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Is Harry happy?

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fluttERBY123 Tue 10-Jul-18 17:13:45

He has not been his usual smiley self in the news clips I've have seen over the last week or two, especially today on the balcony. Has anyone else thought the same?

Cherrytree59 Tue 10-Jul-18 17:17:12

He probably just a wee bit hot.sunshine

Ilovecheese Tue 10-Jul-18 17:24:31

Well, say you were not long married, would you rather be:
a) Standing on a balcony in the heat


b) Alone with your new wife

sodapop Tue 10-Jul-18 17:29:23

Well obviously a) ilovecheese 😊

Gagagran Tue 10-Jul-18 17:31:18

I thought that too fluttERBY. In fact I think he seems a bit irritated with her sometimes. She does seem very clingy, always grabbing his arm or trying to hold his hand at inappropriate times. She did look very nice today though.

annsixty Tue 10-Jul-18 17:39:36

I really wouldnt like to speculate on how happy he/they are, but I was shocked just how much she looked like the Duchess of Windsor the other day when she had her hair parted down the middle and drawn back into a chignon.

Panache Tue 10-Jul-18 17:41:30

He is certainly not the Harry we have got well used to........all joking and laughing.
All of a sudden he seems to be acting more like a respectable Royal!!!

I prefer the fun loving Harry.

merlotgran Tue 10-Jul-18 17:47:47

I'm glad somebody else spotted Harry's expression. I thought it was just me. Even when the others were laughing he looked straight faced. I also noticed Meghan was hanging on to his arm as they approached the Abbey then quickly dropped it.

I'm sure some on here will come out with all the, 'Leave her alone' and 'Damned if they do etc.' comments but people do notice these things especially when the Royals are on parade!

I think she looked lovely - why black though but like annsixty, every time I look at her I think of Wallis. grin

sodapop Tue 10-Jul-18 17:57:27

Its early days for both of them. Must be quite a strain for Meghan with a new marriage and being in the public eye.

maryeliza54 Tue 10-Jul-18 18:10:27

Yep - having to fit in going to Sainsbury's, cleaning the bathroom, the washing, the ironing , the daily commute, will the train be cancelled and oh damn, got to get some quotes for the home insurance. Yep what a strain.

jenpax Tue 10-Jul-18 18:11:02

I imagine conducting the early days of married life in the glare of publicity is a strain😳 plus extra stress for Meghan who has moved continents and has come from a vastly different culture to the one she now finds herself in. The upper classes and especially the aristocracy have a special code of behaviour that it must be easy to fall foul of! She has already been picked up for crossing her legs while sat with the Queen and for stance while posing for a photo! I am no Royalist but I can well understand why she is glued to Harry’s side!
I always thought how much both the younger royals went for ladies that reminded them of their late mother in different ways, I can’t see any resemblance to Camilla to be honest.

Anniebach Tue 10-Jul-18 18:11:04

Surely a tv actress who has also addressed the UN isn’t troubled by being in the public eye,

jenpax Tue 10-Jul-18 18:13:03

I doubt it’s being in the public eye that is her concern but breaching Royal protocols

merlotgran Tue 10-Jul-18 18:18:35

Well, Princess Anne obviously comes on Gransnet. She must have read our comments about the dressing gown she wore to Harry and Meghan's wedding because her outfit today was lovely and very flattering. grin

mcem Tue 10-Jul-18 18:21:25

annsixty referred to the Duchess of Windsor ie Wallis Simpson not Camilla.

jenpax Tue 10-Jul-18 18:23:46

My error I read Duchess of Cornwall not Windsor but I think Meghan is much more beautiful than the late Wallis-Simpson.

M0nica Tue 10-Jul-18 19:11:54

Leave them alone, we all have good days, bad days, just be glad you do not have to do it in public and have lots of people commenting on it.

Blinko Tue 10-Jul-18 19:16:39

I must admit I have thought that H looks a bit tense on recent outings. I think they're both lovely with the potential to do a lot of good. I do hope nothing's amiss so early in their relationship.

RosieLeah Tue 10-Jul-18 19:42:24

I think the truth is that Prince Harry is not ready to settle down yet. He's an action man. He's more comfortable doing something dangerous and exciting, than being a tame little hubby.

PECS Tue 10-Jul-18 20:02:59

Royal kids are brought up and trained to carry out public duties. Harry knew he would have to toe the line. He did not have to marry though. I think people might be looking at snatches of his life captured in snapshots/ small film clips and making up their own stories! It sounds like lots of GNs would like to work as gossip columnist!

muffinthemoo Tue 10-Jul-18 20:07:38

If we are still running the gossip thread about the Duchess’ outfits, that was a hell of a shade of green she wore to the christening.

I can’t think that shade is flattering on anyone, even a lovely woman like her.

Squiffy Tue 10-Jul-18 20:10:38

I just wish the media would stop constantly making out that Kate and Meghan are competing against one another in the style stakes.

annep Tue 10-Jul-18 20:13:39

Monica I think they are well rewarded but that's a whole other subject.
I'm not a royalist but I do think they both looked uncomfortable today. I'm wondering if they are acting a part and aren't where they want to be. Megan certainly did not look as confident as she did.

muffinthemoo Tue 10-Jul-18 20:14:22

Yeah I don’t think HRH Kate cares tbh. She has her own style and she always looks lovely.

annep Tue 10-Jul-18 20:15:10

I'm fed up too with the royal fashion shows! All thats missing is the red carpet!