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ALANaV Fri 18-Sep-20 17:06:51

Advice anyone ?? After moving back to the UK last year I bought a retirement flat thinking it would be a good way to join in a community. Very social activity, its more like a care home (even before lock down !) so I bought a caravan to escape the flat and see more people...obviously this year has been different ! I also planned (and booked) a lot of travel (all cancelled obviously !) NOW I dont know what to do or where to go next......looked at some new build flats but am probably too old (73) as they are really for first time buyers or investment. Looked at a park home .....some limited activity, but too far out with no transport .what I REALLY wanted was a retirement village with a community ....i.e. a restaurant, cafe, activities, even a swimming pool ....BUT they are all far too expensive for me ...would have stayed in France where they are really affordable, but with Brexit had no choice ..........any suggestions ??? getting desperate now (only NICE suggestions please...ha ha ....get 'go back to France if you don't like it' and similar answers .....I have only one daughter, in UK but she hasn't spoken to me for 14 years, and anyway, lives in one of the most expensive parts of the country....out of the question for me ! What should I do next ?smile

hollysteers Fri 18-Sep-20 17:14:32

What about a flat near the high street of a sizeable seaside town? You could walk to the high street for the cafes etc.
It is the wrong time due to Covid, to find out what is going on, but most towns have limitless opportunities. Usually so much you could do a different activity every day and night.

Illte Fri 18-Sep-20 17:20:37

I moved to the Midlands last year. Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, you can't beat them.

You can join the 50+Adventure club. Look it up. Or one of the thriving U3As.

I wish I'd made my way to Leicestershire years ago 😁

MellowYellow Fri 18-Sep-20 17:48:29

Interesting suggestion from hollysteers because it's what I did after living in a retirement place (too sheltered) and a caravan (fun but not for ever) as the OP did. I don't have a car, so I chose a town centre flat in a coastal town. Lovely for shopping, buses and cafes. It's keeping me young!

M0nica Fri 18-Sep-20 17:57:35

I am not quite clear what you are looking for activity wise. Are you just expecting to parachute into a community and have all the activity come to you or do you have interests and hobbies where you can go out into the community and meet other people that share them.

When my parents were planning their retirement they went into the Library (before the internet) in every town they were thinking of moving to and checked out what societies and groups there were. Quite a number of towns got crossed off the list at that stage. Once they found the town with the right activities, they bought the house, joined the groups and had a very busy and social retirement. But you do need to do the leg work, metaphorically speaking, and at least now you can do all your research online.

The other group you might like to check off are Men's Shed's. Here is the link: There may be one local to where you currently live.

BlueSky Fri 18-Sep-20 18:20:48

I too like Hollysteer and MellowYellow's suggestion of a flat in the town centre of a seaside town. So sad that you and your daughter are on non speaking terms. Have you got a dog? That would make a wonderful companion at home and when you are out and about.

seacliff Fri 18-Sep-20 18:29:12

I was just going to suggest the very same thing MOnica.

Also, depending what your interests are, check out options to volunteer in areas you might like. For instance, my OH would volunteer at a steam train enthusiasts group if we had one near enough.

Or help out at a beautiful stately home, NT or English Heritage etc. Or help with physical work for a wildlife trust.

Lucca Fri 18-Sep-20 19:19:20

monica. Isn’t parachuting a tad adventurous for someone of 73?,

M0nica Fri 18-Sep-20 19:30:38

what I REALLY wanted was a retirement village with a community ....i.e. a restaurant, cafe, activities, even a swimming pool ....

There are developments like this, but they are the expensive ones. There is a retirement village near me that meets all those requirements, but the flats start at around £300,000 and go up quite a long way from there.