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What do you call yourself?

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mokryna Mon 21-Sep-20 09:36:49

Not on official official documents of course but in your mind where do you place yourself and in what order?
I think of myself a EuroEnglishFrench person.

henetha Mon 21-Sep-20 09:38:55

I'm Devonshire first, then English, then British.

PetitFromage Mon 21-Sep-20 09:39:30

English first, European second, British third.

Davida1968 Mon 21-Sep-20 09:43:19

Simply British.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 21-Sep-20 09:44:35

English, British, East Midlander.

Alishka Mon 21-Sep-20 09:45:05


Jaxjacky Mon 21-Sep-20 09:46:36

British, European.

BlueSky Mon 21-Sep-20 09:47:38

Just British and proud!

Jane10 Mon 21-Sep-20 09:48:29

I used to say I was Scottish then British and European but now, I'm embarrassed and ashamed to have to admit to being Scottish.

EllanVannin Mon 21-Sep-20 09:49:10


annsixty Mon 21-Sep-20 09:50:06

English, northerner.

Spangler Mon 21-Sep-20 09:51:11


MiniMoon Mon 21-Sep-20 09:54:48

A's a lass frae Cummerland first. English a close second.

A divvant really think of mesel as European A nivver really did.

trustgone4sure Mon 21-Sep-20 09:55:23

A British midlander.

tanith Mon 21-Sep-20 09:55:36

Londoner, British.

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Sep-20 09:59:29

Definitely British.
I am English, but I'd like to be Scottish.
I'm pro EU, but I've never felt the slightest bit European.

Kalu Mon 21-Sep-20 10:00:32

Scottish, British and proud to be so.

Kalu Mon 21-Sep-20 10:01:59

Happy to make you an honorary Scot FannyC 😁

FannyCornforth Mon 21-Sep-20 10:06:05

Ooh! Thank you Kalu!
FannyMcCornforth! (Polishes sporran)

Bellanonna Mon 21-Sep-20 10:07:09

If I’m abroad, and I’m asked, my reply would be “English”. Currently not overly proud to be.

JuliaM Mon 21-Sep-20 10:08:01

English, Yorkshire bred, but Derbyshire born and raised, yet the strong desire to return to Yorkshire frequently has stayed with me all my life.

HAZBEEN Mon 21-Sep-20 10:08:52

A Geordie, English, British. Why aye man ye canna tak the Geordie oot a lass!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 21-Sep-20 10:10:00

An honorary Essex Girl, then British

janeainsworth Mon 21-Sep-20 10:11:17

British, pro-Europe, from Stockport.

vampirequeen Mon 21-Sep-20 10:11:32

A Yorkshire lass then English, British, European. If Scotland is going to become independent I'd like Yorkshire to become part of Scotland. I'd happily be Yorkshire, Scottish, European.