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A warning about M&S Returns!!!

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DanniRae Sat 17-Oct-20 13:19:10

I ordered a jacket on line from M&S but I was not happy with it and needed to return it. I attempted to do this today. However, now they don't include an address label - you have to print it out yourself. This is not easy and to make matters worse my printer wouldn't work. I called customer services and after a very long wait (with dreadful music) I was told to return it to a store. I said that I can't do this so please send me out a label for the Post Office. Apparently this is not possible. She advised me to return it via Hermes to which I replied but I can't print out a Hermes label! She said she would consult someone about this - I waited and waited for someone to help me deal with this problem but suddenly the line went dead. I am fuming angry that there was no warning that this was going to be the way to return parcels in the future. So I felt I should come on here and post a warning.

SpringyChicken Sat 17-Oct-20 13:24:44

Do you have a friend who would print the label for you?

quizqueen Sat 17-Oct-20 13:30:44

I though places like the Co-op printed out the Hermes label for you. Can someone take it to a store for you?

lemsip Sat 17-Oct-20 13:33:19

just phone them again and ask them to post you a label. They will do that. I don't have a printer either and was sent a label upon request

Esspee Sat 17-Oct-20 13:40:38

Why do you need a printed label? Wouldn’t a hand written one suffice?

Nannan2 Sat 17-Oct-20 13:43:08

Yes theres been a warning it was going to happen DanniRae- i shop online from M&S often- BUT i feel that there should have been a choice for this- so if we still wanted a label/invoice enclosed with our orders then we can so choose this! I did have an invoice last week in parcel of 2 jackets id bought for size choice- but neither were right so i took them to a food hall store to return- where i was told they still could not just refund me as id paid by 'clearpay'- its takes a payment divided into four from purchaser- (1st on ordering) then 2nd, 3rd, then final payment over coming due dates.At no extra cost.BUT as ive now returned them but still had NO acknowledgment that M&S have recieved them back in returns dept ive now had 2nd payment taken so half paid for 2 expensive jackets i no longer have.And though it says on receipt i was given takes 3-5 working days that was over a week ago.I really dont see why they still cant issue a refund at store, as ive still returned them to M&S sure they could sort out a way with clearpay.Its ridiculous.If id known i would have got a label printed somehow (my printer wont always connect) and sent by hermes or royal mail instead.I thought it would be quicker and safer by store.

Bakingmad0203 Sat 17-Oct-20 13:45:57

I had this problem with another company too. I went to our local library ( I had to make an appointment) and used the printer there. It’s a lot of hassle though and as you have said if I had known, I would not have bothered to buy from that company. How do people manage who don’t have access to a computer and printer?

Callistemon Sat 17-Oct-20 13:46:25

I think their new policy is that it would be a wonderful organisation were it not for the customers.

Nannan2 Sat 17-Oct-20 13:48:36

Esspee- No as you need a printed label with the address of returns dept on as i believe theyre then returned can write order details on paper i guess to include inside- but address one is a different matter.

Lollin Sat 17-Oct-20 13:56:02

I have had this with a different company. A real nuisance. I now only order when know it is highly unlikely that I will need to return anything. I cannot trust any online order service so rarely buy things now. Before anyone asks, yes, you should see the state of some of my shoes!

Jane10 Sat 17-Oct-20 14:05:44

Gosh. What a palaver. I'm glad I'm close enough to a store to return things myself. Good luck.

SueDonim Sat 17-Oct-20 14:14:17

Oh, this is interesting. I recently had an M&S order that had no paperwork in either of the two parcels it came in. I was returning the unwanted items to a store so didn’t need to have a label.

However, when I took them to the store, the staff were as baffled as me! The assistant tried scanning in the bar code on the label to me, but it wouldn’t accept it and she ended up laboriously having to type in what seemed like dozens of numbers.

Obviously, M&S don’t even tell their staff what changes are going on. confused

DanniRae Sat 17-Oct-20 14:57:13

Hi lemsip - I did phone customer services and asked for a label and was told they don't do that.

I found some old M&S paper work with a Royal Mail return label on it - does anyone know if the address is still:

P.O.BOX 672

Thank you everyone for your supportive and helpful replies smile

Delila Sat 17-Oct-20 15:24:27

You should have a returns form. If so, on the bottom right-hand corner is a tiny tear-off Royal Mail returns label. In even tinier letters it says “return postage paid”, and the address given is as you say in your post above, DanniRae.

I used this label successfully & received a refund, but the Post Office cashier did query it as the lettering was so tiny neither of us could read it easily.

Hope this helps.

DanniRae Sat 17-Oct-20 17:11:25

Hi Delila - I agree there used to be a tear off section to put on the parcel with the Royal Mail address but there isn't any more! It is their new policy that we, the customer, have to print out a label......or not in my case.
But thank you very much for confirming that I have the correct address to return the parcel smile

Toyoungtobeadamnedgran Sat 17-Oct-20 17:39:37

I ordered 2 pair of pjs and collected from store, when I got home I had a pair of gents trousers @£99 and a ladies top £19.50

I called customer service and she ordered my my pjs but when I told her I'm a bit worried about taking back goods I do t have receipt for she said oh that's ok.

So 2 weeks later I hope to collect pjs tomorrow and return the wrong order. Hope it's all ok
I wonder if anyone has been given my pjs when she's waiting in her fancy top and husbands trousers.

Delila Sat 17-Oct-20 17:54:58

DanniRae, in that case things must have changed since I returned items in May? That was the address on the label then at least, I don’t know if that has changed since, too?

M&S don’t make things very easy do they? I wouldn’t be able to print out a label either.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

NotAGran55 Sat 17-Oct-20 19:44:03

Dannirae I would be more than happy to print your label for you and post it to you if you would like to PM me the link .

A Gransnetter kindly sent me something during lockdown and it would be great to continue her kindness.

Confusedagain Sat 17-Oct-20 19:58:48

As quizqueen says local shops including the co-op act as agents for Hermes and will gladly print the label for you. I often use Hermes to send parcels as mostly cheaper than post office and co-op staff are usually helpful and print my label. (Saves me using my printer) I would check online for your most convenient drop off point first. Unfortunately nothing is quite so easy these days. Good luck with your return.

NotSpaghetti Sat 17-Oct-20 20:18:01

I had trouble last month with M&S returns but did eventually get it sorted. I spent 2+ hours on it though... 🤐

Jane10 Sat 17-Oct-20 20:48:01

I'm collecting an item I ordered tomorrow. After reading this thread I looked at the email I received telling me my item was now ready for collection. At the bottom of the email there's a bar code that you show the shop if you need to return the item. So don't delete the email if you need to return the item.

Nannytopsy Sat 17-Oct-20 20:56:26

Certain Hermes drop off points have label printers but you do need to scan the black and white square box onto your phone.

DanniRae Sat 17-Oct-20 21:45:30

Thank you NotAGran that is very kind of you but I have found an address label on some old M&S paper work! smile

humptydumpty Sat 17-Oct-20 21:52:38

To diverge slightly, I recently wanted to return an item to Amazon. In the past they have provided a return label for printing which is easy for me as I can do that from home - but instead I got a QR symbol to scan in - my phone doesn't do that! no idea what to do instead (Amazon is very difficult to contact!) in the end I gave up. Maybe that's their intention??!

Teacheranne Sun 18-Oct-20 03:37:11

My phone is too old to allow me to download the app for Q codes so I hope that companies do not start to use them for online orders! I have mobility problems so rely on ordering online.

I tend to use Live Chat nowadays if I have a query as many companies have office staff working from home so waiting times for phone calls have increased. I had returned a number of items to M&S and had my refund but noticed that one item has not been refunded. On Live Chat, it only took a few minutes to sort out the missing refund as they were able to check my account details straight away.