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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 12-Jul-20 06:14:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Another bright blue sky morning here in Brackley .
Did my usual buses to Buckingham and Bicester, had a coffee at Bicester plus track & trace details.
Did a shop returned to Buckingham had my lunch , browsed the Flea market , my usual map stall was not there as she came from Bedford suspect in a Lockdown .
Returned home ,and had my haircut at last ,and then a quiet evening in .
Take Care ,
PS the toe is improving

grandMattie Sun 12-Jul-20 06:21:55

Good morning from a bright, chilly E Kent.
Wow, Mick, you managed a lot in your day. You must be feeling rather pleased. Well done with haircut! I have managed to get one at the end of next week.
Got a mail from vicar last night to say the church will be open for services next Sunday. No fanfare, nothing. I don’t know whether I want to go yet, as I’m still feeling very cross with him over lack of personal contact. We shall watch DD’s service streamed from Bristol again today.
The skate wings went down well with DH and DS1. I poached them in milk. Next time, I think I’ll fry them. They didn’t stink so I didn’t mind cooking them. The strong smell of usually Makes me feel sick. I had a pork chop and mushrooms.
Have a good day everyone.

grandMattie Sun 12-Jul-20 06:22:51

Strong smell of FISH....😡

Beechnut Sun 12-Jul-20 06:34:13

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is sunny.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and then ended up weeding the borders. I’ll potter today doing much the same. I can see quite a few plants growing that have seeded themselves so I may move some of them.

My mask making idea from one day last week wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped so I just think I’ll stick to having a go with the more regular shaped ones.

Have a good day 🌸

cornergran Sun 12-Jul-20 06:34:20

Morning Mick, morning All. A very welcome bright start to our corner of Somerset. Sounds a good day Mick. Skate was my Mum’s favourite grandMattie, usually fried. Yesterday’s achievement was sorting my phone changeover, goodness what a faff. Mr C wants to stain the sanded garden furniture this morning then with luck we’ll have a walk, haven’t managed one for a while. Paella for tea, one of my favourites. Be gentle with yourselves everyone, stay safe.

MawB Sun 12-Jul-20 06:49:12


Good Morning Everyone,
Another bright blue sky morning here in Brackley .
Did my usual buses to Buckingham and Bicester, had a coffee at Bicester plus track & trace details.
Did a shop returned to Buckingham had my lunch , browsed the Flea market , my usual map stall was not there as she came from Bedford suspect in a Lockdown .
Returned home ,and had my haircut at last ,and then a quiet evening in .
Take Care ,
PS the toe is improving

Good morning all - just to put the record straight Mick , Bedford is not actually in lockdown, unlike Leicester.
It is true that back in June, the Mayor asked people to maintain the 2m social distancing rule and stay at home where possible, particularly those living in the Harper ward part of the town.
However I was in Bedford visiting friends a week ago and also popped into Aldi on my way home and everything looked as normal as anywhere else .
Just pointing this out in case anybody is alarmed or worried about family or friends.
Wishing you all a pleasant day, it looks sunny out there, perhaps our summer has rebooted and the 🌞 is back!

Scentia Sun 12-Jul-20 06:49:19

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Lovely and sunny here today, I am off walking on the trails and I have my shorts back out. I will give this geocaching another go today as yesterday wasn’t too successful as I didn’t read it properly and 1 was closed and the other was a multi thing where I had to go to 4 places to find the thing!! I will master it before I become geocaching leader in Yorkshire as DH will be impressed if look like I know what I am doing 😂
I will peg out before I go walking.
I have done myself a meal plan for next week to see if it helps me stop putting on weight as I am piling it on at the moment☹️
Mick it sounds like your life is getting back to normal and your toe is in the mend, probably the wider shoes.
Now you lot, take care of yourselves and enjoy this Sunday ☀️

Pantglas2 Sun 12-Jul-20 06:56:59

Morning all from a cool and cloudy Spain which is quite pleasant after the scorching heat!

Those skate wings sound lovely- never cooked them myself but always choose them in posher restaurants which tend to be birthday/anniversary treats. Had them once fried in butter with black peppercorns- 😋

Lazy day today after last nights overindulgence on rose wine which seemed like a good idea at the time - fourth glass never is so how come I don’t learn 🤔.

Peaceful Sunday to all 🙏

grandMattie Sun 12-Jul-20 07:01:10

Pantglas, was a first for me too. Was very easy and cost little compared to the equivalent sea bass that DH was thinking about.

Nannytopsy Sun 12-Jul-20 07:07:44

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It seems to be sunny everywhere this morning. Cloudless in Suffolk so far. I have been awake for a couple of hours because of the Granddog. She found our bedroom too chilly for her liking so decided she needed to be under the quilt. 🤨 Of course she is fast asleep now!
I didn’t achieve much yesterday and I must get going on the garden again today. My get up and go seems to have wandered off. Perhaps Marydoll has spotted it?
Have a good day everyone.

Kalu Sun 12-Jul-20 07:21:57

Good morning all from a fairly bright start to the day in Glasgow. If the forecast has got it right this time, we are in for a sunny day. 🤞

Although at one time it was a huge no, no to hang washing out on a Sunday and it’s still in my head, I’m afraid I will be taking advantage of any sunny day we have and bed linen will be drying in the sun today. Apart from that, some pottering and dead heading in the garden with coffee breaks al fresco.

Hoping everyone has a pleasant day and a better day for those suffering with pain and worries.

brook2704 Sun 12-Jul-20 07:28:58

Good morning everyone from a dry Inverness with a promise of sunshine on the way later
Has a lovely long day walking yesterday and slept really well last night as I was so tired ! A much more restful day pottering in the garden is planned for today
Enjoy mastering the geocaching scentia I’ve not tried it but sounds good 👍
Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and take care if out and about 💐

kittylester Sun 12-Jul-20 07:37:17

Morning all from a lovely sunny North Leicestershire.

More sorting out today and I might clean the silver!

It seemed like a good idea to sort out the garage and the roof but the knock on effects of numerous (booked) trips to the dump, asking the children to claim their stuff, recycling and eBay selling has made it a very long winded process. It's quite emotional too.

Sar53 Sun 12-Jul-20 07:48:36

Good morning from a sunny Essex by the sea. We are forecast a lovely day here.
Yesterday we went for a walk along my favourite piece of coast. It's across MOD land and only open at weekends. It seems to be a well kept secret as when we got there we had it to ourselves. We take a flask of coffee and a packet of biscuits and have a lovely walk. There were an abundance of butterflies around.
Today we may venture to a local coffee spot, if it's not too busy.
Have a lovely day and stay safe xx

NanKate Sun 12-Jul-20 08:07:21

Morning Mick and All.

A lovely sunny day in prospect here in South Bucks.

It’s great to hear how your life is returning to some normality Mick and Kitty is back polishing her silver !

Had DS and the boys for the day yesterday. There was a great hold up on the motorway so they were an hour late and the youngest was sick in the car, yuk. They arrived I lay the little one on the sofa and covered him in a rug with the tv remote. Then I sorted lunch and literally 20 minutes later our poorly one joined us at the table and wolfed down chicken drum sticks, hot chicken bites, crisps and a variety of the buffet delights followed by a Magnum! The power of recovery by the young.

Have a good day folks.

Urmstongran Sun 12-Jul-20 08:08:50

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s very warm 😎 but the horizon isn’t clear as the Mediterranean has blended into the sky.

Himself slept in, unusually for him and has decided against his morning walk.

Yesterday I observed several new arrivals into the building, families spilling out of big cars with suitcases, buckets and spades and in one case a huge wooden crate of apples and pears removed from the boot! Spanish arriving from the campos or inland towns and cities coming down here for the cooler air and a holiday.

From my vantage point I watched a sweet moment. Grandma came out of our building, bumped elbows with a (probably) grandson of about 10y old, then she turned him around and gave him a hug from behind and kissed him on the top of his head. 💕

Later, around midnight as I was dropping off to sleep in the heat, voices carried in the dark calling from one balcony to another ... ‘Abuela ... (grandma) ... Buenos Noches’ and a couple of seconds later ... ‘Buenos Noches Pepé’. It made me feel a bit emotional. I’m missing my own grandchildren I think.

I know exactly what you mean about that extra glass of wine Pantglas! It’s always so tempting isn’t it and I can’t believe that at my age too, sense can leave the building. It happened to me on Tuesday!

You and your silver kitty 😂😂

We are out to eat with friends tonight. They are a lovely couple who have lived out here for 20 years, pre retirement. They are great fun so I’m already looking forward to the evening! Note to self about the wine ...

Hope Sunday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Brunette10 Sun 12-Jul-20 08:10:14

Good Morning from a sunny Fife. Had washing out at 6. a.m. couldn't sleep and felt quite rested. Busy day in front, DH painting and I shall be doing the necessary cleaning up afterwards and generally keeping on top of everything. Out with DD and DGS's yesterday and it was so lovely along at the sands on the coast. Joy! Hope everyone is looking forward to their day. Thinking of all those with worries and anxieties, you are not alone, keep your chin up.

Ginny42 Sun 12-Jul-20 08:22:27

Good morning Mick and everyone from a lovely sunny day in Cheshire too. Just popped in to see how you all are. I took a little break from Mick's lovely thread last week as I'm working from home and believe me, you truly wouldn't want to read about my days every morning,

Today I'm taking a break from work, going for a walk and looking forward to seeing my friend who's coming for the first time since lockdown began. Must make some scones. She's excited because she can visit her DH in the care home this week. She's been fretting a lot and worrying that he won't know her after all this time. I have another treat planned for Wednesday if my sister and I can book a slot. We're hoping to meet at a specialist nursery near here.

Enjoy your day. I will pop back this evening to catch up with all the lovely GM crowd. flowers for all.

Pittcity Sun 12-Jul-20 08:29:51

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
A lazy Summer Sunday.
Had a lie in and now enjoying tea and toast in the sun.
Lamb chops tonight.

Mythbirtthedragon Sun 12-Jul-20 08:35:02

Good morning from east London, sunny and blue here as well. Haven’t done my usual arm out the window so no idea of temperature, forecast says warm. On my wander yesterday, I noticed a couple of charity shops were open. I could see one of them had a Hawaiian shirt on the rack and as DS is very fond of these at the moment, I went in and got it for him. He was very grateful for it, rated it better than the ones he’d bought for himself. Pottering today, maybe even a bit of dusting in the places you can see, and taking GD1 back from her dad’s to DD this evening.
Have a good day.

Susan56 Sun 12-Jul-20 08:36:31

Good morning from sunny Shropshire.

We will take DGD home after lunch then will all go for a walk and takeaway Thai meal this evening.

Have a good day all.

Grammaretto Sun 12-Jul-20 08:40:25

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Sun's hot already. Shame we didn't have the garden birthday party today but yesterday was good enough. It was great that both DH's parents came too! One DS and 2 DGC so 4 generations.
Today I shall be recovering and washing up.
Hoping all your Sunday plans work out.

It was

Lins1066 Sun 12-Jul-20 08:48:03

Good Morning Mick and all from a sunny S Welsh coast. Glad you enjoyed your trip out Mick. I've haven't visited any shops since early March, I would like to visit the garden centre first I think, we'll see. A BBQ for us later, so no cooking for me 😀
Hope your DS is feeling better after his fall Susan, you must have felt a bit shaken up too.
Enjoy the sunshine if you can and stay safe everyone.

Anniebach Sun 12-Jul-20 08:50:28

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

gillybob Sun 12-Jul-20 08:54:55

Good morning from the NE coast where we have a brigh but not sunny start to Sunday .....dare I hope that a kind of summer may have arrived ?

I decided to cram loads of stuff into yesterday to take my mind of the worry of “that place” . Managed to get loads of little jobs done outside and one major job which was re-felting the shed roof . It took me and DH most of the day but wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it might be . Trimmed off all the overhang and just put the new stuff over the top of the very worn old stuff . Climbing onto the roof to join the pieces and glue and nail them together was a bit of a fiasco but it’s all done and looks great.

My legs are paying the price now though, as they drove me mad during the night . Even had a weird dream that they were both broken !

Re-potted some of my cactus and succulent collection and created a couple of little bowl displays with some smaller ones that I am very happy with . They’re prickly little blighters mind you and the little needles can penetrate gloves so I use a piece of bubble wrap to pick them up which seems to work quite well . Not sure if you can get a special tool ?

Had a well earned curry takeaway for supper and watched a couple more episodes of Breaking Bad. We are at the end of season 4 now. I’m really enjoying it .

A restful day today I think.......

Glad to hear your toe is getting better Mick . Thinking of those with poorlinesses and missing friends too.

Have a good Sunday everyone. Love Gillybob x