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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 02-Apr-20 06:10:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight but its dry , will do my usual maybe some housework, but go and get my cycling magazine.
Before I close the door for the rest of the day.
Boredom is creeping in , but I relate to living on a desert island with this isolation, you have music ,films etc in when do you watch and when do you play a favourite CD
Take Care

Doorstop Thu 02-Apr-20 06:26:01

Good morning Mick and everyone,
Dry here in Hertfordshire, all very quiet with not any cars passing by. Paint delivery today, hoorah! DH is 73 worked all his life and was still working and he does not know how to fill the time he now has, not sure what happens when we run out of walls!
DS found a milk delivery service so at least we can have milk delivered.
Oh to walk round a garden centre again!
Kind thoughts to you all.

Esspee Thu 02-Apr-20 06:33:23

Good morning Mick,
Raining and windy here in the West of Scotland. Annoying as I had hoped to get out into the garden today to aid my recuperation from what may, or may not, have been a mild dose of CV19.
I tried doing a couple of loads of bedding yesterday but after hanging it on the line I was so shattered it was back to bed for the rest of the morning.
Planned to try some gentle seed sowing this morning, but, oh well, who knows? Maybe tomorrow😀.

Beechnut Thu 02-Apr-20 06:39:40

There will always be my walls Doorstop 🤣
Good Morning everyone from a dry and cloudy Severnside.

I’ve had a wobble this week. DD is feeling poorly and when I went out on Monday I was as all too glad to get back home.

A person in my street is a bearer and I got a bit paranoid about the number of times I have seen him going to work recently and have had to tell myself I am a silly beggar and it’s because the new chair I bought to go by the window is much higher than the old one.

I’ll try and be a bit more cheery today so stay safe and have the best day you can all. 🌻

Scentia Thu 02-Apr-20 06:47:28

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Sky looks lovely this morning, not sure how cold it is as I haven’t put the bins out yet.
Off to work shortly and I will walk the long way round to make the most of my exercise session.
Sending a special parcel to DD and DGS today, I have bought him some crayons and I have clothes, pyjamas and nappies here that he may not fit in when he next comes to stay!
DD is doing well sending me videos of him most days. It is 10 days since I saw him now😩 my DH can’t understand why I am so upset as I only see him once a week anyway! DH doesn’t understand the mind of a control freak, it’s just being told I can’t that hurts😂
We got a few orders at the factory yesterday so that cheered me up no end.
Take care everyone and stay safe.❤️

Doorstop Thu 02-Apr-20 06:49:17

I will send DH round to yours when we run out of walls Beechnut! Ha ha! He does a good job but does not clear up very well afterwards.
Went out in car with son yesterday to pick up DH meds and get fuel but it feels really weird out there and could not wait to get back home, so understand your ‘wobble’.

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Apr-20 06:50:48

Good morning Mick and everyone. Not full dawn here in the Gower only a few birds chirping so far.
Don't mean to chastise Mick but does a cycling magazine constitute essential shopping. I can imagine it's difficult for you since you are so used to your trips out and without companionship it's harder but please take care.
Happy Birthday 🎂 to your DH Doorstop.
Don't exceed yourself Esspee let your body do the talking.
Exciting day ahead, not, but will find things to do. First up being a load of washing. Got left over ham I kept back from yesterday so will use that up today.
Take care and stay safe everyone ❤️

brook2704 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:02:32

Good morning everyone from a very windy Inverness.

Ummm not sure about today yet ... I’d usually go out for a walk but with that very cold strong wind it doesn’t seem appealing at all .... I’ve got a couple of online exercise classes to get through later and then I could get stuck into the cleaning I suppose ....😨

Yesterday I received some lovely hand made cards from my 2 DGS who live in Cambridge - really cheered me up !! Scentia I know that feeling well !

Thinking especially of all GNetters facing worries and struggles 💐💐
Take care everyone

Grammaretto Thu 02-Apr-20 07:05:18

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Strong winds here.
Sorry you are bored Mick. I haven't reached that stage yet. Sorry you are poorly Esspee I hope you feel better soon.
I put out a plea for things we need in isolation and found parcels on my doorstep!
I wish I could get to the post office and post birthday gifts.
I must try not to listen to too much news as it makes me anxious.
Have as good a day as you can gransnet pals.

Sar53 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:09:54

Good morning everyone from a dry Essex by the sea.
DH will be going out at 8 to get our weekly supermarket shop. We have managed on only one visit a week, but he has a long list.
A walk later this morning. Reading, knitting, sewing and tv later.
Have the best day you can and stay safe xx

BlueSapphire Thu 02-Apr-20 07:11:47

Good morning from, well, I was going to say a very grey morning in Northampton, but there was a bright shaft of sunshine just then - but now gone again.

Still in bed but getting desperate for my cup of tea so had better stir, I suppose. The usual stuff this morning, shower, get dressed, do hair. Wash up, clean and disinfect everything in sight.

Then I plan on making a sausage casserole for the slow cooker, enough for two or three meals. And this afternoon trim the edges of the front lawn.

I may have a look at an online beginners ballet class which a dance friend recommended yesterday. If I can find it again on the laptop.

Funny, I'm OK in the mornings, keeping busy, but tend to have a wobble in the afternoon, then by about 5pm I'm ok again as I start my evening routine.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Rosalyn69 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:13:53

Good morning from sunny Gower...I see there is another Gower resident here.
The cat is poorly so I have an urgent online appointment with the vets who are running an emergency service only.
Then more of the same. Routine is the key for me

Curlywhirly Thu 02-Apr-20 07:22:26

Good morning all. About to go to Morrisons for my weekly shop of essentials. During the pandemic I have been going to Lidl as it has not been as busy as the main supermarkets, but I can't get everything I need there and just hope Morrisons has calmed down now, if not, I'll just go to Lidl and make do. Did some sewing yesterday, I do find it so relaxing, it's always been my favourite hobby; I really should do it more often.

Hope all those with worries have a better day, stay safe.

Sark Thu 02-Apr-20 07:25:15

Good Morning everyone.
The little bit of sun is is lovely except it is showing what a terrible job I did of cleaning the windows!
I thoroughly enjoyed writing letters to our little GC and posted them along with a magazine each. Our DD sent some nice photos of them opening them. Last night we video called and virtual played...all lovely but like a lot of GNs I really miss seeing all the family.
Work now and will have to have another go at the windows later!
Best wishes to all

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Apr-20 07:29:17

Did I misread Doorstop ? Perhaps if he's duped into thinking it's his birthday everyday he won't climb so many walls. Just so long as he doesn't expect pressies every day.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 02-Apr-20 07:30:51

Good morning from east London, grey but milder today. I did go shopping yesterday; it’s so much more civilised than a couple of weeks ago. While the queue went round the car park, I got in quite quickly although someone seems to have had fun with the direction arrows on the floor. But no bread flour. Topped up with petrol - £1.02 a litre - can’t remember when it was so cheap. I am going to the foodbank today - may just be 2 of us. Other than that, it’s my choir tonight so looking forward to seeing the gang.
Scentia, bit like you re the GDs; can’t believe I was relishing the idea of not doing 4-5 pickups a week while DD is on maternity leave. Have a good day.

cornergran Thu 02-Apr-20 07:34:03

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright-ish corner of Somerset. What is becoming the new routine for us today, some practical stuff in the morning and a walk after lunch. Finding new paths every day. Some furniture moving after yesterday’s painting, Mr C will do a little more painting, I’ll tidy a bit. Food delivery due at lunch time before our walk. Happy to sit down after that. Be gentle with yourselves everyone and please be careful out there.

Newquay Thu 02-Apr-20 07:37:02

Good morning all from a bright looking Staffs.
We’ve been self isolated for just over 2 weeks now-I do realise we’re blessed to have each other-Golden Wedding on Sat-it must be SO hard for folk on their own. We self isolated on advice of SIL who is ITU Consultant so we’re doing as we’re told! Local DD and lovely young neighbours keep us with provisions when we play the wiping with bleach solution game!
Must shower and do hair early today cos French goddaughter will be video/messenger this morning-that will test the new vocabulary. She’s usually a mobile hairdresser too.
Take care everyone and follow advice/instructions.

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Apr-20 07:39:03

Rosalyn I have noticed you before on this thread and replied to something you posted, you just haven't spotted my posts. I haven't noticed any other Gower posters apart from us.

Maybelater2020 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:40:10

Good morning Mick, and all to follow, from my desert island to yours. That thought Mick has prompted me to look and see how many past recordings of Desert Island Discs are on BBC Sounds. Should pass some time.

Not sure what the weather is like here in Chester. I could see a shaft of light through my bedroom curtains a short while ago but it has disappeared now.

It is my granddaughter's birthday today so will have some facetime with her but otherwise I will just let the day unfold.

Take care everyone.

Lins1066 Thu 02-Apr-20 07:42:37

Good Morning Mick and all..
I am keeping busy, made soup and a quiche yesterday. We were lucky to have an online shop from Tesco delivered last night. Went for a short walk and saw rainbows and teddy bears in some windows.
The sun is out at the moment in our part of the S Welsh coast, not far from the two other GN's on Gower.
Thinking of all with worries and illness, we are all having wobbles I think. Thank goodness for Gnet. 💐💐

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Apr-20 07:44:21

Oh by the way, hope the vet can make your cat well again Rosalyn

mancgirl Thu 02-Apr-20 07:46:10

Good morning from a grey sky in Manchester. Some friends called yesterday. It was like playing knock and run. They were passing on their daily walk. The bell rang, couldn't think who it would be. When I gingerly opened the door they were at the bottom of the drive. Mr Manc was pressure washing round the back. Went and called him round and we had a lovely shouted conversation from garden to drive. Shouted because of distance and both dh's bit deaf. Lovely to see them, gave me a bit of a lift. Read gs2 a story over facetime last night. Think it was a success. He listened and joined in with his favourite book. Almost lost it though when we said goodnight. More chores this morning, walk this afternoon. Take care, keep safe.
(((. hugs))) have the best day you can.

LullyDully Thu 02-Apr-20 07:48:05

I will join you all today if I may. Cloudy here in Hampshire. I hope to get out into the garden. I feel so sad that all the plants are being binned. If cycle shops stay open why not nurseries with exercise for the oldies. Have a nice day . See you tomorrow.

DoraMarr Thu 02-Apr-20 07:49:37

Good morning from Birmingham, where the sun is shining and the clouds are dispersing. Another day of isolation for me, after what may have been a mild dose of the virus last weekend. I’m looking forward to being able to walk in the park on Monday.
I had a delivery of fresh food from a restaurant yesterday. All I will say in my defence is that the online ordering was a little non- specific, which is why I received four kilos of bananas instead of four. I have frozen one bunch in slices, and I put the rest of the surplus outside my door in a basket and sent a WhatsApp to my building to come and help themselves.
I’m going to look up a tv exercise class today, then make a start on The Plague, in French and English.
Have as good a day as possible, everyone.