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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 29-May-20 06:09:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Again another bright sunny start to the day here in Brackley this morning.
Usual Friday shop ,although the queing is getting less ,and signs of panic buying of roughly 2 months back has disappeared.
After that TV , lunch, more TV ,kip for an hour , then usual routine .
Take Care ,

Pantglas2 Fri 29-May-20 06:20:15

Wow you are early this morning Mick! I’ve just finished my yoga and enjoying the sunshine 🌞 on my garden swing seat when I thought I’d start my post ready for opening! Enjoy your shop!

We’re having fishnchips this evening and will take them down to the quay in Conwy (taking care not to share them with the seagulls of course).

Our FM will be making an announcement at lunchtime so maybe a few more freedoms to come 🤞stay safe everyone x

grandMattie Fri 29-May-20 06:26:00

Morning Mick. Lovely bright day here in E Kent. Not that warm here.
Getting my asparagus fix this morning, together with vegetables.
Finished the quilt for DGD last night. Realised to my utter astonishment that it has taken me only 4 weeks. It is only the second one I have ever made. Although full of errors, it looks lovely.
gilly and marydoll, I sincerely hope that today is pain free, physically and metaphorically. How much more can life throw at you?
Stay well, stay safe and see up to 6 family members from Monday! Yay!

Urmstongran Fri 29-May-20 06:37:34

Sun’s up! 🌞

Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎 I heard it’s gorgeous over there too. We got a couple of photos yesterday of our grandchildren (7y and 3y) in the paddling pool and the water was sparkling in the sunshine. Lovely.

Didn’t do anything yesterday. Himself did two walks. I just read my novel by Hilary Mantel and put a salad together. I watched the last episode of ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ before turning in (an hour ahead here so 11pm was a late night for me!).

I will go out for a walk today and we will stop for coffee. I slept like a log last night - 8 hours solid not even waking once! That only happens for me very occasionally. Wonderful feeling so rested.

Hope Friday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Beechnut Fri 29-May-20 06:38:08

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A beautiful sunny morning.

Enjoy your asparagus grandMattie. I had some for my tea the other evening. Just that and a piece of bread and butter.
I plan to make a fish pie later.

Pottering and craft today.

Enjoy this lovely day all and hope it eases your troubles if you have them 🌻

Brunette10 Fri 29-May-20 06:42:41

Good Morning from a glorious Fife. Up very early today, feel I've had my night's rest. I think it may have something to do with the fact that we are having a visit to our DD today to see our lovely DGS's and I just can't wait. I know it's obvious with social distancing but it will be so nice to have a wee bit of normality into our lives. Since it's so nice they will be running about in their garden playing with everything so social distancing won't be so much of a problem esp with the youngest of 18 months old. I just love mornings like this and has fair cheered me up. I hope today is as good as it can be for you all. Chin up and take care.

Lins1066 Fri 29-May-20 06:46:54

Good Morning Mick and all from the S Welsh coast. Hot here yesterday and forecast is the same for the foreseeable future. 🌞
It is MrLins's birthday today, steaks and a bottle of Malbec on the menu for later. DS and partner won't be able to visit as they live 30 miles away, it will be hard not to see them.
A friend left her copy of Hilary Mantel's 'The Mirror and the Light' on the doorstep last night, that will keep me occupied for a while.
Stay safe everyone.

Ginny42 Fri 29-May-20 06:48:52

Good morning Mick and early birds from another glorious morning in Cheshire. A blackbird and a robin are visiting the garden and a blue tit is feeding on the greenfly on the roses because I haven't sprayed them this year. All roses are lovely but the yellow ones are exquisite.

Well done on finishing your quilt grandMattie I'm sure it looks lovely. Are you taking orders? I gave my neighbour some scarves yesterday as she's run out of fabric for her sewing mania and she made me two beautiful kaftans from two of the big ones.

I was busy in the garden yesterday as I'm having a wall pointed next week and I had some clearing to do. I'm just trying to decide whether I'll take a painkiller for the aches or whether they'll go when I start moving about.

Walking with my neighbours at 9.00. A leisurely day then, with calls to family and friends and a supermarket delivery this afternoon. After being most resistant to having food delivered I think I may never go to a supermarket again.

Have a good day everyone. Warm wishes to all who may be struggling or poorly. We're getting there.

Urmstongran Fri 29-May-20 06:54:59

Ginny42 I only appear to be an early bird - I’m cheating when I’m over here as the clock now says almost 8am!

grandMattie Fri 29-May-20 06:55:48

beech, thank you. I absolutely love asparagus! We have plain steamed with homemade mayo. Every night... Yum!
The season is so short, from St. George’s day (23 April) to Midsummer Day. They grow it locally, so we have the farm shop's own asparagus, picked barely a mile away and a few hours previously. We’re their best customer 😂

grandMattie Fri 29-May-20 06:59:11

ginny I would love to take orders, but once lockdown is over, I shall be busy catching up! Also i may well become very slow, and as I said earlier, very amateurish.
Also with the painter starting downstairs, all will be in a mess. They’re here for another 3 to 4 Weeks...

Puzzler61 Fri 29-May-20 07:02:31

Good morning Mick and Everyone from sunny Worcs.
Yesterday we had a call from the carpet company offering dates to fit our new carpet that would have been done week after lockdown began. Back then the room was empty - now we’ll need to empty it again as gradually everything got put back in to enable us to use it.
Our pet tabby is having a much needed operation today so once we have delivered her to the vet we’ll be fretting about her until we can bring her home. She’ll needs lots of peace and TLC over the weekend.
Fish for tea this evening , the only way I remember when it’s Friday!
Have a good day everyone and to all with worries or struggling with pain or sadness, be kind to yourselves 🦋

Grandmafrench Fri 29-May-20 07:03:06

Good Morning Everyone!

Start of another glorious day. I’m off to the Eye Specialist this morning for an eye test. Definitely need some new glasses and, although this country is packed with huge stores selling frames, you can only have an eye test by a Doctor who specialises. I’ve been very lucky to get an appointment - it often takes a 6 month wait outside of an emergency referral.

Hoping for a less stressful day today...testing apart....I ran into the house yesterday to look up the type of spider that appeared next to me on the house wall, and collided with both a chair leg and my desk! That really hurt. I banged my knee on the desk and have almost removed my little toe nail! Not pleased!

I couldn’t recall whether the spider ( with a ‘skull’ engraving on its back) was dangerous or not. My Google search revealed it to be a False Widow (not dangerous like a Black Widow) but capable of a painful bite. Being in pain made me decide it had to go but DH calmed me enough to put it in a glass (with postcard on top) which he then carried off to the vineyard, so it could scuttle away. It had better not scuttle back here, I said. Don’t think they’re homing spiders, he said!

Before the day ended, I limped to our recycling bin with some empty cans, on one of which I cut my finger!

My DH had put a big Apple Cider vinegar bottle into the larder cupboard but in the wrong place. I moved it. Why? Various bottles and glass pots toppled over. I stopped them falling onto the tiles, imagining half the night spent cleaning up. This further horror was avoided. A small jar of dried Oregano hit the deck but didn’t break. (There is a god!)

By the time I climbed into bed, I felt like I might be starring in an old episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em....

Today, with its threats of all bars, restaurants, cafés opening on Monday here is a bit of a thing to get my head around. Since the French can barely manage the 1m’ll be some time before we’re eating out again, or in.

Enjoy your new family freedoms, everyone. you really deserve it.

Hugs from 🇫🇷🌹🏝

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 29-May-20 07:09:47

Morning everyone from an already warm South Notts. It's very unusual for me to be up this early. Have had some trouble with the computer which needed a password - could I remember the last one I used? Of course not. Luckily I'd written it down - somewhere.
Hope all is well for everyone during these strange times and that we all stay safe and things get back to normal at the right time, without rushing too soon.

Nortsat Fri 29-May-20 07:34:17

Good morning Mick and team ... from a sunny if slightly chilly east London.

I need to speak to a GP today for a repeat prescription of a recent medication. It will not be my GP as she has recently left the practice. I had been with her for 17 years, so am a little concerned about who will replace her.

Tonight we plan a celebration meal, pave sirloin steaks, champagne and cake, to mark the 6 years which have passed since I had a hysterectomy for cancer. My partner has bought me a present but I don’t know what it is. I will receive it at the dinner table, this evening.
I think he may deserve a medal for putting up with me!

Have a good day all.
grandMattie any photos of your quilt for us to see?
‘Let’s be careful out there’.

dragonfly46 Fri 29-May-20 07:34:30

Good morning - ☀️ is up in Leicestershire!

Happy Birthday Mr Lins love Malbec although trying to cut out the booze.

I love your missives Grandmafrench. We used to camp for 3 weeks in France every summer and loved it. I love the thought of taking the spider into the vineyard - it conjure up such a lovely picture.

Not much on the cards today - may tidy the garage.
Beginning to feel sad about lockdown now the end is in sight for all my friends and family but not us. I feel our group will get overlooked now people can start getting together.

Nanabanana1 Fri 29-May-20 07:35:02

Good morning all from a bright and breezy Torbay, hoping to buy some fresh Brixham fish today from a fish seller on Paignton Harbour, oh the excitement!!
One good thing about lockdown it has made me use small local businesses instead of relying on the supermarkets too much.
Hope you all have as good a day as possible.

brook2704 Fri 29-May-20 07:38:24

Good morning everyone from a misty Inverness. The sea haar has rolled in overnight but we’re all set for another beautiful sunny day later 😀

Oooh a spider with a skull on its back sounds awful grandmafrench, I hope he’s gone forever, it would have given me such an awful fright ...

Similar to brunette today , I’ll be off to my DD2 garden this afternoon watching DGS1 who’s 6 and DGD who’s 5 , playing in the garden - probably in the paddling pool ! I feel so lucky but I also feel for the lots of GP not able to meet up yet, your time will come - stay patient and strong ❤️

Wishing everyone the best day possible and take care whatever you’re doing 💐

Elizabeth1 Fri 29-May-20 07:42:26

Good morning Brunette 10 and All as you say it is a beautiful start to the day here in Fife I’m dreaming of my family visiting perhaps tomorrow my dd is working today I’m not going to see them today I had the bestest sleep ever I had a green tai curry for dinner last night it was delicious from the local Chinese carry out and slept very well after my usual tipple. Here’s to a good summers day everyone sunshine enjoy your family meet-ups

BlueSapphire Fri 29-May-20 07:47:26

Good morning everyone, lovely and sunny here in Northampton.

Yesterday is best forgotten....... although I did manage to speak to a doctor and he gave me a repeat prescription, and also decided I could try something stronger and more long-term acting. DDIL will pick up from the pharmacy tomorrow, bless her.

Slept much better under the summer duvet last night. Have just been hoovering upstairs while it is still cool, now having a tea break and will attack the stairs next, then steam clean the kitchen floor. Will try a short walk to the end of the road, have coffee and then await my next session of phone therapy. A curry to be made this afternoon.

Hoping for a pleasant day for all.

Gingster Fri 29-May-20 07:49:05

Morning all. Lovely and sunny with a gentle breeze here in Essex. Sitting in my conservatory with a cuppa and little pooch snoozing., reading GN messages. A lovely start to the day.

Saw my youngest GD aged 4 yesterday in the garden, it’s so hard to keep a distance. Such a lovely interesting age. Hopefully see some other family members on Monday. Can’t wait.

Poor you Grandmafrench what a day you had of it. Fresh start today and BE CAREFUL.

grandmattie is your quilt patchwork? I made lots and lots of hexagonals but found sewing them together was tricky. I don’t have a machine. I passed a huge bag of them over to my sister in law and she made several things from them. A tablecloth, a cushion cover and a bag. And gave them all back to me. What a star 🌟

Urmstongran wasn’t The Real Marigold Hotel lovely. A really nice group with their different personalities and backgrounds.

Hope GILLYBOB is ok and progressing with her problems. One day at a time.!

Also Bluesaphire getting braver every day 👍

Marydoll hope today is better for you and pain free ♥️

Have a peaceful day everyone. 🌺

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 29-May-20 07:51:20

Good morning from east London, sun is shining, blue sky but that bit of coolness hanging around. The sun cream will be out when I play tennis later this morning; wonder what the LTA will make of the latest relaxations. Item on the radio saying only 50% of people adhering to rules; based on my walks recently, it looks like the Government is behind the game in relaxation. However I am looking forward to going for a walk with DD and sitting in a garden with friends. Hope you have a good day.

Marydoll Fri 29-May-20 07:52:03

Good morning Mick and all the early risers. It is a glorious morning ☀️here in Glasgow, it's not often I say that.

Grandmafrench, we should rename you Grandmacalamity! Sorry for laughing! That's a normal day for me! 😉

Yesterday, I was pottering in the garden, when I caught my arm on a dead branch (DH's fault of course!), I thought I had only scratched it, until I saw the blood running down my arm. Thank goodness my tetnus jab is up to date.
I went in to clean it up, but it wouldn't stop bleeding., probably to do with my meds.
Trying to to clean it with my left hand was difficult and I was getting into a right fankle.
DH, God bless him, came to help. He offered me a small Peppa pig plaster , which wouldn't have covered a pin prick, the cut was three inches long! 🤣

There are quite a few rough areas on the trees , where DH had lopped our trees in the spring, so he and I are going out early to make them safer for when DGD eventually comes down to visit ( for her three week sleepover, she has demanded). It is so warm already, we ( royal we) don't want to be working in the heat.

At four and a half years old she has morphed from a pretty, little princess into a wild tomboy and I suspect she will see the trees in our garden as climbing heaven. We need to keep her as safe as we can, she is fearless or is it reckless????.😉

DH and DS1 is delighted that , as of yesterday, golf 🏌️⛳ is now allowed here in Scotland, although DH is wary about playing due to my shielding.
He needs a break from me ( and my moaning), so. I have suggested he plays and strips off before he comes in the house. The neighbours will be traumatised, if they spot him!😱
DS has somehow managed to arranged a golfing, business meeting at Gleneagles on Monday. He is calling it a social distancing conference. DH is not amused!

Hoping that Gilly has had some good news.
Take care all and Brunette, have a great day, you have waited a long time for this.
I haven't noticed Jacq10 posting recently. I hope she is ok after her fall. Also, I know Annsixty, reads this thread, I hope your pain levels are no too high, Ann . 💐

kittylester Fri 29-May-20 08:00:52

Morning all from a very sunny North Leicestershire.

We had a lovely chat with neighbours last night and arranged to have a drink every Thursday in future even if there is no clapping.

I slept badly last night, which always happens when the guidelines change. Although we will be able to see at least DD1 soon.

Hoping today is a good day for everyone especially gilly and Mary.

Marydoll Fri 29-May-20 08:04:02

So many posts, since I started slowly typing at 7.30am!

brook, enjoy your day too and Bluesapphire, you will get there. You think you will never get out of that black hole, but you will, take it from someone who has been there, three times with post natal depression.

You have taken a giant leap, by asking for help, it's not easy. I didn't ask, others took responsibility, I couldn't.
There is no instant cure, it's baby steps all the way. However, one morning you will waken up and you will know that you feel different. 💐
I hope today is a better one for you.