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Do you still send Christmas Cards?

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vegansrock Wed 25-Nov-20 07:29:40

I remember my late mother in law writing what seemed like hundreds of Christmas cards to everyone she had ever known . She also loved receiving lots back. Given the financial and environmental concerns, it seems card sending is going out of fashion, particularly among younger people. How many cards do you send? Will it be fewer ( or more) this year? I quite like cards to decorate the house, but wonder if anyone would notice if I didn’t send any. My DH never sends any - so is there an age/ gender divide?

travelsafar Wed 25-Nov-20 07:46:46

Yes i do. In fact only yesterday went to the PO to buy my xmas stamps. My DH thinks i am mad as the combined cost of individual cards, packs of cards and stamps comes to quite a hefty total. But i love to get them so hope that my recipents enjoy them too.

Puzzler61 Wed 25-Nov-20 07:55:15

Yes I do, and even more so this year. It’s all part of the tradition of Christmas spirit for me. I send about 40 and receive roughly the same number. I enjoy reading them and seeing them in the house in December. I’m an early card writer and usually plop them in the mail box first week in December.

YorkLady Wed 25-Nov-20 07:57:37

Stopped sending them last year and sent a donation to our local hospice.

TerriBull Wed 25-Nov-20 08:06:44

We usually go to a nearby church to buy charity cards, but haven't done that this year. Quite possibly they're closed at the moment anyway. Have been pondering what do do, garden centres are open and sell card, shops of course are open next week but I want steer clear of the Christmas shopping throng. The card thing is all a bit of a fag, queues as Post Offices are long, thinking of foreign cards. I'd like to give it a miss this year, I'm sure many will, on the other hand it's quite nice to receive and send newsy cards to those we haven't seen for a while, that of course is quite a few this year!

Humbertbear Wed 25-Nov-20 08:07:57

Yes we do. We create our own, always a picture of a small teddy bear. Last year he was in a Santa outfit sitting in a deck chair on the beach. This year he is wearing a Save our NHS t-shirt and sitting surrounded by Xmas presents. We send about one third of the amount we used to send and they go mainly to people whom we rarely or never see anymore. The cards are all written and stamped and waiting to go in the post at the end of next week. I paint and also produce a calendar every year of some of my latest paintings. These will be going off in the post too.

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 08:08:13

We'll be sending more than usual this year as we've missed seeing so many people. I hope it will show that we've been thinking of them.

Ashcombe Wed 25-Nov-20 08:08:51

I’m happy to send mine and to hear from long term connections. Added to my own list, I’ve rashly agreed to write to DH's UK contacts, too, as he’s in France with little choice of cards or, I suspect, inclination to write them!
(Must be love 💕!)

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 08:10:35

I send them to Australia that’s all. Stopped about three years ago doing any others, choose different charity each year to donate to instead. It always struck me as a bit daft giving cards to people I see all the time !

BlueBelle Wed 25-Nov-20 08:22:45

I make 45 plus cards a year and send them or put them through local doors I know it’s dying out but I love receiving cards and really get a kick out of something landing on my door mat and then looking at them every day hanging in my living room
I have found some people dropping out and when I don’t get one I feel a bit sad not because I ve sent and they haven’t but its just sad (for me) to feel a space
Of course it’s ONLY a bit of paper but it’s the thought behind it isn’t it ? It’s that little link

Billybob4491 Wed 25-Nov-20 08:27:39

Will stop sending them this year and donate to charity instead.

Daisymae Wed 25-Nov-20 08:31:01

Yes, close family and friends. Maybe 20 or so.

sodapop Wed 25-Nov-20 08:32:34

I enjoy sending and receiving cards as well. As Jane10 said this year it will help us keep in touch and show we are thinking of family and friends. They cheer me up when I see them displayed in my sitting room.

sodapop Wed 25-Nov-20 08:33:25

Received my first Christmas card of the year yesterday !!

Missfoodlove Wed 25-Nov-20 08:34:29

Not this year.
The local hospice will get a donation instead.
The charities are struggling this year.

Urmstongran Wed 25-Nov-20 08:36:30

When I was working full time I stopped sending cards for a few years & donated to a charity instead. However since retirement I have more time and actually enjoy writing out Christmas cards again, provided I give my head a wobble and don’t view the task as a chore. That would defeat the object.

I like to write a few each day so it’s not a marathon sit down exercise. This Covid year writing them will be more meaningful as I’ve not seen friends or family since March.

Froglady Wed 25-Nov-20 08:39:26

Yes I send Christmas cards even to people who don't send them (but give a charity donation instead). I love to send cards as for me it's a way of connecting with people and shows that I am thinking of them, especially this year when I've not been able to see anybody.

Grandma70s Wed 25-Nov-20 08:39:27

I don’t really enjoy sending them, but I love getting them so I have to send them. I always buy charity cards, but I find the designs are usually terrible, which is annoying. Sometimes more obscure charities have better designs.

Lucca Wed 25-Nov-20 08:39:28

Actually I’ve grown apart from so many people over the years due to how I feel about myself and the relative mess I’ve made of things so that’s maybe why I don’t send cards........this is the worst time of year for me.

Urmstongran Wed 25-Nov-20 08:39:31

Actually, upon reflection, I will do both this year - cards and a donation to charity. It’s not an either/or choice and I’m so grateful for what I have in life.

Maggiemaybe Wed 25-Nov-20 08:39:32

Yes. I like sending them, love receiving and displaying them, and am happy to support both the charities we buy them from and the greeting cards industry, struggling like so many others at this time.

OceanMama Wed 25-Nov-20 08:42:32

I don't but if I know someone is going to send me a card, I be sure to send them one. Since they are into them, I hope it brings them some joy to get a card back.

JenniferEccles Wed 25-Nov-20 08:43:07

Yes I still do. It’s a way to keep in touch with people I haven’t seen for years and this year it’s even more important than ever.

Every October I wonder if it’s worth the effort of sitting down writing the seemingly ever growing list but I do get a lot of pleasure out of receiving them so hopefully friends enjoy getting mine!

I can see how it looks a bit pointless sending them to people we see regularly, but the majority of mine (especially this year of course!) are to people I rarely see.

Christmas cards v donations to charities? It’s possible to do both isn’t it?

JenniferEccles Wed 25-Nov-20 08:47:06

Oh Lucca that’s a sad post.

TwiceAsNice Wed 25-Nov-20 08:47:30

I do still send cards although less than I did years ago, it’s reduced over the years by about a third. I like sending them although the postage gets more and more expensive. I walk to post local ones through doors. I make regularly donations to charity through the year so don’t feel guilty about that .