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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 02-Mar-20 06:09:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its wet here in Brackley this morning.
Mind you the days are starting to open up with more daylight.
Today, a general stay in clean up , and maybe some banking.

Scentia Mon 02-Mar-20 06:30:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It is getting light already and looks dry and cold out there.
Normal work day for me today, I may go swimming this evening if I feel like it! I do like swimming but it is tempting in this weather to just come home and put my pyjamas on!!
I do hope we all have the best day possible today.

Beechnut Mon 02-Mar-20 06:48:14

Good Morning Mick and Scentia and all who follow from a damp and fairly light Severnside.

A few errands to run today.

Hope you all have a pleasant day 🌺

BlueSapphire Mon 02-Mar-20 06:57:40

Good morning everyone from yet another wet day in Northampton. Still shaken by yesterday's news about Mommawolf. Dread to think about how their poor family must be feeling.

Yoga this morning, then nothing else planned for the rest of the day. Probably some tidying up and pottering.

Rugby did not have the desired result on Saturday, another loss. I have never been so cold there before- ended up having to go and buy a blanket from the club shop! DD and her husband installed my new tv set-top box for me afterwards, and all is working ok. Then we enjoyed a delicious Chinese takeaway.

Went to see the new "Emma" film yesterday - it was excellent. Then a nice meal out to celebrate DS's birthday - how did he get to be 41?

Hoping we have the best day we can.

Grammaretto Mon 02-Mar-20 06:57:52

Good morning Mick and all from the Scottish Borders. It's clear and still and not too cold.
Plenty to keep me busy today but where to start? U3A this afternoon and a committee meeting this evening.
Have a good day everyone whatever you have planned.

kittylester Mon 02-Mar-20 06:59:04

Morning all from a very cold North Leicestershire.

Pootling and faffing here this morning. This afternoon I have a meeting (in the pub!) about starting a village group for older people especially those living with dementia.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Ginny42 Mon 02-Mar-20 06:59:09

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's a clear blue sky and frosty this morning in north Cheshire. It is lovely to waken up to daylight. I shall walk in the woods with my neighbours, then I'm going into Liverpool to meet an old colleague for lunch.

I have a camellia which needs potting up so I will call at a garden centre on the way home. It's coming into bloom in my kitchen.

Warm wishes to all. Special thoughts to all on the sick list. flowers

Sark Mon 02-Mar-20 07:02:19

Good Morning everyone
Just grey in Oxfordshire which is pretty much how I feel today!
Can't help thinking about dear Mommawolf
Anyway my maudlin won't help anyone so will slap on a bit of lippy and head off to work soon.
Sending best wishes to all

Kalu Mon 02-Mar-20 07:09:16

Good morning from a Mick, Scentia and Beechnut and all. A dry but breezy day here in Perthshire.

Just waiting for my neighbour to arrive for coffee then we will be off for a long dog walk. Good for blowing away the cobwebs and blethering along the way.

Best wishes to all with illness and struggles and hoping all have a pleasant day.

ninathenana Mon 02-Mar-20 07:13:15

Good morning from damp Kent.

I've been awake of and on since 4am with a tickley cough. Gave up at 6.15m which is far too early for me.
No plans for today.
Hope whatever your doing today goes well and those that are poorly feel better.

brook2704 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:23:52

Good Morning everyone from a bright and cold Inverness
Back home now after a really lovely weekend away
I’ll be off to the gym later - nothing too strenuous and then a bit of shopping.
Still thinking of mommawolf and her family 💐
Hope everyone has the best day they can especially those with worries and struggles

Curlywhirly Mon 02-Mar-20 07:26:27

Good morning all. Had little DGS over to sleep, he only woke once, so not too bad. Off to my regular Mums n Tots with him later. Couldn't stop thinking about Mommawolf yesterday, what a shock, such a tragedy for her poor family. Hope everyone has a good day, take care.

NanKate Mon 02-Mar-20 07:26:37

Good Morning Mick and All.

A grey cold day here in South Bucks.

Having lost Oldgaijin and Mommawolf in February let us remember them both with happy memories and move onto Spring and happier times. 💐💐

Hope your hospital appointment goes positively Mary.

I like your idea of your proposed village club Kitty.

Off to have my grotty old feet sorted out.

cornergran Mon 02-Mar-20 07:26:39

Morning Mick, morning All from a clear, cold corner of Somerset. Food shop and with luck a walk today. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 02-Mar-20 07:34:47

Morning All

A rather damp start to the day here in the north of Norfolk, but the sky is clear now.

A friend is coming for coffee and cake and a catch up this morning. Time has slipped by so fast and we've a lot of catching up to do.

And then - I have a much dreaded appointment with the dentist this afternoon. I lost part of a filling last May and my NHS dentist cancelled on me three times for a crown to be fitted. So, I've made an appointment with a private dentist with a good reputation. It'll cost a little more (but not as much as expected) but hopefully it'll be done and sorted.

Strengthening vibes as always to the Gillybobs, Mary, Dragonfly and Momma's family if Hannah calls by, and everyone else who's having a hard time.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:34:50

Goodmorning Mick and all x

Grey sky here in S E Essex.

Off to the gym this morning, then I shall spend the afternoon putting the house back to normal after 6 days off GC duty.

Take care Goodmorningers x thinking of the poorly folks and those who are no longer here flowers

farview Mon 02-Mar-20 07:35:57

Good Morning everyone..snowy showers and thick frost here in Lancashire..looking forward to my bed tonight after 3nights sleeping on the settee at my sons..
Cannot stop thinking about Mommawolf hard to believe that there will be no more wonderful tales from her...
Take care and enjoy your day..because life is very precious

Susan56 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:37:27

Good morning from the Shropshire borders where it’s a bright start.
Today is my 60th birthday and our daughters have surprised me by booking us a hotel stay at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool so breakfast,packing and we’re off.
Hope you are feeling better Mary and dragonfly and all who are unwell.
Gilly,I hope your DH has had a reasonable weekend.Sending love and strength to you both.x

Brunette10 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:40:40

Good Morning from a bright but very cold Fife. DH has a tooth to be extracted today, some more treatment following on from 2 weeks ago. Shall wait and see how that all goes. Collected new car yesterday so I may take it around the block to customise myself to it, cars are so high tech these days. Thinking of those with ailments and troubles today. Take care.

Sark Mon 02-Mar-20 07:41:57

Happy Birthday Susan56
Have a great time in Liverpoolcupcakewineflowers

Brunette10 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:43:08

Happy Birthday Susan56 - have fun flowers

NannyJan53 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:49:17

Good Morning from a frosty Black Country, but with bright blues skies at the moment.

Walking for Health walk this morning, then this afternoon off to the town hall to see the film Mrs Lowry and Son.

Happy Birthday Susan56 flowers hope you have a lovely day.

Mommawolf has been constantly on my mind, still cannot believe it.

Wishing you all a good day, with special thoughts to Marydoll Dragonfly and gilly,

Urmstongran Mon 02-Mar-20 07:49:41

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s sunny!

I’ve got an appointment with the dental hygienist late morning. He’s new to the practice and gentle. Makes all the difference as I’m a devout coward.

Picking my stepfather up after that as I don’t want him to be on his own today. My mum died 2y ago today and we are going out to lunch at one of her favourite restaurants where we will raise a glass to her.

Himself will be taking our grandson to his football coaching at 6pm. It’s indoors at least.

I’m another thinking of Hannah and her family. Her news yesterday was such a shock it stayed with me all yesterday. Mommawolf joined GN only at Christmas time. I remember it as her first post coincided with one of our daughter’s birthday. We didn’t get to ‘know’ her for long did we but she made us all happier reading her lovely posts.

Hope Monday is kind to us all - especially the gillybobs dragonfly and Marydoll - whether we have any plans or none. x

Nannytopsy Mon 02-Mar-20 07:50:53

Good morning Mick and all his followers from a light grey Suffolk. It has been raining but is dry now. The forecast for the next few days is a bit better - fingers crossed that does dry up.
There are lots of jobs to do this week and I am not sure where to start! Getting up is probably the best thing to do first!
Hope the day is kind to you all.

Lins1066 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:52:21

Good Morning Mick and all.
The sun is out here on the S Welsh coast, will make the most of it and go for a walk this morning.
Happy Birthday Susan, have a lovely time 🎉
Hope we all have a better day today.

Urmstongran Mon 02-Mar-20 07:53:55

By the time it took to compose my post, Susan56 and Brunette10 had posted.

Many happy returns Susan! 🍾🥂🎉 and happy new car Brunette!

Bellasnana Mon 02-Mar-20 07:53:55

Good morning from Malta where it is looking like another sunny day.

Happy birthday Susan56, hope you enjoy it. 🥳

I’ve got a dilemma and can’t decide what I should do. DD1 has asked me to go with her as she is relocating from California to Washington DC. She knows I enjoy a good road trip. The thing is, she leaves on Wednesday week so I haven’t much time to think about it. Plus my poor dog will have to go back to kennels, not to mention the coronavirus.

I have also been thinking of Mommawolf and re-reading her posts. Tragic and sobering to think there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change fate.

Anyway, hope everyone has as good a day as possible. Take care all of you.sunshine

Marydoll Mon 02-Mar-20 07:54:38

Good morning all from Glasgow and it's dry! The first time in weeks, I think. smile

I have a long hospital appointment today, to be screened before I begin (or not) my new RA treatment. They even check for suspicious moles! A full body MOT for free. wink
I was shocked to find that the treatment costs £10,000 a year per patient. How can pharmaceutical companies justify that extortionate cost, even factoring the cost of development? 😱

I'm trying to persuade DH, if it doesn't take too long and I feel OK , to go for lunch in an Italian restaurant near the hospital. The have a fabulous delicatessan and it's the only place I know which sells jars of clams for my favourite dish. I have run out. sad

Oh how I envy you active grans, who are going out walking or to the gym. (Well perhaps not the gym bit! 😣) Enjoy!

Healing thoughts being sent to all the sick bay patients. Hoping for better news of Gilly.

Have the best day you can.

Curlywhirly Mon 02-Mar-20 07:57:38

Happy Birthday Susan56 🍷🍾🎂 hope you have a great day!

Brunette10 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:58:30

Urmstongran - Thank you smile

Marydoll Mon 02-Mar-20 07:58:58

Happy birthday Susan 🎂🍾 and Brunette, 🚙 take care, no speeding!

Pittcity Mon 02-Mar-20 08:01:50

Good morning from a grey Colchester. This thread has a different vibe this morning, but we are all pulling together as usual.
I am off to walking Netball as usual for a Monday.
Happy Birthday Susan 56 thankscupcake and much love to all. xx

oliversnana Mon 02-Mar-20 08:02:54

Good morning all from a sunny yet chilly melton mowbray.
Well gs2 taken to nursery as dd has gone to hospital for a c section so the arrival of dgs3. So a busy time coming up.
Best wishes and kind thiughts for all tjose going through bad times.

Urmstongran Mon 02-Mar-20 08:05:58

Hope all goes well today oliversnana ... are you a newbie? If so ‘hello* and welcome!

Marydoll Mon 02-Mar-20 08:10:25

oliversnana, fingers crossed, hope all goes well.

Nannytopsy Mon 02-Mar-20 08:14:17

Good luck for the new baby oliversnana

Greyduster Mon 02-Mar-20 08:20:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Cold but bright in South Yorkshire. DH has to go to the walk in X-ray centre at the hospital this morning, and I think he has been persuaded not to go on the bus, even though it is much less trouble than trying to find a parking space. School run this afternoon. Happy Birthday, Susan🎂! Thinking of Hannah and Momma’s family this morning. Have the best day you can folks.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Mar-20 08:21:15

Morning everyone cold grey and damp start here in Suffolk
Congrats on the new baby oliversnana
Happy birthday susan
Off to have a pub lunch with a couple of friends otherwise more clearing up (trying to tidy all my spare clutter rooms) I feel I need to get rid of so much before I disappear from the world I don’t want to leave it all to my poor daughter to do ....on that happy note I ll have a coffee
Have a good one everyone

harrigran Mon 02-Mar-20 08:23:03

Good morning from a sunny but cold NE.
My sister and I are going to visit our cousin in a nursing home, she is at the very end of her life and her youngest DD is with her 24 hours a day.
My thoughts have been about Mommawolf's DD and how gillybob is managing.
Best wishes to all.

Mythbirtthedragon Mon 02-Mar-20 08:27:31

Good morning from east London, dull and grey although the mornings seem to be pulling out very quickly. I had thought about a swim this morning as I’m not playing tennis later, but the will is not there. Perhaps tomorrow. I’m back into town at lunchtime to meet a couple of people I haven’t seen for some time/years; quite exciting and a change from swopping comments on social media. Hope you have a reasonable day.

Nortsat46 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:33:41

Morning Mick and the GM team, from a grey East London.
I have been thinking of Mommawolf and her family and the magnitude of their loss.
And of Oldgaijin too. 💐

Consultant appointment at Barts Hospital for me this morning.
Then possibly our dear stray cat to the vet ...

Have the best day you can, all. Good wishes to all in the GM sick bay.

ItzyBitzy Mon 02-Mar-20 08:37:21

I can’t stop thinking about Mommawolf either. I can’t believe that it’s not even been in the news, surely they deserve more.

moggie Mon 02-Mar-20 08:42:25

Good morning Mick & all from frosty, bright start in Nottingham.
Ironing this morning. Optician appointment this afternoon.
Happy Birthday Susan56
Best wishes for new arrival oliversnana.
Hope all not well or struggling have a better day.
Have a good day everyone.

GrannySomerset Mon 02-Mar-20 08:43:58

Enjoying tea and pills before getting DH ready for the day ahead, which is dominated by an appointment with a consultant to discuss getting a cataract sorted. It’s in his good eye (of course!) and he really needs to see better than he does at present. He is prone to falls and not seeing properly is not helping.

Then domestic and admin tasks and choir practice this evening to start preparations for Easter.

Sending good wishes to all those with a challenging or unhappy day ahead, especially Marydoll and Gillybob who have particular difficulties to contend with.

Anniebach Mon 02-Mar-20 08:53:30

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

BladeAnnie Mon 02-Mar-20 09:00:19

Good morning everyone - I too have had Mommawolf on my mind and it just brings home how very precious life is. I was due to meet a friend for coffee today but she is unwell so I will have a quiet day as I have hospital appointments on the next 3 days. Hoping Marydoll's appointment goes well. May Monday be kind to us all x

gillybob Mon 02-Mar-20 09:05:18

Good morning from the NE coast where we had a bit of a frosty start to Monday ( my first worst day of the week) .

Like others I have never stopped thinking of Mommawolf and her family . Her posts were a breath of fresh air and she will be sadly missed.
It just doesn’t seem right posting about my mundane life .

DH has had a comfortable weekend . Spent mostly asleep . New painkillers obviously working but making him very sleepy . Hospital appointment arrived for tomorrow ( Tuesday ) and we have to be there for 08.30 am . We will hit the worst traffic in the city centre and will probably have to be up at 5am to make it on time .

Happy Birthday Susan . I hope you have a lovely day . It’s my eldest DGD’s birthday today too. smile

Hoping for some lovely new baby news to cheer us up tomorrow then Oliversnana . Hope all goes well .

Have a good day everyone .

Love Gillybob x

Willynilly Mon 02-Mar-20 09:05:56

Good morning Mick et al from a frosty East Mids.
Just the usual here today. A few domestic jobs, dog walking and pottering.

Hope all goes well Marydoll, and best wishes to Oliversnana and Susan.

Have a lovely day folks x

Mapleleaf Mon 02-Mar-20 09:07:52

Good morning all,

It's bright and frosty here today and also so far, it's calm!

Today must be the day for dentists as I've got an appointment for a filling later - the first of two. (They are on either side of my jaw so can't be done together). Not had a filling since aged about 11 and that wasn't a pleasant experience as the dentist then was none too gentle. I hope it's a better experience this time round.

Happy birthday Susan. Enjoy your celebrations! 🎉🎉🥂

Yes, it was such sad news yesterday about mommawolf and her DH - so tragic. A very difficult time ahead for the family, and they are in my thoughts as they are with so many GNs.

Take care, everyone.

Mapleleaf Mon 02-Mar-20 09:09:03

P,S. What lovely news Oliversgran. Congratulations.💐

vena11 Mon 02-Mar-20 09:26:19

Good morning from Bristol cold and dry with a blue sky.
We have had a leaking roof over the weekend and the shed roof is also leaking, but never mind worse things have happened. it can get sorted.
Happy birthday Susan,
I hope all goes well Oliversgran so exciting.
I hope every one has a good day.

conor Mon 02-Mar-20 09:28:08

Good morning from a grey Essex sky. Busy day yesterday at my DSs house as new baby granddaughter had lots of visitors! I did have to go down the pecking order for cuddles but happy just looking at her. I managed to only buy 1 outfit for her yesterday but will stop now!!! Housework and a local shop today. Wishing everyone the best day they can and hoping for thatsunshinexxxx

gillybob Mon 02-Mar-20 09:35:26

Who can resist buying baby outfits conor? There are so many gorgeous little things to get these days . I’m sure you’ll get lots and lots of cuddles in the coming weeks .
Belated Congratulations as I think I must’ve missed her arrival smile

Pantglas2 Mon 02-Mar-20 09:35:34

Morning all from a sunny north Wales where I’m still a bit discombobulated after yesterday’s news about Mommawolf - just couldn’t get my head around the fact that she was posting on Saturday evening and now we’ve lost her. Life is so unfair at times.

A belated happy St David’s Day to all and happy birthday Susan56 that sounds like a marvellous treat! And a baby soon to arrive oliversnana how lovely - we need cheering news this week!

I’m just pottering this morning and meeting my oldest friend for tea and cake this afternoon- we walked a mile to primary school together at the age of four - those were the days eh!

Hope all with worries have a good day flowers

Baggs Mon 02-Mar-20 09:41:01

Morning, folks! Still raining in Argyll. We are used to a lot of rain but we are ready for it to stop for a while. Had I been able to get on with some serious gardening jobs, I'd have been going demented by now so I guess even a broken shoulder can have a positive side 😏. Hey ho.

I am managing to do small amounts of scrappy/arty patchwork, a few minutes at a time on the machine. MrB has been working from home a lot and he actually enjoys chopping onions and other veg. This has been a great help. Yesterday he did the chopping for my signature carrot & tahini soup and the bread machine made some nice bread. Looking forward to lunch already!

Happy Mondays, Good Morningers!

Harris27 Mon 02-Mar-20 09:46:27

Good morning happy birthday susan56 I had a lovely time turning 60 in January. Still thinking of mamawolf so shocked. Have the best day you can all. Off to work soon had lovely weekend saw the cinder path at the customs house yesterday was very good can recommend.

whywhywhy Mon 02-Mar-20 09:59:17

Good morning from a sunny Market Harborough.

I still cannot get over the sad new yesterday of Mommawolf. It was good of Hannah to let us know. I'm quite new to posting on here but her stories were lovely. I used to want to just sit in her warm kitchen and listen to her all day. So very sad.

Sending love and hugs to Gillybob and all who are suffering. Special hugs for Hannah.

Kalu Mon 02-Mar-20 10:45:31

Just back from our invigorating dog walk and ready for some hot chocolate.

Popped back in to wish you a very Happy Birthday Susan56🎂.

EllanVannin Mon 02-Mar-20 11:09:46

Good Morning All x.
A lovely morning too. Chilly and a bit of scraping going on first thing I noticed, but sunny and bright. So much so, I changed my bed, got the washing on, started cleaning the windows as the lightness shows up marks etc, then did what I always do---flitted from one job to another without getting one job finished completely, so here I am sitting writing this !

Then on taking my morning pills realised that I only had two days of warfarin, so how that happened I don't know. I've just set-to and ordered said pills so hopefully they'll be delivered on Wednesday. I'm usually on the ball with those if nothing else.

Birthday wishes to Susan56 x, enjoy your time in Liverpool---perhaps DH can visit the massive warship which is in dock this week.
Congratulations to babies born and those who are imminent, always a lovely time if not a slightly anxious one too.

Thoughts to those who have appointments/check-ups etc, Marydoll, Dragonfly and the Gillybob's forthcoming one xx

Thinking of Mommawolf's family too and all the animals who'll be missing her. What a tragedy that was sad

Enjoy these lengthier and lighter days, Spring is on its way.

Urmstongran Mon 02-Mar-20 11:32:24

Back from the hygienist. A good appointment.

I like popping back to catch up with the late morning posts. You seem a tad more upbeat today whywhywhy which is pleasing.

Gosh gillybob 5am! I didn’t know there were two 5 o’clocks in one day....

Will be taking birthday cards over to my stepfather when we go to pick him up. I buy something ‘flat’ to pop in each card - a packet of seeds, a coaster with a funny message, a couple of scratch cards - you get the drift. I only spend a fiver and I like to think the birthday recipient just gets a small sweet surprise!

ann678tifney Mon 02-Mar-20 11:37:02

Morning to everyone. At work but feeling very tired. We were out last night and my DH took bad just before we came home. After an hour and a Call to 111, an ambulance was being sent. 3 hours later it arrived and he then went to hospital. So I didn't get to bed until He is ok, just a call to say he can come home, do DD going to pick him up. Glad your DH has had a better weekend Gillybob, and I am also very said about the news about Mommawolf, its true that you never know what is round the corner!!

whywhywhy Mon 02-Mar-20 11:37:45

Thank you Urmstongran, I do feel a bit better today. I’ve just been out for a 20 minute walk and this is something I am going to try and do each day.x