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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 20-Oct-20 06:12:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but also windy with wet pavements as well here in Brackley this morning.
Today, my usual trip out to Bicester via Buckingham and then straight back, small shop and a coffee .
Today Cycling wise the Vuelta starts in Spain ,and its the start of the final week of the Giro , I can watch both races simultaneously on TV as they do cut into the races at key moments .
Take Care,

grandMattie Tue 20-Oct-20 06:24:56

Good morning from dark, damp E Kent.
As I was putting out the food bin, I saw what looked like car headlights above the neighbours house and realised it was a plane following the Dover beacon. It was very odd.
Tai chi this morning, but as I only need vegetables this afternoon, probably no supermarket shop, just farm shop.
Since we’ve been overeating while DS was here as I tried to make all his favourite food, I decided that both DH and I should go veggie and on a diet. He agreed. Guess what he had for lunch? Fish! When I protested, he told me fish isn’t meat !!! I give up...

Beechnut Tue 20-Oct-20 06:34:12

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is wet and probably will be all day.

I’m going to try and get a flu jab today and take a birthday card to my friend.
🤣grandMattie I can see where you are both coming from.

Have a good day all 🌹

kittylester Tue 20-Oct-20 06:49:07

Morning all from North Leicestershire. Not sure what the weather is like yet but will in about an hour as I'm taking dh to hospital for his oscopy by 8.45.

Not much else to report yet.

Have the best day possible everyone.

dragonfly46 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:05:11

Good morning, think we are in for a rainy day kitty. Hope things go well for you today.

Nothing planned here, lots I should be doing but don’t have the inclination.

Maw where are you?
Hugs for Gilly

Beauregard Tue 20-Oct-20 07:06:09

Good morning from Derbyshire. The rain has now stopped and a nice day is forecast.

We're walking the GS's to school this morning for my DD, who is on her last day of isolating after one of the children in her class tested positive for covid. She's looking forward to getting out again - just in time for half term.

I'm going to The Range this morning - didn't get chance yesterday. Hopefully they'll have the spice jars I want...and perhaps a few other things grin.

Hope everyone is feeling well and has a good day today.

Scentia Tue 20-Oct-20 07:07:05

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Not too cold out but very wet.
I am just popping in for a quick hello, I have been at the factory since 4.00am as I couldn’t sleep and we have a job that needs to be out tomorrow! I bought the dog as I get scared walking around the industrial estate as there are no street lights and a lot of lorry drivers sleep here overnight. Not sure what use she would be if someone tried to attack me though!!!
Must get on, have a good day folks and turn those frowns upside down 😀😀

NfkDumpling Tue 20-Oct-20 07:07:33

Morning All

Its still dark outside and there was rain on the windows a little while ago. I'm not sure what the forecast is for the north of Norfolk today, but it seems to be consistently different from the rest of the East of England just lately. I'm finding the Belgium and Dutch forecasts more accurate!!

Off to have coffee this morning at a friends house. Its become the new norm. Morning Coffee (and cake). Or occasionally High Tea (and cake). I rather like it!

NfkDumpling Tue 20-Oct-20 07:08:39

I hope she's a big dog Scentia with a big bark.

cornergran Tue 20-Oct-20 07:13:03

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, mild corner of Somerset, looks dry out there. Unreasonably early haircut for me. There has to be a reason I agreed to the time. Can’t think what now. Soup to make, a photo book to sort, a walk later. Not exciting but good enough. Hope all goes well for Mr Lester , thinking of all poorly and worried folk. Take care everyone.

Sparkling Tue 20-Oct-20 07:16:46

Good morning everyone. A damp drizzly start to the day, but hopefully get a walk in later. Good day all.

Sark Tue 20-Oct-20 07:17:59

Good Morning from Oxfordshire.
Should be a dry and sunny day I believe.
We had a lovely day off yesterday, bit of shopping in the morning followed by a walk in the woods. The trees were beautiful and I now have a bowl of gorgeous shiny conkers...I am easily pleased!
Hope everyone is ok and has a good daysmile

Sar53 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:21:14

Good morning from Essex by the sea, not sure about the weather yet as it's still dark.
The pain in my lower back/left hip is getting worse. Not too bad when I'm walking around but very painful when I sit or lie down. I'm hoping it will improve in the next few days. Some strong painkillers when I've had a cup of tea and something to eat.
I had a chat with DD1 yesterday and DGD1's school is shut because at least 7 teachers and numerous students have tested positive for Covid. All students have been told to self isolate for 2 weeks. Not good.
DH is taking the car to have the scratches on it looked at and be given a price to put things right. I have some ironing to do and a little dusting.
Take care everyone and look after yourselves and most importantly stay safe xx

Dwmxwg Tue 20-Oct-20 07:24:55

Good morning from a dry North Surrey, weather forecast says high of 19C so will make the most and spend some time outdoors.
Visit to Virginia Water for dog walk and see the autumn colours. Then on to mum and dad who live close to the park.
If time permits we will go to the garden centre, need to find a card for DGS2 and perhaps purchase a few C******s presents.
Wishing a good day to all

Ashcombe Tue 20-Oct-20 07:25:22

Good morning from Torbay after a wet and windy night.

Yesterday, my plans for my first day of freedom changed when a friend from our local theatre company (Toads) suggested a coffee locally so we met at Sainsbury's café, where we were served by yet another Toads member! I was impressed by the thoroughness of their hygiene routines and I used my NHS Track and Trace App for the first time and it worked!

I was glad I went, not least because it enabled the other lady to pick up a few heavier items when I offered to give her a lift home. Once there, she was pleased to demonstrate her newly acquired mobility scooter which folds up to the size of a suitcase! Her deteriorating eyesight means that, sadly, she can no longer drive.

Today, I’m meeting another Toad friend for lunch at Pierre’s Bistrot on the seafront. The forecast is for wind so it will make for “interesting views” of the sea!

My thoughts are with those in pain of any kind - every blessing.

Grandmabatty Tue 20-Oct-20 07:31:18

Good morning All from a wet Polmont where it's still dark. I'm on day two of babysitting today so it'll pretty much be a rerun of yesterday. We went out in the rain to splash in puddles and picked up leaves then later we, (mainly me) glued them onto card to take back to his mum. The fish man calls today so a nice piece of haddock for tea. Apart from that, nothing else is planned. Have a good day all.

Kalu Tue 20-Oct-20 07:37:49

Good morning all from Glasgow. Still dark outside and so very quiet or it was until DH started rattling around in the kitchen!

Hope all goes well for your DH today kitty

My outing today is to the post office. Something which was once part of my day just highlights how much life has changed and this insignificant task is an outing. My watch needs a new battery and normally I would take it into the city, have a look in some shops and have lunch before returning home. How times have changed.
Just feeling a bit hemmed in today as the wet weather stops me spending time pottering about in the garden for a few hours. Plenty to keep me busy inside so I will shake off any negativity and back to my can do self.

Good morning Maw and Hattie. Surely this must end soon. 🌻

Have a good day all whatever you plan to do and best wishes to our friends who are struggling through troubling times.

Pantglas2 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:39:46

Morning all from a dry at the moment north Wales where I’m about to enjoy the chamberpot ☕️

will have to have a quick perusal of present posts then catch up later as I’m off to DDs office to help out again (I must’ve been useful last week or she wouldn’t have had me back!)

Hope all goes well with your DH Kitty and your back pain lessens Sar - have you tried a lumbar support belt? I use one when my back ‘goes’ and find it helps keep me in line, as it were.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:43:25

Good morning Mick and all

Just getting light here in S E Essex.

Hope all is well with your DH kittylester

Sar53 I can recommend a really good physio for your back if it doesn’t improve (closer to me than you)

We have the baby today and his brother overnight after school, so not a lot of housework will get done.

Thinking of our dear gillybob
and other missing friends (((hugs)))

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

brook2704 Tue 20-Oct-20 07:43:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still dark and still raining I think, although it’s forecast to be drier later today.
We’ve got the DGC to look after again this morning I’m beginning to run out of indoor things to do so I might just suggest we bundle our coats and wellies on and go out in the woods anyhow - will see if I can get them outside or not!
Hoping everyone with worries and struggles has a better day today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

NanKate Tue 20-Oct-20 07:48:12

Morning Mick and All.

Grey but warmish day in prospect here in South Bucks.

Thanks folks for all the positive messages yesterday prior to us meeting up with our old friends in Burford. We chatted, laughed and generally had a lovely time. As I get older I value these times more and more.

Hope all goes well for MrKitty today.

Marydoll Tue 20-Oct-20 07:48:59

Good morning all from a wet Glasgow.

We have nothing planned today, apart from deciding which is the safest supermarket to get bread and milk from. Sainsbury's is probably the best with wide aisles and a security guard at the door.
I'm still feeling ropey, but that's the nature of my conditions. I may brave phoning the surgery 🦁 to seek some advice! I need to pluck up some courage first.
I'm envious of all of you who still have some vestige of a social life. We haven't been able to have anyone in our homes for ages and it looks like NS is going to introduce even stricter regulations on Friday. My friend wanted me to go with her to the charity shop, but we can't share a car and I'm very wary of going anywhere anyway. It's all for the best, I know.

Kitty, sending best wishes for your husband today and to anyone else, who is unwell.
Bellasnanna, I hope your daughter's op was successful yesterday.
You are a brave woman Scentia!

Maw should be back today, but who knows, I suspect it won't be easy. ☹️

Enjoy your day, everyone.

Bellasnana Tue 20-Oct-20 07:49:13

Good morning all from Malta where the weather is dry at present but showers are forecast. It is definitely cooler, I’ve had to put a blanket on the bed for the first time since March.

Had a bad night worrying about DD1 - being six hours behind meant her op began at around 11pm our time. She messaged at 4am with a photo, all went well and she was already back home with her little dog. She’s so brave. Not one word of complaint even though it must be a struggle on her own and managing one-handed.

Hope all goes well for your DH, kitty.💐

I’m with you dragonfly, struggling to get motivated today.

Scentia, take care. I watch too many crime shows and wouldn’t dare to walk in the dark, dog or no dog!

Nfk, I like the sound of your new norm. Anything that involves cake gets my vote!

Kalu, I know how you feel. I’m planning an ‘outing’ to buy dog food. Times certainly have changed and no sign of them getting any better.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Have the best day possible everyone. Special thoughts for those who are finding it all too much.☀️💐

MellowYellow Tue 20-Oct-20 07:58:18

Morning everyone from a wet, windy south Cornwall. Received a letter yesterday telling me a pelvic xray has been booked for me next month. Must mean that the surgeon my doctor wrote to asking for an urgent referral is considering doing my hip replacements. Phew. Even if the op ends up being near Christmas I'll be in that hospital like a shot!

I can hear the Tuesday market stalls going up and also the street cleaning machine which is currently sucking up autumn leaves. My road, in the centre of town, is lined with lovely trees. The council look after it so well. At the moment there is bunting strung from tree to tree, with hanging baskets on the shop walls. Next month the bunting will come down and white fairy lights will go up.

Well, the best of days to you all. I'm off later to our main (only!) big hospital to have my ears vacuumed! Such excitement. grin

NannyJan53 Tue 20-Oct-20 08:06:29

Good morning from a dull and wet Black Country.

It seemed very surreal at the Dentist yesterday. I had to phone from the car, and someone came out to meet me. The hand sanitizer, then once in Dentists room, had to wash hand, then again when leaving. They only allow one patient at a time. At least my filling is done now, as I had been waiting since April.

We were all sent a short video clip of my Niece being shown the birthday vidoes we all sent. Her look of surprise when she saw her Nan, then a few tears, then roars of laughter at the end as she said 'Did anyone say Beveragino?' She didn't expect that! smile. Apparently its a Tik Tok video popular in Australia. We are hoping she is home next birthday for her 30th! They are living life fairly normally over there, she was away for the weekend with friends.

Wishing you all a lovely day, and hoping MrLesters procedure goes well.

Probably drive over to Mums today so we can have a short walk along the Staffs Railway walk, whilst partner is off on a cycle ride with his club.