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I like this being retired lark but.......

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kittylester Fri 01-Sep-17 09:59:56

we had nothing pressing going on today so didn't set the alarm. We woke at 7.00 instead of our usual 5.45 and now I feel all flustered!

We like to take our time getting going and, now, being late I feel as though the day has gone already!

Is there anything that flummoxes you about being retired?

MiniMouse Fri 01-Sep-17 10:11:30

Life has always flummoxed me! blush

tanith Fri 01-Sep-17 10:17:57

You say you are late, but have nothing pressing so aren't late for anything . I love that my can start and finish whenever I like and mostly I only have to please myself. 7 o'clock is surely early enough to start your day of not having much on your agenda isn't it?
When I first retired I missed my colleagues a lot but soon got over that to enjoy doing my own thing every day.

cornergran Fri 01-Sep-17 10:23:12

Waking at 5.45 always flummoxes me kitty smile.

GrandmaMoira Fri 01-Sep-17 10:34:19

7 am seems very early to me and 5.45 unheard of. Being retired means not having to get up so early.
I've been living on my own for a few months now and there are moments when I feel life is drifting past but I wouldn't say I'm flummoxed, I'm generally much happier being retired.

KatyK Fri 01-Sep-17 10:51:29

I had to get up at 6 am all my working life. One of the luxuries of being retired is not doing so smile

Chattybarbara Fri 01-Sep-17 10:56:16

What flummoxes me is that even though I no longer work a 12 hour day (including travel time), I never have enough time in the day to do everything else that I used to fit in around work........ so can only assume that I either used to be really slapdash or I have slowed down remarkably ...... it is nice though!!

kittylester Fri 01-Sep-17 11:44:38

We used to set the clock for 5.45 when the children were young as the only way to get some time to chat. We welcomed that start to our day so have continued it while dh has been working. It enables us to watch Breakfast and drink tea before attacking the day.

We've had a hectic few weeks (mostly dgc!) and we both volunteer on irregular days so a day when there was not much on seemed a good time to have a lie in.

We are mow both severely discombobulated!

BlueBelle Fri 01-Sep-17 11:54:37

Only thing that flummoxes me is how much I hate being retired

goldengirl Fri 01-Sep-17 12:04:37

I am supposedly retired but concerned about possibly being short of things to do I became a campaigner - and now if I don't get up around 0630 I become flustered as I've so much else to fit in - housework [which usually gets ignored], grandchildren [who sometimes get ignored!], exercise [which never gets ignored]. I think I'm mad but I couldn't do nuffink

aggie Fri 01-Sep-17 12:21:47

I am horrified to find how bound by routine I have become , I get flustered if I don't do things in a rote and am now trying to make myself calm down and relax confused

grannysue05 Fri 01-Sep-17 12:29:52

I get flustered if I have not decided what we are eating the following day by late afternoon today.
Must be a throwback to post war childhood when Mum always planned meals meticulously.
Otherwise DH and I love our retirement.

Maggiemaybe Fri 01-Sep-17 12:50:11

Reading some of these posts, I'm flummoxed about how laidback I've become. After far too many years of answering work emails at midnight then getting up at 0545h to start all over again, I now happily wake up around 0730h and stay in bed reading, drinking tea (eating breakfast if DH is making it) and browsing the internet, sometimes just appearing downstairs in time for Pop Master. smile I love it.

Days looking after the DGC are different of course. I love them too.

I used to have strict routines and stick to them, now I just enjoy life. I think I've finally found my dream job.

lemongrove Fri 01-Sep-17 12:55:57

Exactly the same as Maggiemaybe for me .
I think I was made to be older, in fact I remember when I was a teenager envying old women out shopping and gossiping and eating cake with all the time in the world and apparently no worries.Yippee, that time is here.😁

loopyloo Fri 01-Sep-17 12:58:03

What flummoxed me is how much choice I have. Only limited by my income and how strong or not my knees are.
What I do find is that I have to be flexible as the family throws in a request and scuppers my plans!

NannyJan53 Fri 01-Sep-17 13:00:24

Same here katyk. Not having to get up at 6am is indeed a precious luxury.

I have been retired 3 months now, and so far the only thing to flummox me is fitting all my activities in!

NfkDumpling Fri 01-Sep-17 13:05:30

I have a problem remembering that I can't ring some of my friends as the poor dears are still at work.

LadyGracie Fri 01-Sep-17 13:39:32

My alarm goes off at 7 everyday, I'm usually already awake, shortly after, I get up and make tea then we usually lie in bed and chat for a while, unless we've got plans. We both retired 4 years ago and never felt happier.

tanith Fri 01-Sep-17 13:45:46

Can anyone please explain why they set an alarm when they don't have anywhere to be? Surely waking naturally is how retirement should be.

hildajenniJ Fri 01-Sep-17 14:27:03

I love the fact that I can now go to bed and get up whenever I feel like it. This week for example I have risen at 06:50, 07:40, and today 09:10 shock. I usually retire to bed about 11:00pm. It's great not being tied to the clock.
I'm not the kind of person that gets flustered. My mother used to say that I was "easy as an old shoe"

mumofmadboys Fri 01-Sep-17 14:33:59

One of the joys of retiring is doing away with the alarm click. Another natural waker here!

Gagagran Fri 01-Sep-17 15:01:16

I agree momb. I've forgotten how to set the alarm clock as I never use it since I retired.

If I need to waken early for something special I seem able to do it without any alarm. The pleasure comes from being able to waken naturally, whether that be early or a bit later and just day dreaming for a bit, before getting up.

kittylester Fri 01-Sep-17 15:02:20

But, we like to keep busy with child care and volunteering. We think it keeps us young - alternatively, maybe it knackers us!

Christinefrance Fri 01-Sep-17 15:38:33

You all make me feel guilty, never get up before 8am and I thought that was early. Walk the dogs then a cup of coffee with GN, my ideal morning.

Norah Fri 01-Sep-17 15:59:12

DH has never changed to his routine since retirement. We still waken early.

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