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Caught in the Act!

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sunseeker Tue 16-Apr-19 14:02:03

As I am planning to downsize I have been having a good clearout. My lovely brother in law came on Monday to clear the garage (DH was something of a pack rat). A skip was ordered and half filled before he had to go home, planning to come back in the next couple of days to finish.

I left home this morning to go shopping, on the way I realised I had forgotten something so turned around and drove back home - only to find two neighbours halfway down my drive with arms full of rubbish which they intended putting in the skip - they had obviously waited until I had left the house! I pointed out I still had lots to put in the skip and didn't have room for their rubbish as well!

sodapop Tue 16-Apr-19 14:10:37

What is it with people that they feel entitled to use skips paid for by others. I hope your neighbours were suitably embarrassed sunseeker

Namsnanny Tue 16-Apr-19 14:11:21

We’re they red faced sunseeker?

ninathenana Tue 16-Apr-19 14:15:52

Some people have no shame.

On the other hand, last time we had a skip we caught someone taking stuff out and loading his car !

sassenach512 Tue 16-Apr-19 14:16:10

Flamin cheek! some people have no shame, I hope you gave them short shrift sunseekerangry
I suppose you're lucky you didn't find a rusty old Reliant Robin in it though!

Namsnanny Tue 16-Apr-19 14:22:32

I’ve taken something out of a skip before now but NOT without asking home owner first!!
Funny isn’t it we get hot under the collar if people put unwanted things in....and if they take unwanted things out!!!
I suppose it’s all about ownership and having the good manners to ask first.

Urmstongran Tue 16-Apr-19 14:25:57

Bet they had planned to dump a mattress on top!

Namsnanny Tue 16-Apr-19 14:37:27

Urmston..grin and half of a broken lavatory...there’s alwayone of those!!!

sunseeker Tue 16-Apr-19 15:13:24

They were embarrassed - if I didn't have so much to get rid of I would have let them put their stuff in but as it is there may not be enough room for all my rubbish!! I would have no problem with anyone taking anything out!

Anja Tue 16-Apr-19 15:13:56

When I last had a skip I put up a BIG sign saying

‘Take OUT whatever you want but please don’t put anything IN’

glammanana Tue 16-Apr-19 15:19:12

Absolute cheek of them I hope they where suitably shamefaced.
Last week a neighbour in the next Road completly gutted their kitchen including pots and pans dishes etc and a young lady who had moved in opposite asked if she could help herself and was invited to take what she needed,the girlwas starting fresh in her HA house and she was delighted with what she got for free,when talking to the homeowner the next day she told my husband the young new neighbour kindly bought her a bunch of flowers as a thank you.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 16-Apr-19 15:21:45

Cheeky blighters! I hope they said sorry and turned tail with their rubbish.
That's nice, glamma - some people are still polite.

lemongrove Tue 16-Apr-19 16:11:51

I think it’s very common sunseeker that people do this, as I have heard friends say much the same over the years.
Anja that notice you put on is a good idea and may make others think twice ( unless they have no shame at all.)
Since hiring a skip is expensive it must be very annoying when others slip things in!

M0nica Tue 16-Apr-19 16:31:15

We had that problem when we moved into our current house, and the skip was on an access road, not the road itself and as we do not have close neighbours, and it was certaainly not the two immediate neighbours, the dumpers (dumpees?) could have brought the rubbish they were dumping in our skip 100 yards to reach it.hmm

phoenix Tue 16-Apr-19 18:27:38

What a damn cheek! Skips these days are pretty expensive (well they are around here in North Devon, had to get one when we were having a clear out at work, I remember I thought "HOW MUCH!" when I was getting the quotes!

I think especially bad that they were sneaky about it, might have been different if they had had the courtesy to knock on your door and ask.

Mycatisahacker Tue 16-Apr-19 21:44:05

Cheeky buggers! You take out of s skip but not put in!!! So so rude

BradfordLass72 Wed 17-Apr-19 02:49:49

I just hope it really IS rubbish and not something the local charity shops might benefit by.

When I cleared my Mum's house (although she wasn't a hoarder) I asked Hospice if they wanted to come and get things and they did, most gladly.

The local Methodist OP shop said to me afterwards, 'I wish you'd asked us as well!'

sunseeker Wed 17-Apr-19 06:18:47

BradfordLass It is rubbish - many journeys have been made to various charity shops - I don't think many charities would be interested in half tins of paint, pieces of wood, dust sheets and old electrical equipment amongst everything else!

Riverwalk Wed 17-Apr-19 07:15:29

Namsnanny grin

When we were doing up a house the builder put a load of rubbish out front on the paved garden, to be collected the next day. Sure enough overnight a broken toilet appeared atop the rubble!

gillybob Wed 17-Apr-19 07:31:47

Skips are VERY expensive everywhere I think. It’s one thing taking stuff out sunseeker (great that leaves more room for rubbish) but very different someone putting their rubbish in !

When we cleared my late grandmas bunglaow we ended up hiring a skip and put a big sign on it saying “feel free to rummage and take whatever you like” as we knew one skip would not have been enough. We were very lucky and even had passing cars pull up and take stuff which was a win win situation. I would have been furious if anyone had put anything in it though, I’m sure it cost over £200 !

Anja Wed 17-Apr-19 08:17:27

Very similar to what I did gilly. Oddly enough we still had people ringing our bell and checking it was OK to remove stuff.

DanniRae Wed 17-Apr-19 08:17:29

I do wonder how many people reading this thread are thinking "Oops I put some stuff in a neighbours skip recently........but i'm definitely not going to say so on here?" shock

GrannyGravy13 Wed 17-Apr-19 08:57:44

I came home to find a white van parked across my drive and 2 men in our skip raking through the rubbish and picking out what they wanted!!!!!

harrigran Wed 17-Apr-19 09:16:25

When we had our refurbishment done we had a skip outside the door for weeks, the scrap men used to arrive early in the morning to recover any metal or anything useful. I am sure that bathroom fittings went very quickly, I was amazed that anyone would want a second hand toilet.
We now have CCTV round the perimeter so would make interesting viewing if we had a skip, probably a bit like an episode of One foot in the grave 😁

fizzers Wed 17-Apr-19 11:34:00

If anything else turns up in your skip that you know isn't yours , well , I'd have to dump it in their garden