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Broccoli Conundrum

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Flossieturner Sun 23-Jun-19 14:09:49

In Waitrose today the man in front of me had a basket overflowing with broccoli. He must have had more than 20 heads. I was busting to ask him what he was going to cook. As I was too well mannered to do that, I am asking the Gransnet Wise ones. What would you do with a basket full of Broccolli

M0nica Sun 23-Jun-19 14:16:17

Add cheese and make soup.

Charleygirl5 Sun 23-Jun-19 14:21:16

I have no idea- one is more than enough for me.

SueDonim Sun 23-Jun-19 14:24:11

Maybe a restaurateur? I can imagine that there are things you could do with that much broccoli. I can't imagine what the elderly couple behind me in Aldi who had a trolleyful of swedes were going to do with their purchase! They weren't buying anything else at all, just swedes.

The poor checkout assistant was flummoxed - he didn't know whether to scan each one individually or to scan one swede multiple times. grin

Whitewavemark2 Sun 23-Jun-19 14:24:15

I’m making a broccoli and gorganzola pie next week, but only need one head. Maybe he’s making loads of them to sell.

EllanVannin Sun 23-Jun-19 14:25:15

Broccoli and cheese sauce ( like cauliflower and cheese )

Whitewavemark2 Sun 23-Jun-19 14:25:25

Maybe the swedes were for sheep or cow?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 23-Jun-19 14:26:26

Or they could be making loads of pasties.

I love swede in pasty

SueDonim Sun 23-Jun-19 14:34:54

I don't think the swedes would be for animals. It's a farming area and they would be much cheaper from an agricultural supplier. Pasties aren't a thing here, unless maybe they're embarking on a mission to turn us into pasty-eaters!

Summerlove Sun 23-Jun-19 14:35:08

Broccoli and crasin salad- yum!

Daddima Sun 23-Jun-19 14:35:46

Feeding lots of guinea pigs?

SueDonim Sun 23-Jun-19 14:46:24

If Aldi start selling guinea pig meat, I'll know that's the case, Daddima!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 23-Jun-19 15:01:17

They seem to grow them here on the downs then let the animals in to eat them.

MiniMoon Sun 23-Jun-19 15:38:09

Broccoli and cheese soup.
He may have been shopping for his pub kitchen as my son tried to do recently. The kitchen ran out of cauliflower so son offered to buy some as he was visiting us. He tried both the supermarkets to no avail, and had to go back empty handed. I expect that cauliflower cheese was off the menu that evening.

Callistemon Sun 23-Jun-19 16:00:00

Broccoli smoothies
Broccoli and cheese bake
Broccoli and Stilton soup
Broccoli and salmon tart

I thought the swedes could be for sheep, perhaps they have a few pet sheep rather than a flock.
Or pet donkeys

I may have been tempted to ask grin

GabriellaG54 Sun 23-Jun-19 16:15:57


SueDonim Sun 23-Jun-19 16:21:15

Callistemon I likely would have asked but I was wrestling with my 18mth old granddaughter at the time! It's certainly been a topic of conversation - what would you do with a trolley-load of neeps. grin

Nanabilly Sun 23-Jun-19 17:17:05

Maybe the Swedes were for a home brewed wine !
As for the brocolli... Soup?... A dieter?... A pregnant lady?
I would have had to ask but them I'm nosey.

Callistemon Sun 23-Jun-19 21:00:22

Not for a Burns supper in June!

SpringyChicken Sun 23-Jun-19 21:11:10

I saw something similar - a trolley loaded up with broccoli, onions and peppers. He was shopping for the local Chinese takeaway.

SueDonim Sun 23-Jun-19 22:36:58

Swede wine would be lethal, don't you think? grin

Back in the day, we tried making potato wine and pea-pod wine. Not one of our more outstanding successes is the kindest comment I can make! 🤢

absent Mon 24-Jun-19 01:00:17

SueDonim I have never made potato wine but have made drinkable pea pod wine. It is absolutely essential to make sure that no peas – even teeny tiny ones – remain in the pods before you start.

BradfordLass72 Mon 24-Jun-19 06:06:49

How could you bear NOT ask?

If you saw me with a basket of broc I'd be on my way to the food bank. Hee hee smile

Ginny42 Mon 24-Jun-19 06:22:34

Perhaps it was cheap and they were going to freeze it for the coming months.

sodapop Mon 24-Jun-19 08:28:39

Me too BradfordLass I hate broccoli and my husband is always insisting I eat at least a small portion. I do love swede though.