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President of the U.K.

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Anniebach Mon 18-Feb-19 08:39:36

Forget the Windsors, who would you choose for President?

dragonfly46 Mon 18-Feb-19 08:43:16

I think I would have to emigrate!

janeainsworth Mon 18-Feb-19 08:45:38

Struggling to think of anyone with the stature and integrity commensurate with the, I can’t.

Urmstongran Mon 18-Feb-19 08:56:28

Interesting post Annie I shall have to give it a bit of thought and get back.

lemongrove Mon 18-Feb-19 09:08:40

You mean the sort of stature and integrity of the US President jane grin
Hmm, it is a difficult one Annie at the moment I like the idea of a few people: Ian Blackwood from the SNP grinand maybe Alan Sugar would shake things up a bit ,
Haha.Since Prince Charles may never get to be an actual King, he may enjoy being President instead.Giles Coren looks very good for the job, being well dressed and always has a quip or two to hand.

toscalily Mon 18-Feb-19 09:17:02

Goodness me, can you imagine how inflated the ego would be of the first UK President? Probably just as well I cannot think of anyone suitable.

Grannybags Mon 18-Feb-19 09:21:22

Good question Annie No one comes to mind immediately. Mind you, I can't think of anyone that would make a decent Prime Minister at the moment either...!

kittylester Mon 18-Feb-19 09:23:39

Me!!!! Then I'd have to stop chuntering about 'they' getting it wrong.

Greyduster Mon 18-Feb-19 09:24:47

Perish the bloomin’ thought, Annie! It would have to be a woman though! They are the only ones with any common sense!

Parsley3 Mon 18-Feb-19 09:25:56

I would have to wait and see who puts themselves up for election and then I would choose. William might stand and I would consider him.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Feb-19 09:26:07

Joanna Lumley

janeainsworth Mon 18-Feb-19 09:26:53

You mean the sort of stature and integrity of the US President
Exactly lemongrove. grin

Actually I’ve thought of someone.

Barack Obama would be my choice.

maryeliza54 Mon 18-Feb-19 09:35:50

Well as ever we mustn’t let the facts get in the way must we? A UK President would be just a head of state not a head of government as well and so the role cannot be compared with the US model. The Irish, German models are closer. A very different low key role which would mean a different sort of skill set and attributes. A BO type of personality would be completely wrong for the the role of a UK President. I guess the best person would be someone we wouldn’t straight away think of as it would be someone more low key, considered, thoughtful and not self absorbed. But it will never happen

janeainsworth Mon 18-Feb-19 09:46:02

Oh for goodness sake lighten up maryeliza.
I wish we had a tongue in cheek emoticon.

kittylester Mon 18-Feb-19 10:00:19

Actually, janea, Barack Obama would probably be even better than me!

If it has to be a woman how about Michele Obama?

Anniebach Mon 18-Feb-19 10:00:24

The presidents of Germany and Ireland were politics

M0nica Mon 18-Feb-19 10:01:58

How about the Queen or Prince Charles?

Anja Mon 18-Feb-19 10:02:22

Dawn French

Anniebach Mon 18-Feb-19 10:04:32

MOnica, noooo Windsors please, they are wealthy

maryeliza54 Mon 18-Feb-19 10:06:18

Yes I know ab but a certain type - I particularly admired MR

maryeliza54 Mon 18-Feb-19 10:07:38

jane I know you didn’t mean BO of course but I did think you meant tbat type of person

Anniebach Mon 18-Feb-19 10:08:23

MR ?

RosieLeah Mon 18-Feb-19 10:10:25

I think Mrs May regards herself as the first President. She is certainly behaving like an autocrat, blindly following her own path and paying no attention to anyone else.

Anniebach Mon 18-Feb-19 10:12:00

RosieLeah are you putting Mrs May forward as your choice ?

RosieLeah Mon 18-Feb-19 10:16:46

Not at present there is no-one suitable. Apart from myself, but I would run the country as a military establishment. It would be safe for law-abiding citizens to walk the streets, children would be properly prepared for the future, they would be no illegal immigrants. Utopia for decent people.