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Something I have always wanted to do.

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NanKate Sat 15-Jun-19 15:06:48

If I am perfectly honest I do not have any artistic talents when it comes to drawing but I often sit doodling. When I see some of the wonderful artists on Countryfile I envy how they can draw plants and animals.

Today I bought myself a book called 'By the end of this book you will be able to draw'. I am so excited by the prospect of following the simple guidelines and producing something I am pleased with.

DH is quite artistic and if I asked him to sketch something for me it would be recognisable. However I am not telling him about my acquisition as I think he would be surprised that I even wanted to try and he would take over trying to be helpful and I don't want that. So until I can produce something presentable I am only sharing the knowledge with my GN pals.

Do you have something you would like to try ?

Maggiemaybe Sat 15-Jun-19 15:46:54

So many things,*NanKate*. I’ve actually just bought a beginners’ watercolour set having been to a couple of taster sessions. Saying that, I once bought a secondhand violin with hopes of learning to play it - another thing still on my list. And there’s that book I’ve been wanting to write... Sadly, I have the enthusiasm, but not the staying power.

Good luck with your artistic endeavours!

lemongrove Sat 15-Jun-19 15:53:32

Hope you have fun with your new book NanKate .....they do say that anyone can learn to draw ( without all becoming an artistic genius of course 😄) or paint, come to that.I think most people are just afraid of starting, the blank canvas effect.
I did used to toy with the idea of learning to play the piano but never got around to it.What I did do though, was learn to garden, even landscaping the garden in our last house and our present one, and gardening has been a real pleasure.

Greyduster Sat 15-Jun-19 15:56:14

I would like to try fly fishing from a boat, but I don’t have the nerve to sit rocking about in the middle of a huge body of deep, choppy water. I’d be so busy clinging to the side that I wouldn’t even pick my rod up! And if I did, I would probably get the fly stuck in my boat partners ear trying to cast it, and he would throw me over the side! Good luck with your watercolour painting, NanKate! It’s a wonderful hobby!

Teacheranne Sat 15-Jun-19 17:08:52

Someone once told me that if I could write, they could teach me to draw. Well, after three sessions, she said that I disproved her theory and I never went back!

I used to play several different instruments when at school and still have my daughters saxophone as I planned to learn how to play it when I retired - three years later I've still not dusted it down! But I might one day!

shysal Sat 15-Jun-19 17:27:23

Let us know how you get on, Kate, I hope you will be pleased with the results.

I have always wanted to build a barley sugar twist chimney. As I don't do heights due to vertigo it will never happen!

NanaandGrampy Sat 15-Jun-19 17:30:17

I always wanted to be able to play the piano- you know the sort of thing, walk up to a stray piano, lid up and belt out a few tunes !

Sadly my small hands and stumpy fingers make that a pipe dream ( and given my tone deaf status in my family I suspect they are greatly relieved !!) :-)

NotAGran55 Sat 15-Jun-19 17:32:39

How lovely NanKate . When do you plan on starting?

I have always wanted to cut somebodies hair and pull a pint of beer 🍺!

Jane10 Sat 15-Jun-19 17:33:41

I always wanted to be able to just sit and read or watch dramas on TV. Guess what? Now I can! I feel I'm grown up enough to do what I want when I want. Retirement bliss.

glammanana Sat 15-Jun-19 17:40:39

You must show us your finished sketch NanKate I'm sure you will do well with your project.
I would love to join a choir but I would have to placed well at the back so no one could tell it was me as I can't hold a tune at all.

crystaltipps Sat 15-Jun-19 18:05:51

I’d love to do wild swimming and I’ve actually got a wet suit, but apart from swimming in some ( warm ) lakes in Italy I haven’t managed to do any in cold U.K. waters. It’s on my to do list.

Witzend Sat 15-Jun-19 18:10:08

I'll be interested to know how you get on, NanKate!

I was painfully useless at art at school - used to dread it and really envy girls who could draw ponies (that looked like ponies!) all over their rough books. I couldn't draw a lifelike pony to save my life. And still couldn't to save my little Gdcs!

I've had people insist that I could learn if I put my mind to to it (never mind the art teacher who evidently thought I just wasn't trying) , but not like that, out of my head, I couldn't, though I might be able to manage a just-about passable still life of something right in front of me.

To me it's like telling someone tone deaf that they could sing in tune if they really tried.

One thing I did always want to do, was take up the piano again. Having passed grade 2 at the age of 10 and barely touched a piano since, I virtually had to start again from scratch after I retired.

That was some years ago - I'm now playing grade 5/6 level,pieces, and my latest challenge is Chopin's Nocturne in E Flat major, which has been set for grade 7 so daunting, but not too dreadfully so.
When I started again I never even dreamt of getting anything like this far, so I do hope you find the same with your drawing!

Doodle Sat 15-Jun-19 18:18:13

I have always wanted to paint watercolours. I not only don’t have any talent I can’t draw and have no sense of colour or perspective.

NanKate Sat 15-Jun-19 19:19:34

Thanks ladies I will let you know how I get on. It will be pencil drawings at first, watercolours are not for me yet. I will be doing it surreptitiously so it could take a while. I fancy then moving onto coloured chalks.

Witzend I played Chopin's Nocturne about 60 years ago. It was just lovely music. Enjoy your playing.

Any sculptors amongst us ?

starbird Sat 15-Jun-19 19:23:09

I would love to be let loose on a full drum kit in a soundproof room for several hours, with some jazz music missing the drum parts, plus maybe other types of music to add the drum to. I have never done any drumming in my life so would need a bit of tuition first as to how to make all the different sounds.

BBbevan Sat 15-Jun-19 20:59:04

crystaltips* I have always wanted to do wild swimming but naked. No wet suit for me. Doubt I ever will now though as I am nearly 75 . Ah well. !

SalsaQueen Sat 15-Jun-19 21:05:09

I wish I was good at something - anything grin, but I'd really love to be able to make something, with the sewing machine my husband bought last December - he's used it, once, but it's just taking up room on the table...grin

sharon103 Sat 15-Jun-19 21:54:11

I can picture you sitting in a field wearing a straw hat and a pretty floaty dress on a warm sunny summer's day with your easel, sketching the wild flowers swaying in the breeze.
A new artist in the making I wonder?
Drawing and painting is a lovely hobby. I used to be good at art and was told by my art teacher that I should have stayed on at school and taken art exams. My two older brothers used to be really good at drawing and have lovely handwriting. Sadly the only paintbrush I hold now is for home decorating.
I hope you'll get some pleasure with your new venture. Can't wait to see your first masterpiece smile

Summerlove Sat 15-Jun-19 23:08:23

I want to run, but every time I start, I realize I hate it, then injury sidelines me!

PageTurner Sun 16-Jun-19 03:47:50

I would love to learn to swim, however, having a few scary moments in deep water where my feet couldn't touch the bottom, I don't think I ever will learn.
I played the flute when I was about 12. I got a flute a few years ago and can't seem to get a single note out of it 😩
I can sew pretty well but don't enjoy it much.
Mostly I like to be outside doing yard work, creating beauty spots out of bare areas. I should have studied horticulture.

BradfordLass72 Sun 16-Jun-19 07:58:13

Yes, I was a sculptor and painter in all mediums, carver and potter (I loved making Clarice Cliff replicas.)

Here's one of my sculptures; it's in Cornwall and called Time Circle. You stand in the middle and your shadow falls on one of the slabs which have Roman numerals incised into them. The caption under the title says, 'You are time itself'.

I've done most of the things listed here (including cutting hair and pulling pints.) The one thing I cannot do is play piano.

I very much wanted to when I was younger and was offered a free piano but my parents wouldn't agree to it.
We lived in a small terraced house and I suppose they didn't want to tedium of constant scales every night!
I can play a recorder and mouth organ though.

NanKate Sun 16-Jun-19 08:29:42

What a lovely Time Circle BradfordLass. I adore Clarice Cliff work and all the vibrant colours.

You paint a brilliant picture in my mind Sharon of sketching in the outdoors.

I started the book last night and made sure I didn’t do my usual skim reading but took in the helpful, simple advice. I then did the first exercise of just putting lines on a page and seeing the difference in the result with the thinness and thickness and lightness and darkness dependent on the pressure of the pencil. Today I will be buying a couple of pencils recommended. I also sketched an Art Nouveau style vase I have and was surprised at the positive result.

Does anyone else feel ready to take up the challenge and have a go at something they have always wanted to do ?

ninathenana Sun 16-Jun-19 08:31:59

Good luck NanKate I can sketch a little, you would certainly know what it is but would love to be better.

What I've always wanted to be able to do is sing in tune. I so envy people who have beautiful singing voices. If I could accompany myself on the guitar, even better.

Greyduster Sun 16-Jun-19 09:12:07

Sometimes the faster you try and get something down on paper, the more effective it can be. I made this scruffy little sketch on the back of a piece of paper I was writing a list on. It is GS and now DH putting decorations on the Christmas tree. It just seems to sum up the scene perfectly. I have tried to replicate it several times but it never seems to come out right.

Greyduster Sun 16-Jun-19 09:53:01

Don’t know where the ‘now DH’ came from! He’s always been DH.

Gran2028 Sun 16-Jun-19 09:53:45

I took a few watercolour classes some years ago wuth a wonderful teacher.. she saud if you feel you cant draw then don't... just paint... make a mark on the paper... anywhere.. as a big blank sheet of paper is really intimidating.. and she was right... I cant draw(!)... I am not artistic.. my paintings are awful.. unrecognisable... but I love it.. and I am not going to stop.. its just for me..

Gran2028 Sun 16-Jun-19 09:55:17

Hazel Soan..10-minute watercolours..published by collins gem).. full of useful basic information... not at all scary!!

Jeannie59 Sun 16-Jun-19 11:07:17

Now that I am taking retirement, I would like to start that book and do a few scrapbooks

Dee1012 Sun 16-Jun-19 11:16:49

Like PageTurner, learn to swim.

I had a horrible experience in water as a child and ever since I've been absolutely terrified of swimming... even the smell of a swimming bath's makes me I'll!

Every now and again I think I'll try and I just can't do it....

polnan Sun 16-Jun-19 11:21:19

I am so like you MaggieMaybe.. I have a keyboard, call it piano,, have rudiments so I could tinkle out a tune,, get free music on line, but still can`t make myself sit and play with it..

lots of enthusiasm so little get up and go..

BladeAnnie Sun 16-Jun-19 11:34:28

I would love to be able to crochet. I enjoy knitting fairly simple things but cannot get the hang of crochet. I've bought a book and watched online tutorials, sadly to no avail!!

GreenGran78 Sun 16-Jun-19 11:40:47

NanaandGrampy you may have small hands and stumpy fingers, but don't let that stop you playing the piano. This Chinese girl has NO fingers on one hand, and plays beautifully!

knspol Sun 16-Jun-19 11:51:16

Bradfordlass - love the sculpture and also the Clarice Cliff. Well done you!

Witzend Sun 16-Jun-19 12:08:48

Re piano, just saying in case it encourages anyone else....

At my group class a while ago I met a woman in at least her late 40s who'd recently passed grade 3, having started as a complete beginner only a few years previously.

Having been too chicken to face exams - fear of failure through sheer nerves - I admired her enormously.

sarahellenwhitney Sun 16-Jun-19 12:18:21

Wish I had not given up learning another language. I did make an attempt many years ago and found it much easier when I visited my relatives who at that time were living in that particular country and I was able to mix with the local people Too late now.

Legs55 Sun 16-Jun-19 12:27:31

I can sew, do embroidery & cross stitch also I can crochet but can't knit. No-one succeeded in teaching me, I wish MiL had tried to teach me because although she was left handed she had taught many right handed people successfully. I envy those ladies who can "Knit'n' Natter"grin

Grammaretto Sun 16-Jun-19 13:07:06

I'm in awe of all your abilities!
I would love to be able to sing and have joined choirs but one stopped because the choirmaster left and the next became too advanced for me, alas.
I always had the ambition to have my own horse but 15 yrs of helping with RDA got that out of my system.
I would love to have a boat but then again I get seasick so perhaps not.
Nope I can't think of anything I still yearn to try.

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-Jun-19 13:07:09

Since the 1970s I've wanted to build a straw-bale house .....maybe one day!!!

JulieMM Sun 16-Jun-19 13:42:43

My friend and I have for a long while wanted to do a walking holiday ... so we are! First week in September we will drive up to Scotland from S Wales and walk as much of Hadrian’s Wall as we can. We are both well into our sixties, reasonably fit and well so fingers crossed. Oh and for the entire week we will be camping much to the hilarity of our adult children!

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Jun-19 13:52:17

I’ve been going to watercolour classes for a couple of years and learnt that yes, everyone can paint and/or draw. We all have completely different styles. Small and exact or huge and abstract. It’s a case of finding your style. The lesson bit is learning to control the paint and put it where you want it. I started classes because I found that, although I could paint on walls, a sheet of blank paper just too daunting.

What I would really love to do is play the piano, but my eyes are dyslexic when it comes to reading music and I can’t see which line the notes are on, and I have an appalling memory so chances of learning by rote are negligible. Maybe the drums ....!

Heather51 Sun 16-Jun-19 16:04:05

I enjoy watching The Repair Shop on BBC2 and really envy the remarkable skills of the experts on there. I would so love to have one thing I was particularly good at - what’s the old saying, ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’.

I have always enjoyed handicrafts but find I can’t manage these now with rheumatic arthritis and neuropathy in my hands and feet from chemotherapy.

So that leaves me with singing and like others have mentioned, I am tone deaf, so wouldn’t inflict my voice on others although I do find myself humming and singing to myself very often! Well, I think I sound fine 😂! Good luck with the drawing NanKate.

Helennonotion Sun 16-Jun-19 16:46:49

GreenGran78, that is an amazing video! So inspirational. I can't think of anything Ive always wanted to do? Does that make me lucky, because Ive perhaps done lots of stuff in my lifetime, or boring because I have no aspirations whatsoever? I'll have to give this some thought!

Happysexagenarian Sun 16-Jun-19 16:48:18

Oh there so many things I would like to try, most of them of a crafting nature. But one thing which has been a constant wish is dancing. Since I was a child I always wanted to tap dance. My mother tried to teach me to waltz (she was a good dancer) but said I was stiff and wooden and hopeless and gave up on me. So I have always avoided social occasions that involved dancing. I'm not sure I'd even have the energy to dance now. Perhaps I'd better stick to my crafting bucket list instead.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:11:17

NanKate. Funnily enough I saw a book with that name and seriously thought of buying it then decided I have too many things started already.... I would love to hear how it goes though, please.

I ended up doing Art A level by default - long story - and have always wondered what other people's experience of Art lessons at school were? Our Art "Teacher", from the lower school upwards, never taught us anything! She just used to say "Draw and paint such and such" and then she'd just wander about making unhelpful remarks encouraging us. It did not strike me as odd that she taught us nothing until my very dear friend came on holiday with me after my husband died. She is an artist and she started to encourage my then 8 yr old daughter to draw and paint giving her lots of tips and explanations. It was the first time I had heard any of the things she was saying - yet by an arbitrary stroke of luck I got a "C" at A-level!

Re what I would like to do - I would like someone to teach me how to use my new sewing machine. The instructions are in Italian. I can sing in Italian... but don't understand it!!

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-Jun-19 17:15:43

shysal - if I build my straw house will you build me a chimney please?

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:21:47

Legs55. I think you could teach yourself! Really! Because you can do all the other things. I had to teach myself everything from tying laces, school tie, knitting, crochet, sewing, - all the things we do with our hands and cooking too. My mother would not tell me anything. I used to do it secretly because she was so disparaging about anything I did. Because I managed this in secret as a child, I think you could manage knitting too. I suspect the people teaching you aren't very good teachers probably - sorry! Once you've got some stitches on the needle you can start to work out how to put the other needle in, wool round, pull it through and over and onto the "holding needle! OOOO I really want to help you now....
Please give it a try!!!

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:29:43

BladeAnnie Please read what I said to Leggs55 about knitting!! I learned to knit first - self taught as a child (no other opportunity). Then found that knitting on the bus - I had about 2hrs on a bus a day to and from school - the knitting needles jab into the person next to you. So decided to learn to crochet. Only way open to me was my usual- secretly keep trying till it worked! It is so satisfying too! I think the instruction books are very off-putting actually. Use your own common sense. As a knitter you can work out what you want the wool to do ... just experiment till you get somewhere. Don't give up! Good luck!

Marydoll Sun 16-Jun-19 17:29:43

Tillybelle, have you tried Googling the name of the machine + manual and see if anything comes up in English?
Oh, that sounds a bit patronising! blush, perhaps you have done this already.

I never read instructions, just bash on, I tend to do things instinctively. I only resort to the manual if I'm stuck.

I have always wanted to learn how to ice skate. A bit late in the day for me now, considering my tendency to break bones! grin

lmm6 Sun 16-Jun-19 17:37:39

I recently watched a drawing class at a local arts centre. All their drawings/paintings were wonderful. I told one lady how envious I was and she told me anyone could do it if they had a good teacher. She said their teacher was wonderful and had taught them all how to draw. I'd love to try it but am embarrassed to draw in front of others. I went to a "beginners" art class once but it turned out everyone apart from me was already brilliant and it put me off trying again.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:45:39

I took up the trumpet when I was 35 because I heard myself saying to the children "Learn as much as you can in your music lessons, I don't mind if you pass or fail but just take the chance to learn because i couldn't learn to play an instrument and I really wanted to but Granny and Grandad couldn't afford it."

I thought ... I'm 35. at three score and ten I'm half way ... I can't say this all my life! I took out my secret £5 a week savings and bought a silver cornet. A band can play outdoors so a cornet will survive if I practise scales while waiting for the spuds to boil. The town had a silver band. A trumpet (next on list) is acceptable in an orchestra, wind band, small group, and of course my cornet was for the silver band.
I was lucky in that I can read music as I sing.
I practised a lot and took grade 3 almost straight away then grade 5. I suddenly felt so nervous in grade 5 I had to sit down! My legs began to wobble. I was learning grade 7, aged 41 and only needed to improve the scales when my husband killed himself. No my playing wasn't that bad. I didn't get back to the band. I didn't like leaving the children in the evenings for several years after his death. My closest friend also died and my dad too so it was hard.

Tillybelle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:48:40

lmm6. I agree! I think - "Beginners" should be for beginners! I went to "Beginners Italian". They were all talking to each other when I arrived. In Italian.

FarNorth Sun 16-Jun-19 18:03:33

I have never been able to draw or paint at all and all my art teachers were as described above - gave no help at all and left us to get on with it.
I started on a book called 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' and actually managed a couple of little drawings, but life intervened - I should give it another go.
An interesting exercise was to copy an upside-down sketch from the book. As the brain isn't thinking 'Oh yes, that's a cat / chair / whatever' it has to pay attention to the actual lines that need to be drawn.

I wish I could play a musical instrument but I can't. I have been lucky enough to join a handbell group, tho, which is lots of fun. smile

Barmeyoldbat Sun 16-Jun-19 18:33:24

I would just love to be able to play the clarinet, especially Stanger on the Shore but despite my best efforts I just cannot get a note of it. All the puffing and blowing etc, nothing. A chap who plays outside our supermarket sometime showed me how to blow and gave me some tips but still no sound. So I just dream.

annodomini Sun 16-Jun-19 19:06:27

I would really like to crochet. I can knit quite complicated patterns but have never mastered crochet. A lady who owned a craft shop in the village ran a short course two years ago. At the end of the course I thought I had just about got the hang of it but then I fell and damaged a finger and couldn't hold the hook comfortably. After that I broke a shoulder. By the time it healed, I had again lost the knack and don't see myself ever regaining it.

NanKate Sun 16-Jun-19 20:56:44

Hi folks. Day 2 of my voyage into the unknown. I’ve got my HB pencil and have drawn a mug with a handle which looks lifelike and then a glass bottle. Both I am pleased with because up until now I only doodled circles and squares.

The book’You will be able to draw by the end of this book’ by Jake Spicer is proving to do just what it says, but of course these are early days. Do reconsider Tilly buying the book. It would be lovely to have someone to discuss the drawing tasks with.

I put a tick against every instruction I read to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I am getting childlike fun out of achieving something I thought was impossible. 👧✍️

Mistymorningstar Sun 16-Jun-19 22:17:29

I would like to learn how to rock paint. When my beautiful cat was alive she loved to sit under the Vibernum tree close to the fence where she felt private, safe, and yet there was enough sun to give her the warmth cats so love. She would clean herself constantly and after passing i constantly without thinking look over and she is no longer there. I would love to paint her face on a large stone/rock as i have seen so many over the years and place it where she once loved to be and call it "Morks Garden" But i am not talented in art and perhaps buy a book showing me how to go about it when i have recovered from my hip replacement surgery. My ex decorator after wife passed took up mosiac work - which i think is a stunning hobby to take up - imagine making a beautiful table - but when i hinted on taking a look he suggested i learn from books like he did - damn !!!!!

crazyH Sun 16-Jun-19 22:26:18

I would like to write my story, not that my life is anything special, and not that I want to write for the whole world to read, but just for my children and grandchildren. I give them snippets here and there, but nothing like seeing it in writing....I'd better get started then .......

natasha1 Sun 16-Jun-19 22:47:26

Well done. What an achievement.

natasha1 Sun 16-Jun-19 22:51:10

Keep it up you are doing well.
I've always wanted to have a go at throwing a pot on a potter's wheel, have found somewhere I it so hoping to have a go later in the summer.

Grandma2213 Mon 17-Jun-19 02:00:10

I believe in having a go (often a second chance) at whatever you want. I have been to pottery lessons, woodwork classes, yoga, done Pilates, Zumba and building a family tree, with lots of historical research, as well as attempting an autobiography or at least a record of my life.

Like many others my school art lessons were useless. Since then I have found that copying drawings helps and must teach you something! When unemployed I took advantage of free water colour painting lessons with some success (though not brilliant!) because of a sympathetic and helpful teacher. I even sold one painting!

Birthday gifts from DS's included a helicopter flight, hot air balloon ride and indoor sky dive. I think they understand me!!

glammanana After years of wishing, I joined a choir after I retired and it is now my highlight of the week. We have also done lots of charity gigs and some major performances at the Royal College of Music and Abbey Road , exceeding my wildest dreams. It is inspiring to be part of something so special and though my little voice is part of the whole, one or two small mistakes of mine are not really noticeable so that is great for my own self esteem.

I still want to learn to play the piano and do a parachute jump but am somewhat tied down with DGC care so have to wait for those ones.

BradfordLass72 Mon 17-Jun-19 05:29:17

NanKate This is all so exciting, not just for you but for all of us to see you boldly going where you haven't been before!! smile

CONGRATULATIONS on your courage. flowers

NanKate Mon 17-Jun-19 06:26:55

Thank you BradfordLass I am just hoping that a few of us take the plunge and start a new hobby.

mistymorning your idea of putting your much loved cat’s face on a stone in the garden is just wonderful. Could you find a photo and slowly but surely start sketching your cat’s face and then look up online how to paint one on a stone? Just a suggestion but it could be your project for 2019.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 17-Jun-19 09:04:50

I've always wanted to be able to sing or play the guitar, sadly I can do neither. I have got a ukelele in the corner of the spare room which I sometimes get out of the box but I believe that I should practice a little every single day and other things take preference. The odd times when I do get it out I make an awful racket. Thank goodness for good insulation or I'd have the neighbours complaining.

blue60 Mon 17-Jun-19 12:43:58

I have always wanted to paint 'properly'. So I signed up to Anna Mason's school, and can now paint on my own without tuition. Here's the latest, an Iris from the allotment.

Gonegirl Mon 17-Jun-19 13:52:43

blue60 That is really lovely!

Witzend Mon 17-Jun-19 15:00:53

blue50, that is beautiful!

Greyduster Mon 17-Jun-19 15:26:17

Superb! You have a talent!

NanKate Mon 17-Jun-19 15:29:55

That is fabulous Blue. 👍

Happiyogi Mon 17-Jun-19 15:41:17

What a lovely iris, blue60.

I'd like to act, but just typing the words is giving me stage fright!

NannyC1 Mon 17-Jun-19 16:21:10

Greyduster. Go for it with the boat fishing. I was really nervous the 1st time I went now I love it.

craftyone Mon 17-Jun-19 17:20:09

It is too late for me but I wish I could jump a horse

Greyduster Mon 17-Jun-19 19:03:37

NannyC1 I keep telling myself that if people in wheelchairs can fish from boats without ending up over the side, so can I, but it’s a big ask at the moment!

DazedAndConfusedByLife Mon 17-Jun-19 20:12:09

I took up Clarinet 4 years ago but my OH got over-invested and began to nag me if I hadn't yet practiced that day, and would criticise any mistake I made despite him not having a musical note in his body.

In the end he was harassing me so much that I was hating the instrument so I sold it. I really regret that now as when I was left alone I did enjoy it. He doesn't see it that way - in his eyes he was encouraging me. hmm

I think the problem is that he has no hobbies so focuses on mine. He did the same when I worked, he would ask about my day and then that was the subject of his conversation ALL NIGHT and as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning. Utterly soul destroying.

Callistemon Mon 17-Jun-19 20:14:56

I would love to be able to sing
However, I don't think that any amount of training would produce a result.

Callistemon Mon 17-Jun-19 20:16:15

and I should go back to the piano - why did I give it up when I was 12?

Callistemon Mon 17-Jun-19 20:18:09

I can picture you sitting in a field wearing a straw hat and a pretty floaty dress on a warm sunny summer's day with your easel, sketching the wild flowers swaying in the breeze.

I've tried that (not in a floaty dress but in cropped trousers and a top!) and got bitten by a horse fly resulting in a painful and swollen leg!

whywhywhy Mon 17-Jun-19 20:20:10

Good luck! I would love to learn to play the saxophone, maybe one day.......

blue60 Mon 17-Jun-19 20:55:09

You just have to go for it!

NanKate Mon 17-Jun-19 21:53:12

Day 3 and I am surprised that I can draw a picture of my wardrobe door with a long mirror on it and show what is reflected. The bedroom door is not as successful but at least it is recognisable.

I then moved on to sketching a pot with pencils it it. My pencils looked more like sticks of asparagus, but hey ho I’m a beginner.

sharon103 Mon 17-Jun-19 22:13:29

Perhaps not as idyllic as it sounds Callistemon lol.

Coolgran65 Tue 18-Jun-19 03:59:24

Pp mentioned cutting hair. Over 40 years ago I lived in Libya and hairdressers were few and far between. I had always been one for taking the scissors to my own hair as cutting my little boy's hair. It wasn't long before I was tackling the hair of several ex pats friends. Wouldn't have won any awards but it got us through.

Also sewing, at about 18 years old, many's the Saturday morning saw me cutting out fabric on the floor and wearing the dress dancing that night. One pattern and different fabrics, I had about 5 of the same empire line and sleeveless. Not a lot of fabric required as they ended about 4" above the knees. smile

BradfordLass72 Tue 18-Jun-19 06:53:47


I had this amazing vision of you taking a flying leap over a stallion... grin

NanKate Tue 18-Jun-19 07:22:24

I love your pic Bradfordlass

Carillion Tue 18-Jun-19 10:28:19

Hello NanKate, I would love to be able to sketch and paint watercolours but don't think I could manage it. I have however, been teaching myself to make ribbon embroidery flowers. My own Grandma was a smashing needle woman and thinking of her makes me keep trying. I know we always need to have something to aim for and trying to be creative always brings me a lot of peace.

NanKate Tue 18-Jun-19 22:33:46

Carillion your flowers sound lovely. What a talented bunch we are given a bit of encouragement and time.

Razzy Tue 18-Jun-19 23:04:13

I want to learn the piano! I played flute at school, in orchestra, and used to be able to play a little of most instruments. But I’d like to have a piano at home and have lessons.

NanKate Wed 19-Jun-19 22:44:53

Nothing from me for the next few days as I am on grandparent duties and helping organise my DS’s 45th birthday party.

Be back next week.

NanKate Tue 25-Jun-19 20:22:06

Balls 🏀 yes I am back at my drawing board after a few days away and I have been learning about drawing circles, shading, tonal values and the results are reasonably good. I keep my drawing to about 15 - 20 minutes at a time as I am one of those people who flit from one thing to another and this time frame suits me.

Have any of you dabbled on the old Joanna 🎹? Or dipped your feet in the pool 🏊‍♀️whilst I have been away ?

Greyduster Thu 27-Jun-19 13:32:35

I have done both and enjoyed neither, NanKate (well, the piano more than the pool!). Glad to hear the sketching is progressing!

Greyduster Thu 27-Jun-19 13:34:58

Razzy if you do decide to get a piano, invest in a digital one. They never need tuning. Piano tuners are as rare as rocking horse poo these days.