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Did you see me?

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Oldgreymare Mon 04-Jun-12 09:07:18

If you caught the Welsh news at about 6 last night, the child getting into the 'Golden coach' was me!!!!!!
My late, but lovely, eccentric uncle made a copy of the coronation coach which was then used for all the village carnivals.
My beautiful blonde sister refused at the last minute which is why my dress was a tad on the small side, it was meant for her and made (as were all our dresses) by my lovely Mum.

Jacey Mon 04-Jun-12 09:38:25

No ...but did 'see' you at start of pageant coverage??? Lady inside ...due to poor weather ...talking about her father and coach? Mother who made all the costumes for the village children??
Was that you?? hmm flag

glammanana Mon 04-Jun-12 09:39:53

I did not catch the news but what a lovely thing to happen,as the saying goes we all get our 15mins of fame in our life time,I thought the whole coverage was magnificent and I was glued to the TV for hours.flag

Oldgreymare Mon 04-Jun-12 09:56:06

JaceySadly, I missed it as I do not live in Wales, but my (Anglesey) sister phoned me in a state of great excitement!
'Lady inside' was my cousin and her Mum (my aunt) and mine made so many costumes.
Later, when the Queen toured N.Wales, the coach was parked in the entrance to an estate, we were all there, suitably dressed ( I think I was a 'fairy' on that occasion another time I was a postillion(?) the village boys were more reluctant about dressing up, I was game for anything!)
We appeared (fleetingly)on Pathe news.
Glamma more like 15 seconds of fame!!!!!