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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 02-Jul-20 06:11:55

Good Morning Everyone,
It dry start but with some cloud this morning , anyway my day ahead .
I will get a bus late morning to Bicester , small shop do a walk about as I want to check the cafe situ at the bakery in go to in the main street .
Also yesterday , I did manage to get in contact via Facebook with a hairdressers so I can get my hair done soon, was told to go in and book Monday the day of opening , and I would only get a wet cut , but as long as its neat and tidy and it makes me look better great.
Take Care ,

grandMattie Thu 02-Jul-20 06:28:32

Good morning from an overcast E Kent.
Oh Mick, how wonderful it must be to have a haircut in sight! I haven’t tried mine yet. The poor woman will be swamped and, although my hair is now long, I need neither colour nor shaping. I’ll leave it until August.
There were roadworks all night at the end of our road. Our Victorian sewers broke in two places about a year ago, and tankers have been taking the sewage away for some time. Naturally this has damaged our medieval roads. At least it is all in order and ticketed-boo now.
My Spanish teacher is giving us extra contact via Zoom over the holidays. We’re having a class today. She also told us that next term we’ll only have electronic Classes, which is a bummer. It’s hard enough concentrating in the classroom.
Be good if given instructions to rest or take it easy (*Marydoll*); have a peaceful day, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be happy, stay safe.

Marydoll Thu 02-Jul-20 06:29:49

Good morning Mick and all who follow from a damp and grey Glasgow. I have been waiting for you to open up shop* Mick*, as I have hardly slept a wink!.

I hope you enjoy your day out, Mick, but be careful! I ordered a pack of face masks yesterday for when I get out and about to hospital appointments again. They were pretty expensive.
However, another of my hospital appointments was cancelled yesterday due to Covid. I thought we were making progress.🤔 There seems no end to it all.

I ended up decamping to the spare room during the night and DH hasn't even noticed I'm gone!😠 The side effects of my new meds are causing problems, but I have to dure it out. It could be months if I see any improvement, if any!
Everything always seems worse during the night.
If I hadn't moved next door, I wouldn't have been responsible for my actions. DH wouldn't have lasted the night. His snoring was horrendous.

I have nothing planned, apart from getting rid of stuff from my craft room. It needs a makeover!
I used to take bits and pieces that I no longer wanted into school and put it in the art cupboard. That way I felt less guilty at wasting money on my stash..😁

I'm looking forward to hearing the posts from sunny Spain and fabulous France. They always cheer me up!

Take care everyone.

Marydoll Thu 02-Jul-20 06:30:56

Good morning, Grandmattie!😁

Scentia Thu 02-Jul-20 06:31:11

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It looks a little grey out there today but hopefully the sun will find his hat at some point today!
I have had the most fantastic two days looking after my DGS and it was sad to drop him back home last night. Well he is turning into the most handsome boy and such a character! My DD has missed him so much though.
Today I am at the factory and then I will spend the afternoon tidying my garden, it looks like a jungle!!
I had a message from our favourite Micropub yesterday telling us how we can get a drink on Saturday when he opens again. Sounds a lot better with the table service etc.. I won’t be going this weekend though as I am working but it’s good to know he has a plan.
I think I will try to get tickets to Alton Towers so I can take some of the kids I work with. I will have to invite a bag holder too so need to think about who that will be!! Last time I went there I was with a group of teenagers and we had full run of the park before it opened, I had 4 consecutive goes on Rita and wondered why I had a bad neck the next day😂. Happy Days

Anyway you lot, you all have a good day if you can and remember to smile at the next person you see, it is contagious😁😁😁

Greyduster Thu 02-Jul-20 06:35:02

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is a dreary wet day in South Yorkshire on what is our fifty-fourth wedding anniversary. Mr GD deserves a medal as big as a frying pan, bless him! Nothing much planned with the weather as it is, but a nice dinner later this evening. Have a good day folks!

Bellasnana Thu 02-Jul-20 06:40:05

Good morning all from Malta. No need to tell you the weather forecast. It’s 🔥🔥🔥 as usual.

Had a lovely day yesterday made all the more special by the many good wishes I received from the kind grans on this thread. Thanks again.

Happy birthday to benjamina today! Hope you have a day doing something you enjoy. By the way, you mentioned you are in the NW. I’m originally from Chester. Are you anywhere near?

Mick you will be relieved to get your hair cut. I’m off to have my roots done this morning for the second time since restrictions were relaxed. Still need to wear a mask and take my own towel though.

Have a good day whatever you are doing and best wishes to those who are struggling. ☀️

Bellasnana Thu 02-Jul-20 06:41:41

Crossed posts, Greyduster! Wishing you a very happy anniversary. Congratulations!! That’s a great achievement!💐

cornergran Thu 02-Jul-20 07:04:03

Morning Mick, morning All. Cloudy and damp in our corner of Somerset. Indoor faffing this morning then with luck a garden tidy this afternoon once the weather clears. Enjoyed a walk round some NT grounds yesterday, all very safe and well managed. Sounds a more than difficult night marydoll, any chance of you resting today? Congratulations to Mr and Mrs GD, relax and enjoy your day. You’re whizzing about mick, it must be good to have a routine back but please be careful out and about. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

Beechnut Thu 02-Jul-20 07:13:52

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is cloudy once again. Perhaps it will turn out glorious like yesterday afternoon.

Happy Anniversary Greyduster and Happy Birthday benjamina I hope you both have a lovely day 🍾🎂🎉🎉

Could I have a look through your unwanted craft stash please Marydoll 😃

I need to look through some photos to have printed as some of the ones I have in frames need refreshing So I might do that later.

Have the best day you can all and to BlueSapphire 👋

Urmstongran Thu 02-Jul-20 07:21:04

Boy it’s hot here already! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎 where I’ve just had to switch on the large ceiling fan! Highs of mid 30°C forecast this area. I’ve just tuned into Talk Radio TRE which a friend at ladies on Tuesday recommended. Local news interspersed with music.

Himself is out on his walk, then after his shower he will do the weekly grocery shop for us 3.

Not a beach day. It’s nice to sit and have a day completely in the cool out of the sun. I shall do a mop through, clean the bathroom and wipe everywhere down with a damp cloth which will take me all of ... erm, half an hour. No plans otherwise.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Greyduster!

Hope Thursday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Pittcity Thu 02-Jul-20 07:24:50

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
I am helping a friend set up a smartphone this morning and join family on Zoom for Jay's pub quiz this evening.

I was unsure what I'd catch on a bus before CV Mick. Keep washing your hands.

Happy Anniversary to the Greydusters and Happy Birthday benjamina

Brunette10 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:28:13

Good Morning to all and to those who follow. It's brighter here in Fife than it was yesterday which was a yuk day. Hoping it lasts. Happy Anniversary Greyduster I hope you both have a lovely day 🍾🎂🎉. Venturing out today with DH for a short while, need to get out for a little while. Marydoll - not so good at all you've had a miserable night. Maybe try and slowly do your craft room today, you must be exhausted. Thinking of all those with concerns and worries. Mick you are sooooo lucky getting your hair cut. Take care everyone.

Mythbirtthedragon Thu 02-Jul-20 07:33:57

Good morning from east London, sunny with a few clouds at the moment. And it’s Thursday which means foodbank this morning and choir this evening. DP is off to the dental hygienist this morning, a routine appointment made months ago which was confirmed yesterday with a message ‘we have everything necessary’. DD has sent some lovely pictures of GD2 who is now moving backwards with her tummy shuffle while GD1 was transfixed with her google live classroom. Last night I compromised on dinner; I must be getting soft in my maturing years. Tuna and sweet corn flan is a family favourite although DS does not like sweet corn, so I made 2 flans, one with and one without. DS did appreciate it but did comment he missed the sweet corn texture, so who knows, after many years there may be another compromise next time I make it and put some pepper in his. I am getting soft.
Hope you have a good day.

brook2704 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:39:52

Good morning everyone from Inverness, it’s dry but cloudy just now and could do with warming up a bit. We spent a lovely afternoon in DD2 garden yesterday, it was cold but it stayed dry. We took a blanket, they lit the chimenea and we sat round the fire until almost 9pm - the little ones loved it and a good time was had by all 😀
Happy Anniversary greyduster and happy birthday benjamina hope you both have a lovely day 🍾🎉🥂
I messaged my hairdressers as soon as their opening date was announced and managed to get a hair appointment towards the end of July ! So happy 💇‍♀️
Please take it easy marydoll and hope things improve a bit soon
Hope everyone enjoys today and stay safe whatever you are doing 💐

Ginny42 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:45:25

Good morning Mick and everyone from a grey morning in Cheshire. It's rained in the night but it's dry at the moment. Glad you're able to get back into the routine you enjoy Mick, but do take care.

Congratulations Greyduster. 54 years together is rather special and I'm sure you'll have a lovely day. I'm certain you deserve a medal too!

Marydoll you have the patience of a saint. Yes everything seems worse in the night, and you feel exhausted when the snorer gets up wide awake and bushy tailed.

My day is a walk in the woods, working and a Zoom meeting later. However, weather permitting a friend is coming to sit in the garden for a while this afternoon. She very kindly said she likes gardens that aren't too manicured! Take good care everyone.

kittylester Thu 02-Jul-20 07:45:33

Morning all from a dry but cloudy North Leicestershire. We have plans to meet DS1 for picnic in a park at lunchtime but there is rain in the forecast.

My Carer's course was stressful as I kept getting the circle of doom on my screen. We had a lovely afternoon catching up with DD1 and her 2.

Congratulations on your anniversary GD, I get your medal would ge just as large.

Enjoy your days everyone.

CherryCezzy Thu 02-Jul-20 07:45:59

Good morning everyone from the Gower.
I haven't posted for a few days as I've had the most horrendous time (17 dratted seizures) and to be honest I'm still not feeling too good; maybe more in the pipeline.

Happy belated birthday for yesterday Bellasnana💐, glad you had a lovely day.

I understand that we have a new poster who has a birthday today. Welcome to GN and happy birthday benjamina 🎂🎁

Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Greyduster, have a wonderful day today 🥂🎉

Don't forget to 💃whilst you mop and clean Urmstongran 😃

As others have said Mick, be careful on those buses and when you are out and about. Glad you have managed to get an appointment to get your hair cut. My hair needs shearing 😬 😅

Oh Marydoll I'm really sorry to hear that you are still struggling and are having side effects after your treatment. Please, pretty please (with bells on if necessary) rest a little 💐.

Nothing planned for today, which is just as well as I'm pretty worn out 🙄. Hey ho, that's how it goes 🙂

Sar53 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:49:39

Good morning from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. Lovely now but I believe rain is forecast for later.
Busy day yesterday. We had my car cleaned on the way to pick up our new car, then at lunchtime we took my car to We Buy any ....... and sold it. The money was in my account by the time we arrived home, great service 🚗🎖.
Food shopping this morning. Not much else planned today.
Congratulations Greyduster, enjoy your day 🥂🍾.
Have a pleasant day and stay safe everyone xx

Lins1066 Thu 02-Jul-20 07:52:07

Good Morning Mick and all. A cloudy start here on the S Welsh coast. A Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Greyduster have a lovely day 🎉🍾. Happy Birthday to you benjamina 🎂. Take care out and about Mick and take it easy today Marydoll I sympathise, I'm married to a snorer. I have a telephone appointment with my Consultant this morning.
Stay safe everyone.

Auntieflo Thu 02-Jul-20 07:55:02

Good morning Mick, Annie and all. It is dry here in Berks, at the moment.
Yesterday I decided to wash all the towels, got them on the line, then it rained didn't it? so they all got dried indoors.
Sorry to hear about your disturbed night Marydoll, hope you have a gentle relaxing day.
It must be flan/quiche time. I made a large quiche yesterday. Onion, peppers, ham, cheese and eggs. Tasty.
We had some for supper, and there was enough to freeze for another time.
Like everyone, my hair is in need of a cut, and thankfully I have an appointment booked for next Thursday.
I am off to see the Dr, so had better get myself organised.
Have a good day one and all.

Auntieflo Thu 02-Jul-20 07:56:31

Forgot to wish Mr & Mrs Greyduster Happy Anniversary.

Urmstongran Thu 02-Jul-20 07:58:11

Day 2 of retirement eh Sar53? Hope you both have a long and happy one ahead of you.

Sorry to hear the new treatment isn’t (yet) quite the silver bullet you were hoping for Marydoll. Still, it’s early days and with a little luck and a good push you’ll see some improvement soon.

Happy Birthday to you benjamina! It’s lovely to have you join the gang. x

Gingster Thu 02-Jul-20 08:04:17

Good morning all. Sunny and calm here on the Suffolk coast.

I too have managed to book a hair appointment for 15th July. I was going to grow it and go white, but it’s driving me mad, so will go back to how it was in March.

Hope you have a painfree day Marydoll . Have a nap this afternoon.

Happy anniversary Greyduster . Have a wonderful day, doing what you like best.

Keep cool Urminston. 🌞

Glad you had a lovely time with your little Gs Scentia. Making memories and having fun together ♥️

We set out yesterday to walk to our local deserted common. A beautiful huge area, where no one goes. In the distance I saw a large creature. There was no one else around, no owner if it was a dog. My DH said it was a Fox, but it was too big and solid. I was worried for our little pooch, so we turned round and came home. I am reading a spooky sci fi book at the moment so perhaps I was on high alert and my imaginati

dragonfly46 Thu 02-Jul-20 08:05:43

Good morning from Leicestershire. We had sun earlier but seems to have gone.

Walked far too far yesterday so feeling the effects.
Zooming with some friends this morning and setting up a meeting with my Dutch friends.

Good to see you back Cherry and sorry to hear you and Mary are feeling rough.
Happy Anniversary Greyduster and Happy Birthday Benjamina.