel, my DH learned to cook for the same reason: his mother couldn't.

Re Mother's Day, I'm more concerned to tell my daughter that I think she's a super mum than to celebrate anything myself. My daughters are a constant celebration for me.

However, I did point DH at those Sheila Fleet brooches I like.....

If it's not raining, I shall probably spend a portion of the day getting mucky outside, as usual. Had some fun today, but that's for another thread....

Greatnan Tue 13-Mar-12 15:46:28

You can join jeni and me in our great mischief-making efforts, sussiecb!

jeni Tue 13-Mar-12 15:53:33

Well I've got some bottles of bubbly stashed away!

Carol Tue 13-Mar-12 15:55:22

I'm not really bothered about a big fuss on Mother's Day - I used to like it more when the children were young and they made their own cards and picked flowers from the garden for me. I know I will get cards and some gifts, which will be very much appreciated.

This year, though, is going to be so special, because my twin daughters, who both struggled to conceive, now both have twins. One daughter has 3 year old sons, and the other daughter has 4.1/2 month old daughters who were born very prematurely and are thriving. So much more than any of us could have hoped for. They both cherish being mums, after waiting so long for their babies. Mother's Day is all theirs, as far as I am concerned. I'm so happy for them.

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 16:32:58

Mothers' Day is certainly a great day for your family, Carol. sunshine

Greatnan Tue 13-Mar-12 16:36:39

That is a remarkable story, Carol - how lovely that both of your daughters had babies.

ninathenana Tue 13-Mar-12 16:52:52

Unfortunately spending Mothers Day with my mum is not the same any more as she was diagnosed with Alzhimers a year ago. Always used to have her to mine for lunch. i shall visit her with a card and flowers. But she won't know what's going on sad

DGS2 is due anytime now and DH and I have DGS1 staying with us for now. So don't expect much from DD smile

Carol Tue 13-Mar-12 17:11:09

Greatnan the remarakable bit is that they both had IVF that was successful first time, and both knew they had only one shot at it for different reasons i.e. the local health authority stopping that support, lack of finances to try again at present, and only two eggs harvested each time. But that's all it took and we have these wonderful children now! So lucky x

syberia Tue 13-Mar-12 17:16:30

As you know, my first GD is due in a couple of weeks. I have already told DD not to bother with Mother's Day on my behalf, but I am sending her a card from the bump!!

kittylester Tue 13-Mar-12 17:20:58

My Mum is going to my brother's this year so I have sent flowers and will go to see her on Friday.

Four of our children have their own families now so I expect I will get presents, cards and phone calls but no visits. I will cook for my husband, son and myself, because I enjoy it, and just have a lazy day. My husband also says I'm not his mother but will, nevertheless, buy me something for being the mother of his children (if he knows what is good for him!) grin

I really feel that Mother's Day is for those with small children and I am happy if they ring to wish me well and enjoying being Mums and Dads on their own.