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What do u not dare to do?

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Morgana Sat 12-Aug-17 00:37:36

Is there something you'd love to do but daren't? D.S. works in clubs as D.j. and I would love to go see him perform. But ....!

Christinefrance Sat 12-Aug-17 07:02:09

My granddaughter is currently exploring S,America, river rafting horse riding, cycling, camping in the jungle I wish I had been more daring when I was younger.

Eglantine19 Sat 12-Aug-17 08:44:31

After my husband died, I didn't care whether I lived or died (really I'm not just saying it) so I did all kinds of things that I would have been scared or worried about doing before because it didn't matter. I know it sounds weird but the risks I took!
Now I like my life again Im much more cautious. So I guess the saying "What have you got to lose?" is actually quite true.
But I'd definitely go to the club Morgana. I mean what have you got to lose!

tanith Sat 12-Aug-17 09:15:27

Go to Australia alone and drive myself around and see the country a lifelong ambition. blush

Teetime Sat 12-Aug-17 09:16:19

Oh morgana go - you will love it- dress up and boogie!!!

I wont bungee jump- EVER!!! but I don't want to either so that doesn't make sense!

hulahoop Sat 12-Aug-17 09:25:01

Travel alone I have no sense of direction so would probably get lost

Jalima1108 Sat 12-Aug-17 10:18:18

tanith you would be joining lots of other 'grey nomads' (I don't like that term) on the road so would meet lots of other people.
The camp sites are very civilised

varian Sat 12-Aug-17 11:03:16

Dangerous sports, like free-fall parachuting, but not until I'm well into my nineties when I'll have less to lose.

NanaMacGeek Sat 12-Aug-17 15:22:35

Tell my DIL about my experience of her DH (my son) when he was my DGD's age. I learnt that I had to pick my battles, never make a threat that I couldn't carry out and ignore bad behaviour, only rewarding good. I daren't say a word.

I'd love to sky dive too.

ElaineI Sun 13-Aug-17 00:10:18

Travel all over, have a tattoo - cat or bee or butterfly, get a puppy. You should try the club but take a friend!

ninathenana Sun 13-Aug-17 00:29:37

Drive on the right

Tegan2 Sun 13-Aug-17 00:41:12

Drive further than the local supermarkets sad....

f77ms Sun 13-Aug-17 08:24:25

Move to somewhere warm ! Too late now and I would miss my family too much

Chewbacca Sun 13-Aug-17 08:30:02

Dye my hair a beautiful shade of blue. I'd love to but don't have the courage.

ninathenana Sun 13-Aug-17 09:25:36

Tegan is that a lost confidence or have you always been that way ? just curious, sorry.

H has never had a license so I have driven all over the UK

AllTheLs Sun 13-Aug-17 09:34:44

I always said I would love to try an illegal drug just to see what all the fuss was about. But not until I've had a terminal diagnosis (It wouldn't matter then if I got addicted)

Eglantine19 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:39:11

It wasn't illegal, I was in hospital, but I have to say morphine was lovely! I can see why people take it if their life is miserable.

Skweek1 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:46:22

Don't fancy bunjee jumping; always wanted to do a balloon ride, but now DH couldn't do it, so guess that's gone now. As a 60s child really enjoyed experimenting with Acid - amazing experiences. Wish I'd taken my driving test, but now too scared. Want to do Glasto just once! Still many places I want to visit - S Africa, Brazil, much of Europe, India, etc. Not adventurous, but so much still to do. And would love to take second and possibly third OU degree, this time languages and if time/money allow maybe science.

Sheilasue Sun 13-Aug-17 09:48:57

Agree with you E19 when my son died it was devastating but I found it very hard to deal with even the simple things.
But I hoisted myself up and now I say what I think and do what I want to do.
When I fell over and broke my hip a few years ago I was
given morphine. i was away with the fairies. Great

Skweek1 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:49:20

Go to your club, Morgana - may not be your cup of tea, but you could surprise yourself and at least you'll be able to tick off one thing off your bucket list!

silverlining48 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:57:23

Definitely go to see your son morgana, take a friend and some ear defenders.

Eglantine19 Sun 13-Aug-17 09:59:51

Wow, I like being E19. That's so cool. Thanks Sheilasue!
Skyweek, won't you do a balloon ride without DH. There's about 12 people in the basket. You wouldn't be on your own.

radicalnan Sun 13-Aug-17 10:11:32

Do go to the club............that is a must and report back because we are all interested now in how you get on.You may have a latent DJ gene yourself and take a set and become famous..........age matters not a jot in music.

I wish I could drive properly again...........I would buy a motorhome and be off all the time taking my dog as navigator, he at least knows his way home.

MinniesMum Sun 13-Aug-17 10:29:54

You have just made me splurt coffee all over the computer! The bit about the dog was hilarious. When my MIL was in the early stages of dementia, she would insist on going out for a walk on her own. We insisted that she take the dog as (a) he would know his way home and (b) he would certainly know when it was dinnertime!

Jenb60 Sun 13-Aug-17 10:34:18

Chewbacca, its very easy to give grey hair a blue tint, I use Swarzkopf Blonde me Steel blue, you spray and comb through after your wash condition oil etc, I have very curly hair. I am stopped a lot and asked about the colour. I grew out the dye so now have grey hair which is good but I thought needed a lift, and this is it, its water soluable so washes out. I use rubber gloves as it stains when wet but no problems when dry with pillows or during rain.

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