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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 14-Aug-20 06:12:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey start here in Brackley and looking damp outside this morning.
Today my usual shop ,have my lunch and then watch the drama unfold in the cycling on Eurosport this afternoon.
Mind you locally yesterday as i went out we had thunder and lightning and a heavy downpour .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Fri 14-Aug-20 06:24:22

Good morning from a slightly cooler E Kent. We have thunderstorms forecast but they will probably Go round us as usual.
Goodness Mick, the dramas sound exciting. DH usually watches TDF but doesn’t normally follow cycling. He’s a rugby man.
After the dramas of suspected CV19 for the last couple of days, 10 yo DGD was declared clear, with only a summer cold, and life carried on as usual.
Since it was the first time in 8 years that we managed to all be together, I had arranged a party. DD’s girls are still (at 7 and 10) prone to many tantrums, I find it really difficult. After a mega one from DGD1, I was a bit annoyed only for DD to shout at me and give me a piece of her mind! I have tried and tried to zip up, but obviously didn’t make it that time. The party was a success, we took lots of photos.
Hope that everyone is well, content and pain free today. Stay safe.

Pantglas2 Fri 14-Aug-20 06:24:54

Morning Mick and all who follow from Spain where the mornings are definitely cooler and so pleasant for me to enjoy the chamberpot of tea ☕️ on the patio.

A titivating day for me - the little piggies need stripping, undercoating and top coating in a delicious raspberry sparkle varnish!

Looking forward to seeing Gillybobs Friday girl and reading what you’ve all got planned- hope it’s all nice things! For those with not so good stuff going on, 🌞💐

Beechnut Fri 14-Aug-20 06:59:49

Good Morning from a dull Severnside. It’s damp and I’ve been lying on my bed watching lots of birds flying about.

Oh dear Mattie! You’ll have to go somewhere with those smart piggies * Pantglas*.

Today I think I’ll start the job of turning up DD dress. It’s a strappy one so if I don’t get on and do it she won’t be able to wear it this summer. I’ve also got a card to make for her friend who has just had her first baby.

I hope you all have the best day you can 🌸

Urmstongran Fri 14-Aug-20 07:12:08

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

I finished the biography on Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis. What a page turner! I learnt so much. How the rich live! Spending money like water yet happiness is not guaranteed even then. The Kennedy clan were a doomed lot. Anyway, I’ll be choosing a new book today - a novel I think.

We went down to eat at Juan’s last night. I had the most delicious bruschetta de cerdo (skewer with chunks of tender pork, with chargrilled onion, peppers and tomatoes) plus pimientos verdes fritos - hot and sprinkled with sea salt. Delicious.

Our granddaughter (who will be 4y old next January) had her pre-school immunisation jab yesterday. Apparently she didn’t cry in front of the nurse but waited until she got outside saying ‘I didn’t like that, mummy’. Aw bless. She starts school next month.

Hope Friday is good to us all and that gillybob has secured that major order. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

cornergran Fri 14-Aug-20 07:13:00

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy, cooler corner of Somerset. Looks damp and murky outside after a thunderstorm in the night. Grocery delivery unreasonably early this morning, not sure what else. And breathe grandMattie, pleased the party worked out. Be gentle with yourselves everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 14-Aug-20 07:13:13

Good morning Mick and all

Grey and humid here in S E Essex, we had thunder in the distance last night but that was it!!

Have got a telephone appointment with practice nurse at 7.30 then off to the gym for PiYo and after that legs, bums and tums.

Off to our local Indian restaurant for dinner this evening.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

(I gave pale pink piggies 🐖💅🏻 and fingernails)

Sar53 Fri 14-Aug-20 07:15:10

Good morning from a decidedly cooler Essex by the sea. We are still waiting for the rain, but the forecast is telling me it will arrive at 14.00 hours. I'm so glad its a bit fresher out there.
I have a telephone appointment with my doctor at 09.30 as he wishes to discuss my recent blood test results.
A few bits of ironing to finish and maybe some cleaning, not a lot of that has been happening in the heat.
I'm sure we will pop out somewhere before the rain descends.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx

aggie Fri 14-Aug-20 07:20:10

Good Morning all from a grey still muggy Co Armagh, I have been out watering the patio plants . They are not as expected ! Pink and white cyclamen amongst brown and orange mini cosmos wasn’t what I had planned

Nannytopsy Fri 14-Aug-20 07:20:11

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Well, what a change! It’s dull, damp and cooler in Suffolk this morning - what a relief! At last we shall be able to get on with the gardening.
DGC are coming for a sleepover on Saturday so a busy day of baking lies ahead. We also have to have a new glass panel fitted in the roof of the car. Don’t know how it happened, but it has cracked from side to side. They need to keep the car all
day. We need to get it there by 9, so time to get moving!
I hope the day is kind to everyone!

Gelisajams Fri 14-Aug-20 07:21:28

Good morning from a slightly cooler Morecambe Bay. DH’s sister is camping near here so they are cycling over to visit later.
A big relief grandMattie! I suspect you’ve never been so pleased for her to have a cold.
Thinking of those with families affected by exam results especially if uni places are at stake.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

Gingster Fri 14-Aug-20 07:34:23

Good morning all from a still humid, dull Suffolk seaside. Well it did thunder and flash through the night BUT still no rain.! I hope it does soon to clear the air.

We have family arriving today for along weekend. I do hope it doesn’t decide to lash it down just as they arrive. They will still swim in the sea and play in the garden though. Eldest DG had disappointing A level results, so yesterday was taken up with phone calls and form filling. She’d set her heart on Southampton uni but they are now full , as the Scottish students have their results a week early and have filled the spaces for clearing. I hope she still comes for the weekend as It will cheer her up but she might stay home with her dad to sort things out. Such a shambles. The government should be ashamed!

It is difficult grandMattie when the GC play up and you try to bite your tongue. I have 8 GC ranging from 4 - 18. All lovely but the 11yr old is very demanding and can ruin a family outing for everyone. The trouble is, she is my DS1’s and DIL’s so it’s hard for me to say anything. With my DD ‘s children I can say more. Different relationship!

Have a stress free day all. 🌺

NfkDumpling Fri 14-Aug-20 07:35:50

Morning All

I seemed to have missed the GM thread for a few days and had hoped to find that gillybob had secured that order. I gather not? B****r!

Its all overcast and grey here in the north of Norfolk, but no rain and everywhere is still as dry as a bone, I gather Nannytopsy that Suffolk has had rain, perhaps the odd shower may reach us yet.

Tesco order is the excitement for our day today and DH has ordered a load of pink to replenish the wine cupboard. What we had seems to have evaporated in the heat!

NfkDumpling Fri 14-Aug-20 07:42:27

Oh dear Ginster, it hadn't occurred to me that Scotland having it's results earlier would block English and I suppose Welsh schools from the university places. I know there will always be looses which ever algorithm is used but to have a different system in the different countries but still let all have access to any university seems a bit unfair! It was bound to be chaotic whatever they did. A shame they didn't just call everyone in to take the exams a couple of months late.

Grandmabatty Fri 14-Aug-20 07:43:28

Good morning All. Its very grey here but hopefully it'll burn off as it did yesterday. I had a lovely garden visit with friends yesterday. Today it's mum's birthday and the family are coming to me for an afternoon tea. Mainly courtesy of M&S with added attractions from dd who makes amazing cakes. Chocolate and fudge cupcakes from her and scones from my aunt (who is younger than me). I hope mum keeps the remarks pleasant as she has form! Anyway have a good day all.

Urmstongran Fri 14-Aug-20 07:50:48

Maybe put your mum in the same room as grandMattie’s grandchildren Grandmabatty! What do you think grandMattie?

Gingster Fri 14-Aug-20 07:51:58

Haha Families eh! Grandmabatty

gma Fri 14-Aug-20 07:55:32

Very dull here in Norwich! And guess what........IT’s JUST STARTED TO THUNDER!
Batten down the hatches (as my godmother would say!)
House still very warm, but much cooler outside! And it’s getting darker?

Grandmabatty Fri 14-Aug-20 07:56:04

Whether I'll still be laughing after the visit! ☺ Between mum and my db who is naturally irritating and likes to mansplain everything he doesn't actually know to everyone!

Greyduster Fri 14-Aug-20 08:01:48

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Very overcast and cool in South Yorkshire. Doesn’t look as if we had any rain last night. DD and her menfolk are safely home from Cornwall and we are expecting them for dinner this evening, so pineapple upside down cake to make today. Spoke to DS last night and he is not well. His symptoms are worrying and I hope DiL makes him ring the doctor today. He needs to be seen. Have a good day folks and stay safe.

Nortsat Fri 14-Aug-20 08:12:19

Good morning Mick and the GM team from a cooler, overcast east London. I am currently in bed, with my coffee and have actually turned the fan off, for the first time in about a week.

It is nice to feel a bit cooler, but still no rain here. I have a friend who lives about 3 or 4 miles away and she says it has been bucketing down with rain there, for hours. Our garden, however, is still anxiously waiting for rain ...

I am feeling wistful about holidays, thinking about some of the lovely ones we’ve had in the past. We will likely have a couple of breaks in England this year. Though I am still shielding at the moment, so we have nothing booked.

NfkDumpling your replenishing of your wine cupboard with ‘pink’ set me thinking about a lovely holiday we had in Provence and the evenings sitting in the beautiful grounds of the hotel, with glasses of their lovely rose wine ... (sigh)...

Remembering Bluesapphire, Dragonfly and Purplepixie, wishing a comfortable day to the gangsters from the Lockdown thread. Have a good day all. 💐

Lins1066 Fri 14-Aug-20 08:12:37

Good Morning Mick and all from a damp and cooler S Welsh coast, though the fan is still on in the bedroom as I sip my cup of tea.
Went for a walk after the rain last night and it was lovely, warm and not a breathe of wind.
Fruit and veg delivery this morning and some cleaning, it has been too hot to do much dusting this week.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

Susan56 Fri 14-Aug-20 08:16:41

Good morning from Shropshire.A lot cooler this morning.

We have booked to go to a National Trust property this afternoon so hope it doesn’t get too hot/stormy.

We have a small family gathering tomorrow to celebrate my lovely niece’s engagement and Grandmabatty you have put it perfectly.My mum too has form😩My niece has already said to me,don’t worry,you aren’t responsible for what grandma says,we all know what she’s like!

grandMattie so glad your granddaughter had a negative test result and sorry your daughter had a go at you💐

Sorry your GD had disappointing exam results gingster.It seems to be a fiasco and totally unfair.

Hope you’re daughter got on ok yesterday Ellan.

Hoping for a better day for everyone with illness and worries💐

Susan56 Fri 14-Aug-20 08:18:43

Greyduster,I hope your son can be seen by a doctor today.

gillybob Fri 14-Aug-20 08:22:34

Good morning from the North East coast where we have another cold, damp and pretty miserable start to the day. Yesterday was like winter with thick fog, drizzle and cold all day. I think summer has decided to give it a miss this year .

Sadly we do not have “the” order yet Nfk Thank you for remembering . We have had more meetings and conference calls than you could shake a stick at and still they ask questions .Anyone would think it was a £million pound order the way they are stringing it out .

On the good news from we have managed to pick up a couple of smaller jobs locally which should see us okay until early October but nothing longer term as yet. Running a business in Engineering is difficult at the best of times but it’s so much harder in the current climate, especially when we rely on work filtering down from the big players .

On a happy note I have just bought the sweetest material to make curtains for Evie Buttons little garden play house, so that should keep me busy over the weekend.

I hope everyone has as good a Friday as possible . I make no secret that it’s my most favourite day of the week . A half day at “that place” and then 2 whole days off . Bliss.

Thinking of our missing friends and those feeling poorly or under the weather too.

Love Gillybob xx