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Would the age of a cleaner bother you?

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littleflo Tue 20-Feb-18 11:47:50

I have employed cleaners for the past 20 years. They have always been much younger than me. My latest lady has gone back home and I am currently advertising for a replacement.

A lady is coming tomorrow for a trial. She is 65 and quite tiny. I don’t know why, but the thought of having someone so close to my age makes me feel odd.

MesMopTop Tue 20-Feb-18 11:59:41

I would willingly have any age if they clean well. Older ladies might tend to stay with you as not so easy for them to find work compared to younger ladies. I’m sure you’ll both be just fine!

Christinefrance Tue 20-Feb-18 12:02:28

I'm not in any position to be ageist so good luck to the lady in her 60's. I'm sure she will be very conscientious.

jusnoneed Tue 20-Feb-18 12:46:58

I clean for three people, one is 90, second 89 and third in her mid 50's. I am 62. We all get on well. I wouldn't want to clean for anyone much younger than 50's.
I had another lady I used to clean for say she was unhappy with her new young cleaners (she moved away from here but I still see her occasionally) as they didn't "see" a lot of stuff that needed doing or move stuff to clean.

lemongrove Tue 20-Feb-18 13:49:43

I would always prefer an older cleaner, they just do a better job. Especially a woman who has a lot of experience of being a cleaner.

Bridgeit Tue 20-Feb-18 14:34:39

If you were about the same age, but both much younger would you still feel the same do you think, ?I ask this as it is possible that because it is a cleaning job you feel it maybe to physically demanding?

OldMeg Tue 20-Feb-18 14:51:10

Nothing to do with her age and height Flo it’s how physically fit she is. Unless she’s like ‘two soups’ I’d give her a trial at least.

Blinko Tue 20-Feb-18 14:54:09

My cleaning lady is in her 60s. No problem at all. I don't know how I'd feel about someone who was a lot younger, tbh.

Blinko Tue 20-Feb-18 14:54:44

Old Meg grin two soups, indeed!

Crafting Tue 20-Feb-18 15:05:15

Oh I'd love her to be like 'two soups'. Just imagine your face oldmeg grin

gillybob Tue 20-Feb-18 15:13:25

I don’t have a cleaner ( I’m a diy ) . I would draw the line at a 25 year old stunner .... I know she wouldn’t give DH a second glance but she would make me feel so very old and inferior . grin

BBbevan Tue 20-Feb-18 15:13:29

My aunty has a cleaner who is older than her, and she is 86. Said cleaner faffs about with a duster while they have a good chat.. Result, aunty gets company, cleaner gets money

BlueBelle Tue 20-Feb-18 15:31:24

I ve never had a cleaner but have no idea why age would come into it or even why you would need to know her age When the man came to cut my tree down I didn’t ask him how old he was I expected him to do a good job whatever his age was and he did

kittylester Tue 20-Feb-18 15:36:23

My cleaner is 62 and the vest cleaner I've ever had. She sees things that want doing and does them.

BlueBelle Tue 20-Feb-18 15:46:02

Never had a vest cleaner either Kitty

kittylester Tue 20-Feb-18 16:55:25

You've never lived! grin

Suki70 Tue 20-Feb-18 17:45:51

I've had the same cleaner for seven years, she's now 62, 12 years younger than me. She used to be good, lots of strength and energy but over the last two years she's had a couple of health issues, often complains of being tired, is now much slower and does far less. I've kept her on because she needs the money but she's really not doing a good job. Before I took her on, I employed the 18 year old daughter of a previous cleaner and she was brilliant. After a year though she took a full time office job.
Never had a vest cleaner as don't own any! grin grin

Gaggi3 Tue 20-Feb-18 17:49:55

We stayed in a B and B years ago ( so we were a lot younger) and the very nice lady serving our breakfast was very 2 soups. I felt so guilty being waited on by her.

BlueBelle Tue 20-Feb-18 17:55:54

Tomato or mushroom ?

annodomini Tue 20-Feb-18 18:13:26

i'm in no position to quibble about age. I have difficulty finding a cleaner around here - they are all booked up!

Nanabilly Tue 20-Feb-18 18:27:34

I would never employ a young cleaner .
Youngsters today seem to think they are doing you a favour by turning up for work.
When I was working I managed a fairly young team and they were a nightmare. I much preferred older ladies . Older men were grumpy lol

ffinnochio Tue 20-Feb-18 18:57:52

Let her work speak for itself, not her age.

MissAdventure Tue 20-Feb-18 19:01:19

I'd feel a bit uncomfortable about it, as if it was 'taking advantage' in some way. Even though that's ridiculous.

littleflo Tue 20-Feb-18 21:04:21

I know it is stupid to feel uncomfortable about it. I think it is because I now feel a bit lazy, which I never have before. I have always been very lucky with my cleaners. The first two I employed were local women but I was in full time in work so I never saw them. Then I went over to an Agency who supplied Eastern Europeans who were all excellent.

Of the three ladies I interviewed she did seem the best, because she is already cleaning for two other ladies.

Annodomi I, what area are you in.

MissAdventure Tue 20-Feb-18 22:16:59

Well, the lady obviously wants to work, so it seems churlish not to employ her. She'll only go elsewhere to clean, so I wouldn't worry.

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