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Good Morning Friday (Christmas Day )

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12Michael Fri 25-Dec-20 06:10:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its dry here in Brackley this morning.
Up early as usual ,nothing much to say only Merry Christmas, to everyone .
I only hope the forthcoming weeks things improve in the UK , as to all the restrictions we face in different parts of the country.
Take Care ,

gillgran Fri 25-Dec-20 10:03:11

Happy Christmas to you all, It's now bright & dry, we've driven south from our NW Cambs.,home & are in the city for lunch & time with DD, & family.
(all going into tier 4 (from 2), tomorrow).

Hope you all have a good as possible day.

Take Care, lovely people, tchsmile

Stilllearning Fri 25-Dec-20 10:01:32

Happy Christmas to everyone and real thanks for such kindness yesterday, I was actually surprised at how comforting it was.
I’m heading off soon to join my bubble daughter, lovely son in law and granddaughter who at 10 is still a believer which is magical. I’ll read all the posts later but wish everyone the best day possible with love and prayers for those who need them.
Thank you Ashcombe for a lovely start to the day.

Blossoming Fri 25-Dec-20 09:57:06

Happy Christmas to all

LauraNorder Fri 25-Dec-20 09:56:49

🎄Merry Christmas Mick and all you lovely gransnetters. Thank you all for your company throughout this very odd year.
Hope you all have the best Christmas Day you can.

GrannyOwl5 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:39:06

Happy Christmas to all the Good Morningers from a sunny and chilly north Kent.

DH is chief cook so a day of lolling around and examining presents for me. Lots of FaceTime and Zoom calls with excited AC and DGC planned.

Than you for your company, wonderful posts and continuing mutual support over the last few months. Hope everyone has a good day however it is spent. Stay safe

Taichinan Fri 25-Dec-20 09:38:15

Merry Christmas everyone!! Have the best day 🎄🎀🤶🦋

Nannagarra Fri 25-Dec-20 09:33:16

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from the Sefton coast (where my house is worth 7s 6d, Urms 😁). Loved NanKate’s account of the parasol and ginny’s excited grandson telling her there’d been a reindeer in his house! Have a joyous and healthy time. xxx🌲🎁🤶

Redhead56 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:23:54

Good morning from bright but cold Merseyside hope you have a happy Christmas🥂

Scentia Fri 25-Dec-20 09:22:12

My DD has just sent me a video of DGS nearly 2 having a massive tantrum when he was told the new shark vacuum wasn’t his!! I have never seen him so upset and cross, it’s all too much for him😂

annsixty Fri 25-Dec-20 09:22:09

Welcome Zasaret my D who I haven’t seen for almost a year, lives in Storrington and often goes to Chichester so I know what a lovely and expensive part of the country you live in.
Join us when you can, all are welcomed.

Nannytopsy Fri 25-Dec-20 09:17:37

Merry Christmas everyone from a soggy Suffolk. Feeling so sorry for our villagers who were flooded yesterday.
I hope that everyone finds something to enjoy today and may your God go with you.

Zaseret Fri 25-Dec-20 09:14:43

Further to Marydoll’s invitation, I would like to say hello, as happy a Christmas as you can and thank you. I have been an observer but not a contributor (originally it didn’t seem my place then ...) throughout 2020. It has been so comforting that others understand the sadness in not seeing my 4 grandchildren now aged 2-8, whom I used to see each week. We were meant to have our son and family stay for Christmas, then see my daughter and family on the 27th, but they are all in London and we cancelled last weekend. Furthermore, all my son’s family have been self isolating after close contact with someone last Thursday with COVID, but as of last evening they are still well, amazingly, so I just hope that’s the case this morning. We will be zooming later. I am very invested in all your lives and there have been many times when I have counted my many blessings.
For Urmston’s benefit, I live near Chichester harbour in the very south west of Sussex where house prices are not cheap. We are very lucky really.

annsixty Fri 25-Dec-20 09:14:04

Good morning and a Happy Christmas to you all.
A cold morning here in Stockport, I have called out a greeting to my GD and although I got a reply, she doesn’t sound very “chipper” yet.
I am drinking my tea, made in my trusty old teasmaid and wondering how long some parents will have been up already.

I got very tearful and upset last evening and my GD got a little bit cross with me and told me I must start to live in the here and now and look forward not back.

The here and now isn’t very happy though is it?

On that note I will leave you with very best wishes for the happiest day you can and the most fervent hopes for a better future for us all.

CherryCezzy Fri 25-Dec-20 09:13:41

Merry Christmas everyone. A crisp start to the proceedings in the Gower.

Whatever you are doing today, whether just as a couple, a limited gathering or alone remember there are many many others wishing you some joy and happiness this Christmas Day - your goodmorning friends.
Thank you Mick and all who post for this lovely start to every day.

In the words of Noddy Holder - It's Christmas, Have a cosy one. Cwtches ⛄🎄🎁

Alygran Fri 25-Dec-20 09:13:21

Good morning and happy Christmas from the frosty High Peak.
Have a good day everyone.

MawBe Fri 25-Dec-20 09:03:59

Good morning Mick and a happy Christmas to you all!
Will read through the thread in between Zooms and Face Times (xx to you all )

mumofmadboys Fri 25-Dec-20 08:58:54

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day even if it isn't the Christmas we had planned. Very cold frosty start in Cumbria

Anniebach Fri 25-Dec-20 08:57:41

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Grandmabatty Fri 25-Dec-20 08:57:30

Good morning and Merry Christmas to you all from a frosty Polmont. I'm having a quiet time til ds eventually stirs. Then poached eggs, avocados and chili jam on sourdough toast. Later we are going to dd for dinner. No presents opened yet. I hope you all have a peaceful and happy day. X

Beauregard Fri 25-Dec-20 08:56:07

"Something in a glass (not teeth)".

That made me chuckle Grandmafrench

Grandmafrench Fri 25-Dec-20 08:53:32

Good morning everyone from sunny South of France.

To everyone needing a hug, a laugh, a bit of hope today, I think a bit of GM craziness is going to help. I can recommend some sing-a-long music, definitely spotty slippers ❤️, something in a glass 🍾 (not teeth 😳) and the type of lovely, slightly bonkers, stuff that NanKate has planned, to bring cheer - whatever you’re doing. Here’s to hope 🥂 !

Happy Christmas everyone.....xxxxxx🎄xxxxxx

Gingster Fri 25-Dec-20 08:45:50

Happy Christmas everyone. It’s a frosty one and some of you have snow 🌧.

I’ve had messages from the families, up at different times to see if Santa has been. And yes he has! 💫💥🎅.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for us too. A walk and a late turkey lunch. We’ll open presents as the day wears on.

Very strange day, relaxing and no time schedule. So different to our usual day, but we’ll make the most of it.

I hope everyone has a peaceful, pleasant day. 🤶

dragonfly46 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:43:04

Happy Christmas everyone.
The sun is shining but it is cold in Leicestershire.

Zooming with DD and SiL when they get up!

EllanVannin Fri 25-Dec-20 08:31:37

Good Morning All and a Merry Christmas x.
Still and dark, though whether there's the promised frost, I wouldn't know as I haven't stuck my nose out yet as I let the cats out via the back kitchen window.

Don't remember a thing last night ( no drink involved ) after having watched the '40's Christmas, I took myself off to bed to watch Shirley Valentine and my eyes were meeting in the middle, so TV off and that was it until 6am. Fabulous.

No disturbance from the resident fox yapping as it has done a couple of times this week, he's quite near somewhere.

Expecting a call from Oz this morning so that'll wile away an hour. Must get this " video-call " business set up then I'll see the GC and look at what they're up to.

I can smell the turkey and it's making me feel hungry---I could just go a chew at a leg grin but will settle for my crumpets.

D will pop in later, probably with Ruby-Lou, who hugs you to death bless her, but I can't stand back from a child who doesn't fully understand.

A day of TV today then just my dinner to see to.
Have as nice a day as you all can possibly have and hoping everyone's well. Thoughts to one and all during these strange times and a Happy Christmas to Gilly who I hope is alright xx
Stay safe and warm.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 25-Dec-20 08:29:51

Merry Christmas Mick and everyone

Have a good restful day

Sun is shining and Santa has been..........

Hugs to those in need of one