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MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 15:41:10

Have you ever been told that you look like anyone famous?
Would you care to share who it is, or was?

tessagee Wed 28-Feb-18 15:57:14

According to a few people, I looked like Susan Sarandon, but that was until about five years ago. She still has no wrinkles or saggy bits, I've only got wrinkles and saggy bits plus greying hair. Need I say more.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 16:02:26

I have had a variety of famous people comparisons. One absolutely appalling one, which I can't bear to think about, let alone share. blush

kittylester Wed 28-Feb-18 16:03:43

I was told that I looked like Sandie Shaw, I was even asked for my autograph. I was really chuffed back then but, from what I've heard about her lately, I wouldn't want to be thought like her now.

Lately people have likened me to Brenda Blethin - which is ok!

silverlining48 Wed 28-Feb-18 16:05:59

When I was a whole lot younger I was told more than once that I was cilla’s double, or she was mine! If only I could sing....

shysal Wed 28-Feb-18 16:06:54

My mother used to say I looked like Princess Anne, but not in a good way smile. She has a similar nose to the ones in my family.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 16:24:17

In the 80s, a very drunk man ran out of a phone box and threw himself on his knees saying "lady Diana!" to me.
Meryl Streep, Kath out eastenders and Bonnie Tyler are others I've been told I look like.
I'm building up to the really bad one..

gillybob Wed 28-Feb-18 16:27:28

Pity help anyone who looks like me.

kittylester Wed 28-Feb-18 16:27:43

Come on MissAdventure non of those others are that bad!

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 16:30:16

Hang on kitty, I've got a couple of good ones before that.
Pink, when I had short blonde hair (the man who said it was drunk) and Goldie Hawn (infatuated and very plain boyfriend said that)

BBbevan Wed 28-Feb-18 16:35:26

My mother always said I looked like Jean Simmons. In my teens and twenties I was often likened to Nana Mouskouri.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 16:40:22

Ok, this is the one that made me want to cut my throat.
It was said to me by a young lady with downs syndrome, who had a real talent for being able to look at someone and immediately find a similarity to a celeb...
Shirley out of eastenders. sad
Mind you, she told another lady that she looked like Jimmie Kranky, and another she was like Susan Boyle.

Auntieflo Wed 28-Feb-18 16:40:44

It was Princess Margaret in my teens, getting to be the image of my mum now though.

petra Wed 28-Feb-18 17:19:03

Thanks for the 😂 and I mean a real Tena lady 😢 running down my face laugh. Hilarious.

LadyGracie Wed 28-Feb-18 18:41:19

I was always told I looked like Wendy Craig, now I’m told I look like my dad!

Parsleywin Wed 28-Feb-18 19:58:33

I don't even look like myself any more, let alone anyone else! 🙀

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 20:16:48

grin I know that feeling. Just as well, in my case.

Nanabilly Wed 28-Feb-18 20:18:38

When I was a lot younger and slimmer I was told I looked like Kim Novac. I
I still have no idea who she is . Maybe I should Google her now that I can but I may be sad that I'm not like her now.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 20:20:13

I'm off to Google to have a look for her.

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 20:26:21

A beauty!

kittylester Wed 28-Feb-18 21:08:36

MissAdventure, Shirley has cheekbones to die for

MissAdventure Wed 28-Feb-18 21:52:01

Ah, I expect that's what she noticed, kitty. My fine cheekbones. They're there somewhere. smile well hidden though.

Deedaa Wed 28-Feb-18 21:53:40

When I was a student I was once told I looked like Roy Wood of The Move! I wasn't impressed!

Oldwoman70 Wed 28-Feb-18 21:57:04

I have never been told I look like a celebrity but many years ago a waiter mistook my DH for Robert Redford! (never saw the likeness myself)

grumppa Wed 28-Feb-18 22:29:48

Back in 1965-66 a little boy was convinced I was Rolf Harris and demanded my autograph. What on earth RH would have been doing unloading scaffolding from a lorry at the stage door of the Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre in Holborn did not concern him. My denials were to no avail and his desperate mother insisted that I comply, just to shut him up. That used to be an amusing story......

More recently the grizzled me has regularly been compared to Sean Connery. I am working on the accent.