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Good Morning Saturday

20 NfkDumpling

What do we NOT have in the kitchen these days??

55 LullyDully

Night Owls: Part Two-whit, Two-woo

69 Nana3

Food you really don’t like!

66 JackyB

new? virgin telephone scam

13 Kim19

Do teachers get training on domestic abuse

13 FannyCornforth

What are you doing today?

38 CanadianGran

Soop's lovely warm and friendly kitchen

957 Grandmafrench

The Argy Bargy Bar...the lease has been secured!

746 lemongrove

I feel really old now!

71 BlueSky

When my New Wig Arrives from Amazon

16 Hellogirl1

Seems Harry & Meghan have quit social media ‘for good’.

129 Gwyneth

1000 words, 1000 posts, let's get back!

49 janeainsworth

Viewing Heaven

34 TrendyNannie6

Good Evening Friesday

5 rafichagran

Good Morning Friday

95 Litterpicker

Well, I didn't know this, and it may be useful to others!

82 BlueSapphire

New Lockdown Special Edition: Ask the Person Below You a Question!

226 Nannan2

Lockdown blues how are you avoiding it?

13 BBbevan

can we discuss feminism please

193 Ilovecheese

Which high Street shops do you miss the most past /present

172 jct1

Do you know English geography?

102 CanadianGran


62 FannyCornforth

Secret vice, keeping me occupied during lockdown.

50 agnurse

what temperature do you keep your Living Area?

40 welbeck

Things you like, but can't eat together

32 GagaJo

Let's talk about Teachers!

157 Nannagarra

what time do you have your meals?

128 Kim19

Good Evening Thursday

12 Jaxjacky

Invisalign ( or similar)

11 Hejira

And about time, too!

155 Saetana

Customer service falling short

4 Esspee

Thank goodness for proof reading

35 ixion

Celebratory Cards for all occasions

29 ninathenana

Good Morning Thursday

78 Marydoll


65 Toadinthehole

Under 5'3 and over 60 finding it harder to get real clothes

22 Elrel

Have the new Jab - The Marsh Family

18 Viridian

How far from your house is still in your local area?

145 Saetana

A little worried

26 kircubbin2000

Good Morning Wednesday

71 MawBe

Good Evening Wednesday

11 Jane10

Virtual plane trip for Club Gransnet - where to?!

132 ixion

Is this allowable do you think ?

133 Madwoman11

Celebration Thread #2

11 FannyCornforth

Malapropisms. (A lighthearted thread)

36 Marmight

Broken by my adult daughter

33 Franbern

Staying together for the sake of the kids - does it ever work?

72 Merryweather

Bad hair cut - so annoyed

97 Millie22

Good Evening Chewsday Late Edition

5 Jane10