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Buying a turkey!

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Bluebellwould Sat 21-Nov-20 17:30:37

Right oh, just thought I’d buy a small turkey crown and freeze it till Christmas, even though I’m on my own. BUT there are none to be had by online supermarkets until 20th December, which is fine if you can still get a delivery then and you want to pay double delivery fees. £10 for Ocado. So blow them, I’m having beef.😡

MawBe Sat 21-Nov-20 17:33:13

We had beef for many years -usually a double rib or triple (?) depending on numbers. I tend to think turkey is over rated and when it comes to leftovers, cold beef is second to none!
Still used to cost an arm and a leg but it was worth it.

Charleygirl5 Sat 21-Nov-20 17:35:13

M&S was selling turkeys online to feed around 8 people for a mere £90. I could not believe the price.

I prefer turkey legs but cannot buy them anywhere so it maybe fish or duck- I really do not mind.

kittylester Sat 21-Nov-20 17:41:14

Use a butcher.

Our butcher is getting us a small, boneless crown and boned leg.

Charleygirl5 Sat 21-Nov-20 17:43:17

kitty could you tell me what a butcher is please?! Long gone from my part of NW London.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 21-Nov-20 17:45:28

Try a farmer. We get ours straight from the farm. Like kitty a small turkey crown, as just use two and small piece of gammon.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 21-Nov-20 17:46:59

They had lots of frozen pre-stuffed turkey crowns, plain crowns and turkeys of varying weights in Aldi today.

EllanVannin Sat 21-Nov-20 17:53:51

My local butcher will get me a small turkey and although there'll only be me, I can freeze a lot of it. I've spent quite a lot with him this year, so I'll have a word with him next week. He gets his produce from local farms.

merlotgran Sat 21-Nov-20 18:07:41

I laughed when DD urged me to get my turkey crown last month and asked me to babysit her large turkey in our freezer.

Now I'm glad I decided not to scoff, 'Don't be daft' and put the order in instead.

phoenix Sat 21-Nov-20 18:12:06

Bought a frozen turkey crown (first ever, usually do a whole bird) last week in Morrisons.

Planned to buy fresh turkey legs today to freeze, but none to be had! I'm sure they had them last week.

I like a mix of white and dark meat, Mr P prefers white, but I need some dark meat for the pie.

jusnoneed Sat 21-Nov-20 18:36:13

I ordered a meat hamper from one of the local butchers, a joint of beef/a boned & rolled turkey crown/a piece of gammon/pigs in blankets (full sized sausages not the tiddly ones)/pack of sausage meat and a pack of some fancy stuffing. Picking it all up next Monday so now have to make sure there is space in the freezer.
There was a turkey farmer on the news saying that small turkeys will be hard to come by because so many people are changing to them as many of the large gatherings they usually supply won't be happening. But of course they started the year rearing the breeds that end up being larger turkeys. He said they were having to offer boned crowns etc for the first time just to get rid of the larger birds.

Jaxjacky Sat 21-Nov-20 18:40:14

Bought a whole turkey breast and giblets from farm shop two weeks ago. Split breast into two and frozen, along with chipolatas and streaky bacon.

bikergran Sat 21-Nov-20 18:44:11

Plenty of small medium frozen turkey crowns in my Local Asds But of course no good if you don't live here hmm

Also so the big turkey legs in Morrisons last week.

Iam64 Sat 21-Nov-20 18:50:58

Our butcher is doing crowns and also fillets of turkey this year, in anticipation of many of us not following Mr Johnson's suggestion that we all meet en masse then some of us get very sick with covid.
I've ordered a small free range turkey crown from M&S. I usually cook a turkey and a ham as we usually have family and friends. Who knows this year. I've been classed as clinically vulnerable so much as I long to have my grandchildren, adult children, sisters and friends round as usual - I think its likely to be the two of us, the dogs and a quiet day. I hope to round it off with a good movie - Great Escape.....

M0nica Sat 21-Nov-20 19:09:39

Our local turkey farmer sends out his Christmas turkey order form in October and I order what I want then. Usually we collect it from his order collection marquee, complete with Christmas music mulled wine (free) and a good vegetable store.

This year he is only doing home deliveries in my post code area on Christmas Eve.

Witzend Sun 22-Nov-20 01:26:36

No idea what we’ll be doing yet, or how many to eat, so I expect it will be the usual dash to M&S for when they open at the crack of dawn on the 23rd. Luckily we have one a short drive away.

Though even if it’s just me and dh I’ll still buy a small FR turkey. I’ve done beef before - my mother didn’t like turkey - but to me it’s just not Christmas otherwise.

None of it will be wasted - we like the leftovers, not to mention a lovely stew with stock from the carcass. And several meal-sized packets in the freezer for curry etc. later.

Coolgran65 Sun 22-Nov-20 03:59:26

My ddil’s father rears turkeys for the local butcher and for private orders. We get a gift of one delivered on Xmas Eve. Never know what size as it depends on what’s left after the orders are filled.

We usually go to dd’s these last few years but don’t know yet what will happen this year. It could be just the two of us. With ds2 on Boxing Day with dgs age 3 who he co-parents.
It’s a lot of turkey.... and one festive meal with leftovers for one day would be enough for us. We’d get tired of it after that.

Last year I froze the fresh bird until February after taking the legs off and freezing them separately.

M0nica Sun 22-Nov-20 08:41:56

After Christmas, I just freeze all the spare turkey and over the next few months use it up on all those days we would otherwise have chicken. It can be used in all the usual recipes. The fact that it is cooked and a recipe is for raw chicken, just means a shorter cooking time.

Witzend Sun 22-Nov-20 08:48:34

Me too, @Monica.

Lilypops Sun 22-Nov-20 08:49:06

As there will only be the two of us this year , I have bought a turkey crown from Tesco , already basted and with bacon on top , it’s in a foil tray to just pop in the oven as it is. £10. Job done , They also do a beef joint the same way same price which I will get in for Boxing Day ,

pen50 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:47:28

We're having a (rather pricey) cock from Piper's Farm purports to feed eight so hopefully there will be one or two more people at the table than than just the three in our household. It was seven last year but two live abroad so realistically we're unlikely to see them this Christmas sad.

Sarahmob Sun 22-Nov-20 09:52:26

M&S turkey £90!!! I’ve ordered a whole meat pack from my butcher with Turkey Crown, all the trimmings, pork pie, cooked ham, sausage, bacon and eggs for only £60. They’re having a laugh! But I expect some people will pay that price.

Theoddbird Sun 22-Nov-20 09:53:57

I will have a cashew and mushroom layered loaf with mushroom and sherry sauce. This sauce is absolutely moorish. With this I will have roast potatoes, Brussels and carrots. All very different to my usual very simple diet. I only do roast potatoes Brussels and carrots at Christmas...

vickya Sun 22-Nov-20 09:54:05

We've had Guinea fowl on occasion. It is tasty and makes a good alternative. It does about 4 portions. Sainsburys usually have them.

Willow73 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:56:30

I bought a frozen Turkey crown from Sainsburys and one from Tesco and each one cost only £20. Only bought 2 in case we are limited to 6 and would have to have 2 Xmas days!
I wouldn't leave it until lockdown is over because I imagine everyone is going to go mad round the shops grabbing what they can incase more restrictions are put in place before Xmas. My beef always goes hard!