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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 12-Oct-18 06:25:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and its been raining here in brackley as well.
Today, will be a mix of shopping and general socialize.

Marydoll Fri 12-Oct-18 07:05:55

Good morning Mick and all who follow Very windy here in Glasgow.
A busy day ahead. Our kitchen is being ripped out today and a few problems have arisen regarding the electrics and a gas pipe needs sealed off. The fitters didn't realise my eye level oven was gas!!! "^No-one chooses gas nowadays^ " I don't remember all this hassle the last time. The electrician is off sick and no-one one knows what is happening.
In the scheme of things this is nothing compared to the suffering of some gransnetters, who are suffering so much just now.
Kitty, I hope there is good news today.
Have a pleasant Friday all.

Gagagran Fri 12-Oct-18 07:10:07

Good Morning Mick and everyone

We are promised wet and windy weather today here on the south coast. It feels more autumnal after some lovely sunny days this week.

It's the AGM at WI this morning with a fish and chips lunch afterwards and I am looking forward to seeing my chums there. I am recording THE wedding and will enjoy watching that this afternoon with a cup of tea. It's also our no.2 DGD's 16th birthday today and she's still my joy and delight!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Gagagran Fri 12-Oct-18 07:10:31

Morning Mary!

ffinnochio Fri 12-Oct-18 07:14:38

Good morning to you all!
It’s very gusty on my little bit of a Somerset hill. A hold on to your had and forget about using an umbrella kind of morning.
American son arriving on Sunday, along with London son. Coming to check up on their poorly Dad.

NanKate Fri 12-Oct-18 07:19:39

Morning Mick, Mary Gaga.

‘Pink sky in the morning shepherd’s warning’ and that is exactly what we have in South Bucks rain on the way.

Will watch the wedding today from a wet Windsor.

Sorry Mary you are having so much hassle with your kitchen renovations. Can you tuck yourself away with coffee and the TV/IPad ?

NanKate Fri 12-Oct-18 07:20:49

Sorry Ffinn to hear about your DH.

Brunette10 Fri 12-Oct-18 07:23:55

Good Morning all and to those who follow on this dark, blustery and overall yuck day in Fife. Marydoll I can imagine how you must be feeling but try and keep your chin up and all will work out well. Hope it's better weather down south for the wedding today. DD and family are coming for a visit today, can't wait. Enjoy your day everyone.

Nannytopsy Fri 12-Oct-18 07:24:54

Good morning from a grey and blustery Leicester. It isn’t raining yet ...

ninathenana Fri 12-Oct-18 07:25:32

Morning everyone.

Very windy in Kent but no rain. The forecast is for sunshine in the S.E. corner.
Usual supermarket shop and we have to pickup DD's birthday present so it would be silly not to go for lunch in the pub near by wouldn't it.
Have a good day everyone.
Come on baby, it's not so bad out here smile

cornergran Fri 12-Oct-18 07:25:52

Morning Mick, morning All. Wind is howling and rain is horizontal so no plans to venture out in our corner of Somerset. Sometimes being on the coast is ‘interesting’. Wishing everyone well today, stay safe.

kittylester Fri 12-Oct-18 07:29:15

Morning all from a blustery north Leicestershire.

I am sorry to hear about you dh too, ffin. I have missed you telling us about it but I expect it will be nice you see your sons

It will be worth it Mary - honest!!!!

Enjoy the fish and chips gaga.

oldgoat Fri 12-Oct-18 07:29:37

Morning all.
I haven't looked out yet this morning but judging by how the curtains are flapping about it's windy outside.
Sorry to hear about your OH ffinnochio but I'm sure you will all be cheered up by your sons' visit.

We are finally off to order the furniture for our new utility room. Hope the fitters will sort out your kitchen problems marydoll. Sounds a bit of a nightmare!

Taking our little dog to his holiday home today where they have two huge dogs and a C A T. He loves it there and comes home kna tired out from chasing round their garden.
Then packing for our trip to 'Bonnie Scotland ' tomorrow. The forecast isn't looking good.
Hope baby will put in an appearance soon kitty Is your daughter getting fed up with the wait too?
Have a good day everyone.

ffinnochio Fri 12-Oct-18 07:30:17

Thank you NanKate.

NfkDumpling Fri 12-Oct-18 07:30:48

Morning All

An apricot sunrise here in the north of Norfolk. And quite breezy.

I hope all goes well for you today Marydoll, the end is in sight and at least it’s progressing. Our neighbours extension has changed shape for the last month!

Fingers crossed it happens today Kitty. It’s my DGD’s seventh birthday today as well as Gagagran’s DGD’s. A good day for being born.

I’ve got a head cold and am debating whether to go to art class. I’ve got past the headachy feeling really grotty stage and aren’t too snuffly, but am wondering how infectious I am now. They’re a nice bunch at art class (it’s more of a coffee morning with paint). I missed last week and will be DC sitting next week. I think I’ll be ok if I sit by myself in a corner - won’t I?

kittylester Fri 12-Oct-18 07:30:54

Morning nina, corner.

It would indeed be silly nina! grin

ffinnochio Fri 12-Oct-18 07:32:29

...and oldgoat, kitty ... it’ll be a marvellous tonic.

Blue45Sapphire Fri 12-Oct-18 07:47:03

Good morning all - very windy here in Northampton this morning but at least it's not raining. Not much planned for today, so will probably watch the wedding this morning. Then pick GDs up from school this afternoon for tea. 10 year old comes back from her first school residential today, so no doubt will be tired and mucky, but happy. Remember going to the same place three times with my yr 5s in my far-off teaching days (lead teacher one year!) and they will have had a busy and fun-packed three days.

gillybob Fri 12-Oct-18 07:49:29

Good morning everyone. Hope those babies arrive soon x

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

DoraMarr Fri 12-Oct-18 07:53:25

Good morning from rainy Birmingham. Off to fetch my year old grandson, who will be staying overnight while his parents go away. I hope it brightens up so I can take him for his usual walk to the park- he loves going on the swings! I have a book review to write (our writing group is shadowing the Booker) so will have to make a start on it while he is napping.

Greyduster Fri 12-Oct-18 07:55:28

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dreary and blowing a gale in South Yorkshire with heavy rain forecast, so not a day to be out and about. Ironing, and the I will do some baking later. Have a good day, folks.

Mapleleaf Fri 12-Oct-18 08:01:15

Good morning,
Greyduster has the forecast spot on. Not cold, though.
Hope the kitchen gets fitted today Mary.
Those of you unwell, I hope you feel a bit better today.
Have a good day, everyone. 🙂

Willow10 Fri 12-Oct-18 08:04:56

Good morning all. Blustery but very mild in East Northants. I think we are due some rain, so it's out with the raincoat for ten pin bowling this morning, followed by a bit of shopping. Hoping to stock up for C ****s with a bottle of Coffee Baileys whilst it's on offer in Tesco's. The last one mysteriously seems to be half empty already! Have a pleasant day everyone.

PECS Fri 12-Oct-18 08:12:16

Good morning to you all! It is a blustery morning here but clouds are we may see the sunshine a bit later. I am off for a blood test soon and this afternoon have been invited,by DGS2, to a grandparents' tea party in the school hall. The invitation said there will be ' surprises ' 😃 Hope they are good ones!

Pittcity Fri 12-Oct-18 08:17:06

Good morning from a grey, breezy Colchester.
Feeling a bit morning after the night before after my niece's wedding yesterday.
DD1 may pop in with DGS3 today but otherwise a quiet one here.