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Modern Beds too High up to climb into.

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JuliaM Fri 28-Feb-20 11:33:36

Does anyone else find that modern beds are far too high up to be able to comfortably climb into? Im not exactly a short person at 5ft 5ins, although l only have a 27inch inside leg measurement andsufferfrom Arthritis in my knee.
I have given up staying in places like the Premier inns, l either need to carry a small half step to get into bed which is not ideal, or end up sleeping on the bed settee which is designed for children and not very comfortable.
Looking around the bed stores, this trend for high up beds is a common one, my own bed base isa metal one and over 20yrs old, even with an extra deep mattress on it, it still manages to be at a reasonable height.

BlueBelle Fri 28-Feb-20 12:04:10

Surely you can sit on the bed and swing your legs around
If you can’t sit on the bed it must be EXTREMELY high
I never found this to be a problem myself

tanith Fri 28-Feb-20 12:10:16

My bed is high with a deep mattress which we bought deliberately because I was having my second hip-replacement and didn’t want a low bed anymore which I was finding hard to get up from. I’m 5’3 and I sit on the edge lean back slightly and swing my legs round just need to shuffle my bum a over a bit it works well for me. I’ve also stayed in several premier inns most comfy beds ever.

aggie Fri 28-Feb-20 12:34:08

My newish bed is very high too , also bought when I had my new hip , I sit on the dge , shuffle my bum back till my feet are off the ground and then swing my legs up and find I am lying on the edge ! lots of shuffling and huffing and puffing and relax !

annep1 Fri 28-Feb-20 13:12:18

I agree with JukiaM. My son laughed when he saw our new bed and deep mattress and asked if I kept a stepladder handy. I stay in Premier Inns regularly. Beds are comfy but yes, high.

Septimia Fri 28-Feb-20 13:20:07

I've not had a problem with high beds, fortunately.

I think it could be more of a problem trying to get up from a very low one, especially if you have a troublesome back, or knees etc.

Hetty58 Fri 28-Feb-20 13:29:09

I'm 5' 5" too (a bit short) and have an extra deep mattress. I had shorter legs put on the bed base at home to compensate!

Greenfinch Fri 28-Feb-20 14:29:24

I love our high bed. I can climb into it on my knees and getting up I just sit up and get out as if it were a high seat. Low beds are much more of a problem for me.

Elegran Fri 28-Feb-20 14:49:06

It could be that climbing forwards into bed is the problem. Turn your back on the bed.

Try sitting halfway down the bed with your bum well back (and the covers turned down, obviously) and swing your legs up and under the covers. If you are sharing a double or kingsize bed, you will then be sitting up in approximately the right position, and can lie down. If you are alone in a wide bed, you will have to shoogle into the middle.

Getting out is the opposite - Lie on your side, bring your knees up so that your feet hang over the edge, and sit up facing the side of the bed so that you can stand up.

Elegran Fri 28-Feb-20 14:49:58

I am 5ft 4ins and have no problems with a high bed.

JuliaM Fri 28-Feb-20 14:57:33

I think it must be me then and a combination of short legs and a dodgy knee that just refuses to do what l ask of it! If l stand at the side of the bed, the mattress surface is above hip height, so any chance of bottom wriggling, or even sitting on the edge of the bed is non existant! My DH once measured the matress height of a brand new hotel bed and it was a whopping 36inches off the floor, my own bed is only 26 inches so quite a difference. Luckily their was a disability shop nearby and thats when we went out and bought the half step, which is really handy when tackling high steps or getting into these types of bed. Most of my total height is in my long body midriff, l have always found swimsuits and corsetry too short, the bra section was often down around my waist, and no where near the bit where it should have been!

FlexibleFriend Fri 28-Feb-20 15:12:29

I'm 5'3" and have a high bed specifically because my knees can't,don't, won't bend. I just stand at the side of the bed and swing the leg nearest the bed out straight and get into bed that way. As long as the bed is level with my hips that's fine with me.

Farmor15 Fri 28-Feb-20 15:49:34

We had a very low ceiling in bedroom of old cottage. We bought a divan bed but got the legs taken off and furniture wheels put directly on base. It was handy when children were small and got into our bed, as if they fell out, it wasn’t far!

It would be too low for us now, but agree that modern beds are too high. I think it’s mostly due to very thick mattresses.

callgirl1 Fri 28-Feb-20 17:52:20

I know what you mean Julia, I`m 5`1", and find hotel beds very high. In one, I was sharing with one of my daughters, it took me ages to get into bed, she was killing herself laughing at me! I ended up doing what has been suggested, more or less anyway, I threw myself onto the bed bum first, then managed to swing my short, fat legs up onto the bed.

CanadianGran Fri 28-Feb-20 23:22:51

I don't like the high beds that have been the fashion for the last few years. We recently switched from queen to king sized bed. I went to have a look around the local furniture shop and hated the very high beds. We have a small room, so such a large bed would visually take up more space (does that make sense?) as well as be difficult to sit on.

We ended up getting a platform frame and foam mattress that does not need a box spring. It's really nice and we are both happy with it. I haven't measured how high it is, but it is exactly as high as my night table.

Callistemon Fri 28-Feb-20 23:29:12

Our new bed is much higher. I don't have difficulty getting in, i just sit and swing my legs in.

However, I did say to DH that we must remember that it's higher when we get up in the night for the loo.

Scribbles Fri 28-Feb-20 23:36:15

I love high beds and find low ones difficult to get out of. On a holiday in Malta about 15 years ago, we had a twin bed room where the beds were no more than 10cm from the floor. Both OH and I, being long legged people, found this very awkward. We spent the entire trip hoping the fire alarm didn't go off in the night - we'd have burned alive or died of smoke inhalation before we managed to scramble to our feet.

callgirl1 Fri 28-Feb-20 23:40:53

I couldn`t cope with one as low as that Scribbles, I`d be stuck there for the duration! No, just a normal height bed is all I ask for.

M0nica Sat 29-Feb-20 09:20:54

I was 5ft 4 and am now 5ft 2 and our bed is really high as we have a divan bed, specially made that sits in an Edwardian bed frame, but the mattress turned out thicker than we expected.

I have never even thought about how I get in and out of bed until this thread, I went upstairs to check and found that like others, I sit on the bed then swing my legs up.

Sparklefairydust Sat 29-Feb-20 09:34:05

Julia, I sympathise we must be the same shape! Also problem with swimsuits being too short even though I'm 5' 4" I also have a 27" inside leg!

inishowen Sat 29-Feb-20 09:44:25

We stayed a fancy hotel in Ireland. The bed was so high I had to put pillows on the floor to reach the bed. Not an issue for my husband but difficult for me at 5'3".

dragonfly46 Sat 29-Feb-20 09:47:42

We also have high toilets. Comfort height they are called and are certainly easier to get up from.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 29-Feb-20 09:48:12

We have a high bed and a deep mattress, I’m 5’8 never ever had problem, don’t like low beds at all

grandtanteJE65 Sat 29-Feb-20 09:55:47

Try using a solid footstool that stands securely at the side of your bed.

grandMattie Sat 29-Feb-20 10:01:59

My problem is low beds as I am 5'10" and everything is made for the "average" person. It is so nice to have my head supposrted on a big armchair/sofa, not have to squat to get in and out of low furniture!

Callistemon Sat 29-Feb-20 10:04:04

I would probably trip over the footstool, grandtante!

Jaycee5 Sat 29-Feb-20 10:08:13

I bought a drawer divan which is too high and has a memory foam mattress which I am not keen on. It isn't that I can't get on it but I feel that I am climbing into it. I had a drawer divan before which wasn't as high.
It isn't really old enough to justify replacing it but if I came into money I would replace that and my dryer which is also too big (I bought it before the washer and didn't realise that it was the wrong size).

Alexa Sat 29-Feb-20 10:30:05

It could be a problem for me as osteoporosis has made me short. If it became a real problem I would saw the legs off.

HannahLoisLuke Sat 29-Feb-20 10:32:14

The Imea Malm bed is really low, 19" from top if mattress to the floor.
I'm 5'9" so it took some getting used to at first. I was setting up home after marriage breakdown and needed the cheapest bed I could find. That was the sturdiest, cheapest one. I've since changed the mattress for a better one and I'm perfectly happy with it. Had to buy a vacuum that would clean underneath it without having to take off the mattress and slats as the base is only 5" above the floor.

HannahLoisLuke Sat 29-Feb-20 10:32:43

IKEA not Imea.

rowanflower0 Sat 29-Feb-20 10:34:06

Low beds are a problem for me, since my stroke, they even sell 'risers' in disability shops for that purpose!

Barmeyoldbat Sat 29-Feb-20 10:35:29

I am 5ft 5in and have no problem with beds, also have a dodgy knees and back. In fact I love the Premier Inn beds I find them very comfortable. You need to find a different way of getting into bed

Bijou Sat 29-Feb-20 10:35:32

I have a half step then sit on the edge of the bed with bed clothes turned back then swing my legs over on to the bed and the shuffle into the middle of my double bed. Have to have high bed and chairs.

icanhandthemback Sat 29-Feb-20 11:23:26

My Mum complains about this all the time. She was 5' 1" and seems to get shorter all the time. She is now quite weak in her legs so sliding off the bed regularly causes falls and it is quite worrying. She went for the lowest adjustable bed she could find and she still struggles.

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:40:56

Me too grandMattie. I'm 6'1" and love my high back sofa and chair.

Have a low bed and cope like it. Until I had a hip replacement and hospital said it was too low. I moved into the spare room (higher) with DH of course for four weeks.

Purplepoppies Sat 29-Feb-20 12:23:18

My mum is having the same problem. We bought her this .

Joesoap Sat 29-Feb-20 15:52:19

I am 5´ 2" have a dodgy hip, have a high bed, but manage quite well I push the mattress down a bit, to sit on the bed, then I lie on my side then roll over,it takes time but it works, alas no more jumping into bed.

harrigran Sat 29-Feb-20 16:45:24

Most of the beds that we have looked at have storage compartments underneath and that makes them a little higher.
Since being really poorly I have adjusted the way I get into bed, sit on the edge and then lift legs up and lie back, least pull on the tummy muscles.

CarrieAnn Sat 29-Feb-20 19:05:35

I to struggle with the height of hotel beds,I can't physically reach the darn things as the bed is about 6 inches higher than my bum, I'm only 5'1.We don't go away now as I need to get up several times in the night and have to wake my other half to get me back in.

glammagran Sat 29-Feb-20 21:53:39

We bought an expensive dark wood sleigh bed from Laura Ashley with matching furniture a few years ago. It wasn’t until it was in situ that we realised it is actually quite a low bed compared with our previous bed now in the spare room. I much prefer a bed with some height.

chrissie13 Sat 29-Feb-20 22:07:56

I'm only 4'11" but I've never found high beds a problem.

Bathsheba Sat 29-Feb-20 22:34:00

My DH once measured the matress height of a brand new hotel bed and it was a whopping 36inches off the floor

Please tell me you’re joking - this really is too silly for words! I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels and I have never come across these high beds you speak of. They have always been in what I would call a normal height range - and I’m fairly short at 5’4”. Maybe I’ve just been lucky? hmm

glammanana Sat 29-Feb-20 22:53:07

Does anyone know where a fitted sheet with valance can be bought for a extra deep mattress and high bed ?
I have extra deep fitted sheets from Dunelm and JL but can't find sheets with attached valance trim,I know I could just buy the divan trim but the mattress is too heavy for me to lift every week to change a trim.

JuliaM Sat 29-Feb-20 23:24:19

No Bathsheba, I’m not joking, hence we had to go and buy the step to enable me to get into bed. The Hotel belonged to the Marstons chain, the bed was actually two singles zipped together to form a Double, so very little space down the side to allow for any real swinging into bed. We even asked at reception if they had any suggestions or provided steps to help guests into bed, but they didn’t. There wasn’t even the option to sleep on the lower level bed settee like there is in Premier inn rooms. I have never booked into a Disabled room, although l do have a Blue Badge and use a mobility scooter due to severe Arthritis in my knees and a back injury from my nursing days, l don’t need a raised toilet, but likewise l cannot climb up into a high sided bath, and request a room with a walk in shower where possible, so maybe a Disabled room may be the way to go if ever l decide to visit a hotel in the future, l just hope they don’t have plastic mattress covers on those beds though, my Husbands number one Pet hate!

Callistemon Sat 29-Feb-20 23:39:16

Julia we spent one night in a airport hotel belonging to a well-known chain and there was about 4 inches between the side of the bed and the wall! Of course, it had to be my side.

I had to shufty off in the middle of the night when I needed the loo then wriggle backwards back on again.

Callistemon Sat 29-Feb-20 23:40:56

glammanan I don't change the divan trim every week, I didn't realise that anyone would.

annep1 Sun 01-Mar-20 00:39:20

I didn't change my valance every week either. I changed it when it looked like it needed washed. Modern beds have nice bases- no need for a valance thankfully.

Phloembundle Sun 01-Mar-20 07:23:39

Myers do lower bed bases if you have divan. Don't know about other frames in general.

grannypiper Sun 01-Mar-20 07:43:54

I am 5'2'' with a dodgy knee,hip and back and i have never had a problem with high beds. Our bed is high as DH is very tall and has a bad hip and pelvis. If a bed is too low i cant get out of it without rolling out onto ny knees.

Rufus2 Sun 01-Mar-20 08:30:32

Evening All; Recently bought a hospital bed for home use.! Marvellous! King Size single, extra length, width and hand- held remote controller to raise/lower in horizontal position, raise head or feet independently. All part of my Govt. Senior's "package"! wink
What I need next to complete the "hospital" theme is a strap/handle to hang over the bed, but I'll need a structural engineer's inspection first to ensure I don't pull the ceiling down! shock

Alexa Sun 01-Mar-20 18:51:29

If the bed is too high saw the legs shorter. If you need it raised at the top to help calm your reflux use breeze blocks.

JuliaM Mon 02-Mar-20 10:51:22

Alexa, l would love to see the hotel managers face when they walking into the room after the guest had left to find the offending bed legs standing alone and sawdust all over the floor!

It is possible to get ‘Monkey pole’ bars fitted to the bedstead of most disability type beds and can often be supplied via the NHS occupational therapists, just ask your GP for a referral form. The more complex ceiling track hoists do need a structural engineers report and professional fitting, plus regular electrical safety tests. The Monkey poles are simple bolt on or freestanding devices which can be fitted quite quickly, or removed when no longer required, and consist of a length of chain and a sturdy grip handle, or sometimes two handles, to aid the patient to pull themselves up the bed.

Alexa Mon 02-Mar-20 11:36:57

Good advice, Julia. And I must in future give more consideration to the hotel manager's feelings after I vacate the room.

H1954 Wed 04-Mar-20 08:54:48

I'm not quite 5 feet tall and have an even shorter inside leg measurement than the OP? I've stayed in Premier Inn hotels countless times and NEVER had a problem. I find that higher beds are easier actually, just sit on the edge and swing my legs onto the mattress and getting out of bed is a breeze!