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GrandmaKT Tue 04-Aug-20 14:21:21

I haven't done an online grocery shop for about 10 years, but having just returned from NZ (no coronovirus) to the UK, I am having to self-isolate for 14 days (go figure!)

Anyway, just received my order from Morrisons and a couple of things struck me-
1. The number of carrier bags!!! 21 for my order, several of them containing just one item (e.g. a bottle of beer, a tin of tomatoes). Do all supermarkets do this? I'd be interested as I will use a different firm next time if so.
2. I had a few 'extra' items (bag of potatoes, packet of mince), again, does this generally happen?

I also managed to order two half bottles of wine thinking they were full ones, (thought that was a good price!) Lesson learnt, I'll check more carefully next time.

Teetime Tue 04-Aug-20 14:23:58

I have an Ocado delivery which does have carrier bags but not many and often stuffed to the gills. They are trying to work out a system to take them back as they used to but for now we put them in the recycling bin.

timetogo2016 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:27:42

I love bargain hunting so i don`t do on-line shopping.
My DIL does and she loves it and there are very few bags.
She saves me her bags as i love going to car boots.
She uses Sainsburys and Asda.

nanaK54 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:28:43

Sainsbury re-introduced bags for safe delivery, I am very happy to go along with this, delivery driver just leaves my shopping outside and I bring it in when he has left. They do tend to add just one item to a bag e.g. one bottle bleach....
I do reuse my bags as bin liners so I think that's okay.

25Avalon Tue 04-Aug-20 14:30:12

Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s both deliver using carrier bags during the pandemic for sanitary reasons. I use mine to put the recycling out so I can separate newspapers, glass, cans and plastics. The rest I am saving for post pandemic when we won’t get bags again.

GrandmaKT Tue 04-Aug-20 14:33:30

Ah, so it's a measure brought in for the pandemic? I guess that makes some sense. Unfortunately we can't recycle them here and I already have a stock of them, so they will be wasted.

nanaK54 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:38:45


Ah, so it's a measure brought in for the pandemic? I guess that makes some sense. Unfortunately we can't recycle them here and I already have a stock of them, so they will be wasted.

Try asking your delivery driver if he could take them back to the store for recycling, I'm not sure if they would but worth a try

Charleygirl5 Tue 04-Aug-20 14:41:36

I also use Morrisons online and yes it does get irritating finding 1 lb of butter in one bag but they, on the whole, are one of the cheapest online supermarkets and I also use the bags as bin liners.

Be careful with substitutions-sometimes you do not quite get what you ordered- eg I ordered cat litter liners and I received ladies panty liners- not quite the same.

I have enough cooking oil to last for many more months because I did not read the amount correctly.

In fairness Morrisons show online what is not in stock so the majority of the time I have no problems.

kittylester Tue 04-Aug-20 14:45:51

Charity shops are often glad of carriers - especially food banks.

lemongrove Tue 04-Aug-20 14:47:26

We mainly use Ocado ( who take bags back and pay a small amount for you to do this recycling) but just now of course they won’t do that, so they go in our recycling bin.
Tesco ( we do an online shop now and again for variety reasons) have a box on each item online for you to tick or not tick to allow substitutions.

BlueBelle Tue 04-Aug-20 15:09:37

Kittylester no charity shops can no longer use them neither take them or or give them out so please don’t offer them as they will most likely have to refuse
I used Iceland before I started shopping myself I did get mire bags than I expected with frozen in one, cleaners etc in another, bottles in another etc, and if there was only one bottle it would be alone in the bag, they are now all folded up inside a bag and will be used for something ...why not use them for rubbish instead of buying black bin bags you can cut strips and make rugs etc lots of stuff you can use them for

Grannynannywanny Tue 04-Aug-20 15:19:09

I’ve used Tesco click and collect and find they use a lot of bags. I found the items were segregated by dept. Eg dairy in one bag, bakery in another. Fortunately they don’t charge for them. I’ve managed to find uses for them all and none have gone to waste

SueDonim Tue 04-Aug-20 15:39:27

I have been getting some Sainsbury’s orders. Some goods come in bags but mostly it arrives loose in crates and I unload onto the kitchen table.

Ask around local non-chain charity shops and social enterprises if they will take bags. Here, they have been begging for carriers to distribute their goods. The bags are set aside for some time so they are safe to use.

GrandmaKT Tue 04-Aug-20 15:42:27

Thanks SueDonim, will do!

BlueBelle Tue 04-Aug-20 16:26:04

I don’t know about all charity shops but we have followed the rules of normal shops and stopped giving Items in carrier bags I don’t think it’s all to do with CV but the environment as well

GagaJo Tue 04-Aug-20 16:30:13

I've got a weekly Asda slot that I arranged just before lockdown. I've kept it because I'm convinced the virus is going to get to dangerous levels again.

Davida1968 Tue 04-Aug-20 16:38:17

I trust that at some future date, the charity shops will accept "used" plastic carrier bags again. Eventually I'd like to think they can accept such bags and simply leave them somewhere out of the way (a stockroom, someone's garage?) for the appropriate length of time, before re-use. If I acquired an excess of plastic bags, I'd simply hold onto them until I found some place that could/would use them.

NotSpaghetti Tue 04-Aug-20 16:43:57

I asked my delivery driver about this and he said it's because they aren't allowed to fill them because of the weight for drivers to carry to the doorstep. They are stacked in boxes quite high in the van. He said he used to work for tesco which made them heavier than ocado and therefore harder to deal with as a driver.