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More happy with my lot since the start of Coronavirus!

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jennilin Sun 31-May-20 12:48:07

Putting the huge, constant sadness for the loss of life aside for a minute or two , I have now decided that I am happy with my lot. This has put things into perspective for me , I am questioning my priorities more. I am so grateful for my grandchildren, my husband , even though he has dementia and ms. I'm not worried about wrinkles or thinning hair anymore and all the other stuff that comes with ageing.
I think that this situation has made most people more considerate to others. When we come out the other side I am hoping that the world will have changed for the better .

OceanMama Sun 31-May-20 13:50:57

I feel the same way. Legitimising of being more of a hermit, slowing down, being able to have a break and take stock of my life and reshape it. While I know it's been hard and tragic for many and I wouldn't choose for us to have gone through this, I have found the silver lining for myself. Being able to step back has really helped with the struggles of the grief process for me too. I do acknowledged it has plunged many into that same process though. It's nothing I couldn't have chosen to do without a pandemic but, without the requirement, I'm not sure I'd have felt it was an ok thing to do. This gave me permission. It has brought it's challenges and one of my children hasn't coped well. There are things I miss and I know there are challenges ahead as this goes on.

threexnanny Sun 31-May-20 17:07:23

The loss of life has been horrendous, but I agree this has been a unique opportunity to take stock of all areas of our lives. Isolation has been the most difficult, but peoples inventiveness for coping strategies has been really remarkable.

Floradora9 Sun 31-May-20 19:07:52

I think I have Stockholm syndrome I am quite used to this way of life and sometimes feel put out if someone interupts it . DGC are hundred of miles away so no hope of seeing them in the near future but we zoom frequently . Tesco delivers our shopping or we click and collect at Asda . The lovely weather has really been a bonus as we have a lovely garden and conservatory so live in lots of light most of the day . I would just love some fresh Scottish strawberries. We both could do to see a dentist but living with the problem at the moment .

Jomarie Sun 31-May-20 19:43:26

Mmmm - I see a trend forming - one which I have felt (in my bones) for a little while now. Maybe people are becoming more honest about what is important to them rather than cow-towing (silently) to what others deem to be top priority ?

G/net has always been a venue for all the human traits - honesty, hypocrisy, denial, jealousy etc. etc, Some people have the courage of their convictions others are just in it for the joy of seeing their "outrageous" views in print and the resultant responses!!!
Personally I applaud the courageous posters and delight in the others - so entertaining!!!

Everyone on here is suffering in some form whether it be missing the grandchildren, bereavement, domestic violence, health problem or just boredom - but we are being brave enough to admit our frailties which do, indeed, help many others who are suffering the same - one misery does not/should not eclipse another.

I probably won't post this missive as my thoughts are a bit random tonight -

Aah well - here goes !!!

I expect to be lambasted as "patronising" and a miriad of other insults but - so be it. Crash helmet in place ! grin

Gingster Sun 31-May-20 20:32:33

I feel exactly the same as many of you on here. Life needed to take a breather. I have many hobbies and usually am out of the house most days, persuing my interests. I can honestly say I haven’t missed any of them. I’ve spoken to friends and family daily and keep in touch that way. Maybe this feeling will wear off but at present I’m quite happy to make do with what I have .

etheltbags1 Sun 31-May-20 21:22:57

I'm enjoying life too but feel so sad at all the deaths, my life is slow, getting dressedat lunchtime, maybe no having a shower, wearing the same clothes for 2 days if I want to.etc. I love to just to be in my garden relaxing, having a nap in the afternoon . Lovely.

Blinko Sun 31-May-20 21:49:12

Some of us GNers are the fortunate ones, aren't we? Not having to worry about a job or an income. Not having to travel anywhere if we don't feel safe doing so. Able to take time out and recharge our batteries.

I am grateful too that our ACs are able to continue working, doing so from home, so no travel worries there either.

It's when you stop to think of the outside world, where the sadness comes in. Who knows when it will end.

Grammaretto Mon 01-Jun-20 06:38:11

I agree in some ways and probably if we weren't shielding together, I would be feeling the same but I am aware of my DH becoming more frail by the day.
It's as if we are being plunged into old age before our time.
Before covid, we enjoyed our weekly trips into the city for a meal and maybe the cinema and the hospital. Now it's just the hospital!

We had friends to stay and enjoyed hosting our many volunteers who helped us with various community projects which we had helped to found.

I love that the planet is having a bit of a breather and I hope that more good things will emerge as the world emerges from the pandemic but selfishly, I miss a lot particularly being unable to help my children or our parents at this time.

Humbertbear Mon 01-Jun-20 08:16:44

I have found lockdown to be quite enjoyable but I am lucky. We live in a house which gives us room to have our own space and we have a garden. We’ve also been able to source food from delivery services without too much bother,
The positives:
I’ve spoken to friends much more than I usually do
I’ve re- discovered a love of growing plants on the patio
I’ve been painting, knitting, sewing and reading
I’ve got rid of yet more books and tidied cupboards
I’ve tried out lots of new recipes.

In short, I do not plan to return to my formerly hectic lifestyle but will continue in a slower lane

Humbertbear Mon 01-Jun-20 08:17:37

Sorry - I’m also taking a lot more exercise (can we please have an edit button on our contributions)

wendyann23 Mon 01-Jun-20 08:52:48

I think I must be in the minority then, I miss my grown up children and grandchildren who live too far away for a day trip and not sure when I can see them. I rely on public transport and miss my bus trips out, I miss going into a cafe for a coffee and I miss shopping with friends. I miss my weekly social groups.This is a very lonely life when you live alone and phone calls, zoom and Skype are just not the same. I am making the most of living in lockdown but would love life to get back to normal but don’t think it will ever be the same again. And the loss of life has been horrific and just hope that the number of deaths continues to fall daily.

TwiceAsNice Mon 01-Jun-20 09:02:35

I have found more time to do stuff I didn’t have time for if you know what I mean! However I would not like this long term. I’m still working two days a week but it’s much harder to do my job at home, granddaughters have gone back to school today ( in yr 6) but their mental health has definitely suffered especially the one and my daughters have become considerably more anxious and tense which has been sad to see.

I’m grateful we are all well and I know I’m luckier than some but there’s lots of things we as a family have missed, a holiday, granddaughters last term fun events which we’ll never get back and lots more.

I wonder if you’re all trying to convince yourselves because you can’t change it anyway

Alexa Mon 01-Jun-20 09:16:58

OceanMama, how well you express just how I think and feel.

Smileless2012 Mon 01-Jun-20 09:26:29

I too am happy with my lot jennilinsmileand learned some time ago that rather than waste my time and energy trying to change something that cannot be changed, or mend something that cannot be mended, life is better when I don't try to do either of those things.

TBH I haven't and am not finding the lock down particularly difficult or stressful. Rather like Blinko and Humbertbear, we are fortunate to live where we do and being retired have no need to worry about getting back to work and have no financial worries.

There are things I miss but that said have no plans to make any changes, apart from going to my hair dresser when I can.

Smileless2012 Mon 01-Jun-20 09:33:09

PS forgot to say liked your post Jomariesmile

Hetty58 Mon 01-Jun-20 09:39:03

Humbertbear, yes a slowdown has many benefits. We've had time for reflection and to appreciate the small everyday things that really enhance our lives.

I've been eating and sleeping really well. Migraines (caused by rushing around) have gone. Getting back to basics and simplifying life is a change I want to make permanent.

gillybob Mon 01-Jun-20 09:51:35

Well I am most definitely not happy with my “lot” . Things have gone from bad to worse since the start of this CV pandemic .

My business is teetering on the brink of collapse.
We have no income but still have to go to work .
My son and his family are about to lose their home.
My daughter is so lonely she cries on the phone.
I haven’t seen my DGC for months .
My daughter is being told she must return to work or face zero income but I’m not allowed to look after my granddaughter as I normally would.
My DH is really poorly and in desperate need of an operation.
My DH’s Scans have been cancelled
I desperately need to see a dentist but can’t.
I need to see an maxillo facial consultant but can’t

But on the positive side I have clean cupboards.

Houndi Mon 01-Jun-20 10:11:26

I think lockdown has made us appericate the little things.I love the time i get in my pool time on my hammock in the garden and all the money i save each month.At this rate i think i will be able to buy a 3rd house

NanaPlenty Mon 01-Jun-20 10:14:36

Been appreciative of the slowdown and lack of external stressors. But having said that it’s been a terrible time for so many and so sad. I hope we will have gained some kindness but I fear lockdown may leave some lasting mental scars on many. I worry for the little ones - I know they are generally fairly resilient but they must think we’ve all gone crazy saying you can’t hug anyone! Still missing my family but on the plus side finally getting to grips with a good sensible healthy eating plan.👍

gillybob Mon 01-Jun-20 10:14:46

Really ? grin

gillybob Mon 01-Jun-20 10:16:01

Any chance you could rent your 3rd house out to my DS and his family Houndi ? they’re really not bothered about a pool or hammock.

wendyann23 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:22:11

Gillybob my heart goes out to you and your family at this strange time. I think people forget that there is also financial hardship as a consequence of lockdown. OK if you are retired and can choose to isolate and make the most of lockdown but the economic consequences of this are going to reverberate for years. It is our children and grandchildren that are going to pay the price for the deep recession that is ahead of us. Like you I can see no positives in lockdown.

Smileless2012 Mon 01-Jun-20 10:23:45

I hope things begin to improve for you and your family gillybobflowers

luluaugust Mon 01-Jun-20 10:31:05

Having read your post gillybob I think it would be quite wrong for me to be unhappy with my lot. Like so many others I could do with a hospital visit which will now be done by phone, useless without x ray. What everyone said was a united nation for a few weeks, is going to become a divided one soon.