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Panache Sat 13-Apr-19 17:37:34

A place of great warmth,caring,and understanding,where love flows daily.

Panache Sat 13-Apr-19 17:39:50

Whilst yet another day of sunshine we have quite a stiff breeze alongside the cold.......although we are being promised much warmer weather with the lead up to easter.Cannot come soon enough!

I think I know how you all are feeling just as helpless as I am on hearing the heartbreaking stories of Ann and her H,and then your very recent sad loss Just me.My heart truly reaches out to you both, but somehow words never carry the pain we feel inside for you.
Please know you are in our thoughts each day.......and we are always ready to listen here in Soop`s kitchen

Whilst thank you for your kind caring as we try to cope with our own situation, which simply does not seem to improve in the least.
In fact I am very upset myself that this weekend, on "Palm Sunday" we have always travelled out deep into the countryside with flowers for the grave of the very dear lady who took me under her wing when I was left an abandoned babe of 10 weeks.This elderly lady truly saved my life,and gave me a roof over my head.
Some 40 years ago we had the dubious pleasure of nursing her through a debilitating terminal cancer, then an invalid of 80 years right through her death,some tiny repayment for the caring she had given me.
We have taken flowers every Easter,Christmas and other times throughout every year.This year though my dear man is unable to drive........and so it will have to be thoughts only.

Whilst if you read back a little GreyD you would hear my account of the "Escape to the Country" team in Pembrokeshire, with the escapees ending the visit by falling for the Barn conversion.......which is only a few fields away from us!!!

However another rather dubious twist in our overly long house move saga.Last evening we were quietly tipped to expect a formal letter next week, advising us that a 2 bed Apartment in the newish Sheltered Complex was becoming vacant and we were having first offer.
I am not exactly jumping up and down because of our very troubled situation here at home right now,my poor man cannot sit or sleep, even painkillers are not helping out every time.Without any other back up the whole scenario presents a whole range of problems.
Of course as yet we have not had any confirmation that they are now able to go ahead and purchase this property either from our last viewers,so there are many question marks.
Of course this is what we have so desperatedly needed and I can but hope and pray that somehow it will all come to pass.
I refuse to think negatively..............but I am extremely worried to say the least.

Doodle you are one of those rare folks whom truly take on board things I say, and obviously mull over them...... realising the difficulties in not being able to follow an ordinary diet.I would have thought it virtually impossable personally,and yet finding if I stick firmly to what I am allowed I suffer less........and so pain speaks loudly.... hence I listen!

Thanks for your PM 1inamillion and now the penny has dropped about your rather great name!!Lovely knowing the contingency of Welsh people in GN..........especially in the kitchen..... is growing!!

What a delightful collection of uplifting pictures,thank you all.

Ooops! I see our kitchen is nearing its present end so I am making a hurried getaway!!! Having boobed and started a new kitchen alongside Izabella last time around, so I am keeping my head down........sorry Soop!!!! And scampering........passing the baton onto the next visitor!!!
Love and blessings to you all.......TOYA

I did escape!!!!!but with no signs of another new kitchen being opened I resisted and did the honours whilst you are obviously occupied our Soop............could not stand seeing the closed door for long!

aggie Sat 13-Apr-19 17:41:10

Love the new Kitchen , very modern., but cosy and calming . I have left some home made soda bread on the counter , it needs eating up

aggie Sat 13-Apr-19 17:51:08

Just dipped back to the old Kitchen to catch up , Ann I hope all goes as well as it can with your dear Husbands move , I think it is a good idea to take something to read , either for yourself or out loud for OH to hear

soop Sat 13-Apr-19 17:56:12

Three cheers! Bless you all for standing in and opening our lovely new kitchen. For Panache flowers

For every one of our lovely Granspals sunshine smile (((hugs))) wine cupcake brew In fact, all that your hearts desire.

For dear Ann and those of you who are having to cope with sickness and sadness, my love.

It was a well attended car boot sale. We made a clear profit of £60 and a few pence. It was fun catching up with locals and folks that we see less often. Lots of cupcake scoffed and umpteen brew.

I have a good deal of tidying away the not so large amount of stuff that remains. Nowhere near the clutter that we left home with at the beginning of the afternoon.

Tomorrow is another day. I shall have more time in which to catch up with you lovely lot.

TOYA smile moon

GrannyGravy13 Sat 13-Apr-19 18:01:05

Just popped in to view the new kitchen
very “swish”!

Sorry there are so many kitcheners with troubles and sadness's. 💐💐💐

I am fortunate that Mr Gravy is cooking this evening, and we managed to buy some Jersey Royal potatoes and English Asparagus looking forward to dinner!

TOYA 💐💐🧁🥮🥧🍪

Marydoll Sat 13-Apr-19 18:47:41

Just popping in for a look at the new kitchen.
I have left hot cross buns, (minus the cross, fingers too stiff 😀) for everyone.

Hoping all goes smoothly for Anne and her husband today. flowers

annsixty Sat 13-Apr-19 19:33:39

Oh dear.
Hospital just rung, no transfer, bed wasn't available, well it was at 1pm!!
I must ring tomorrow.
Also he is wide awake and sitting up having eaten some tea.
This will be the first time in 3 weeks.
The most he has eaten is two tiny portions of ice cream.
They are doing their very best and really have been very kind to him .

aggie Sat 13-Apr-19 20:00:21

Ann so good to hear that he has eaten , not so good that the bed has silently disappeared !!
I hope you are relaxing and charging your batteries

cornergran Sat 13-Apr-19 20:03:37

What a disappointment ann, you must be exhausted, but how good that your husband has eaten this evening. Fingers crossed for better news tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for you as well panache, it sounds as if a sale and new home may just be on the horizon. The practicalities will work out, somehow,

Germs are retreating here along with my get up and go which seems to have got up and gone. I’m determined to find it by Monday when a new spell of Granny detail begins.

Pleased the car boot went well soop.

Sorry no cake to bring, will try to do better. Take care everyone and TOYA.

grannyqueenie Sat 13-Apr-19 21:10:20

Oh goody I’ve found you all! Lovely new kitchen, we do get through them, don’t we? It’s a good job they’re “virtual” ones. Please note I didn’t say “only”, that would totally demean the value of this space!

Ann, I’m so sorry the bed has disappeared, how does that even happen anyway? But I’m glad to hear your dh is being treated kindly, kindness is a great blessing and sadly sometimes seems in short supply these days.

soop more pennies into your knicker drawer, a good result indeed! aggie soda bread, yes please it’s yummy! corner, if you enjoy chocolate please do try some of the Malteser Tiffin that I’m leaving on the side. My family swear by it’s restorative powers, and it’s seen me through the visitors who like to nap! Actually it was really lovely to see them, especially the young flipping heck he is 40 now dad who still has very special place in my heart, he grew up next door to us when ours were small. We eventually succumbed to a gate between the 2 gardens after the children determinedly picked holes in the fence to talk to each other. We shared the joys and sorrows of family life over 20+ years and his mum remains a good friend still. I was really touched that he wanted to bring his wife who we’d met, and his very engaging little boy who we hadn’t, to stay with us. They’ve now decamped to dd1 who used to babysit him as a child! We seem to be having a bit of a visitor fest going on. Within moments of our friends leaving this morning I had an email from a friend I used to work with who’s holidaying nearby with her family. I replied of course we’d love to see you all and Monday us good for us, then came downstairs to find my old boy clearing the conservatory. I’d completely forgotten it’s refurbishment starts on Monday too... oops, it never rains but it pours.. but then that won’t matter once we get the new roof on!

Right then enough gabbling on for me. Wishing you all a restorative nights sleep and of course toya, especially all with ongoing struggles. x

callgirl1 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:19:40

Sorry that things have gone wrong again Ann, I hope the bed materialises by tomorrow, strange how it suddenly disappeared. Good to hear that your husband has eaten today.
So sorry that you and hubby still aren`t well Panache (putting it mildly, I know), I so hope that your house sale and new home come to fruition very soon.
Soop, well done on your car boot profit. I used to love having a stall at car boot sales, David had to be there as designated driver, but he wasn`t keen. We once did one in the grounds of a village community centre, where eldest son, then about 19, was playing in a football match there that day, so he came with us. As soon as we parked and got out of the car people were delving into the car to see what we`d got! Son made himself scarce very quickly, said he`d never felt so shown up, lol!
Corner, I hope that your lurgy is now retreating, enjoy your weekend before all the work begins again.
I daren`t go back to check or I`m bound to lose this post, but what a lovely photo of the little girl, posted, I think, by Bradford Lass?

Doodle Sat 13-Apr-19 22:01:02

Another lovely new kitchen with all the warmth of the previous ones.
ann sorry your DH’s bed has mysteriously disappeared but at least he has had some food tonight. Hope you manage to get some sleep yourself.
panache I do hope things work out for you this time with the sheltered housing. I thought your post about the woman who looked after you was very touching. I am sure the fact that you continue to think of her will be enough even if you cannot make the journey. She must have been a special lady.
Glad you enjoyed the car boot sale soop I hope you are not overdoing things.
gq Malteaser tiffin sounds just like the sort of thing I would enjoy, thank you.
I am slightly concerned that baggs had salt cravings when breastfeeding. I constantly crave some salt......could I be pregnant 😱 (after all I’m not quite 70 yet 😀)

Nannytopsy Sat 13-Apr-19 22:10:34

Love the new kitchen! Sourdough loaf on the side, with salty butter!

Doodle Sat 13-Apr-19 23:20:59

Ooh nannytopsy salted butter ..yummy 😊

Synonymous Sun 14-Apr-19 08:17:59

So happy to report that Himself is looking and sounding so much better. He was loaned a wheelchair for the weekend so we were able to sit out in one of the gardens in the sunshine and that was really lovely. His own wheelchair should apparently arrive on Tuesday and with stitches removal on Monday we are hoping he will be allowed home very soon. I am so very tired with all the visiting and even though he would say to stay at home, I feel I cannot take a day off as DH is in a single room, as are they all, and it would be very lonely for him.
DD went home yesterday and I feel bereft. DS is now here and is very helpful too so that is a blessing.

I have read everything but haven' t a hope of catching up properly so will just send my best wishes and I am indeed TOYA! flowers

Nannytopsy Sun 14-Apr-19 08:27:51

Glad to hear such positive news Syn - look after yourself x

annsixty Sun 14-Apr-19 09:20:36

So happy foy you Synonymous your H is obviously a star.
I know how you feel about hospital visiting, it is very tiring.
I hope you will have him home soon and then your new, different, life begins.
I have a touch of vertigo this morning, I may be relying on others to go see my H settled in his new environment in a new hospital if I don't improve.
I am very upset about it.

cornergran Sun 14-Apr-19 09:29:12

That sounds as good as it can be synonymous. You’re right, hospital visiting is exhausting, please rest when you can.

I’m not surprised you feel under the weather ann, you too are exhausted. Vertigo is debilitating. I’m sorry you are feeling upset but it’s so important you stay safe yourself. Go gently for a while and see how you are.

Take care everyone. TOYA.

Bellanonna Sun 14-Apr-19 09:33:59

Ann I hope you have some better news today. It’s so frustrating and annoying for you.
Synonymous things are sounding positive.

Panache Sun 14-Apr-19 10:04:40

Just a few lines this morning as obviously I rushed into opening up this new kitchen and boobed with the spelling.........hopefully you have forgiven me Soop......

Dear Ann words do not suffice at this very turbulent time in your life,it is such a trial not knowing what or where your dear H will be taken next and with his condition so very poorly,he needs peace and stability.You must be totally worn to a frazzle,little wonder you are not too well this morning.Hospital visiting ............just as Synonymous mentioned is so very draining.
However what an uplift having him sitting up and eating his tea,that is indeed a tiny message of hope.
Sending loving thoughts to you both flowers

Good news on your husband`s recovery and eagerness to get himself going Syn and although you will have less travelling when he is back home, I guess you will be tired out in other ways.But for now ......just take care.

Thank you for reading and obviously taking in what I said Doodle yes the dear little lady in question proved to be truly one in a million and I owe her so very much.I am what I am through her deeply caring ways.

A bleak,windy night and day but since I am going nowhere I am not fazed.
Sending you all much love and every blessing.

1inamillion Sun 14-Apr-19 10:20:36

I'm glad that your DH was able to have a wheelchair to enjoy some sunshine Syn and that home is on the horizon. Once home you will feel less tired, in the meantime take care.

Panache the apartment sounds ideal for you both and I hope your prospective buyers go through with the purchase. The lady who raised you sounds truly remarkable. I too cannot take flowers to the cemetery this Palm Sunday so in a small way I know how sad you must be feeling. 💐
I'm sorry there is yet another hiccup for your DH Ann hope you have better news tomorrow.
Soop I'm impressed with your car boot booty, well done.
We only did a car boot sale once years ago trying to raise funds for the PTA.

Grannyquennie malteser tiffin, oh joy, just a small piece then please.

Feelingmyage55 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:17:54

GQ popped in and found the tiffin which will round off brunch nicely.
annsixty I so feel for you. I wish I could hold your hand and help you hold your DH’s hand. If you can rest, then rest but if you are anxious to visit then why not ask someone to take you and someone to collect you? I am sure you have had offers of “if there is anything I can do .......”. Let people help - I imagine you have so often helped others. Eat when you can - I believe in a boiled egg and toast at times like this.
Syn glad to hear yesterday was so good.
panache. Your back story made me cry - I wish I knew more but am glad that kindness arrived just at the right time. There are angels on this earth and their goodness multiplies when they take you under their wing.
Off to see family abroad for Easter so bracing myself for the journey. Travelling alone, I often meet someone interesting or I read a whole book. Wonder what it will be this time. Have left chocolate crispie nests with mini eggs on the side - Easter wouldn’t be Easter without them - sentimental memories.
Sending warm wishes to all.

farview Sun 14-Apr-19 11:58:00

Just a quick'pop in'. As an infrequent visitor...have brought a beautiful home made carrot cake cake..just wishing you all well and hoping for peace of mind for lots of you!!
Has anyone heard from Misadventure? Is she alright?
Also what does TOYA mean?
Lovely to see you on form panache 🌷

Panache Sun 14-Apr-19 12:01:10

I am truly sinking out of sight with such goodies as Malteser Tiffin,Chocolate crispie nests with mini eggs,sourdough loaf with salted butter and so on and on......................I am so very weak in the knees and am finding it SO hard refusing.......
What wonderful offerings...............

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