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Songs that make you!

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Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 20:47:14

So this was a thread I started on mumsnet a while ago and thought I would start it here as we are all far more mature and learned! grin

What songs make you cry? And why? What takes you back?

Mine are Abbas’ slipping thru my fingers’ as we thought dd might die after a fatal crash! She thank god didn’t.

The welsh national anthem! My mum is welsh and has altzimers but still recognised this and sings along but doesn’t know us!

The proclaimers ‘lets get married’ played at our wedding 30 years ago.

And lighthearted ‘summer loving’ from grease as It was my first grown up film aged 16 and I kissed my first boyfriend grin

Frankie goes to Hollywood ‘power of love’ as that’s by death defying love for my children.

What’s yours?

Luckygirl Wed 27-Feb-19 21:35:48

I defy you not to cry!

tanith Wed 27-Feb-19 21:47:59

K C and the Sunshine Band ‘Give it Up’.
DH played this to me many times before we actually moved in together and sadly he died a few months ago and if this comes on the radio I dissolve into sobs as it takes me right back to those days when we were falling in love. I had it played at his funeral.

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 21:52:41


I am so sorry I used to follow you on the childminding boards. My love and hugs to you and a beautiful song xxx

callgirl1 Wed 27-Feb-19 21:52:57

When a Child is Born, by Johnnie Mathis.
Bright Eyes, by Art Garfunkel. Our beloved cat Patch had just died, we were on the way to the vet`s to have her cremated, and it was playing on the car radio.

callgirl1 Wed 27-Feb-19 21:53:24

That was in 1980

Anniebach Wed 27-Feb-19 21:53:58

Tanith , hugs x

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 21:57:01


I did utterly haunting. Never heard of her before how beautiful

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 21:59:31

I hope this thread doesn’t upset too much and sorry if it does but music is so evocative isn’t it. And healing

CanadianGran Wed 27-Feb-19 22:11:49

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Over the Rainbow. If you haven't heard it try to google it. A Hawaiian version with ukulele - it's beautiful.

Also Sade's By Your Side. Even though this was meant as a lover's song, I hear it as a mother's song. When my son was going through a rough patch I heard this and fell apart.

tanith Wed 27-Feb-19 22:12:42

thanks everyone. He had recorded it on a CD and I sit and play it sometimes when I want to reminisce, it’s very healing for me to have a good cry now and then.

Anniebach Wed 27-Feb-19 22:13:21

She. the last record my husband bought me before he was killed.

Myfanwy. My Grampa sang it to me, I sang it to my daughters and my grandchildren as a lullaby.

Evergreen. Both my daughters chose it as their first dance at their weddings

Memories because

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 22:17:43

Anniebach flowers xxxxx

annep1 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:18:03

My heart blue... by Erasure . Young man I know. His wife died leaving a young child aged two. Had been very ill for a year. They knew she was dying. Played this at the funeral. So sad.

annep1 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:19:37

Anniebach flowers

annep1 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:21:37

Also "I know you by heart" Eva Cassidy.....reminds me of my mum.

annep1 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:22:47

Slipping through my fingers is lovely.

Marydoll Wed 27-Feb-19 22:24:27

I sing this ( badly) to my wee granddaughter.

KatyK Wed 27-Feb-19 22:32:51

Hey Jude for me for many reasons.

Parsley3 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:41:24

Ellie Goulding singing How Long Will I Love You?

I dedicate this to my family when I hear it. 😢

Grandad1943 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:41:52

The ballad "A Love So Beautiful" by Roy Orbison I find very moving and wonderfull.

I did see Roy Orbison in concert back in 1963 when he came to Britain, and he was absolutely terrific live on stage. The above ballad he had not written then, but whenever I hear it now I think of that concert.

A great song with great memories for me.

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 22:44:06

Eve Cassidy so poignant on every level.

annep1 isn’t it! a song about every daughter. I can only just bare to listen to it now 7 years after dds accident

Mycatisahacker Wed 27-Feb-19 22:45:30

So many songs to listen to above thank goodness for u tube smile

petra Wed 27-Feb-19 22:46:25

Niel Sedaka
"I miss the hungry years"

Nanah67 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:52:16

At true at the time Janice Ian
The living years..Mike and the Mechanics many reasons
The long and winding road ..The Beatles..speaks for itself
You light up my life...first dance at our wedding 40 years ago
They all bring me to tears.

KatyK Wed 27-Feb-19 22:57:06

I agree Slipping through my fingers is lovely. The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics always brings a lump to my throat.

gillybob Wed 27-Feb-19 22:58:55

I still can’t listen to “Time in a bottle”
By Jim Croce which was the song I chose for my 2nd husbands funeral . It makes me feel so upset despite the fact that he was not the love of my life , he deserved to live so much longer than he did . sad

Daisymay1 Wed 27-Feb-19 22:59:09

One of my favourite too Katey

Daisymay1 Wed 27-Feb-19 23:01:19

I meant Hey Jude

MissAdventure Wed 27-Feb-19 23:03:57

It's strange, but it seems the sad songs evoke the most emotions.
I'm so drawn to these threads, but they always end up making me cry..
I'm not sure if I love it or hate it!

B9exchange Wed 27-Feb-19 23:11:48

I think if we hear something at a very emotional time in our lives, it brings it all back.

Somewhere over the rainbow, played at a dear friend's funeral accompanied by pictures of his life.

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. At a conference in Cape Town, the Mayor had organised for a local choir made up of young children from the townships (slums) to stand on stage and sing this to us, we were all in floods of tears.

Make me a Channel of Your Peace - sung at the funerals of both my parents

Oh Holy Night - magic of Christmas, not sure why this one in particular

Ave Verum Corpus - heard this being played whilst walking round Mozart's house in Saltzburg on a magical holiday, it was just beautiful.

Nanah67 Wed 27-Feb-19 23:22:24

My sister passed away last year and my nephew was looking after the music. I asked him not to forget Buddy Holly as she was a huge fan. He chose I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.. we all sang along big with tears runners down our faces..a very sad moment but so meaningful.

KatyK Thu 28-Feb-19 09:53:08

At my sister in law's funeral, my brother chose Catch the Wind by Donovan. Very sad and poignant.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 28-Feb-19 10:04:28

A Horse with no Name by America and
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, both of which we played at my husband's funeral. The former was his favourite song of all time.
Someone Like You by Adele and
Everybody Hurts by REM.
I sometimes watch these on YouTube if I'm in the mood for what I call a 'miseryfest', a tearful emotional release.

gillybob Thu 28-Feb-19 10:16:47

For anyone who likes Willie Nelson.....

"A Horse Called Music" is very sad (but lovely)

There is an annoying ad first but the video is lovely smile

annep1 Sat 21-Mar-20 10:34:14

I was just looking through old posts and discovered the one about music evoking memories. I hadn't read your original post properly and I did so now.
I am so glad your daughter recovered. My son was in a coma aged 16 not expected to live. We are both so very fortunate to still have our darling children.

annep1 Sat 21-Mar-20 10:35:03

That was to Mycatisahacker

JackyB Sat 21-Mar-20 11:04:49

"Leningrad" by Billy Joel is guaranteed to make me cry every time.

Some of the others mentioned here make me cringe. Sorry.

SalsaQueen Sat 21-Mar-20 18:55:36

"Thank you for the days" by Kirsty was played at my mum's funeral.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen..... my brother bought it and that same day he was run over and killed by a drunk driver, whilst I was with him.

"Unchained Melody"...... so haunting.