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Debenhams - another shop from my past gone.

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Kandinsky Tue 01-Dec-20 10:40:17

Feel so sorry for the 12,000 staff losing their jobs.
Online shopping is ruining so much. Years ago ( even as little as 5 years ago ) shop work was pretty much guaranteed employment for so many - not anymore sad

Kandinsky Tue 01-Dec-20 10:41:55

& I grew up with TopShop! Spent half my wages in there every month.

sodapop Tue 01-Dec-20 12:13:12

I expect the fall of the Arcadia group was the final straw as Debenhams had their stores within a store. I'm afraid Debenhams lost its way a long time ago.
So sorry for all the staff involved who have lost their jobs. Maybe Philip Green will sell his yacht to plug the hole in the pension fund.

Galaxy Tue 01-Dec-20 12:15:11

Online shopping provides employment, it's just different jobs. Debenhams has I am afraid been in trouble for a long time, that kind of shop just doesnt work anymore. We need to look at the high street once the pandemic is over as the current model is just not working and will continue not to work.

biba70 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:20:06

Not been able to visit our small place in our lovey Market Town since November- will there be a town centre with shops by the time we can visit again. Bon Marché, Scottish Mills, Peacocks and more gone ... so sad.

And the great Shopping centre in the nearby large town will look like a ghost town sad

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Dec-20 12:24:34

Some Bon Marche shops have re-opened but not all.

Urmstongran Tue 01-Dec-20 12:50:56

Soon high streets will be for ‘experiences’ only - anything that can’t be bought on line - coffee shops, nail bars, hairdressers, bars & restaurants, ice cream parlours and chip shops!

Kandinsky Tue 01-Dec-20 12:54:40

I agree Urmstongran

Ellianne Tue 01-Dec-20 14:37:42

I used to love Debenhans on Oxford Street. It did grow into a little shops within a big shop experience over the years but I could always find something nice to buy.
I could never understand why the bridal department at the top was right next to the smells coming from the restaurant?

Sparklefizz Tue 01-Dec-20 15:17:40

Apparently Debenhams are going to open tomorrow for a "Wild Wednesday - everything must go".

Absolutely asking for Covid trouble. What could possibly go wrong? confused

Grannmarie Tue 01-Dec-20 15:28:31

I remember enjoying the Personal Shopper experience in Glasgow Debenhams, in 2003, when I was looking for my Mother of the Groom outfit for DS1's wedding.

I don't know where you would get that kind of service now. I'm sorry to see Debenhams go.

sodapop Tue 01-Dec-20 17:21:04

It would be nice to see the return of independent shops to the High St. I often visit Louth in Lincs and it has a number of independent shops there, lovely to see different things for sale.

seamstress Tue 01-Dec-20 17:25:26

Phillip Greed has been siphoning money out of the pension fund for years . He'll be OK on his private jet and yacht. He should be stripped of his knighthood. He's run this company into the ground. His put most of the money into his wife's name to avoid scrutiny. Disgusting.

MissChateline Tue 01-Dec-20 17:31:23

My first job at 15 was in the Richmond-upon-Thames Debenhams in the coffee shop. Then ag 16 after being expelled from my boarding school i did a training management scheme in Marshall and snellgrove on Oxford st. I sold clocks and watches than cruise wear. Also did a stint in gloves. Had to do months in arrivals in the basement. The stores were linked by underground tunnels. It was good fun. Stores became old fashioned and lost their way.

glammanana Tue 01-Dec-20 18:01:52

Ladies make sure you use up any gift vouchers you may have or you may loose them,advice given from my DDs friend today who will be loosing her job at Debenhams after 15yrs.

welbeck Tue 01-Dec-20 19:05:55

yes, that's a good point. and with xmas coming up, do not give gift vouchers. so many turn worthless.

M0nica Tue 01-Dec-20 19:19:32

Even opening for 'Wild Wednesday everything must go' will not tempt me into my local Debenhams.

I last bought anything at a debenhams about 20 years ago, although I suppose I wander around one once a year, Not so much wander as a steady walk. All those horrid little boutiques with about a tenth of each concessions usual stock. I would sooner go to a proper Dorothy Perkins than a DP concession in Debenhams.

Debenhams death has been slow and relentless for atleast the last ten years.

Chewbacca Tue 01-Dec-20 19:42:24

The last time I was in a Debenhams store was in Chester, last Christmas. It was like a jumble sale. Hardly any staff on the shop floor and it was a nightmare to navigate around the store because it was so cluttered. But I'm sorry to see yet another long serving high street store go.

Greyduster Tue 01-Dec-20 20:26:34

The writing has been on the wall for a long time - the last time we went in it was practically deserted and very few staff about. It’s demise will leave our city centre with one independent department store, and John Lewis. We used to have five. My DiL asked for Debenhams vouchers for Christmas - glad we held off getting them!

Georgesgran Tue 01-Dec-20 20:27:13

Philip Greed - how apt. I stand to be corrected but he was trying to get £30M to prop up his business while his family took dividends of £1.2BILLION!

I feel very sad for those retail staff losing their jobs.

annsixty Tue 01-Dec-20 21:06:22

This is why I have to believe in karma.
He doesn’t give a stuff for his employees.

NotTooOld Tue 01-Dec-20 22:47:21

And Dorothy Perkins is going as well. My Mum bought me my first bra in there! Very sad its going.

Gwyneth Tue 01-Dec-20 23:10:40

chewbacca I know Debenhams in Chester very well. A long time ago it used to be Browns of Chester before being taken over by Debenhams. Sadly my niece works there so will be losing her job.

honeyrose Tue 01-Dec-20 23:25:06

This may sound naive, but is it illegal what Philip Green has done - that is, transferring mega amounts of money to his wife who lives in a tax haven? It certainly should be. How dreadful for the thousands of people losing their jobs and whose pensions are under threat. He should be stripped of his knighthood at the very least. He also should be forced to sell off some of his yachts to give the employees/retired staff a bit of a lifeline. This all might sound quite simplistic, but the man is an asset stripper and I hope he has a conscience for the devastation caused.

Gwyneth Tue 01-Dec-20 23:34:35

Yes honeyrose I’ve often wondered why people are allowed to keep these ‘honours’. Another example is Jeffrey Archer after committing perjury I believe?
Anyway sorry for the digression from the original post!!!