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Doodle Wed 12-May-21 22:56:39

Bar, Tea Room, Spa, AB12 there no end to our talents.
All are welcome to join in our virtual enterprise. 😊

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 20:11:29

I am going to sing '3 times a lady' for *jet. " She's once, twice, three times a lady".
Will someone join in as my fine baritone needs a soprano or two.

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 20:07:17

💃💃Simply the best, doo doo doo dah, Better than all the rest💃💃
OMG Sir Tom's coming to join in (^swoon^)

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 20:03:40

Absolutely the Best. Come in ixion let’s duet. You look fab by the way……if a bit smelly.

Glad you’re back on two legs muse although if you keep knocking back the poteen you’ll be legless before long.

🎶 Simply the best 🎶 better than all the rest 🎶 better than anyone ……

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 20:00:29

Ooh, thank you AGA
Can we see your outfit while it's still holding up?

brook2704 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:58:58

I’m just about to sing one of my favourite Tina Turner numbers in honour of jet
You’re Simply the Best !!
Here’s to you Jet we’ll never forget you

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:58:02

You look lovely ixion. I will have a bucket of water handy for when you dry out.

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:55:59

Glad you are back on two legs muse but most of us will be legless later.
Can I have a sausage roll please brook? I haven't eaten all day so I could fit into my dress. Just hope I don't burst out of it later. It is a bit tight.

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 19:54:57

Here I am.
Homage to Jet's leftovers DIY seaweed wraps.
What do you think?
I will need watering later to keep supple.

muse Fri 02-Jul-21 19:49:41

😓 Panic stations an hour ago. I couldn't find the crimpers. Here I am - Pasties for everyone.

Cheers Grandmajet. I wished I'd found the Argy earlier and enjoyed more glasses with this wonderful lady.

I'll be back soon. I'm no good as a flamingo ixion so thankful today, I'm back on two legs.

Grandmabatty Fri 02-Jul-21 19:48:49

I'm toasting Jet with a cheeky wee red wine. Bottle. And I've moved on to Delilah

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 19:46:21

I have sliced up a box of cucumbers.
Jet always used to do them for the Spa ladies' eye bags.
Then she would recycle them into the sandwiches.
I blame the wartime austerity.

brook2704 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:44:48

Lovely to see you both grandmabatty and pittcity thanks for popping in 😀

brook2704 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:41:50

That’s the sausage rolls just out of the oven Doodle oooh they’re hot be careful! … the Prosecco fountain looks superb !

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 19:41:40

Welcome to you and Andy Pittcity. Nice of him to break off a game to join us. Here’s to Jet or as we in the Argy sometimes knew her …..Agent 99.

When we ran our top security service Jet was excellent at under cover work………mind you she wasn’t so good with weapons……she swallowed our pea shooter. We got it back eventually, through the passage of time 😱. Jet was always into cleanliness though and made sure she ran the pea shooter through the dishwasher before she gave it back to us 😉

Pittcity Fri 02-Jul-21 19:35:30

Andy and I are raising a cool glass of Rosé to Grandmajet 🍷

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 19:35:21

Wish I had told jet how much she made me chuckle.

I think George Clooney was a fan of Jet. He may make an appearance later.

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 19:26:38

Where are those pasties, then?😉
We ALWAYS have pasties☹️

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 19:22:13

Ooh Grandmabatty very sexy. Also spills wipe off easily.

When are the sausage rolls going to be ready brook?

Grandmabatty Fri 02-Jul-21 19:12:19

I'm wearing my Catwoman outfit in honour of Grandmajet and Tom. It's in wet look leatherette.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 19:08:39

Oh Jet was certainly Sir Toms favourite.
How about we fire up the juke box and let Sir Tom belt out What’s new Pussycat while we sort out the food. 🎶

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 18:53:31

grandmajet Wed 12-May-21 21:12:42
Oops, sorry doodle, forgot my pants again. It s always happening. I must remember them or Sir Tom won’t sing ‘She’s a Lady’ for me.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 18:23:14

brook it’s lovely to remember what fun we had.
I’ll be back with some more later. Perhaps Tom will come and join us in some songs later.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 18:21:51


Hi soop. You look quite stunning. Well, Thor looks stunned anyway!
(Psst! ixion I think we have some competition here. I’m off to dig out my hotpants and white plastic knee length boots.)
I’m sure there is enough left of your leotard, soop to cover your credentials adequately.
Have a pint of poteen and a bar snack to be getting with.

Jet didn’t like Soop muscling in on Sir Tom

brook2704 Fri 02-Jul-21 18:19:10

Certainly was a wild night with Sir Tom Doodle! I remember this invitation from Jet

Come on, Sir Tom, into the Argy and just Help Yourself! (To whatever you want. Flashing bloomers)

Say no more 😂

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 18:17:41


He’s looking straight at me as he sings my song. I think he’s blinded by the bloomers on his head.


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