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‘What if every single one of us was a raindrop?’ Oh Harry!

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Urmstongran Tue 01-Dec-20 12:44:34

I actually though he had come to his senses and given up preaching to us about saving the planet, especially considering the way he lives. But, no, he doesn't seem to have a clue at how ridiculous he sounds, I would laugh at him, only he annoys me too much these days.

Lucretzia Tue 01-Dec-20 12:46:26

Sounds like a song on CBeebies!

Anniebach Tue 01-Dec-20 12:53:40

What has he said now ?

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Dec-20 12:57:33

He really doesn't do himself any favours does he?
It all adds to the gaiety of the nation, I suppose.
Have you seen The Windsors?
It's hilarious tchgrin

Anniebach Tue 01-Dec-20 12:59:37

Have googled re raindrops , good grief shut up man

Smileless2012 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:01:53

Oh dear, I'm blushing on his behalftchblush.

Grannynannywanny Tue 01-Dec-20 13:07:47

Their stomach churning hypocrisy knows no bounds. He should write a series of children’s books to pass the time in his £11 million mansion.

JenniferEccles Tue 01-Dec-20 13:09:39

He is utterly in thrall with his wife isn’t he?

Virtually every utterance from Harry sounds exactly like the sort of nonsense she spouts.

I guess the Americans lap it all up though, especially in the area where he is living.

I still think he will come to his senses eventually.

Lucretzia Tue 01-Dec-20 13:12:39

'Being in nature is the most healing part of life, I truly believe that's one reason why it's there.

This is a very strange comment.

So he thinks humans were here before nature?

Pantglas2 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:14:01

So sad that he doesn’t realise how much he lost due to his recent behaviour- he could have had the best of both worlds and he’s given it up for a life of nonentity like so many celebs.

Smileless2012 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:14:39

Maybe the £112 million deal they've done with Netflix has gone to his headtchhmm.

sue421 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:15:30

I cant waste time in the real world and cut down your water usage in your mansion...oops I did reply but I could say a lot more!

Kestrel Tue 01-Dec-20 13:19:15

I agree FannyCornforth The Windsors is hilarious and I regard it as a documentary grin

Kate1949 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:20:48

Oh yes The Windsors is very funny. Those two princesses of Andrew's grin

25Avalon Tue 01-Dec-20 13:20:53

What a drip this guy is.

Smileless2012 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:28:04

No Avalon he's not a drip, he's a raindroptchgrin.

FannyCornforth Tue 01-Dec-20 13:32:44


I agree FannyCornforth The Windsors is hilarious and I regard it as a documentary grin

Yes, perhaps they need to have a caveat at the begining of each episode as in The Crown, reminding viewers that it is a fictional account, based loosely upon real people and events.

I too love Fergie and the princesses.
And when Edward went to work in 'the charity sector' aka an Age Concern shop!

JenniferEccles Tue 01-Dec-20 13:32:53

Smileless2012 😆

Anniebach Tue 01-Dec-20 13:32:58

He is so into raindrops he should try living in Wales

Sparklefizz Tue 01-Dec-20 13:35:34


He is so into raindrops he should try living in Wales

Haha Annie

Daisend1 Tue 01-Dec-20 13:37:35

The Duchess really has him, quoting one of my late father's sayings, 'by the short and ####ys'

Sparklefizz Tue 01-Dec-20 13:40:05

I have just read the transcript of his speech, and I am .. er.. speechless

What an embarrassment he is.

Davidhs Tue 01-Dec-20 13:50:26

A good man ruined - its gradually getting worse too.

merlotgran Tue 01-Dec-20 13:55:14


He is so into raindrops he should try living in Wales

grin grin

Definitely losing the plot.

Ellianne Tue 01-Dec-20 13:57:56

He's a melted snowflake!