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Naked neighbours - what would you do?

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crystaltipps Wed 05-Sep-18 17:22:39

A family I know live in a small terraced house which back sonto a similar row of terraced houses with small backyards. It’s an increasingly gentrified area and many of the residents have had loft and kitchen extensions and the like. One set of neighbours at the back have had their first floor bedroom extended over the kitchen with full length windows. The couple in this house have taken to appearing in the full length window in the nude at various times of the day and night. The families’ young children have had an eyeful several times! The mum is genuinely not happy about this and doesn’t want to see this show whilst the family are eating their breakfast. What would you do in this situation? go round and see the couple and tell them to cover up ? ( she doesn’t know them ) Keep the curtains drawn ? Just laugh it off?

MissAdventure Wed 05-Sep-18 17:30:31

I think that as long as they weren't 'up to anything' when they're in the nuddy, I would probably ignore.
(I think!)

MawBroon Wed 05-Sep-18 17:34:57

Hold up ping pong bat “paddles” with a score on them? E.g..7!

Maybe fit blinds or shutters to their own windows.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Sep-18 17:35:17

Don’t look

crystaltipps Wed 05-Sep-18 17:45:30

You can’t “not look” when a man is clearly in view scratching his bits, the kids are in hysterics and you are trying to have a family meal. Seems a shame to eat in the dark.

aggie Wed 05-Sep-18 17:51:05

Get the kids to wave at him , using a large white flag !

ninathenana Wed 05-Sep-18 17:52:45

Put a note through their door ?

I would fit a venitian blind as that can be closed enough for the children not to have to put up with these peoples rediculous exhibitionism but still lets light in.
Does this count as indecent exposure........hmmmm

MissAdventure Wed 05-Sep-18 17:54:50

grin Maw

SueDonim Wed 05-Sep-18 17:58:07

The kids are in hysterics? Of laughter?

The very elderly lady next door to my son sometimes wanders around or sunbathes naked on her flat roof, which is next to his children's bedroom. They just say 'Mrs X has forgotten to get dressed again' and shrug it off.

If it's really bothering you, then maybe a note through the door to inform them of what the neighbours can see would be enough to get them to cover up.

oldbatty Wed 05-Sep-18 18:00:51

ah the old " family I know" one.......

oldbatty Wed 05-Sep-18 18:01:40

re the breakfast......chipolatas or bratwurst?

BlueBelle Wed 05-Sep-18 18:08:08

But it’s not your neighbours so it’s not really your problem, Crystaltipps it’s up to your aquaintences to work our what they want to do
You can’t stop someone walking around in the nuddy in their own home
If your acquaintances don’t want their children to observe the neighbours then they should put some Venetian blinds up themselves Not much else they can do

crystaltipps Wed 05-Sep-18 18:08:46

It actually is a family I know - happens to be a family I’m related to, so go to their house a lot. The kids think it’s hilarious, but the mum isn’t happy , especially as her 11 year old daughter’s bedroom is at the back of the house and in direct line of sight to the couple’s bedroom.

SueDonim Wed 05-Sep-18 18:22:23

I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. grin

Chewbacca Wed 05-Sep-18 18:23:04

Get the whole family outside, lined up and ready for the morning display. As soon as Mr Let-it-all-hang-out appears, everyone should start laughing uproariously and generally falling about laughing, whilst pointing in his direction. If he's doing his morning display to garner admiring approval, this response would leave him in no doubt that he's become a laughing stock locally. And no man wants his bits laughed at.

SueDonim Wed 05-Sep-18 18:25:06

Or take a snap and put it on your local FB page. wink

notanan2 Wed 05-Sep-18 18:26:42

Are they gyrating and touching themselves/each other or just opening the curtains and putting away the ironing?

Non sexual nudity is not a problem IMO. Sexual nudity is totally different to just being naked.

midgey Wed 05-Sep-18 18:33:10

I was brought to believe bedrooms had to have curtains by law! Or was that only if they faced the road?

lemongrove Wed 05-Sep-18 18:37:09

I agree with notanan2

lemongrove Wed 05-Sep-18 18:37:58

they may be naturists, or just show offs, but nudity is no big deal in itself.

JudyJudy12 Wed 05-Sep-18 18:38:24

SueDonim, there would be a breach of privacy laws, as it is not a public place, to take pictures and publish online. It is not illegal to be naked in your own home as long as it is not in a sexual manner.

BlueBelle Wed 05-Sep-18 18:42:50

To be honest I live right opposite a row of houses but I couldn’t tell you what any of them are doing as I just wouldn’t be looking
If the kids think it’s hilarious they ll soon get bored I d tell your friends / relatives/ aquaintences to put some nets or blinds up and not make a big thing of it although as Notanan says if it’s sexual then obviously it’s a different matter

SueDonim Wed 05-Sep-18 19:02:50

Dang, Judy there goes my plan! It'll have to be a note through the door then.

I was staying in a hotel in Leeds last week. It was sort of L-shaped so the windows looked out onto the other wing and I got a bit of an eyeful when I opened the curtains one morning. blush Tbh, I was surprised there were no nets or blinds, as our room was also directly opposite a glass office block and it was bizarre to look out and see people beavering away at their desks while you could be in bed watching them.

oldbatty Wed 05-Sep-18 19:15:43

gyrating and touching......oh Lordy my blood pressure has gone up.

SpringyChicken Wed 05-Sep-18 19:30:10

Is it indecent exposure? I don't know. But something like that was going on that my sister witnessed from her flat. A single man lived opposite and he was definitely doing it for his own gratification. But she told the police and he was prosecuted. The police watched him from her property to see was he was up to and agreed with her. And it turned he had a history of this sort of thing. She had to be a witness in court and he was found guilty.

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