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What did Grandma knit for you?

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vampirequeen Tue 27-Oct-20 21:48:57

Every autumn Grandma would knit me a new hat for winter. It was always a loopy design in the most disgusting shade of green. I had to wear it all through winter and wear the previous year's to sleep in.

Did your Grandma knit you things?

travelsafar Tue 27-Oct-20 21:52:54

Yes my nan use to knit me knee length wool socks. They had elastic threaded through the top to stop them falling down and it would cut into my legs as always too tight!!!

EthelTheTank Tue 27-Oct-20 21:53:52

My grandma knitted me a hippo who I've still got. His name is Morton after my Grandfather Les. He must be in a cupboard upstairs somewhere. I'll have to find him now.

pollyperkins Tue 27-Oct-20 21:56:15

My grandma made me a golliwog for my third birthday. I loved him and took him to bed with me for years and it’s the only toy I kept. My family now all deeply disapprove of him (racist apparently) and I have to hide him from the grandchildren.

Westcoaster Tue 27-Oct-20 21:58:05

Yes, I had a Granny who knitted and a Gran who sewed, and a mother who did both. We always got an Aran for our summer holidays to go with the ski pants and anorak. No going abroad in those days, we went to the Hebrides.
We had lots of knitted stuff, but it's the Arans I remember most.

lemongrove Tue 27-Oct-20 22:00:55

No, strangely enough ( for that era) neither of my Grandmas ever knitted anything at all.I feel hard done by now.😁

V3ra Tue 27-Oct-20 22:11:25

pollyperkins my much-loved childhood golly lives in the base of my ottoman bed with my teddy bear 🥰

Chewbacca Tue 27-Oct-20 22:19:59

Gran knitted for us all in strict rotation; always a cardigan; quite plain but usually with random buttons of whatever she had in the button tin. She also made dresses for us and I can remember all of the ones that I had, especially the cotton summer dress with letters of the alphabet on it.

tanith Tue 27-Oct-20 22:20:21

Nope neither of my Grans knitted that I remember but my Mum did, she knitted school cardies for all of us.

MawB2 Tue 27-Oct-20 22:22:49

Absolutely nothing.
German Oma did wonderful embroidery and craft work but I have no recollection of her ever knitting anything and my Scottish Granny could barely sew on a button!

Alegrias2 Tue 27-Oct-20 22:27:36


Every autumn Grandma would knit me a new hat for winter. It was always a loopy design in the most disgusting shade of green. I had to wear it all through winter and wear the previous year's to sleep in.

Did your Grandma knit you things?

I had that very same hat! Knitted by my mum. It was baby pink!

Callistemon Tue 27-Oct-20 22:27:40

One Granny died years before I was born and Grandma died when I was four so I have no idea.
My Mum was a great knitter for as long as she was able and we all had Aran jumpers, the little ones had matching hats too.

Farmor15 Tue 27-Oct-20 23:15:54

My granny knitted clothes for my doll- I still have a few, about 63 years later! I can remember her sitting in a rocking chair, knitting me a very long scarf, which I had for years.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 27-Oct-20 23:24:12

My mother’s mother didn’t knit. Dad’s mum did though, but very badly! I have a memory of when I was about five and she was knitting me a hideous green cardigan. She had lost some of the stitches and there were unintentional holes here and there. We were in hysterics!

Callistemon Tue 27-Oct-20 23:24:33

My Mum knitted DGD1 a pram set which is now worn by a baby doll.

Callistemon Tue 27-Oct-20 23:25:11

Sorry - DD1! Many years ago.

Lexisgranny Tue 27-Oct-20 23:26:04

Just about everything. Jumpers, Cardigans, dolls clothes, baby clothes for my children. She was a wonderful knitter, who taught me and my mother, very much regret that RH prevents me from knitting or crocheting now.

arosebyanyothername Tue 27-Oct-20 23:27:35

My Nana knitted me and my sister swimming costumes once. They stretched when they were wet! Only wore them the once
grin grin

Callistemon Tue 27-Oct-20 23:34:18

I have a photo of me wearing my knitted swimming costume.
Which reminds me that I must find it before anyone else clears my house!

SueDonim Tue 27-Oct-20 23:54:31

Nothing that I know of. Like Callistemon‘s, one of my GM’s died when I was four, the other had been dead for nearly 40 years by the time I arrived on the scene.

Its’s always been a case of what you’ve never had, you never miss, for me until lately. Now I’m a gran myself, and as I watch my GC grow and developed their personalities, I wonder what my GP’s were like and whether any of their characteristics have passed through the generations.

BBbevan Wed 28-Oct-20 03:20:54

My grandma didn't knit. She was a widow and much too busy. She kept an immaculate house even doing all the decorating. She had a bedridden daughter. My wonderful aunty. She knitted beautifully. I remember a little white cardigan with blue figures around the edge. Her embroidery, of which I still have some tray cloths was perfect
My other grandma wouldn't have known what to do with knitting needles .

Hetty58 Wed 28-Oct-20 03:32:55

Luckily, my grandmother wasn't a 'knitting' person. I am, but I only knit for babies and toddlers - plus an assortment of random scarves, slippers, mittens, toys, hairbands etc. that the grandchildren can use or 'adopt' and take home if they want to. Right now, knitted ducklings are popular here!

agnurse Wed 28-Oct-20 04:00:52

One year my grandmother knitted warm socks for all of us. Different colours for Dad, Mom, we girls, and the boys. Grandma also crocheted a bunch of snowflakes that could be hung on the Christmas tree.

Calendargirl Wed 28-Oct-20 06:49:01

Never knew any grandparents. I assume they knitted, but not for me.

fevertree Wed 28-Oct-20 07:18:10

My grandmother didn't knit, she sewed and when I was a child she made all my "church" dresses (and an identical one for my sister in a different colour). She crocheted beautifully and in the '60s when I was about 20, she crocheted an entire dress for me, low-waisted, mini-skirted, in ecru. Oh how I wish I had kept it! It was fabulous and I wore it often.

I have several of her embroidered tray cloths, edged in lace crochet. I use them to line my bedside drawers. It quietens noisy bottles etc when I rummage. Makes me happy.