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Songs that sum up 2020

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Sweetpea60 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:41:28

Just thinking of songs that sum up 2020. Think I'd start with Lukas Grahams Redemption Song. Absolutely spot on . Brilliant lyrics.

Stephenmarra Sun 25-Oct-20 13:01:21

OK I'll start off with Ghost Town - The Specials.

TerriBull Sun 25-Oct-20 13:37:27

The Police "Don't stand so close to me"

cavewoman Sun 25-Oct-20 13:42:43

Lonely this Christmas. Was it Mud?

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 25-Oct-20 13:50:43

‘The End of the World as we know it’ by REM.

Calendargirl Sun 25-Oct-20 14:50:17

“Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire.

25Avalon Sun 25-Oct-20 14:54:00

I hear you knocking .......... but you can’t come in

Sparklefizz Sun 25-Oct-20 15:01:01

I'm Still Standing - Elton John

LauraNorder Sun 25-Oct-20 15:02:05

Queen, God knows I want to break free ....
not all the time but some threads make me sing this out loud

vampirequeen Sun 25-Oct-20 15:03:14

"I'm going slightly mad" by Queen

EllanVannin Sun 25-Oct-20 15:09:54

Corona, when day is done you'll hear my call--(Ramona)

Stephenmarra Sun 25-Oct-20 16:13:32

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

geekesse Sun 25-Oct-20 16:24:09

‘Skyline Pigeon’, Elton John

ElaineI Sun 25-Oct-20 16:38:57

There are some songs about 2020. My DD2 linked me to one but I'm not sharing it here! Basically it is saying "F... 2020".

J52 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:38:43

I Get Knocked Down (Tubthumping) by Chumbawamba.

Illte Sun 25-Oct-20 17:55:05

Life is a lemon and I want my money back. Meat Loaf

GrannyRose15 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:56:39

Where is love? from Oliver

tiredoldwoman Sun 25-Oct-20 18:04:00

Hey, Fatty Bum Bum .

Stephenmarra Sun 25-Oct-20 21:04:07

(Don't Let 'Em) Grind You Down - Motorhead (We need a headbanging smiley)smile

Grammaretto Sun 25-Oct-20 21:25:41

you in your small corner and I in mine......

Spangler Sun 25-Oct-20 21:39:07

Frank Sinatra: I've Got You Under My Skin.
Bon Jovi: Living On A Prayer.
Randy Newman: Stay Away.
Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water.
Minutemen: Corona.

EllanVannin Sun 25-Oct-20 21:44:03

Led Zeppelin---Stairway to Heaven.

MissAdventure Sun 25-Oct-20 22:06:53

Are there tiers in heaven? Eric Clapton.

Jangran99 Sun 25-Oct-20 22:34:52

Peggy Lee- You give me fever
Eric Carmen- All by myself
Bee Gees - Stayin’ Alive
Gloria Gaynor- I will survive

Neilspurgeon0 Mon 26-Oct-20 10:01:22

I wanna get outta this place - The Animals