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Lilypops Sun 10-Nov-19 12:36:25

I have bought a nice faux leather black skirt, I have wanted to wear one for a long time , so first question is am I too old at 72 years but I think I am trendy and try to keep up with fashion , secondly what is the best way to style this and still look classy , it's a pencil skirt and sits just below my knee, Any tips please

Marydoll Sun 10-Nov-19 13:04:03

Good for you! Enjoy wearing it.

I have seen them styled with a polo neck jumper and a long necklace.

Lilypops Sun 10-Nov-19 13:20:04

Marydoll, Thankyou, I do have black polo neck and lots of long necklaces , that's one look , was thinking about boots ankle or knee length , don't want to look like The Avenger lady ,, ! With thick black tights

Marydoll Sun 10-Nov-19 13:31:34

Oh, you are making me jealous! envy
I had a look on Pinterest for you, but most were young ladies in short skirts.
Not a good look for us, methinks! grin
Both ankle and long would be great, go for it.

Pantglas2 Sun 10-Nov-19 14:17:51

My friend bought one many years ago in her fifties (she’s got the legs) but it tended to squeak inappropriately every time she sat on a leather settee/chair and everyone seems to have gone for leather suites in the last 30 years!

She still wears it in winter with opaque black tights and ankle boots when she comes to see me and says it’s the only time as my suite is cloth!

Lilypops Sun 10-Nov-19 14:27:58

Pantglas that made me laugh , a squeaky skirt, mine is faux leather and it seems silent , it's a decent length so hopefully it will look ok , with the right accessories , I don't want to look like mutton etc etc !!

maddyone Sun 10-Nov-19 14:40:17

Lily, it sounds lovely. I have a satin black skirt, pencil style and just below the knee. I usually wear it on formal nights on a cruise, it teams up with a variety of tops I’ve got. I don’t tend to wear it otherwise, though I may this New Years Eve as we’re having a two night break in a nice hotel this year.
Enjoy wearing it, and no, you’re not too old.

Shelmiss Sun 10-Nov-19 14:41:46

My mum wears a leather skirt and she’s 82! She looks fab in it, so I say go for it!

GagaJo Sun 10-Nov-19 14:44:14

1) I think if you love it, you should wear it. 100%

2) I also think it IS a young look and possibly won't be flattering.

Mostly, we should say f**k the world, and wear what we want.

Fiachna50 Sun 10-Nov-19 15:19:55

I wish I had the figure for a skirt like that, sounds nice.

Lilypops Sun 10-Nov-19 23:17:39

Shel miss if your mum can wear one at 82 years old I think I could pass muster at 72 and am told I don't look it,
Gagajo, yes it can be a young look and may not be flattering as you say ,but,am hoping that the way I will wear it will be flattering , which is why I asked for tips on GN,

Lilypops Sun 10-Nov-19 23:21:36

Maddyone, Thankyou , Your satin skirt sounds lovely worn with different tops you will get lots of wear out of it,
We are going to a "do" on New Years Day and I will wear my leather skirt as a change from the usual black trousers,
I hope you enjoy your break over New Year,

Hetty58 Tue 12-Nov-19 09:17:54

Maybe it's just me but I think leather belongs to the young. They look edgy/smart/sexy wearing it. Old people wearing leather just look very odd to me. I wouldn't wear it anyway, being vegetarian!

Pantglas2 Tue 12-Nov-19 09:27:15

Lily pops did say it was faux leather.....

gallusquine Tue 12-Nov-19 09:28:02

Hetty58 The OP told us that her skirt was faux leather so no issue there.

Lilypops I congratulate you on you sense of style. I hope you post a pic of you wearing said skirt with panache.

glammanana Tue 12-Nov-19 09:44:02

Lilypops Wear it with a black polo neck topped off with any bright long scarf tied loosely around the neck maybe finished off with a chunky bracelet.
I would wear ankle boots with black tights but not the thick ones or a nice pair of Mary Janes.
I loved my leather skirt in the 60s I lent it to a friend and never got it back ?? some friend.

annodomini Tue 12-Nov-19 09:58:37

In the 60s a friend, tall, slim, sensational legs, had a tan leather mini which, as I recall, she wore with cowboy boots! I lost touch with her, but do hope that she has changed with the times!
Sorry - irrelevant, but OP aroused some memories!

Lilypops Tue 12-Nov-19 16:32:01

Hetty I do hope I don't look odd wearing my leather skirt , if I did I know my daughters would soon tell me, although I Am 72 don't look old or feel old , I shall wear it with class and style, and I hope look edgy , 😏 Gallusquine Thankyou I may post a pic but prefer to remain anonymous
Glammanana I had in mind my ankle boo tor my Mary Janes And black opaque tights , ooh so much excitement my leather skirt has generated !! I thought I read you were from Liverpool is that correct? If so same tastes ,

leyla Tue 12-Nov-19 22:38:31

I just got one today but mines above the knee. I plan to wear with coloured tights and a long sleeved tee shirt or maybe a jumper. I might wear long boots but probably chunky shoes.

Lilypops Tue 12-Nov-19 22:57:58

Layla, coloured tights sound good , I was only planning on wearing black but,, now you have me thinking colours, I hope you enjoy wearing your leather skirt,

leyla Tue 12-Nov-19 23:31:24

Lillypops have you discovered Snag tights? Fab colours and v comfy. I got my skirt to wear with my Snags! Hope you enjoy yours too!!

DanniRae Wed 13-Nov-19 07:19:30

If I was to buy a leather skirt it would be longish, full skirted and a nice brown. It would have pockets and I would wear it with a lovely soft, polo neck jumper of maybe a caramel colour. I can't visualise what boots I would wear but I would definitely stand around (posing) with my hands in my pockets, looking very stylish.
Sorry - not very helpful but I enjoyed my leather skirt fantasy! grin

JenniferEccles Wed 13-Nov-19 08:58:11

I also have a leather skirt Lilypops !

Mine is a knee length pencil skirt, black.

I wear mine with black opaque tights and either a cashmere jumper (I have a variety of lovely colours) or a more evening type top.

I think the skirt is a classic which won’t ever go out of fashion.

Oh and it doesn’t squeak!

dragonfly46 Wed 13-Nov-19 09:01:42

I don’t wear skirts but I do have two pairs of —fake— leather trousers!

glammanana Wed 13-Nov-19 11:59:40

Lilypops Yes you are right I am from Liverpool area (The Wirral in fact) but spent a lot of my youth in Liverpool where we where known for our up to the minute fashion.
Talking of coloured tights my DD wears a leather skirt with mustard coloured and burgundy coloured tights,mind you mustard seems very popular this year so you just wouldn't go far wrong.