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God Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 24-Mar-21 06:16:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but its a grey start here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterdays adventure to the Hospital , went better than I originally thought , arriving at the cardiac side , had a ECG , and then saw the Doctor involved my wearing of the ECG for 5 days produced something ,and wills see an increase in medication of one I take in mgs.
I then went into the general outpatients area, despite changes to procedure , was seen earlier as I got there earlier , and was out of the building before the 2nd appointments time, both will see a return in 12 to 18 months time as to each.
Got back and saw tale end of the cycle race in Spain which is on TV , today will watch the race unfold later .
Take Care,

hulahoop Wed 24-Mar-21 09:16:33

It's our youngest gc birthday today he is at nursery so we will speak to him later .We are isolating now until a fortnight Friday .
Thinking of Louis this morning .
Don't know what day will bring but cleaning I suppose.It's a lovely day here so may spend some time out in garden .Take care everyone.

Nannagarra Wed 24-Mar-21 09:14:22

Good morning from the Sefton coast where it is light, bright and sunshiny.
All this talk of gardening is stirring me on to leave the kitchen and my attempts at bread making. Baking has been my deliberate distraction, my new ‘skill’ wink and my way of lessening anxiety during the last year. I need something else, something which involves me being outdoors.
Another Peppa household here! DGD, until the age of three, often quoted from this porcine Wikipedia! (Sometimes the info was attributed to us which left us powerless to defend!)
Good news, Mick, especially as your next appointments are not for some time. Hope that Oops DD feels better soon and that your eye problem is remedied Dwm.
You deserve a Jewel in the School badge too, Marydoll, for the excellent Zoom lessons with Dollie. Two proud girls.
Sending Pinchy positivity and plenty of pretty pink flamingoes to you all.

EllanVannin Wed 24-Mar-21 09:07:18

Good Morning All x.
Oh, it's nice and bright for a change and makes a heck of a difference to the well-being.
I was a " missing person " yesterday because as soon as D had dropped off the children, she came here, so that was that. We both had crumpets. Then bacon sarnies for lunch.

Lovely to see her obviously but I then remained in my dressing gown until she left when it was time to pick them up again. Never mind.

I was kept up to date with the " goings-on". The twin girl had been involved in a fracas at school ( she's 15 in June ) so the teacher had rang my D. It seemed that she'd ( my GGD) been bullied and got to the end of her tether so gave the bully a good pasting injuring the other girl's hand and the girl had to go to hospital. Parents were shown the video.

As it happened, everything had been recorded on camera and it appeared that the other girl had continually been punching GGD in the back for no reason all the time so Lilly well and truly "lost it ". Anyway, a new class and the problem was solved.
In fact, the teachers are keen to send her to JMU in Liverpool to study art for the future ,so encouragement for that is in place.

Flippin' kids ! Mind you I can't tolerate bullies.
Ruby-Lou enjoyed her weekend with the family and kept saying she wanted to come home, so a new social worker----who couldn't understand why she was in Durham----said that once she turns 13 she can " have a voice " and refuse to be there. The whole situation is so archaic like it was in the 50's/ 60's when babies/ children were taken if the mother was deemed unsuitable----it's criminal ! Too much power.

So, you can imagine that I had no time to do anything yesterday, though at the same time it didn't stop me from thinking of everyone here.
Louis is in my thoughts today and I'm sure he'll be fine and in good hands. Best wishes all round xx.

Pinchy is also doing so well that she'll soon be gambolling along with the others.

Mick I'm sure you'll notice the difference in that increase in medication as it'll regulate the heart so that you don't have those " odd " turns. It's possible that you'll feel more slowed-down but that's the idea, to stop it from working overtime. You'll get used to it and by summer you should be back to your usual self.

I'll have to get my head together and study the posts in case I've missed anything but after this novella I wish everyone well and stay safe.xx flowers to those who don't feel so spicy.

Gelisajams Wed 24-Mar-21 08:54:09

Good morning from a pleasant looking Morecambe Bay. Not much planned for today more walking I suppose!
Take care stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩

Oldbutstilluseful Wed 24-Mar-21 08:51:36

Stilllearning it was an essential journey. What a good friend you are . 💐💐 for you and your friends. Life can be very cruel xx

Stilllearning Wed 24-Mar-21 08:45:21

Good morning from S Lanarkshire and very sincere thanks to everyone who acknowledged my friend’s sudden tragic loss,
I will pass all of that on when I speak to her later.
I broke strict travel guidelines yesterday to take her some easily prepared food from our very good local butcher, and spoke very briefly to her, just on her doorstep.
Today the reality of what happened is sinking in and I feel an immense sadness for her and her DH who doesn’t quite understand what has happened.
I can think of little else just now, so will just thank everyone again and send love and good wishes to everyone especially to so many of us who have their own worries and sorrows, which I am well aware of. x

Bellasnana Wed 24-Mar-21 08:43:46

What a lovely photo of Pinchy. She looks splendid in pink and her legs definitely look straighter than on earlier photos. She’s so sweet, I do hope she will continue to do well.❤️

Oldbutstilluseful Wed 24-Mar-21 08:39:06

Good morning from North Hampshire where the sun has disappeared, hopefully to return.
Grandmabatty I’m sure Mr Fish would have enjoyed a walk with you and the little one!
Reading about Peppa Pig, a favourite of my grandchildren, took me back many years to my little ones when there was virtually no children’s programmes, in fact only 3 channels! My all time favourite was Brian Cant in Playschool. I didn’t even mind watching both morning and afternoon when it was repeated. Those were the days.

Thinking of Louis today, and all others who are living through difficult health problems.

As for oneupmanship, I used to have gold plated bathroom accessories when it was fashionable in the 80s. What was I thinking!

Take care all 🐣🐥

Kalu Wed 24-Mar-21 08:35:17

Good morning all from a cloudy, windy day in Glasgow. And now it is raining! Well that has put paid to any plans I had to enjoy being outside. The few days of sunshine we had energised me to get going but days like this, the only thing that gets going, is my mojo.

Another morning espresso will give me the kick start I need and a day of some housework and crafting will keep me occupied. I enjoy crafting, not so much, housework. 😁

Wishing a pleasant day to all and a better day for those I know are struggling through the day.

ginny Wed 24-Mar-21 08:34:21

Good Morning from a dull but dry N. Bucks.
Some ironing and a walk planned. I am managing around 7000 steps a day now.

Hope you all find a 😁today.

Alygran Wed 24-Mar-21 08:29:07

Good morning from North Yorkshire. A clear sunny day here so far. It was cold yesterday in a biting wind.
More Zoom this morning, talking budgets with a fundraising consultant for my charity. Nothing else on, not even my usual chat and read with DGS as it’s his auntie day.
Pleased the hospital appointments went well Mick
Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe.

Jaxjacky Wed 24-Mar-21 08:26:16

Good morning all from an overcast S Hants, a reassuring hospital trip Mick. Annoying workmen leaving a mess Bella hope they’re doing a good job. Beech and *Urmst an odd wobbly day seems to be par for the course we’re all on, hopefully your day vanquishes this wobble. On the plus side the DH’s of Gaga and Dwmx have found a drop of vim and vigour. Well I had a good MOT yesterday, BP, weight etc are all fine, 🤞blood results will be too. Invigorated I did some more digging at the allotment and got the new potatoes in. My dentist rang to move my appointment from 7th April to 21st, good because I hate it, bad because I need a lot of work done. No massive plans today, some deep bathroom cleaning and I might colour my hair. Hopefully Cherry and Marydoll are improving. And sheep thanks for farm updates, another world!
Have a gentle day all 🦩🦩

Marydoll Wed 24-Mar-21 08:20:46

Good morning all from Glasgow, where it's 6°C and cloudy skies. That's reassuring news Mick from the hospital and the fact you don't need to go back for ages must mean that they are happy with your progress. The fact that you avoided the dreaded treadmill, is an added bonus!

Good news all round then from hospital visits. Dollie also had a hospital appointment yesterday, as she has had to shield due to her chronic asthma. Despite having had no chest infections nor severe attacks in the last year and much improved, the consultant decided that she must keep coming to the hospital clinic. I'm relieved that they are still monitoring her, as I spent many a morning battling with the doctor's receptionist and pleading for help, before she was finally diagnosed.
The consultant thinks lockdown may have had something to do with this, as they have seen a drop in children having severe asthma attacks this year.
It is the first time in over forty years, I too haven't had a serious chest infection over the winter, which required steroids, I may have to avoid people staying shielding forever! 😁

It was also her virtual parents' evening, where she got a glowing report. Much to our relief, ( I'm always a teacher), in spite of being home schooled for months, she is right on track. Gran even got a special mention for all her input via Zoom. ☺
There was a comment made by her teacher, that she and her friend like to debate , have robust discussions and both have to always be right. Teacherspeak for the fact she and her bosom buddy are prone to arguing with each other. Her parents haven't twigged what that means yet. 😂

I won't be doing much today, I'm still under the weather. It's frustrating, as I have so much to do in the garden. However, at last I have found someone to rip out and replace our old decking at an eye-watering cost. People keep letting me down and not turning up. I thought MrMD was going to have a fit when he heard the quote. He still thinks a pint of milk costs 1/- . I hope he can remember the account details for his secret cash stash in the Cayman Islands. 😂

We won't be going far from home this year, I'm not able to and no-one will insure me anyway, so we need somewhere non slippy and pleasant to sit on in our own garden. The old decking has become dangerous and needs painted every year. It's getting too much for DH, although he won't admit it. There is currently a thread on GN about oneupmanship and in the spirit of that thread, I was going to boast that the handrails will be gold plated! 😉

Dragonfly, my DIL once bought me a back massage, but I couldn't have it because of the fractures in my spine, so changed it to a Reiki session. I went in a sceptic and came out a convert. It was wonderful. Enjoy!!!

Sending best wishes and hugs to all who are having a difficult time just now, there are so many. 💐

Gingster Wed 24-Mar-21 08:02:02

Good morning from a bright again Essex. Still a nip in the air but beautiful sunshine 🌞

Zoom Bridge went smoothly yesterday so I think I’ve cracked it. My I pad keeps dying so have ordered a new one which is coming today. Hopefully DIL can transfer everything over from the old one. 🤞.
DD popping in for littleGD’s sponsor money. It’s in aid of the hearing impaired unit at her school. I used to work in the unit , signing for a little Czech girl who had recently come to this country and was profoundly deaf. She didn’t understand English, so sign language although slightly different from ours, was very useful!
Hopefully everyone has a bit of sun today. 🌞

Grandmabatty Wed 24-Mar-21 08:00:35

Good morning all. 6° and blue skies in Polmont, although I see clouds massing in the distance. Yesterday was a fun day with dgs. We did go to a local park sadly minus the fish man! 😜 . Today I will visit mum and then a WhatsApp chat with friends in the afternoon.
I'm glad your hospital appointments went well Mick. Good to get them sorted. Sheepandcattle I feel for you having to change how you work. Pinchy is going from strength to strength. Brooke you can keep the rain up in Inverness! I hope everyone has a good day.

BlueSapphire Wed 24-Mar-21 07:58:08

Good morning everyone from a grey and damp Northampton. Forecast to be dry this afternoon, so I hope to get out on the garden again.

I spent yesterday afternoon in the lovely sunshine digging over the weeded borders, and then started to go round the grass edges with the shears; it's starting to look lot tidier. I have a few aching muscles this morning! I still have a bit of digging left to do, and then hope to finish off the grass edges. I take a little radio out with me so I have a bit of company.

Glad that your hospital visit went well Mick. I too am on beta blockers for my blood pressure. Which has reminded me that I forgot to take my weekly tablet this morning, so will have it tomorrow instead.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Pittcity Wed 24-Mar-21 07:57:55

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Must make the most of the sunshine with more work in the garden.
Boiler service this morning. Curry for tea.

Love to all x

Gagagran Wed 24-Mar-21 07:51:47

Morning all from a cool (1.3c) but bright south coast.

Hoping for another glorious day like yesterday, when we did a bit more garden tidying. Even DH was out, initially supervising but then actually taking part. A real step forward in his recovery from surgery!

Today I want to put Growmore round the roses which I did last year at this time, and we had a wonderful display all through summer and into winter. I am hoping for a repeat performance this year. Roses are my favourite flowers.

Glad your hospital trip was successful Mick and the new meds. help improve things for you. I am unimpressed with our GP surgery, which seems to have gone into hibernation. Big contrast with the hospital medics who have been wonderful throughout with DH's care and treatment. I have had to do a lot of chasing round to get the repeat scrips DH needs, despite their having copies of all his discharge notes (which are lengthy). For us, they have been the weak link in the NHS.

Hope today is a good one for us all. sunshine

cornergran Wed 24-Mar-21 07:50:10

Morning Mick, morning All. Grey and gloomy start to our corner of Somerset.

Your hospital visit sounds positive mick, another confidence building step. Pinchy will be easy to spot in bright pink sheepandcattle. I’m also not remembering posts from yesterday, so apologies to all I seem to overlook.

It’s the usual Wednesday routine here, dust removal and grocery delivery enlivened by a call from a consultant about my spine. No changes to report so he’ll be happy at least.

Take care everyone, hope Wednesday is kind to us all

harrigran Wed 24-Mar-21 07:48:29

Good morning from a grey but dry NE.
Grocery delivery day so I need to get organised, I should have everything cleaned and stowed before lunch.
DH got a text message to arrange his second vaccination, he is having it this evening. I am pleased he will be protected as he is really quite poorly.
Saw GD play the piano at her virtual school concert last night, year 5and 6. They were very talented piano, flute and violin players.
GC break up for Easter on Friday, three weeks at home again.
Take care everyone.

Grandmajean Wed 24-Mar-21 07:44:25

Good morning from Cheshire. Up bright and early as couldn't sleep. Think the early daylight partly to blame. Had just nodded off last night when phone wakened me. Had forgotten to switch it off and one of my Whatsapp choir group decided to post - at one am ! Will make sure switched off tonight.
Haven't read the posts yet but noticed one from Sheepandcattle so ran my eye down it to check on Pinchy. Sounds good. Will read posts later.
Have as good a day as possible.

dragonfly46 Wed 24-Mar-21 07:40:50

Good morning from as kitty says showery Leicestershire.

Going for a Reiki session today courtesy of a support group. It will be good to be in balance.

I was amazed yesterday at how easy it is now to register a death due to Covid. Everything is done electronically and I already have my mum’s certificate so somethings have improved.

Urmstongran Wed 24-Mar-21 07:38:42

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry but looks chilly. Across the road the train to Liverpool Lime Street has just pulled up to the platform. Hardly any commuters on it. These are strange times.

I’m another who’s having a bit of a wobble Beechnut. Anyone else think Boris looks tired and anxious? Then in the news I’ve just read that children are to be vaccinated this summer. What??

We are going to M&S today - swinging by to pick my stepfather up so that he can share the joy of a very short 5 minute car trip.

Hope Wednesday is kind to us all. Glad to hear your follow up appointments went so well Mick you must be hugely reassured. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Sheepandcattle Wed 24-Mar-21 07:37:25

Good morning all you lovely people! I so enjoy reading everyone’s posts and having a peak into the life’s of others - it’s my lunchtime treat, reading the full thread each day. I really ought to read with a pencil and notepad so I can jot down names and pertinent points so that I can remember things that I’d like to reply to the following morning when I write my posts as I think of things is like to say but by the next day, I can’t remember who’s having what going on. So big apologies for not commenting on other people’s posts enough - I do think of other people on here a lot. (That was a long, confused rambling!)
I’ve posted a photo I took yesterday of the lovely Pinchy looking a vision of delight in pink! I’m really happy that the sore on her ankle has healed beautifully- big relief. I also think (and my DH agrees) that her legs and feet are becoming straighter. I remembered a few days ago that i’d bought my husband for his Christmas stocking, some special plastic cards the size of a credit card that you can heat in hot water and then mould into any shape and it hardens as it cools, so I’ve been using it to make little custom-fitted support-splints for Pinchy’s ankles. She is becoming a bit of a pickle..... she can push open doors using her front legs in a cat-like manner. I may have to change her name to Houdini!
We turned the spring calving cows and their calves out onto a new meadow yesterday. One of the nicest sounds in the world is that of cows munching new grass! I could sit and listen to it for hours.... it’s a very purposeful, contented noise.
My main task today, after the farm jobs have been done, is to do some more research for a couple of new projects I have in mind for the farm. We really need to look at new ways of diversifying in order to reduce our workload as we get older, and to keep the farm’s finances stable. The only issue is that most diversification ideas involve the general public coming onto the farm and I generally prefer being with animals to people!
Wishing you all a happy day. My thoughts are with Louis, the little grandson of a gransnetter (I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten the grans name) who I believe is undergoing brain surgery today.

Beauregard Wed 24-Mar-21 07:32:50

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's cloudy but dry.

We collected a pane of greenhouse glass yesterday and DH put it in place. I've got a free day today until late afternoon so plan to spend some time setting flower seeds and doing other garden jobs. We collected our compost supplies last week so I'm ready to get on with things now. All of a sudden there's so much to do! 🐦

Thoughts to all who are feeling unwell or coping with sad and difficult times flowers