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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 27-Feb-20 06:08:47

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but the ground is wet with what looks like sleet/snow coming down but not settling.
Hopefully my usual day on the buses to Buckingham and Bicester which makes me feel relaxed when I return home later.

Urmstongran Thu 27-Feb-20 06:31:47

Good morning Mick and everyone from a wet South Manchester. I’m awake super early so obviously it’s still dark. Kettle’s on and himself is still snoozing. All is so quiet at this time of day.

I feel sad this morning as we heard last night a dear friend who lives in Wales is not long for this world. I’ve been sat here thinking of all the happy times we have shared.

The car needs some attention today, nothing major but it’s a nuisance. Bit shopping later but nothing else planned for today. I think I might watch a film this afternoon.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all whether we have plans or, like me, none. x

ninathenana Thu 27-Feb-20 06:47:12

Morning everyone.

It's rained over night here in Kent but has stopped for now.
I did have hospital appointment thus morning but have had to postpone it.
So my day is free, what to do ?
Have a good day people.

Scentia Thu 27-Feb-20 06:47:29

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Another cold and wet day here, the doggie is getting fed up of this rain, I have told her that she won’t come to any harm if she gets wet but it hasn’t helped. If she would just realise, the quicker she walks the quicker she gets out of it but, no, she goes so slow and then stands looking at me as if I am the cruelest person in the world😂
Normal work day for me, DH and I have been so busy getting stuff out for the end of the month we are tired. I have tomorrow off to meet my DSis for lunch😃
Need to call doctors 8 o’clock for an appointment 🤞
I do hope that everyone has the best day possible today.❤️

BlueBelle Thu 27-Feb-20 06:50:49

Morning from Suffolk wet dark dank such miserable weather makes you feel a bit down doesn’t it I don’t mind in short bursts but when it goes on and on Off the work soon that ll brighten my day
Have a good one if possible everyone xx

dragonfly46 Thu 27-Feb-20 06:54:19

Good morning from damp Leicestershire.

Appointment with oncologist today then having a line fitted for the chemo tomorrow. Meanwhile putting DH on the shuttle bus to the other hospital where they are going to drain some of his blood in the hope of thinning it.

I hope Marydoll is feeling better and Mr *Gillybob is home.

Ginny42 Thu 27-Feb-20 06:54:43

Good morning Mick and all who follow. I read there would be snow further south, but it's raining in Cheshire. Stay warm and safe out and about today Mick. There's a blackbird singing it's heart out almost in defiance of the rain this morning.

Sorry to hear about your friend Urmston. Cherish the good times. flowers

It's painting group for me this morning and I'm still working on St. Mark's in Venice. It's been weeks now, but I'm such a fiddler and it IS a very big building! Then some lunch with a friend followed by shopping for another friend. That's my day, hope yours is a good one.

Hope you have a better day today marydoll. Gillybob you have my greatest admiration for simply keeping going through the toughest times. I hope you're improving too Dragonfly and all those feeling down or unwell are in my thoughts also. flowers

12Michael Thu 27-Feb-20 06:56:01

Its snowing here in Brackley now, if forecast is right , should be better later .

Ginny42 Thu 27-Feb-20 06:57:01

Crossed posts Dragonfly. Extra special wishes for you. That's a challenging day. Take care. flowers

Sar53 Thu 27-Feb-20 06:58:32

Good morning everyone from a very wet Essex by the sea. Cold as well I believe.
I'm off to Needlework plus later, a U3A group where I'm learning to do patchwork. I've only been once before but I really enjoyed it.
A big bag to take to the charity shop and a few things to get from the supermarket then home .
Here's hoping you all have a pleasant day.

Grammaretto Thu 27-Feb-20 07:09:01

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. White wonderland here. It must have fallen overnight.
Thinking of you Dragonfly and hope someone is with you.
Sending best wishes to Gilly, MaryDoll and all who are sad and struggling.
We've had some good news for a change.

kittylester Thu 27-Feb-20 07:12:40

Morning all from my bit if North Leicestershire where it is raining.

We should be meeting DD1 for lunch at one of our favourite pubs in Chatnwood Forest but she is travelling from the frozen north (well, Derbyshire!) so well see what she thinks.

Hope your plans go well dragonfly!

urmdton, sorry to hear about your friend. Our neighbour died on Tuesday. We have been neighbours for nearly 30 years and our little group is now depleted.

Thinking of the gillybobs and everyone with buggerations of any sort!

Lins1066 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:15:19

Good Morning Mick and all. It is cold on the S Welsh coast, snow on the hills but nothing low lying.

Hope all goes well with hospital appointments etc today, especially * Mr and Mrs dragonfly*.
Going to Sainsbury's later and cleaner is coming this morning.
Hope all have a good day and thinking of everyone with illness and worries, gilly and her DH, Marydoll.
Urmston 💐

Gingster Thu 27-Feb-20 07:35:25

What a dreary start to the day. The weather seems to be the same all over. It might brighten up this afternoon. This morning I have bowls with a group of pals. We don’t take it seriously, so it’s always fun. Dh has stopped coming as he is too competitive and it drives him crazy when people don’t take it seriously. It’s a shame! Having hair done this afternoon, and on to Bridge this evening. Again not a serious group. Again DH doesn’t com any more. He’s a good player. What a shame as he misses out on a lot of laughs. Oh well! A busy day. Good wishes to all.

Beechnut Thu 27-Feb-20 07:36:51

Good Morning everyone.
It’s light and wet with a grey sky, no snow.

I dog sat yesterday and I told him it’s alright to be able to push the door open when he comes back in but he’s got to learn to put his bum up against and push it shut behind him.

Hope you all have a good day 💐

brook2704 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:37:08

Good morning everyone from snowy Inverness. The sky is very grey and I think more snow is on the way
Looking forward to visiting DD1 and DGS later today
Enjoy the day everyone and hope those with struggles and worries have the best day they can 💐

Nanabanana1 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:40:00

Good morning from a damp Torbay, looks cold outside but I’m still in bed with a cup of tea. Off to knit and natter this morning then back home to do some baking as grandchildren coming for the weekend tomorrow and they are like termites (never stop eating)
Best wishes to all coping with illness hope the day is as good as possible.

Urmstongran Thu 27-Feb-20 07:46:46

‘Orf you jolly well go’ brook - safe journey!

Alygran Thu 27-Feb-20 07:48:20

Good morning from North Yorkshire. We have a bit of blue sky today. The standing water in the fields is starting to recede.
Off to meet my friend and go to Saltburn for fish and chips. I love to see the sea, even the cold North Sea.
Thinking of all who are unwell or struggling.
Dragonfly I hope your line procedure goes smoothly. Is someone taking you?
Have a good day everyone.

NannyJan53 Thu 27-Feb-20 07:49:11

Good morning from a dull, grey and rainy Black Country.

Partner is working from home today, so I had a bit of a lie in.

No real plans today, but will go out for a while to give Partner some quiet as he works.

So sorry to hear about your dear friend Urmston flowers
and also kitty flowers

Hoping all goes well with your hospital appointment Dragonfly Also thinking of Marydoll and gilly

Marydoll Thu 27-Feb-20 07:53:14

Good morning all from a very icy Glasgow. I looked out and there is a layer of ice on the conservatory roof, despite the conservatory having central heating. Never seen that before, so it must be pretty cold.
Be careful in the snow, Mick!

I was going to cancel my hairdressing appointment this morning, as I had a very disturbed sleep and couldn't face the effort to get there. However, Mr MDoll, has kindly said he will drive me there, to make it less exhausting and to stop me wittering on about the state of my hair!
I know I will enjoy it when I get there, as Thursday is the day all the regulars go in and I usually meet someone I know. There is usually much laughter and gossip to be heard! I of course will add my tuppence worth. wink

Those of you who know me, know I have naturally red hair.
Recently, it had become rather dull due to all my meds and I bought a shampoo especially for redheads to try and lift it. However, I'm not sure how I'm going to explain the strange pink highlights, where the few white streaks in my hair , have absorbed the red shampoo! blush 🤣

I have turned into a right moaning minnie, haven't I, despite the fact that you are all so generous and kind with your good wishes! I need an adventure to cheer me up give me some material for my next novella. grin

Special thoughts for, Urmstongran, Kitty, The Gillybobs, Dragonfly and her husband.
Scentia, I know you have been knocked for six by recent events, please listen to others, who have been in a similar situation and can offer advice. It's hard not to catastrophise think of the worst case scenario. 💐
Best wishes to anyone else who is struggling, I always worry I have missed someone.

Take care everyone and stafe safe.

cornergran Thu 27-Feb-20 08:01:08

Morning Mick, morning All from a grey, wet corner of Somerset. Catch up day here today. A few too many stairs and uneven steps yesterday have left me limping. Never mind, it was worth it. Sad news urmston flowers, good luck today dragonfly, Thinking of gilly, her husband and everyone with worries of any sort. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Brunette10 Thu 27-Feb-20 08:01:33

Good morning from a very, very cold Fife but the sun is out and shining brightly. Had a good day yesterday in the city, it was good to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Today is shopping day as tomorrow we have our DGS's. Oh dear it is a sad day for lots of our GN's and of course all of you with ailments, worries and sadness, too many to mention today I fear you know we are all thinking of you. flowers I hope today is as good as it can be for everyone. Take care.

gillybob Thu 27-Feb-20 08:02:54

Good morning from a cold but bright NE coast.

DH came home from hospital yesterday afternoon . Feeling quite miserable as he has had to be fitted with a catheter as unable to pass urine following his bladder op. He says he feels worse than when he went in first thing on Monday morning and looking at him I quite believe it. Has been in bed pretty much since we walked in the door .

Anyway I’m just finishing my second cup (of Yorkshire tea) then I have to go to “that bl**dy place” as there is a lot to catch up on. Could really do without it but didn’t win the lottery last night ....why do they keep picking the wrong numbers ?

Hope today goes okay for you and your DH dragonfly and that your chemo sessions are gradually coming to an end . Thinking of Marydoll too and hope she is feeling a bit better today . Thankfully her poorliness never seems to affect her sense of humour grin

Have a good Thursday everyone .

Love Gillybob xx

Harris27 Thu 27-Feb-20 08:07:33

So sad to hear that your husband isn’t feeling any better. So hard for you. Freezing today but no snow thank goodness we should be grateful. Off to work in a couple of hours first a doctors appointment hopefully not cancelled. Have a good day all.