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soop Wed 04-Apr-18 16:18:57

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good pals and jolly good company

Welcome to all our friends...

soop Wed 04-Apr-18 16:21:35

Our neighbour called in and we've been blethering for a very long time. I'm sorry if any of you lot have been wandering around and not had anywhere to sit yourselves down. All's well. We are ready and waiting. brew wine cupcake sunshine smile

Baggs Wed 04-Apr-18 16:30:26

Just popping in to say hello so I can find yous all again when I need to catch up x

JaneD3 Wed 04-Apr-18 16:31:48

Cor, that happened quickly! My get up and go has got up and gone today I’m afraid. Apart from a bit of ironing I don’t seem to have done anything!

soop Wed 04-Apr-18 16:35:57

Hello, Baggs* and JaneD3 I sincerely hope that our new kitchen will continue to make all visitors welcome. I enjoy your company. flowers

Baggs Wed 04-Apr-18 16:38:32

Yo! janeD3, I've done some ironing today too. It's a rare event in my house!

Gagagran Wed 04-Apr-18 16:39:07

I've been baking so have brought in a lemon drizzle to celebrate the opening of the new kitchen. Please help yourselves! The kettle is on and tea is in the pot. flowers

JaneD3 Wed 04-Apr-18 16:45:50

Ooh lovely Gagagran ! Just what I need and carb free too grin

Mapleleaf Wed 04-Apr-18 16:53:37

A cup of tea ☕️ and piece of cake 🍰 is just the ticket!

NanaandGrampy Wed 04-Apr-18 17:02:20

Afternoon all !!

Hello * Mapleleaf* !!

No cake for me please - it pains me to say it but we have 41 days before our hols and I sometimes wake up in the night in a sweat because my bottom did not fit in the plane seat!!!!

So please don't tempt me !!

I'd have shouted too Maw - paw prints on white bedding !!!

I'm sorry Ive missed whatever the kerfuffle was that upset you but hope you can take a few deep breaths , hug Hattie and pour a glass of something !!

If it helps I slammed a few doors here today and Grampy has been skulking in the Orangery ( now know as the oval office as we live in The White House ;-) )

Best I go and burn dinner !!

soop Wed 04-Apr-18 17:08:14

Thank you, Gaga. Is the cake beautifully sticky and moreish? If so, I shall sample it for you. Mapleleaf may share it with me. I'm in a generous frame of mind. wink

Well, that's my lot for another day. I see that the snow has melted on the peaks of Jura. Earlier today, the peaks were wearing snowy white bonnets.

I may need to pedal for a short 20 minute burst after I log off. The ironing session was long and heavy going. I'm a tad weary right now.

Please take care of yourselves. Especially those Granspals who continue to deal with a variety of difficulties. I shall return tomorrow. smile moon

grannysyb Wed 04-Apr-18 17:08:31

Well there I was looking at you all while I had my free tea and cake in JLs, walked home and you've moved again! Hope Anne and Maw are feeling a bit better and that spring will arrive soon as this winter is going on too long.

Mapleleaf Wed 04-Apr-18 17:11:25

Thank you, soop, don't mind if I do! 😁

Greyduster Wed 04-Apr-18 17:32:44

Sorry, chaps, I’m another who is eschewing all things cakey. I put on five pounds over the last two weeks and it will have to go, so no baking or bakery browsing for a while. Himself feels cheated, but will just have to put up with it. I have, however, eaten the Portuguese custard tart DD brought me yesterday. It was the most delicious thing I have eaten for a while and a fitting swan song to all things sweet and stodgy!
We have GS back again tomorrow for the day. He will not be pleased - we are planning to go for a walk! He absolutely cannot see the point of walking - moving has to be fast and leave others standing or it is a waste of time! Tough! grin

kittylester Wed 04-Apr-18 17:35:37

Thank goodness this new kitchen is lovely and warm as I have spent the afternoon at an Alzheimer's Society Road Show in the local market place. I look like drowned rat and my feet are like blocks of ice. On the upside, we talked to lots of people and collected quite a bit of money.

I thoroughly understand you being cross about muddy paws on white sheets. Our cats paddle around on ours every time I change it. I personally think that throws cover a multitude of sins.

DH's brother and his wife are coming to stay tomorrow and I've just had a message asking if she can sleep in another room as he thrashes a about a lot. Am I odd to be put out?

Nannylovesshopping Wed 04-Apr-18 17:38:31

Not at all kittylester it means two lots of bedding to launder instead of one, two rooms to dust.........

Greyduster Wed 04-Apr-18 18:39:34

kitty we had a similar situation when DH’s two sisters and a brother in law came to stay. We gave up our room to the couple, but his unattached sister insisted she couldn’t sleep in a single bed (and you argue with her at your peril!) so she had the other double room and DH and I ended up in the two single rooms! To add insult to injury, he ended up with her dog on the bottom of his bed as well!

Doodle Wed 04-Apr-18 21:33:11

Been busy with family recently which was nice so not had time to pop into the kitchen. Missed the closing of the last one but managed to follow the crumbs to find you all.
Another welcoming kitchen soop thank you.
maw whatever, whoever upset you, please come back to the kitchen where you belong. hattie give mummy a big cuddle (and next time wipe your feet when you come in all muddy 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🌲)

cornergran Wed 04-Apr-18 21:34:35

Evening All. New kitchen feels warm and welcoming. Ventured out into a sunny afternoon and came back in a monsoon, lots of dripping clothing to dry, people dry faster hmm.

I’d be put out too kitty, I suspect because I always try to be invisible and cause no pressure in other people’s homes and am always surprised when the same thing doesn’t happen here. Good luck.

I’ll join the no cake brigade, well I will when the stock of apple cake has disappeared. Lots of nagging to reduce the weight on the knee, so I had better sigh and get on with it.

Hope maw is feeling better now, it’s a funny old virtual world sometimes.

Stay safe everyone.

Doodle Wed 04-Apr-18 21:35:23

P.s. Not intended to imply that hattie has 6 legs or that she comes in carrying a fir tree with idea where that cam from. confused

farview Wed 04-Apr-18 21:42:31

Have been on GN for a while now, sometimes dip my toe in here...BUT I don't understand it..NOT a criticism...I just don't 'get'it.... enlightenment please blush

Charleygirl Wed 04-Apr-18 21:52:43

What do you not understand farview?

Tara's paws are usually dry by the time she has run up my white wooden staircase kindly leaving paw prints there. She has gone off my bedding and rather prefers her own new navy duvet cover. Tomorrow I am going to wash the baby quilt and she will not like that at all.

grannyqueenie Wed 04-Apr-18 22:01:19

Ooh a nice warm kitchen, lovely, just what I need! We drove to Scotland yesterday through relentless rain and sleet then awoke this morning to light snow/snowy slush. This continued as we drove from one bil to the other and then the whole day while we were there. At the end of the afternoon we thought about popping across to see my lovely sil -who-isn’t anymore but as she reported she had 4” of snow in her village, we thought better of it! So here we are ensconced back at bil2’s house, while they’ve gone out to do something that apparently couldn’t be cancelled on our account. Mind you I’m not complaining as we’re having a relaxing evening drinking coffee and sharing the large bar of chocolate we smuggled in, this is a way too healthy house for my liking. Having said that, I too need to get back on the healthy eating regime as there have been a couple of extra pounds lingering since Christmas and I’m afraid they’ll draw a crowd! Maybe soop could put that exercise bike in the kitchen for me to use in a virtual sort of way, fancy a go n&g?
Wishing you all a peaceful nights sleep. x

callgirl1 Wed 04-Apr-18 22:04:38

My new bedroom carpet is charcoal grey, so, Mia being pure white..............the window is constantly being opened to allow me to toss out clumps of white fur!
Sorry Soop, should have said, love the new kitchen. Is that an Aga over there keeping us lovely and snug?

Bellanonna Wed 04-Apr-18 22:41:53

Hello soop and all The Kitcheners. I wonder how many Kitchens there have been? Which year did you open it up to the GNs soop?

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