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What's the greatest number of times it has taken you?

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trisher Mon 21-Sep-20 10:14:48

Yesterday it took me 4 attempts to get my glasses I had left upstairs in the bedroom.
No 1. Realised they were upstairs went up, remembered I hadn't cleaned my teeth-cleaned teeth, came down without the glasses.
No 2 Decided to take up some washing and get the glasses. Took it up, put it away, came down without the glasses.
No 3 Went up to get glasses, phone call from GCs, came down without glasses.
No 4 Turned straight round and went up-finally got glasses.
So am I alone in doing this or have others taken a few attempts to get or do things?

Bellanonna Mon 21-Sep-20 10:22:11

What a very reassuring post, Trisher!

Bellanonna Mon 21-Sep-20 10:22:59

Great exercise, though!

kittylester Mon 21-Sep-20 10:24:11

Oooh, I can do it loads more times than that!! grin

annsixty Mon 21-Sep-20 10:25:44

Well it wouldn’t have been glasses retrieval as I wouldn’t see to get downstairs but it can take me a day to get other things.
It comes with advancing years.

BlueSky Mon 21-Sep-20 10:27:01

All the time Trisher! Do you know what I do now? As soon as I get upstairs I get the item I went for, leave it on the landing, then do the other things I was going to do as well, like visiting the loo, bring the washing down, etc. But at times your solution is the only one that works! grin

McGilchrist41 Mon 21-Sep-20 10:38:22

Such a relief to know lots of people above a certain age all have this problem. I too try to get what I actually went for and leave it on the landing window whilst I do the other things that have suddenly become important.

EllanVannin Mon 21-Sep-20 11:03:58

This is what years of multi-tasking does grin

LullyDully Mon 21-Sep-20 11:31:07

I have a pair upstairs and a pair downstairs. We live in 3 floors.

Pantglas2 Mon 21-Sep-20 11:33:10

This made me laugh Trisher! I suspect it’s because females, generally, are used to doing three things at once with a baby tucked under one arm!

Whenever I asked my husband to bring something downstairs as he was nipping to the loo, he’d huff and puff about sticking a broom up his jacksy and sweeping the stairs at the same time!🤨

Nannylovesshopping Mon 21-Sep-20 11:37:24

Pantglas2now that would have been really helpful if he could have done that😂

Squiffy Mon 21-Sep-20 11:57:49


I have a pair upstairs and a pair downstairs. We live in 3 floors.

..... but doesn't that result in both pairs being left upstairs? Plus you have the added problem of which of the two upper floors to look for them! 🤣

trisher Mon 21-Sep-20 12:04:38

Bellanonna I don't understand why I'm not a size 12 all this up and down stairs!
Pantglas2 I knew there was some adjustment we could make so men were more useful!
LullyDully and Squiffy I have a spare pair somewhere, but it would take me longer to find them. I put them safely away!!

TerriBull Mon 21-Sep-20 12:05:54

I often feel I need glasses to find my glasses. We also live in a 3 storey house, so invariably I'm up and down stairs. Our house motto is never go up or down without carrying something, it's bound to belong on another floor. As well as my reading glasses, I also need my distance glasses for driving and invariably they are never where I need them. I believe the saying goes as we age, "The stairs are your friend" hmm not sure about that!

Fennel Mon 21-Sep-20 12:15:17

This problem was happening to me everyday. I only use reading glasses, 250 strength, so we ordered 10 pairs of cheap ones online (only about £20 in all) and I put a pair in every room. And in my handbag and shopping bag. And at the 2 old ladies groups I used to belong to - before covid sad.
But I suppose if you need special glasses this wouldn't be the answer.
Husband has always said he has a very unusual eye problem and has to pay a fortune for his specs, but he tried these and now uses them too.

Lexisgranny Mon 21-Sep-20 12:18:29

My major problem after searching frantically for something is that once I eventually find it, I have forgotten what I wanted it for.

SueDonim Mon 21-Sep-20 12:40:36


I’ve solved this by keeping one pair by my bed and one pair in the kitchen. Indoors, I just need reading glasses but I wear them all the time, peering over the top when I’m not reading. Taking them off leads to either losing them or putting them down and then sitting on them. 🙄

Teacheranne Mon 21-Sep-20 13:13:04


I have a pair upstairs and a pair downstairs. We live in 3 floors.

I live in a bungalow but still have three pairs of reading glasses, one in the lounge, the bedroom and the kitchen! But I still end up with all three in the same room as I forget to take them off when I move around!

Marmight Mon 21-Sep-20 13:20:02

The upside of this forgetfulness is extra exercise. I ‘forget’ all kinds of items daily so count the multitudinous trips up/down as daily exercise. I too have specs in each room; the trouble is I usually remove them elsewhere and end up with them all relocated but not a clue where. A game of hunt the specs takes place when I can’t find any of them 🙄