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Soop's welcoming kitchen for all in need of a hearty blether.

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soop Mon 22-Jul-19 12:19:52

Welcome to's good to have your company. You are special peoples. flowers sunshine wine cupcake smile

annsixty Thu 25-Jul-19 09:15:49

Good morning all.
It is 37 degrees in the east facing conservatory, my morning refuge usually, so I am sitting in the cool dining room at the front of the house.
Once again my GD is on her way to hospital with a suspected quinsy, second time in a month and third time in 12 months.
She is feverish and vomiting so can’t keep the antib’s she was prescribed yesterday down.
The GP sent her straight to hospital from the surgery.
I am supposed to be out this afternoon but I think I would be wise to cancel and stay indoors.
Stay safe everyone.

dragonfly46 Thu 25-Jul-19 09:24:45

Ann so sorry to hear this about your GD. I do hope they sort her out soon and also that she is not sitting in A&E for hours.

The heat is indeed unbearable. I have just hung the washing out and now having to cool off in front of the fan. I hope they are right and it is going to abate tomorrow.
My poor DD has a two hour commute in London and I am hoping she is working from home today.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Jul-19 09:32:58

It is 25C here in London already. I am going nowhere myself but I am expecting a Morrisons delivery later and I do feel for the young man. Mine is an easy delivery, not even one step but he will be less fory=tunate elsewhere.

There is a visiting podiatrist coming also but apart from that the furthest I will going is my garden to hang out clothes.
Ann I do hope your GD is sorted out once and for all- it has been going on for too long. Please look after yourself and stay cool if possible.

N&G I do feel for you re the dental appointment- that is on my list next week and I would prefer to be anywhere else.

Synonymous Thu 25-Jul-19 10:42:59

Such a beautiful day, but probably wise to stay indoors if possible.
Ann that temperature so early is mind blowing! Do take the greatest care you can in all your circumstances dear Kitcheners! brewbrew (Those cups contain whatever you need! smile)
So sorry for your GD and hope that she will be better very soon. I anm aware that not many people have essential oils to hand but as a user myself I would be using tea tree oil or oregano oil mixed into a little coconut, almond or olive oil on the bottom of the feet and sipping water with peppermint oil or lemon oil. Just make sure that it is 100% purity. PM me if you want to, very happy to share my own experiences of what can help.

annodomini Thu 25-Jul-19 10:44:39

ann, that is rotten news about your DGG. She has had no luck at all and it's about time that the ENT consultant got in touch with her plastic surgeon and made an informed decision about her treatment. I'm sorry she is again so very unwell and I know how anxious you must be. It's already a very hot morning - 29 in the shade at my back door - so you are right to reconsider going out today.
Yesterday when I went out for lunch with a friend we decided to try a gastro pub for a change and really enjoyed it - great food; lovely and cool inside, though there were people braving the heat to dine outside. When we got back here and my friend went home, I fell asleep and felt dopey for the rest of the day. The heat doesn't stop me sleeping - quite the contrary!
Panache, I'm delighted to hear that your injured leg is now healing. Once you have survived the sale of your 'effects' (what a horrid word), you can really settle down to enjoy your apartment and new way of life.
soop, please go and see your GP again. When I had a number of falls, my GP sent me to the falls clinic at the local hospital. No physical reason was found for my 'misfortunes' but I am now a lot more careful.

annsixty Thu 25-Jul-19 11:04:45

They have tried to drain my GD’s tonsil but nothing came out.
They are now saying these infections could be a consequence of her cleft.
She is very upset .
She will still have to have I/v antib’s as she can’t keep tablets down.
I had already cancelled my outing but may be going to the hospital instead.

Greyduster Thu 25-Jul-19 14:15:06

Aargh!! It is thirty four degrees in my conservatory with all doors and windows open. I watched it climb to thirty eight out on the patio but I wasn’t willing to find out if it was going to go any higher! And I am wearing - wait for it - A SKIRT!! Unheard of!

Ann I am so sorry to hear that your GD is in hospital again. The medics need a good shake up and some joined up thinking it seems to me. I send my most positive best wishes to you both! 💐

“Steady the Buffs”, N&G! If he causes you even a twinge we will be upon him enmasse with the leg of lamb!🥊(yes I know, it’s a boxing glove!!).

soop Thu 25-Jul-19 15:05:10

Dear Ann, like all of us lot I am truly sorry to hear that your lovely granddaughter continues to suffer. Surely it isn't beyond the Consultants to identify and deal with her ongoing distress. She deserves so much better.

I've done my pal's ironing. And...just to please you lot I've made an appointment to see the lady GP in whom I have complete confidence. It was she who alerted the breast clinic to my cancer. I can tell her anything and everything. On Tuesday afternoon, I shall ask her opinion on the recurrent UTI's and chronic pelvic pain. After all, repeated prescriptions for antibio's cannot be the answer.

soop Thu 25-Jul-19 15:07:44

It is pleasantly warm in Kintyre. A breeze off the sea is most welcome. I have no intention of working in the garden. In fact, I may chill out this afternoon with a Magnum given to us after the ironing session.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 25-Jul-19 15:15:18

Just need a sit down, so I have come to the kitchen for a cold drink and a biscuit. No new kitchen in this house but we do have a lovely new floor minus skirting boards at the moment. It feels so spacious and airy. Think I will go and get an ice lolly from the freezer, anyone else fancy one, blackberry (made from the juice of the last lot of berries) or orange (bought).

soop Thu 25-Jul-19 15:22:34

Barmeyoldbat I bags a blackberry lolly. wink

annodomini Thu 25-Jul-19 15:36:29

soop, ironing in this weather - well, I did some yesterday but only because I had nothing left to wear in the heat. Cottons and linens do crush so! I hardly dare to go into my kitchen which gets the full afternoon sun so here I am in 'our' special kitchen which obviously doesn't get overheated.
ann, I hope your DGD isn't in a hot ward. I know what they can be like. I had my shoulder replaced during a very warm spell and had a fan beside my bed because my temp was slightly raised. No matter how often I offered the fan to other patients, they wouldn't hear of it. As far as they were concerned it was 'my' fan. I remember that last time when she was in hospital at the weekend, your GD was shipped out to Wythenshawe. Is this likely to happen again?

Grey, a skirt! What is
the world coming to? I'm wearing a pair of cotton/linen crops and a loose cotton shirt - yesterday's ironing. Wish I possessed a cotton dress, but can't find one I like and which fits my 'apple' shape.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Jul-19 15:41:25

soop advice from your non qualified kitchen doctor- I think you need an xray of your pelvis and I am hopeful your GP will agree.

I have asked Alexa and it is 35C here- still next week I will be moaning I am feeling cold.

The podiatrist has visited so I am now walking on air.

cornergran Thu 25-Jul-19 15:42:41

It’s hovering around 30 degrees here. The beach was distinctly cooler and blessedly devoid of people. Enjoyed a read under the brim of my hat and a short walk, before lunch at a local nature reserve where it was cooler inside than out. Isn’t air conditioning in a car a wondrous thing? Still flagging a bit so little on the agenda now other than watering the pots when it cools down a bit.

Good news about the doctor soop, like the sound of her

Hope your granddaughter gets some relief ann, what an infuriating situation.

Best pass on the delicious sounding lollies barmeyoldbat as I succumbed to a Snickers ice cream earlier. Perfection, if somehow missed off my healthy eating plan. grin.

A skirt greyd? It’s ok, exceptional circumstances.

Well, suspect an afternoon nap is called for. Hope all the rushing around hasn’t actually melted you n&g. Wishing you well for the dentist .


chicken Thu 25-Jul-19 16:43:38

I'm popping into the kitchen for the first time, although I've been hovering outside and peering through the window for quite a while! I've brought a lemon-iced courgette and sultana cake as my "entrance fee".
Having read about Soop's buggerations with repeated UTIs, I would like to pass on my observations if they are of any use. Having had numerous infections with just a few days free between each course of antibiotics, I decided to take matters into my own hands and, miracle of miracles, have been UTI free for 3 months now. Here's what I've done.---
I've ditched the cranberry drinks (they are just sugary drinks) and found high-strength cranberry tablets on line.
I've bought d-mannose sugar on line and take a dose along with the cranberry tablets twice a day.
I've adopted a vegan-style diet---pulses, nuts, fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens, nut milk ----no meat, fish, cheese, dairy products. This is hard as I love all of them, but it makes the urine alkaline and the bugs causing the infections (e-coli usually) can't get the iron that they need to thrive when urine is alkaline. I bought test strips on line to test my pee and it really has gone alkaline.
I don't know if this is any help, but it's worked for me so far, and the constant UTIs had damaged my kidneys, so it was desperation that drove me on!( I do take supplements to make sure of getting enough vitamins and minerals.)
Sorry, this is a too-long first post. Blame the heat and being stuck indoors.

annsixty Thu 25-Jul-19 17:37:50

Very helpful first post chicken welcome.
My poor GD who has been in a cubicle in A&E since 9am has been promised a bed "within the hour"
Staff have also realised she is well overdue for ab's.
She has had nothing to eat all day.
She doesn't feel like eating but that isn't the point, she has been offered nothing.

soop Thu 25-Jul-19 17:48:38

A very warm welcome, chicken Please, no more loitering. We are happy to have you here. Also, thank you for all your sound and thoughtful advice. I am hoping that our lovely lady locum GP will help me to put an end to the never ending doubts that I have concerning the possible cause being vaginal mesh. I've had enough of the pussy-footing around. That hospital surely has some notion of the procedure carried out. It cost us dear. Just sayin.'

Well, my lovely ladies, it's time for me to log off until after care home visit in the morning. There is an important meeting in the village hall tonight. Massive wind turbines proposed for a site overlooking our beautiful village. Goodness knows what we, as a small community, can do about such a scourge.

TOYA smile moon

soop Thu 25-Jul-19 17:49:46

Ann For you and your granddaughter - flowers and very best wishes.

Lins1066 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:56:08

Welcome chicken to the kitchen, especially as you have brought cake.

ann I'm sorry that your GD is still waiting in hospital, hope she is treated soon.

I'm glad that you are going to see your GP Soop, it sounds as though you have confidence in her and that counts for so much doesn't it?

We have stayed in the cool until about 4 pm then went into town for a few things. It was too hot to take the dog today, though there was a breeze off the sea. I bought some beetroot which is now simmering away in the kitchen. Will have that with a tuna salad later.
A friend gave me some plums from her garden, a plum crumble may be on the cards this weekend.
Keep cool everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 25-Jul-19 18:40:59

Our decision to go to an indoor shopping centre was brilliant, air-conditioning aaah!!!

In the car home it was showing 37.5 degrees, so roof was down and air-conditioning blasting!!!!

GS has now got his school uniform and shoes, D, GS and I had an arm and hand massage in Jo Malone.

Sitting in the garden and considering dinner, salads all made Mr.Gravy to BBQ.

Sleep well in the heat x

annsixty Thu 25-Jul-19 18:52:44

I am enjoying a G&T in the garden.
I am being very quiet in case my neighbours pop their heads over.
They are very fond of a drink in someone else's garden!!!!
Apart from which I have an unsuitable top on , fine for the weather but not to be seen.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Jul-19 21:33:24

I am getting a tad anxious about Tara- I only hope it is the heat which is keeping her outdoors.

Welcome chicken thanks for the cake.

ann enjoy the solitude for as long as possible.

cornergran Thu 25-Jul-19 21:50:10

She does worry you charley, hope she’s home safe now

Hello chicken, cake is always appreciated.

Just been doing the same ann, temperature just right here.


grannyqueenie Thu 25-Jul-19 23:01:19

Ann your poor gd, what a time she’s been having recently. Dd1 has a cleft, it was repaired when she was just over a 1 year, but she was under the care of the Maxillo Facial Team at a London hospital and was seen by them annually until her dental development was complete at about 18. Did your gd have a connection with a similar team where she lives, if so they may be the people to liaise with.

soop I’m glad you’ve seen an understanding GP. I know you said that you are tougher than you think you are but what worries us lot is that you may just be not as tough as you think you are... hmm I may have confused myself there blame the heat, but I’m sure you get my drift, please take good care of yourself as you’re one very special person.

I too have seen an understanding GP today, to discuss the rather alarming symptoms I had after the meds I was given a few weeks back to calm down the bee sting reaction. Long story short she has agreed to refer me to an allergy consultant to discuss having a patch test done to see if I really am allergic to penicillin or not. Apparently such appts are like hens teeth and it will be months before I’m likely to hear anything! The penicillin allergy status has to stay on my medical notes for now, so just to keep life simple I'm hoping I’ve no need of antibiotics till it’s clarified.

mumombs, sorry you’ve had that sadness. We had various small animals, several cats and eventually 2 dogs as the family were growing up. Letting our last dog go was a very hard and emotional time, we lost a much loved although it has to be said very naughty family pet but it also signalled the end of a era for us. By then all the children had flown off and with us both working full time getting another dog just wasn’t practical. I sometimes wish we’d got another one when we retired here almost 11 years ago, but it just didn’t seem the right thing at the time. Now 3 of the children have their own family dogs, they provide almost enough stroking therapy to satisfy me!

Like others of you I’ve struggled my way through the heat today. Normally I love the sunshine but this clammy weather this has defeated me today.

We popped in to a little tea party celebrating the 70th wedding anniversary of some neighbours this afternoon. They’re a great couple, sadly he has dementia and much of life passes him by. fortunately he is mostly good humoured. His wife copes admirably, but it’s all seeming a little more fragile now. It was a pleasure to raise a glass of bubbly in their honour!

Well I’m off to bed, though in this heat I’m not at all sure how much sleeping will actually take place... I decamped to the spare bed last night... I saw no point in both of us tossing and turning. Night all, sweet dreams x

callgirl1 Thu 25-Jul-19 23:05:50

I hope Tara gets back safely CharleyG.
I`ve been absent from the kitchen for a few days, I have been reading everything, but every time I prepare myself to post, there seems to be so much has happened that I get rather daunted at being able to remember everything, so then I try another day. So this time I`m determined to go ahead and post. Apologies at missing lots of you out, my memory is like a sieve, but TOYA.
Panache, I`m delighted to hear how well your move has gone, also that your leg is doing so much better. I love the sound of your colour scheme.
Soop, so glad to read that you are going to see your GP, we need you fit and well in order to control us.
Synonymous, your husband is doing so well in such a short time, well done to him.
Welcome Chicken, thanks for the cake.
This weather is way too hot for me, it`s murder trying to sleep.
My daughter went home from hospital last Thursday, with orders not to put that foot on the ground for 6 weeks. I was worried how they`d go on, as her husband has dementia, and her son no longer lives with them, but he`s moved back in for a few weeks, and neighbours have plated up extra when they`ve been cooking and brought it round to her, a man has come round every day to take their whopper of a German Shepherd for a walk, and last night when I was there another neighbour came with flowers and strawberries. It must be lovely having neighbours like that.
Also, my son went back to work on Monday after his cancer treatment, but he`s only being allowed to work 4 hour days for the first 3 weeks, to see how he gets on.
We`ve been waiting all evening for Lynne`s carer to come, when it got to 10 pm we decided she wasn`t coming. Lo and behold, she arrived at 10.30, saying they`d been very busy tonight.
Ann, I hope you enjoyed your G&T, also that yoiur granddaughter didn`t have to wait too long for a bed.
Once again, TOYA! xx

callgirl1 Thu 25-Jul-19 23:10:49

Forgot to add, my trip to London was lovely, the Waldorf was very posh, and Les Miserables was a fantastically brilliant show, loved it.

kittylester Fri 26-Jul-19 08:03:21

I'm feeling like you, callgirl, slightly daunted by all the news here. I hope your daughter continues to be so well looked after. Lynne's carer wouldn't have been much help to me at that time of night - they would have to wake me up first!

ann, your poor dgd. She must be royally fed up and you must be so worried about your lovely companion. I hope something can be sorted soon.

Panache things seem to working in your favour at last - long may it continue.

We made the decision not to have another dog too after our last one departed. It is weird and our cats are not terribly friendly or home loving but we can leave them at home when we go away. There is a lovely girl in the village who will feed cats and other small animals in their homes. She also does the curtains and lights if necessary. She also walks dogs!

Like Tara, our cats appear to have left home. I suspect they are in a much cooler place than this hot house.

Poor DD1 and her dh are driving fron Derby to Worthing today for a friend's (3rd!!) wedding this afternoon. They had booked train tickets, intending to sit and watch the world go by but buckling tracks and downed overhead wires have put paid to that. They are now driving and hoping they can get back the £300 they spent on tickets.

I'll be back later but TOYA in the meantime.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 08:33:47

The first thing Tra does when she arrives home irrespective of the hour is to seek me out to tell me she has arrived home.

I was lying in bed reading when she eventually appeared but she like me had a horrid night tossing and turning.

Thank goodness I had zilch in my diary for today and I do not have to go out for even a loaf of bread.

It is very dull but still horrendously humid here today. I do wish the heavens would open.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 08:36:53

Good morning all.charleygirl , I thought it was just Molly giving me problems.
She was out all day yesterday, the first time ever, and she didn’t eat.
She came in very late and then had me up at 12:15am to be let out again, she was fast asleep on my bed when I woke up and is still flaked out.
I had the fan on most of the night.

My GD got a bed, in a side room at 7 pm, that was 10 hours In A&E, we will certainly report this to PALS, more in sorrow than in anger.
She heard one medic refer to her as “ the cleft lip and palate girl” she was very upset to be defined like that.
I am trying to talk her into coming here for a few days to be looked after.
kitty my D lives just a few miles from Worthing, not a journey I would care to make in this heat.
I have rail tickets booked for the week after next.
I hope those rails are repaired before then or I won’t be going.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 08:52:31

ann the heat has obviously affected Molly as it has Tara and other cats. Is it safe to allow her out again so late? Once Tara is home I close the door because I am afraid of local foxes.

Tara was out once the housekeeper had opened the door early today- heaven knows where she goes but she knows food, water and love are here.

soop please rest, as corner said it stops us nagging if we know you are okay.

NanaandGrampy Fri 26-Jul-19 08:59:43

Morning all !!

I survived both the hospital and the dentist ( just) but had an uncomfortable night- you know what its like when you have had your teeth pulled about :-( , back in 2 weeks for the serious work - such joy!!

We had a spectacular 2 hour thunder and lightening storm here last night made all the more interesting because Grampy forgot to shut the sunroof and the car alarm went off at 2am. Luckily we have an interior slide too and that was shut so no rain got in but as he rushed out with the keys to shut it off it might have been nice if he had remembered he had nothing on!!

Luckily...…… no one noticed ( hopefully) or they would have been traumatised !!!

How sad for your GD Ann , not defending the medics per se but I suspect a rammed A & E meant less personalised care and names being part of that . Still no excuse though.

I'm hoping its slightly cooler here today, I love a bit of sunshine as much as the next person but it was 97 degrees ( I'm sorry I don't do the Celsius thing lol ) in our bedroom yesterday afternoon- that's unbearable even with fans. One hint though, if you fill an empty coke or lemonade bottle with water and free it, stand it in front of your fan and it sends cooler air circulating :-)

Ill leave you with a picture of the fabulous storm across the fields - have a good day all ( I'm leaving an ice lolly mountain to get us through !!)

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-Jul-19 09:05:39

Ann I hope your Grandaughter is feeling better today and that the doctors can get her well. It must have been so upsetting for her to be referred to as you described, not very professional.

Soop, sorry to hear you are suffering UTI and pain yet again, please take care and rest.

Panache, pleased to hear your leg is clearing up at last.

Callgirl, it is worrying when our AC are ill I do hope your son copes with his return to work, and your daughter listens to the advice she has been given and rests her foot!!

Cats are a law unto themselves aren't they, I do miss mine.

We had an interesting evening / night, about 8pm we had what seemed like a "mini tornado" pass down one side of our house and down the garden. The kitchen door mat flew across the room, our hanging baskets nearly twirled round 360 degrees and Mr.Gravy was packing away the bouncy council, just getting the last of the air out of it, he layed on it to stop it being flown into next garden!!!!

It got very dark and the air was still afterwards, so we waited for the rain............but it did not come, it just got hotter. The rain, thunder and lightening showed up in the night, time and time again!!!! Consequently I am exhausted this morning, with a lovely 4yr old to look after alll day!!! Mr.Gravy slept through of course, so he is on breakfast duty.

I have left fresh strawberries and raspberries on the side with some croissants straight from the oven (curtesy of Mr.G).

TOYA 🥐🍓🍓🍓🥐🥐🥐

Nannytopsy Fri 26-Jul-19 09:23:08

What a lovely breakfast GG - thank you! We are back on Atkins, so virtual carbs are great. No rain here sadly, so an awfully sticky night. DD only got home from work (in London) to home ( in Kent) by taking the wrong train followed by a 25 minute taxi. An expensive business.
Still no news on a moving date - no progress for three weeks is making me very fed up. Phoning on Friday is pointless as that is when they do completions. What a barmy system we have!
TOYA and hoping for some rain.

kittylester Fri 26-Jul-19 09:27:29

I love your 'bouncy council' gg, isn't modern technology a wonderful thing.

I have visions of councillors holding a meeting to discuss serious local business whilst trying to balance on space hoppers! grin

soop I hope you can get your nether regions sorted soon. Life must be so uncomfortable for you - regardless of how tough you might think you are. We need you well. cafe

DD would rather not be traipsing to Worthing either Ann but her DH is best man so they are 'obliged' really. Mind you, he was bestman the other 2 times so he could be the common denominator. The groom was also his best man but, thankfully, he and DD are still together 18 years later.

Breakfast calls though it is only gf cornflakes so not as exciting as fruit and croissants.

Bellanonna Fri 26-Jul-19 09:31:44

N&G, what a great picture that is! I think the East must have had more activity than we did in the SE. we had a few rumbles this morning, nothing last night, and now the suns back again.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 09:32:37

In hospitals nowadays one is in bed 4 or bed 8. so it would be "take that to bed 6." That is how one is addressed. To me, that is one easy way of causing medical disasters.

N&G a good job I do not live near you, I would still be traumatised!

GG a good job no damage was done including to Mr GG. that was strange but half of your house could have been torn apart.

Bellanonna Fri 26-Jul-19 09:34:40

Charley I’m so glad she came back!

annodomini Fri 26-Jul-19 10:52:12

Poor cats - they're just not used to this weather. Whereas we can strip off, they're stuck with their fur coats! ann the mind boggles at your 'unsuitable top'. I assume we are not going to get a selfie. hmm Seriously, I am not impressed with the lack of attention to your DGD in A&E. I am sure they are short-staffed, but, apart from having to wait for a bed, she should have been treated properly in the cubicle. You are right to contact PALS, and I hope she has, at least, an apology. I hope they have made her comfortable and are giving her the requisite treatment.
Last evening I realised it was raining and dashed out to the car, just in time to close the windows. And during the night, I'm fairly sure I heard very heavy rain, but I might have dreamt it. Today it feels more like a proper summer morning - comfortably warm.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 11:00:40

I’ve got it on again today so you can judge for yourself!,,
The close up doesn’t do me any favours but I am past all that.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 11:09:44

I should have put makeup on😥
Just sun cream, hence the shine.

Synonymous Fri 26-Jul-19 12:07:19

soop I am so glad that you have an appointment to see uour GP. As for the hospital being less than forthcoming, I suspect they know full well that mesh was used in your repairs but are more intent on not being sued rather than helping your current medical problems. They should be able to see with an xray exactly what is there. I hope you get sll the help you need pronto!

Ann that was so rude and unprofessional of the staff to refer to your GD in that manner and a complaint about that would be justified.

Charley so pleased your Tara returned. You do wonder where they go don't you and can't help worrying when they are out for so long. We did read about a tracker type of gadget you can put on the cat's collar to see where they are. Can't rrmember what they are called probably because the cost was in three figures and so we just laughed off that idea given their ability to get rid of a collar when they want to!
We have kept Smokie inside for the last couple of months because he was clearly 'eating out' and being quite ill as a result. He is now really well, has put on weight and is looking very handsome! smile He has his favourite position under the cooling vents in this hot weather and is not really so bothered about going out now. Thank goodness!

Bellasnana Fri 26-Jul-19 13:02:02

annsixty your top looks very suitable to me! When it is hot you really do have to dress for comfort and I think you look lovely, no need for makeup. I’m also really sorry about your GD and hope she will receive better treatment.

Congrats, silverlining, I hope you and your DH have a lovely time celebrating your special anniversary.❤️

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 13:06:24

Synonymous I agree, dining out for me is also a worry because she is on prescription food. I also worry she may find a cosy place to snooze and get locked in.

Cost was the reason I did not investigate where madam went during the day and she and collars do not go together.

I do not allow her to go outdoors when it is minus something outside even although she is screaming at me. I love her to bits but I do worry about her outdoor antics. She was bullied for years so it is so nice seeing she has a good life now even if she worries the hand which feeds her.

annodomini Fri 26-Jul-19 13:43:34

ann, there is nothing unsuitable about your top. It's just right for the weather and I'm sure your neighbours would be envious if they poked their heads over the fence.

Greyduster Fri 26-Jul-19 13:43:37

GrannyGravy I think what you experienced was a phenomenon known as a heat burst!

soop Fri 26-Jul-19 14:19:57

Ann Your top is perfectly decent and most appropriate. I also like your hairstyle.

We have been out all morning and the visit to the care home was, as usual, a little difficult at times. We love our pal and will continue to visit as often as we do. If only he would speak up! His voice is quiet and his words indistinct. Hey ho! He enjoys company. That's what really counts.

N&G your photo is stunning. The forces of Nature are not to be underestimated.

I've stuff to do. Just wanted to say hello to my favourite peoples before I started. callgirl1 We said hello to David. The campsite is bristling with visitors.

A moment of joy to share with you lot. At shortly after 4:00 this morning, the outside light went on. As per, I went from my bed to peer through the window. At first, I saw nothing to get excited about. And then, there he was - Brodie - having a serious wash and brush-up on the outside mat. I was almost beside myself with happiness. This morning, I retrieved a perfectly clean bowl from the chalet. He had eaten every morsal. Result! Yay!

soop Fri 26-Jul-19 14:20:29

Back a little later. smile

Synonymous Fri 26-Jul-19 14:21:12

Charley our gardening friend was approached by more than one set of neighbours enquiring after Smokie and saying how much they were missing him. When he told them how unwell our pet had been and how we thought it was because he was "eating out" (and eating food to which he is allergic) so we were considering no longer allowing him out as a result apparently they were very quiet and subdued. We can only assume that they were part of his "gluttony progress" and they suddenly realised they were the cause of him being so ill. I don't know why people feed what are clearly other people's well kept and much loved pets. hmm confused He is a gorgeous boy and very friendly so I expect they enjoyed doing it and sadly I don't feel I can trust people to not feed him. I haven't discovered a cat that doesn't get the runs etc from one of the most popular brands of cat treats so can only conclude they are chock full of rubbish wrapped in a tantalising smell.

Synonymous Fri 26-Jul-19 14:23:27

Apologies for the long sentences! Hope you haven't fainted from lack of air! blush

Synonymous Fri 26-Jul-19 14:39:42

soop that is lovely and really thrilling to see them so close!
We had friends who fed the wildcats when they lived on the edge of the forest and the latest one brought her kits - perhaps to teach them where to get food. They are much bigger than the domestic variety and I wouldn't want to cross them, good thing they are shy! As they are quite dark we wonder if they have crossed with a black panther which escaped a few years ago from a local wildlife park. It is quite possible as they are all part of the cat family.

callgirl1 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:57:12

I`m so pleased to read that Tara returned safely. Mia is either here all the time, or out all the time, no happy medium. The other day, Lynne said there was a cat in the kitchen, sitting in Mia`s litter tray. Sorry if TMI, but that cat must have been saving it up for weeks! I cleaned it out, replaced the litter, and bugger me if it didn`t do the same again the next day, what is it about Mia`s litter tray?
I`m also chuffed to dollrags to read that Brodie has resurfaced, brilliant!
Ann, nothing unsuitable at all about your top, in fact, very suitable for the weather.
N&G, a wonderful photo of nature and it`s wonders.
GrannyG13, an interesting phenomena indeed, glad you all came through it in one piece. A few years ago, Lynne and I were pottering on our laptops during a thunderstorm, all of a sudden there was a loud bang from the router, followed by smoke, and what looked like a large orange ball of fire slammed into the wall outside...…………..then disappeared, and there wasn`t a mark on the wall. My grandma used to talk about thunderbolts getting into the house upstairs, she said you had to open the outside door as they rolled down the stairs and would roll out of the door. I think she believed it as well!

callgirl1 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:58:19

By the way, I`m still laughing at Kitty`s interpretation of a bouncing council!!

soop Fri 26-Jul-19 17:12:22

Lovely message, Panache..."our" Brodie is not a wild cat. He is feral. He may have a smattering of wild cat genes coursing around in his body. No matter, we love him and will continue to do whatever we can to make his difficult enough life, less so.

soop Fri 26-Jul-19 17:19:26

GrannyGravy That bouncy council must be a jolly lot! wink I blame Brexit.

Glad to hear you lot are coping with the heat. It gives me a mild headache. Lots of fluids and not too much sitting in the direct sunshine.

I haven't totally caught up with all the happenings. However, I am TOYA, especially those of you needing extra special tender loving care.

Away to service Brodie's chalet and replenish supplies for when he next honours us with a visit. grin

Until moon

callgirl1 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:26:51

That chalet of Brodie`s sounds like a feline Waldorf!

Panache Fri 26-Jul-19 17:36:50

The sunshine continues although a tad more acceptable whilst we here in the west could well do with that odd shower.We are even missing all these thunder storms which is resulting in everything looking so parched.

Soop your ongoing state of health is truly one that needs attention as well as those answers you so desperately need.After all it is your body and so you should be privy to whatever has been used to help it previously.Please take the greatest care because I am now readily admitting we are NOT as fit as we might think we are!! Continual "buggerations" do get us down and you are one very special lady so deserve much more.

So sorry hearing of your GD being unwell again Ann......whilst an utterly charming top ideal for this weather.

Leg is certainly on the mend I am pleased to report.
My dear one had his 4th hormonal treatment yesterday and what a joy it was to have a small wander amongst the beautiful floral displays and the fresh air as we gazed upon the great blue sea,now near enough to almost dip in our toes.

Tomorrow we hold the first of 2 Garage Sales hoping to get rid of our remaining bits and pieces .............although dreading the day!
Perhaps then we can spend more time settling in our new abode.

Wishing those feeling under par well again and please take care out there in this very hot summer sun.............sending you a crate of ice lollies to help soothe those heated brows!!

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-Jul-19 17:43:50


TOYA just popped into the kitchen......sorry to disappoint you but Mr.Gravy was not prostrating himself upon the council, but the bouncy Castle !!!!!

Greyduster thank you for the "heat burst" snippet I shall "Google" it later when we return home from our "dinner date". ( we have gone out on a Friday night since we started dating and seldom have we missed it, although when the C were younger they would join us, as they got older their partners would join and now it's not unusual to have all the children, partners and Grandchildren with us!!!!!) Tonight it's just us.

I was about to burst from the heat, it reached 37.5 here yesterday!!!

chicken Fri 26-Jul-19 17:52:07

Hallo all,
Just back from picking the crop from our rented cherry tree on the Kent/Sussex border. The forecast said dry, but we drove through a deluge which cleared up as we arrived at the orchard. We'd no sooner picked the first handful of fruit when the heavens opened. Luckily I'd taken plastic macs with us, but every time we picked a cluster of high-up cherries, the water cascaded down our sleeves. At least it was warm water. The crop was huge this year, 72lbs---what on earth am I going to do with all those? All the neighbours have been given some (whether they wanted them or not !)
So glad Brodie has returned. In this hot weather, our ginger tom is reluctant to come in at night and has taken to hiding in the old tree house, so OH has to clamber up the rickety ladder to grab him, then carry him all the way up the garden---and he (the cat) is no small weight.
Hope you don't mind, but I've left a big box of those cherries in the kitchen in the hope that it will be empty by the morning. They are big, black and juicy.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 18:06:14

I am absolutely fascinated by the thought of renting a cherry tree.
What a wonderful idea.
I love cherries but would be daunted by such a bumper harvest.
It evoked a lovely memory, long since forgotten.
One of my close childhood friends has an Aunt and Uncle who lived on a farm.
During the summer holidays when it seemed the sun always shone ,we would be invited over for a couple of days to “help” with the harvest.
Aunt Janet would cook lunch for everyone which we ate at long trestle tables in the yard.
There was always a huge steamed pudding, cooked in a copper,and when it was cut into ,it was just full of cooked cherries which tumbled out all over the dish.
That is a very happy memory.
This was not long after the war, did the sun really shine all the time then?

gransal Fri 26-Jul-19 18:14:17

soop delighted to hear about Brodies return. We were once" allowed" to look after a feral cat and he was an absolute joy.ann that top looks just the job. panache so happy for you and your dear one. TOYA>

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 18:19:13

Synonymous I have no idea why people decide that every cat needs feeding. If the animal was crying, very thin and the fur matted, maybe but Tara also looks very well and is not overweight. I also do not want Tara to be offered milk- she has water.

callgirl that was a tad cheeky of that cat- what was wrong with the great outdoors?

soop I am delighted to hear that Brodie popped in at that inclement hour for a bite to eat. He knows that food is always available to him. I doubt if he will ever put a paw inside the kitchen door.

I had a disturbed night so of course slept for ages this afternoon. Not a good move.

Good luck tomorrow Panache with luck most of the items will go rapidly.

Greyduster Fri 26-Jul-19 18:29:07

Hello the kitchen. Well, I thought I had misdiagnosed the UTI I mentioned on Thursday, but no, it merely lulled me into a false sense of security and then hit me like a brick this afternoon!! I was very fortunate to ring the surgery and get an immediate appointment as someone had just cancelled and we only live five minutes away, so I am now on antibiotics and feeling rather sorry for myself, particularly as there is a bottle of Oxford Landing with my name on it in the wine rack! So move over, Soop, I am joining you! (glad to hear that Brodie has come “home”!). I do hope it clears up as we have booked a few days away next week and are greatly looking forward to it. DD et al are off on their holidays so we have no child minding duties until they come back.

Panache I hope your garage sale goes well, and I am happy to hear your leg is mending!

Chicken you obviously did far better with your cherries than I did with my plums this year - we have ONE! After all the blossom and the fruit that set, we lost the lot! Hey ho! No jam this year! Cherries are very beneficial for the male prostate - perhaps you should set up a stall at your garden gate and advertise the fact - you’ll get rid of them in no time!😁

Very pleased to hear Tara came home, Charley - it was on my mind when I got up this morning 👍🏻.

So, I will continue to beat a path to the downstairs cloakroom, and wish you all a very pleasant evening! TOYA.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 18:39:27

Greyduster Tara knows how to pull my strings. She is around 14 or 15 but does not look it and can still climb the 6-foot fencing in the garden although I do not like her doing that. She does prefer the housekeeper to open the front door rather than her crawling through her catflap. She is very fond of her home comforts and I think would prefer it if I slept elsewhere and she took over my double bed.

Cherries around here are so expensive- I would be in my element with so many.

Panache Fri 26-Jul-19 19:05:25

Were I lucky enough to rent or arrive at a place where one could pick your own cherries, I would think I had arrived in heaven!!!
You have certainly grabbed my attention Chicken and if you could send a few bagfuls my way, I would be your friend for life!!!
Am so partial to those fat juicy black ones!!!

NanaandGrampy Fri 26-Jul-19 19:45:12

Evening all !!

Thank goodness the weather has been much more manageable today ! I feel almost recovered !!

Chicken I want to rent a cherry tree !!! Who knew !! Sounds wonderful. How about making Cherry Brandy for Christmas with some of your bounty- Ill help test it :-)

Its always good to hear of the comings and goings of all our fur friends ( I saw on another thread that 'fur babies' is soooo passe !! LOL

I am away to eat the last piece of chocolate swiss roll that was purchased to cheer me up after the what diet??/ :-)

Synonymous Fri 26-Jul-19 19:57:56

I am trying not to be envious chicken as I just love cherries. We have two small cherry trees each of which had a few cherries for the first time this year and the blackbirds enjoyed the lot. sad We are intending to net everything for next year!

kittylester Fri 26-Jul-19 21:06:13

I have a fabulous recipe for cherrie. It is just cherries roasted with rosemary, pinch of salt and marsala. The recipe actually said maple syrup but I misread it. I doubt it would be as nice. envy

kittylester Fri 26-Jul-19 21:07:20

Should have said - lovely on ice cream.

callgirl1 Fri 26-Jul-19 21:12:33

I love cherries, but they are £3.99 a kilo on our market, and as I like to eat them like there`s no tomorrow, I`ll have to pass.
Panache, hope your garage sale goes well.
Unlike other cats that we`ve had, there`s no problem getting Mia in at night, she knows that she gets her treats at 10 pm, so if she is out, she`ll always be on the doorstep at 10 pm.

Charleygirl5 Fri 26-Jul-19 21:29:12

Tara is upstairs resting her eyes. She was home before 8pm tonight so her mother can relax.

annsixty Fri 26-Jul-19 21:46:13

Cherries jubilee anyone?
Also delicious with ice cream.
Thinking of Panache tomorrow and the poor souls with UTI’s, I have never had one but my H had several in his last year.
My GD is back home again, now on oral antib’s.She has two appointments lined up so we hope an appropriate course of action soon takes place.

Charleygirl5 Sat 27-Jul-19 08:04:38

I think Tara woke me every hour on the hour after 3 am I suppose either wanting cuddles and/or wanting to go out. She persuaded me to move after 7am. Hopefully tonight will be cooler.

Good luck Panache rain is the last thing you want or need today and here it does look as though the heavens will open anytime soon.

Izabella Sat 27-Jul-19 09:18:28

Morning. Back home after an amazing foray to County Waterford. Very tired and I have not caught up with events in here yet. I will arm myself with post-it notes later today and attempt to do so.

I shall return, with home made pizza later. Mr Izabella has added home made sourdough pizza to his bread making range.

NanaandGrampy Sat 27-Jul-19 10:44:19

Morning all!

🎼it’s raining men......hallelujah ! ☔️

Well not exactly men but cats and dogs at the very least ! Much more manageable in terms of heat ! Even Sam has stopped huffing !

Pizza sounds great ‘Izabella* - count me in!

Ann , I used to love cherries jubilee - has that fallen out of favour along with Black Forest gateaux?

It’s Norfolk day here , so we are off to a local market town to try all things edible made in Norfolk - gin springs to mind 😁!

We will report back !

soop Sat 27-Jul-19 12:45:35

Well! What can I say? hmm You lovely lot seemingly run on mega amounts of energy. I am unable to fully catch up. Although I do thank you all for your updates and chicken for the cherries and other marvellous treats.

The outside light was triggered a little earlier this morning. Four o'clock to be precise. No Brodie but a younger, male/female black cat called into the chalet and enjoyed half a bowlful of dry cat food, followed by a long refreshing drink of water, before padding off into the forest. Aren't we blest? I think so.

It's a humid day. Some light rain but nowhere near enough. Perhaps later.

I'm about to do some on-line research regarding vaginal mesh implants. I intend being fully armed with relevent info' when I see my favourite lady GP on Tuesday.

I shall return in due course.

Charleygirl5 Sat 27-Jul-19 14:50:57

soop I wonder how the latest cat found the meal waiting for Brodie? I hope Brodie never comes "home" to an empty plate! Shortly every feral cat around will be quietly queuing!

soop Sat 27-Jul-19 15:14:03

Charleyg It's a mystery. Although, we recall Rory being the only feline at one time to visit the same chalet. Until that is, he came along accompanied by a female and two youngsters. At that time, he waited outside the chalet and allowed the others to dine undisturbed.

I'm on a roll. I have unearthed all manner of interesting facts relating to the use of vaginal mesh...more importantly, the name of of of the surgeons who dealt with my case, has appeared as promoting the use of. Is it any wonder that I am up against a solid brick wall. No response to umpteen requests for assurance that mesh was not used. Of course not. I am a mere patient. Well, we'll see what my favourite lady GP thinks of the facts that I have gleaned thanks to Google.

soop Sat 27-Jul-19 15:15:23

Sorry about the repeated "ofs" will suffice.

chicken Sat 27-Jul-19 15:17:30

Commiserations to all of you with worries and grief over pets. When we had to have our beloved marmalade tomcat put to sleep after a three year battle with unstable diabetes, I used to "see" him, a flash of movement in the corner of my eye, even when I hadn't been thinking of him, and I'm convinced that his spirit, whatever that may be, was still hovering around the house. It was comforting and heart breaking at the same time.

cornergran Sat 27-Jul-19 15:20:41

I've just come in for a hug. A friend 250 miles away, more like a sister, is very poorly indeed. Her daughter is very afraid about the standard of her care and really can't cope. I listen, two long calls so far today, talk to medical staff when the right one is working as I have my friends permission to do so but its oh so frustrating being so far away. I'm told one thing, her daughter observes something else. I need to see, but can't. We came back from there a week ago, just not possible to be there more at the moment. Nothing anyone can do, just needed to share it in a safe place. Sorry to be a misery.


Charleygirl5 Sat 27-Jul-19 15:25:09

soop at least you are now armed with information.

Thankfully, with very few differences, people are now kept informed. In the day that you had that type of surgery- they were "doing their best for you" and really you should be grateful. Times have changed. Sorry I cannot help- I know zilch about it, orthopaedics is more my forte.

annsixty Sat 27-Jul-19 15:42:59

cornergran what a difficult and upsetting time for you, especially when there is little you can do .
soop the vaginal mesh issue is a scandal.
I heard just a few weeks about someone affected not too long ago.
She is currently getting ready to sue.
I hope you will find you can do so as well.
No compensation for what you have suffered over the years though.
Rained all day here ,the gardeners will be happy.

cornergran Sat 27-Jul-19 15:51:29

Thanks ann, just had the third call of the day. I'm furious with the hospital staff and can only hope for better things.

Soop have you found the 'sling the mesh' group? Worth a look if not. Wishing you well for your GP visit.


soop Sat 27-Jul-19 17:37:19

chicken I often feel the presence of our beloved cat, Rory. He made us both so very happy. The pain of him dying, and watching MacSporran carrying him wrapped in his special blanket up into the forest from whence he came, still remains.

corner You are welcome to come into our kitchen for as many hugs as you need. Thank you for the 'sling the mesh group'. I shall certainly take a look.

Ann and Charleyg - MacSporran has photo-copied several sheets of what may well be relevant info'. Roll on Tuesday!

I'm away to make the chalet look smart and sort out fresh food for whomsoever calls by in the early hours.

TOYA smile moon

callgirl1 Sat 27-Jul-19 17:52:29

When our beautiful Pepper was run over, I said we weren`t having another cat, but a month later David talked me into it, and we acquired Mia. The night before we were to collect Mia, I was standing in our open back doorway, and I KNOW that something warm and furry brushed against my legs on it`s way out. I like to think that it was Pepper saying a final goodbye, as well as approving our getting Mia.

dragonfly46 Sat 27-Jul-19 17:54:23

Corner sending you lots of hugs. You are a true friend and I am sure her daughter really appreciates your efforts.

I hope you can get the info you need about your repair Soop. I believe they are still doing the ops despite the painful after effects.

A friend who has moved away, has just rung me for an hour, as it is free. She spent much of the time telling me about all her friends who have had cancer and how many have died. She has completely sapped my positivity.

Charleygirl5 Sat 27-Jul-19 21:44:53

corner difficult to know what to say if the daughter is on the phone so frequently. I appreciate that you and Mr. C also have your own lives to lead but it is very hard with such a distance between you and the hospital. You cannot jump in the car at a whim. Is your friend receiving poor care or is it what the daughter has imagined? very difficult.

I am so jealous you live so close to the sea-in this weather I would be in it!

NanaandGrampy Sat 27-Jul-19 22:05:22

Evening all,

What a difference a day makes...we are now considering building an ark !!

Knowledge is power soop , I hope it helps your situation.

That’s such a tough thing Corner , is there anyone closer who can help ?

Dragonfly what a shame you were swamped by negativity in your phone call. You are stronger than that! We are all here supporting you x

Some people lack a brain cell 😁😁

cornergran Sat 27-Jul-19 23:16:07

A hero clinician has unlocked the muddle around our friend’s care. Although still very poorly, to use their term, it’s now clear to me at least that her daughters fear about mistreatment is unfounded. The clinician stayed for two hours after her shift, unpicked it all, explained it to her daughter and then phoned me. I think a medal is called for.

Although there was a huge miscommunication this morning that does bear attention in my view the important thing is in spite of her daughters beliefs our friend is being treated both appropriately and safely

Sadly no one closer who is or counts as family. Like many of us family is sparse. I suspect well meaning friends are making the daughter worse. She views us as her second parents. As long as the agitated phone calls tail off all will be well.

Thank you all for your support, it’s good to be able to be honest here as outwardly I don’t show stress and can always sound calm, years of professional training make that possible but it doesn’t mean upset isn’t there.

I plan a good nights sleep and a potter in the garden tomorrow. Monday is acupuncture and the beach. A couple of good days to look forward to.

TOYA, sleep well everyone.

Synonymous Sat 27-Jul-19 23:19:51

soop so glad that you are arming yourselves with all that information. It is scandalous to even suggest they don't know what was used when we are very well aware of all the records that have to be kept which include the numbers on implants etc.
Interesting to hear of yet another nocturnal visitor, do you think they are connected? If only they could talk!

Dragonfly it is only after the call is finished that you wish you had asked exactly why they are telling you such things! I hope she is wondering why she said them too! hmm I hope you have a much better day tomorrow and find your positivity again. flowers

Corner do try not to own the angst in your friend's situation because you will make yourself ill. Been there done that! It is hard trying to help from a distance, you feel so helpless. I do hope things start to improve in every way. flowers

My goodness the rain is pouring down here too N&G! I am so glad not to have had to go out today but am really hoping for a better day tomorrow. Himself is sure he booked a table for Sunday lunch but can't get through to the restaurant to confirm. shock It could be short rations tomorrow or as my Granny would have called it "Whommel" a scots word meaning an empty, upturned dish! I have never written that word down before and I have no idea if it is right so if anyone else knows do tell me. smile

Synonymous Sat 27-Jul-19 23:23:40

Don't know why that posted at that point! confused I was just thinking that my Granny's word might be one of those 'family words' which we all seem to have, but I don't know.

TOYA smile

Synonymous Sat 27-Jul-19 23:26:37

Crossed post Corner hope you can sleep really well now. X

Carillion01 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:01:09

Good morning everyone who'll be in this lovely kitchen today. I've been 'away' for a couple of weeks but firmly back now.

Sending love and support to all kitcheners who have needed it. I don't want to miss anyone so TOYA really expresses how I feel.

I do need to send special thoughts and care to dear soop for Tuesday's visit to the medics. xxxx

For everyone in this lovely place sending you afternoon tea, served all afternoon for anyone lonely, in need or just a bit peckish! xxxx

I've enlarged the background of the photo (I hope) to show you the cricketers who love afternoon tea. X

Charleygirl5 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:05:30

I am hoping to get washing dried outdoors today but that may be pie in the sky. It is still muggy here but I do not have to go anywhere today.

I am hiding behind the sofa because of another thread- maybe I should have stayed in bed?

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:05:45

How gratifying to hear there are still workers in the hard. pressed NHS that go above and beyond. The call must have set your mind at rest about your friend. So sad her D has no one nearer to turn to.

I hope you slept well.

MawBroonsback Sun 28-Jul-19 10:11:35

What a difference there is between honest “sharing” ad the support and sympathy it occasions on this lovely thread, and the grumpiness described on the Moaning Negativity bread.
There is so much going on in kitcheners’ lives, but never to the exclusion of others’ problems.
I was dreading our 49th wedding anniversary last week, I saw the approach of sadness and tears like an oncoming train and I was helpless to stop it. So I took a deep breath and decided not to mark it in any way other than in my thoughts and I came through better than expected.
So safely past that hurdle (?) here is a pic of Paw on his big day with his best man. He was happy, I was happy and I am happy that we were both happy smile

NanaandGrampy Sun 28-Jul-19 10:15:13

Morning all!

We are betwixt and between today, weather wise , as my Gran used to say. It’s neither one thing or another with intermittent rain, occasional sun and general mugginess .

Carillion ,afternoon tea is my all time favourite !! I’ll pull up a chair if you don’t mind !

I hope your reservation is confirmed Syn or you and MrS can join us for afternoon tea 🧁☕️

I am so glad things worked out Corner ! Communication is everything isn’t it. How kind that a total stranger went above and beyond to straighten things out . I hope that puts your mind at rest a little .

Our little boys have been on a grand adventure going to both Alton Towers and Legoland in the last 4 days and staying in hotels . We face timed them last night and the highlights were :

1. Cooper did driving on the big boys cars at Legoland and had to tell a fib and say he was 6 ( he’s 5) .... according to Cooper he tells great fibs 🤔

2. Apparently , small boys would like beer in their packed lunch - mummy to take note !

3. The absolute best thing is they were V.I.K ( very important kids) at the hotel which meant they had their own waitress at dinner and were allowed to eat dessert as a first course!

I love what pleases small people most, their Mum and Dad paid a small fortune for this trip and the upshot is the boys can lie for England, drink beer and eat dessert!

It’s a crafty day here, I have a new gizmo that I still cannot make work so I shall be fiddling with that !

Happy day all!

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:18:03

Lovely post Maw. Pleased you got through your difficult day without too much sadness.
Love the pictures and others you have posted of the great day where you all looked so happy.

NanaandGrampy Sun 28-Jul-19 10:18:40

Crikey , I must have taken time to write that post as I crossed with 3 more lol

I’m glad you got through another first Maw , you can always share about Paw here, we feel we knew him.

Charley what have you been up to now 😉

Dragonfly how are you feeling today ? Afternoon tea ? X

dragonfly46 Sun 28-Jul-19 11:10:19

Thank you N&G feeling better - positivity returning and had a good chuckle at the fact that your DD spent a fortune on your DGC teaching them to lie, drink beer and eat dessert instead of dinner! I think my DGC would love that - must mention it to DS.

Afternoon tea looks wonderful can I book a table for 3pm?

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