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Boris manspreading!!

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Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 15:53:28

Is this a good look? Feet on the coffee table?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 22-Aug-19 16:13:32

To think that this will go around the world.

What loutish behaviour.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 16:20:22

No matter what your politics, this looks bad.

jura2 Thu 22-Aug-19 16:21:52

Disgusting and so so rude, arrogant and uncouth. Incredible sad

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 16:44:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Boosgran Thu 22-Aug-19 16:55:34

Ew really? I find Macron quite repellent.

LullyDully Thu 22-Aug-19 17:14:59

I am not too bothered about how he is sitting but just want a good deal on the ***** Brexit after 3years.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Aug-19 17:19:42

He must feel comfortable in his company. Good job the wife isn't around !

Grandad1943 Thu 22-Aug-19 17:54:39

If it were found that any member of staff in our company (and i would belive any company) sat with his feet on the furniture while in the presence of a client or customer he/she would be subject to disciplinary procedure and i believe that any member of management would want that person "out the door".

What a spectacle of a leader to place before the world.

crystaltipps Thu 22-Aug-19 17:56:20

Macron is Mr Suave compared to Johnson

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 17:57:23

" the wife" which one? or the " special friend"

EllanVannin Thu 22-Aug-19 17:58:33

Macron's wife as it's their place isn't it ?

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 18:01:23

Comfortable? He looks horrendous. Can't imagine Madam M. duster in hand.

Grandad1943 Thu 22-Aug-19 18:03:25

Johnson as a man has no respect for any person, any other persons property or even himself.

He is total tu*d of the first order.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 18:04:23

mmm Grandad, I like your style.

petra Thu 22-Aug-19 19:09:44

Look at the film clip on channel 4 news and see what really happened.

Opal Thu 22-Aug-19 19:27:41

The French president appeared to indicate the table would work equally well as a footstool should the prime minister want to recline, which Mr Johnson then did.
All this "pearl clutching" on this thread for such a minor detail! Really?????

Nortsat46 Thu 22-Aug-19 19:39:04

I think this is a worthwhile discussion, thank you Lessismore.

Johnson's posture appears to be something about 'claiming' the space. However, to my eyes it looks rude and juvenile.

Maggiemaybe Thu 22-Aug-19 20:25:45

I'm no fan of Boris, but they were joking around - nothing to see here really.

The important thing is that President Macron intimated for the first time that the Withdrawal Agreement could possibly be amended.

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 20:30:51

Some people don't 'get' jokes though Maggiemaybe, petra and Opal

Or take everything they see at face value without investigating the story behind the picture.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 20:31:43

Oh you are so right petra, Boris was just having a jolly jape. All is right with the world. Chuck out Johny Foreigner and we will all be home in time for supper.

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 20:34:28

Of course, it could be a good ruse by Jean Foreigner (sic) who invited Boris Johnson to try out the table as a footstool knowing full well the photographers, pearl clutchers etc around the world would fall for it.

Boris shouldn't have fallen for the sly move though!

petra Thu 22-Aug-19 20:38:36

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 20:43:24

This thread is very amusing, though, petra!

From the pearl-clutching through the gasps of indignation to utter pomposity


GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Aug-19 20:46:01

Boris can hold discussions with Macron "stark b****ck naked, standing on his head whilst singing the national anthem" !!!

At least he is talking to European leaders and trying to find something that our "numpty" MPs might vote for (as opposed to Theresa Mays WDA that was rejected on 3 occasions)

petra Thu 22-Aug-19 20:49:37

When I saw the heading I thought it was more of the Terry Wogan manspreading 😂 Not someone ( a male) jokingly lifting his leg.

petra Thu 22-Aug-19 20:52:24

With a bit of 'manspreading' thrown in for laughs.

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 20:54:42

I thought it meant he was putting on weight again.

Which does appear to be the case.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 21:04:46

Oh get over yourself petra.

Go and clutch your pearls.

He is a liar, a cheat, a philanderer, an entitled, old boys network buffoon, who looks like a complete prat.

petra Thu 22-Aug-19 21:42:00

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 22:16:33

I know it's a bit late in the evening for you to follow the thread

is that the merest teeny weeny bit nasty?

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 22:22:11

You must admit, though, Less , that this thread is dafter than the joke between Macron and Johnson which resulted in BJ placing his foot near the table for barely half a second.


Thanks for the giggle.
Some of the pompous posts are very funny.

Lessismore Thu 22-Aug-19 22:26:36

It doesn't give petra the right to be unpleasant to me, personally though does it?

Boosgran Thu 22-Aug-19 22:50:05

Thanks lessimore really funny thread- a good laugh! Can’t agree that Macron is a ‘hottie’ though!

Callistemon Thu 22-Aug-19 22:51:28

Oh lordy, no!

Joyfulnanna Thu 22-Aug-19 23:05:00

Haha granny gravy

GabriellaG54 Fri 23-Aug-19 02:18:17

People don't half pile in before reading all the facts.
Actually, Mr Macron invited BoJo to use it as a stool as it was remarked (in conversation) that it was a low height for a table and that is why Boris playfully touched his foot to it.

Next time, know the whole story.
I'd hate to think anyone making comments before knowing all the facts, could ever sit on a jury.

GabriellaG54 Fri 23-Aug-19 02:22:02

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

sodapop Fri 23-Aug-19 08:11:03

Have to agree GabriellaG54 definitely an over reaction there, think Boris would have grounds for unfair dismissal if he worked for Grandad43

Boosgran Fri 23-Aug-19 08:13:17

GG54 completely agree with both your posts.

merlotgran Fri 23-Aug-19 08:34:43

Agree with GG54.

Boris knew Macron was setting him up because the cameras were there. It was just a joke!

We chuckled when Macron's dog peed against a gilded fireplace during a government meeting in the Elysée palace but there is outrage at the briefest touch of a shoe on an occasional table.

Get a grip.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Aug-19 08:45:04

GabriellaG54 agree with your posts.

Poppyred Fri 23-Aug-19 09:14:43

The usual rude comments from those that don’t matter!

Lessismore Fri 23-Aug-19 09:45:46

The usual rude comments from those that don’t matter!

Would it be possible to share with us a list of those who matter and those who don't?

Callistemon Fri 23-Aug-19 09:49:58

Goodness me yes, I agree, frightening!
A miscarriage of justice indeed

Poppyred Fri 23-Aug-19 09:51:52

Shame, shame you know your names!!

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Aug-19 09:56:33

Poppyred your post of 09.51 was not very helpful.

If you are intending to shame or insult a poster/s please be so good as to let us know?

Callistemon Fri 23-Aug-19 09:56:55

Everyone matters

So I'm confused

Lessismore Fri 23-Aug-19 09:57:58

What on earth are you talking about? And no, I won't feel shame.

How dare you.

Poppyred Fri 23-Aug-19 10:06:02

So it’s ok for you lot to insult and name call anyone who’s politics you don’t agree with? Pathetic! He had his foot up on a table -GET A GRIP!!

Beckett Fri 23-Aug-19 10:07:55

I am no fan of Johnson but I have a feeling that if it was reported that he had run into a burning building, rescued and child and then gone back in to rescue a puppy, people would still criticise him for not picking up the precious family photo album

Rosina Fri 23-Aug-19 10:09:59

What a lot of media hysteria over absolutely nothing. I read that someone commented those low tables could be footstools and BJ took a playful swing with his foot - instantly captioned as boorish behaviour. Is that the truth? Did he put his foot on a table? Does it matter that much?
'Shock' news from the gutter press is worthless. When they can lie in the road upskirting, as has been the case in the past, and then report 'so and so is showing her knickers' that says it all. Macron has given room for manouvre - that's what needs to be noted.

Marjgran Fri 23-Aug-19 10:14:12

What misogyny “pearl clutching”. Even if Macron invited the behaviour, Johnson can be relied on to make the wrong call... he is a narcissistic oaf.

b1zzle Fri 23-Aug-19 10:18:43

Good to see that there is one person in this country who is relaxed about the whole Brexit thing. Pity it's the one who's in charge of it all.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:19:14

Rosina there is a video, his foot connected with the table for a second, it was a joke that the tables were low enough to be footstools.

Unfortunately Becketts post is spot-on.

Lessismore Fri 23-Aug-19 10:23:53

I'm guessing becketts scenario could apply to quite a few people in the public eye.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:29:00

Lessismore, Oh yes it is the MSM national/international pastime, knocking people of the pedestals that they themselves have erected and put them on.

maryhoffman37 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:29:39

@Callistermon, I quite agree. Macron won this one because Johnson fell for it and it's the only photo being shown. So he isn't for once being a boor but is being a silly dupe. We really don't want either as our PM>

NotANana Fri 23-Aug-19 10:36:18

Irrespective of what actually happened (two blokes joking around etc) that Johnson should have put a foot on the coffee table, the photograph so produced looks boorish and ill-behaved.
Ghastly man.

granny4hugs Fri 23-Aug-19 10:44:57

As I've said many times - prior to Theresa May we had the Etonian Pig F*£$)#'er for PM, now we have the Etonian pig...

NannyC2 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:44:58

Again, taken out of context by media etc.
As pointed out in the Jeremy Vine show this morning....Macron had said to Boris that he wasn't sure whether the fixture was a table or a footrest......hence Boris briefly, for a second, posturing his foot to put it to the test!

GabriellaG54 Fri 23-Aug-19 11:14:01

I take it that it's ok to 'say' that an MP or a celeb, or indeed a supermarket cashier or bank manager is po-faced and pedantic and even name them...but not anyone on GN hmm
How silly.
Truth hurts eh?

sarahellenwhitney Fri 23-Aug-19 11:20:43

Apparently, according to the media, he was questioning the table uses. Mountain out of a mole hill?? anti Brexits jumping on the 'band waggon'? Now that's a change.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 23-Aug-19 11:22:24

Johnson fell for Macron’s stitch up - hook, line and sinker.

This is now winging around the world, and is a metaphor for how the world see the British.

Boorish and uncouth.

Grandmabeach Fri 23-Aug-19 11:27:22

I really hate the way the press headline one photograph without telling the complete story. If you look at the recording Boris was admiring the tables and Macron suggested that he could always put his feet up and make himself comfortable. Boris jokingly put one foot up and, of course, the press were ready.

GabriellaG54 Fri 23-Aug-19 11:29:18

Some people, mark 😉 my words, need to get a life instead of making ridiculous comments about metaphor.
Wooden and spoon come to usual from that quarter.

Alexa Fri 23-Aug-19 11:33:36

Mr Johnson will be aware the the soles of his shoes never touch the unpleasant things most of us have to deal with.

Alexa Fri 23-Aug-19 11:39:07

Becket I would be happier if the Prime Minister did act humanely.

fifey Fri 23-Aug-19 11:50:42

Boris Johnson was actually invited to put his feet on the table by Macron before he did it. Shown in video report.

Soozikinzi Fri 23-Aug-19 11:54:41

If you watch the video clip his foot was only there for a second they were having a little joke Macron said these coffee tables look like footstools . I’m no Boris fan at all by the way but the clip makes it clear it was a pleasant joke between them .

Magrithea Fri 23-Aug-19 12:05:12

They were joking about the small tables being like footstools and, of course, the anti-Boris press will find a way to denigrate him

Nanny41 Fri 23-Aug-19 12:15:47

Extremely rude, and a disgrace to Britain,What a message to the rest of the world!
It is show business!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 23-Aug-19 12:34:52

God nooo looks awful. I would smack his leg down

Rosina Fri 23-Aug-19 12:35:58

GrannyGravy I too couldn't agree more with Beckett. Perhaps - and here I go potentially inviting a load of vitriol - wouldn't it be wiser not to denigrate and insult the Prime Minister, whoever he/she might be, as the person holding that office is on the world stage representing this country, and appears to have done no more than swing his foot. I really can't see that action has rendered him a dupe, buffoon, or whatever else he has been called here - rather the press are trying to make us all dupes by blowing absolutely nothing in to something. Whatever BJ has done in the past, that was then and this is now, and we need to be watching the real news. 'It is as it is', he is Prime Minister, and I believe the office deserves respect and support, whatever your politics, for the sake of the nation.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Aug-19 12:39:51

Rosina, totally agree

Harmonygranny Fri 23-Aug-19 12:57:26

Yes I too was taken in by the original photo yesterday but have since seen it in context. Macron jokingly invited Johnson to use the table as a footstool, which he did, very briefly and the moment was caught on camera.
I'm not a fan of this prime minister, but am more worried about knee-jerk reactions to the increasing incidence of fake news.

lemongrove Fri 23-Aug-19 15:03:06

Harmonygranny and others of the same viewpoint....I totally agree, there was no manspreading or anything else going on, having watched the footage.It was a light moment between the two men to ease tensions.
Anyone who thinks different needs to actually watch it.
Social Media is full of hysteria.

Esmerelda Fri 23-Aug-19 15:06:53

As I already knew that the photo was printed out of context and that the two men were sharing a joke about low tables and footstools I did wonder at the righteous indignation shown at the beginning of this thread. Knee-jerk reactions to fake news indeed, Harmonygranny. But then I've often thought how self-satisfied and judgemental a lot of people who follow this kind of post are ... time they took a good long hard look at themselves, I feel.

Callistemon Fri 23-Aug-19 15:07:17

What a storm in a teacup!!

Ou une tempête dans une verre d'eau!!


Neilspurgeon0 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:07:47

It was a joke.macron told Boris to put his feet up and relax. Honestly manspreading be bolloxed, you need to get a sense of humour

Dandelions Fri 23-Aug-19 15:22:18

My only thought when I saw the clip this morning was how I couldn't imagine Theresa May displaying such over familiar comradery(sp?) and thought perhaps this was her downfall. Men seem to be able to build rapport very quickly man to man, Trump being a prime example, whereas put a woman in there and everyone starts discussing her wardrobe or how fat/thin she is.

Tillybelle Fri 23-Aug-19 15:54:30

Macron may have scored a point on the "force him to do a character-crushing pose for a photo" game, but it doesn't take my attention from the main point.

What is going to happen about the backstop? Boris is so stubborn over it. I cannot see the rest of Europe letting us leave without a backstop agreement. They would be crazy to do so!

To quote the Guardian:
"Johnson has repeatedly said the backstop – an insurance plan to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland – must go in order to avoid a no-deal exit. He argues it could leave the UK tied to the EU indefinitely.

But Macron said the backstop was both an indispensable guarantee for the stability of Ireland and a means of protecting the integrity of the European single market, and that any new UK ideas had to respect that."

Boris will not budge on it, but neither will he tell us what his plan is if the EU will not accept anything without a backstop. He has not told us what his plans are in the case of us being forced to leave with no deal. He has not explained how this would result in a hard border in Ireland and what his plans are to mitigate the disaster that a hard border would bring to the businesses on the Irish border. He just obstinately says he will not be tied to a backstop!

Is he crazy? Does he think that a trading group of nations is going to accept that we, a nation not part of their economic agreements, can live next door trading back and forth across the border with them for free with no agreement as to how we make up for the fact that we do not contribute to their tasing group any more? Does Boris really think it will all even out with what passes both ways? How naive is that?

I feel so sorry for the Irish who live and run their businesses near the border! They must be in a state of Clinical Anxiety by now! There are farmers who produce milk, I understand, whose farms and connections with Dairies concerns crossing the border several times. How on earth can Boris let them suffer, thinking he will not avoid a hard border, or else he will drive us into a no-deal exit, which obviously would be catastrophic and anyway would force us into endlessly trying to make little deals over this and that for years to come at enormous expense and loss of business and money.

I don't really care if M. Macron can get Boris to cock his leg onto a stool/low table or not. I am sure that during a relentlessly long discussion, they need to make the odd mood-raising joke.

I am terribly worried about the exit from the EU. I am sick with worry about Northern Ireland and the repercussions that not paying attention to their needs will have. N. Ireland has enjoyed such a long period of peaceful prosperity and good relationships with the mainland, I absolutely dread the people there feeling that they were sold down the river over Brexit and that the mainland did not give a damn about them. I am at the point of not being able to take much more of it.

It is embarrassing, nay galling, to me that our Leaders have come out of this process looking so unprofessional and silly while people among the EU leaders have been statesmanlike and have spoken with advice to us in measured and fair tones. I feel that the UK still plays at Politics, with its constant brawling against each other and acting as though it won't matter because they will just shout louder and get their own way.

They behave as if it is a matter of rich "chaps" having fun saying lots of rude things about the opposition and then going for a drink and huge dinner together. Whereas on the continent it is taken seriously, and discussed purposefully in an up to date and businesslike manner, showing respect for each other.

I often wish I could have moved to live in France when I was in my 30s!

Neilspurgeon0 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:57:25

No Dandilions which is why at least our current PM is trying to gain some rapport, working the room, doing his best to get a deal and if the f*()ing BBC could be as positive about what he is trying to do as ITV was last night (please all DO compare the two utterly different ten o’clock news reports) then just MAYBE something worth while might come out of two men joking around and seemingly, getting on quite well.

Opal Fri 23-Aug-19 16:03:52

Couldn't agree more Neilspurgeon0, I despair of the BBC and refuse to watch their News programmes anymore, shame so many people are sucked into their news slants, instead of thinking for themselves.

trisher Fri 23-Aug-19 16:13:31

Well Macron says to Boris "You could put your feet up," so Boris does it and a photo is taken which makes him look a prat. But don't worry because the prat is negotiating a new Brexit deal and everything is going to be fine!!!! Macron must be laughing himself sick.

Tillybelle Fri 23-Aug-19 16:15:03

put a woman in there and everyone starts discussing her wardrobe or how fat/thin she is

Really? Everyone?

Nearly 65 years ago, I attended a co-ed Grammar School. We had a brilliant Debating Society. We held debates every week and observed the debating procedures. We also entered debating Competitions with enormous success.
There was never any difference between the boys and the girls in their debating skill, the content of their debate, the subject matter, attitude of delivery or in any other way. There was never any loss of respect for each other and it did not cross our minds to think about what a person looked like in regard to their physical appearance.

I do not agree with you that people just discuss a woman for her appearance. For example, I have been a keen follower of BBC2 Newsnight for years. I admire the women Presenters as much as the men and do not get distracted by their clothes, body shape, make-up or anything about their appearance. They are a brilliant, highly intelligent and very well informed group of professional people and I really enjoy hearing them interview the guests and make them stick to the question. Their appearance does not affect me. If there be any simpletons who cannot listen to anything presented by a woman without being distracted by her size or dress, then that is their problem. They are a minority.

I think we are a long way past the day when "put a woman in there and everyone starts discussing her wardrobe or how fat/thin she is".

Tillybelle Fri 23-Aug-19 16:20:16

Neilspurgeon0 Opal

Did you learn anything about Boris' plans for the Irish border?

Callistemon Fri 23-Aug-19 16:33:00

I don't think so - we're not discussing Merkel's wardrobe or size are we?

grandtanteJE65 Fri 23-Aug-19 16:41:46

What have we done to deserve two louts like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in office?

Tillybelle Fri 23-Aug-19 18:43:54


I could not agree more!

I sometimes get a creepy "Conspiracy Theory" fear come over me that the Lunatics have taken over the asylum. It's so weird that both Johnson and Trump's close ancestors come from Germany. Johnson's are german on one side and Turkish on the other and it's not that far back.

I get very morose sometimes about how people behave today and what they believe. To vote for Johnson who is a proven liar and has lost his job for it. To vote for Trump who is a proven liar and owes people so much money because he does not pay the builders and construction people for his Towers etc, yet he gets away with it! It is crazy! Today I was asked to take a look at something on Mumsnet, it horrified me. There were about 23 pages almost all from people being incredibly cruel and strongly opinionated towards the girl who naively asked a question about mat=rrying a man who already had children although he had not married their mother and she had left him for another long before this girl met him. The people were tearing her into shreds with the most horrendous names and swearing and making huge judgements about her. They were not answering her question, just giving her the most terrible battering they could muster. The terrible part was, they were imagining things about her which could not possibly be true. They had not read the facts and addressed the issue she raised. They just jumped to conclusions and used her to throw all their nastiest venom at!

I despair about people! When I read that, which I was asked to look at, I just kept thinking; these people vote. They probably vote for people like Boris Johnson. There is no hope. The lunatics have taken over. we are in the hands of incompetent, lying, scurrilous, self interested, untrustworthy thugs.
*Boris has*;
- been fired twice for lying to his bosses
- lied in his newspaper columns and was been forced to publicly apologise
- has been accused of attempting to blackmail the head of a national media organisation by his former boss.
- was unable to deny the role he played in planning to have a journalist beaten up
- boasted of “sticking up for the bankers” more than anyone else after the financial crisis.
- his first announcement was to give the wealthiest in society, including himself, a £3,000 tax break.

Don't you just love him?

Tillybelle Fri 23-Aug-19 18:50:24

Please do not take this as an anti-German rant!! It is nothing of the sort! You'd know, if you met me, that all the people who know me, know I am very pro Germany, its people and government!

It was merely the very strange coincidence!! Who would imagine that the two most unlikely people to become leaders have this in common? Especially as it is unusual for an American President, so I am told.

Actually I am in admiration for the Germans and Angela Merkel is extremely high in my regard!! If only she could come and help us out!!

(for some reason when I try to press caps for G it doesn't stay down! Sorry!)

Lessismore Fri 23-Aug-19 18:55:14

I like the way she insists on speaking her mother tongue......or it could be a cunning plan to buy her that 2 second time delay before the translation reaches her.

GabriellaG54 Fri 23-Aug-19 19:31:31

You're very wordy Tillybelle 😯🤐

Neilspurgeon0 Fri 23-Aug-19 19:53:04

Yes Tillybell Mr. Johnson categorically stated that the U.K. will not set up any form of checks on the Irish Border. There are farms in the six counties that actually have fields in both sides of the border and sell milk across to border both ways. If the EU plan to put up the sort of road blocks that the IRA used in Armagh in the seventies the PSNI and the Guardi will remove them, just as they did back at the times of the troubles and 1916. Ireland has overcome much much worse problems many times before and while I have no doubt that sneaky politicians on all sides will try to gain points by scoring off each other, more intelligent Irish business people will find workable solutions as they have ever since the time of Cromwell.

lemongrove Fri 23-Aug-19 20:15:21

Have the posters who were shocked to the core ( ! ) that Johnson lifted his foot up for a second now had time to watch the entire thing, and if so perhaps they now have time to admit they were far too hasty.

trisher Fri 23-Aug-19 20:15:55

Neilspurgeon0 There was a programme on BBC recently about the Irish border and the horrific events in its history. Irish business people may find workable solutions but let's hope that the cost in lives and tragedy is nothing like in the past. Unfortunately there is no indication that there will not be a return to the days of violence and only remaining in the EU could prevent this.

Lessismore Fri 23-Aug-19 20:27:23

I was too hasty.
I didn't find it awfully funny though.

trisher Fri 23-Aug-19 20:38:45

lemon I was never shocked just mildly surprised that Boris really can't manage to maintain a dignified appearance for more than a minute. I am wondering about what would have been said if Corbyn hd been pictured in a similar situation!!

quizqueen Sat 24-Aug-19 00:49:49

It was a set up-do your homework before you comment.I thought it was the Leavers who didn't know anything!

quizqueen Sat 24-Aug-19 00:56:58

Tillybelle...I think you will find that almost everyone on mumsnet does NOT vote Conservative, judging by their political comments, so you are entirely wrong in that respect, and how disrespectful is it to suggest you have to be a horrible person to vote for Boris.