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Happy Easter

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lemongrove Fri 19-Apr-19 12:37:52

Wishing all GNers a very Happy Easter and for those members with family problems or health problems, then
Hoping you will soon be well, or have the strength to get through things and achieve peace of mind.πŸ’

Urmstongran Fri 19-Apr-19 12:41:50

Thank you leongrove and the same to you and everyone who follows. What a lovely post.

Urmstongran Fri 19-Apr-19 12:42:54

Oops. Missed the β€˜m’! Your name seemed leonine that way 🦁

shysal Fri 19-Apr-19 16:16:47

Thank you lemongrove. May I also send Easter greetings to all Gnetters.

Cherrytree59 Fri 19-Apr-19 16:21:15

Thank tou Lemon
I also wish you and all GNers a peaceful Easter.

Enjoy the chocolate goodies 🍫
slimming clubs open on Tuesaday πŸ˜‹

CanadianGran Fri 19-Apr-19 16:35:33

Happy Easter to all of you.

Mapleleaf Fri 19-Apr-19 17:59:56

Thank you, lemongrove. I wish you and all GN's the same.

rafichagran Fri 19-Apr-19 18:05:14

Happy Easter everyone.

sodapop Fri 19-Apr-19 19:17:49

And from me too Happy Easter.

Doodle Fri 19-Apr-19 19:25:24

Happy Easter to you too lemon. Now get back to behind the bar at the Argy πŸ˜€

lemongrove Fri 19-Apr-19 19:29:27

Cut me some slack Doodle !

Doodle Fri 19-Apr-19 19:30:32

Oh ok. You can eat one of your Easter eggs first πŸ˜€

DanniRae Fri 19-Apr-19 19:43:51

"Happy Easter" to Everyone sunshine flowerswine

Callistemon Fri 19-Apr-19 20:21:46

Thank you lemongrove

Happy Easter to you too and peace and goodwill to all.

Grannybags Fri 19-Apr-19 21:05:56

Happy Easter everyone flowers

lemongrove Sat 20-Apr-19 11:27:09

Wonderful weather for all Grans organising Easter Egg Hunts.🐣🌞
I must make it more difficult for them this year, as last year they found them in five mins.

Celeste21 Sat 20-Apr-19 15:38:44

Thank you lemon grove. I actually never eat chocolate but this morning my husband gave me a lovely bunch of flowers, so I’m a happy Easter bunny. πŸ’ to all