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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 02-Dec-20 06:12:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but dry at the moment here in Brackley this morning.
Today a quiet day, although I did suffer yesterday , I have been having spells when going out of breathing problems, with chest pains when wearing a face mask ,although wash them , its when I been to a supermarket I tent to pick up my pace , maybe I should slow down , but with a chest cold system as well , did make an online appointment with surgery with a doctor there for this afternoon phone chat .
Otherwise , looks Xmas on my own , my sister was going to Canada to stay with my niece, but situation in Manitoba with a continuous lockdown makes it impossible .
Its like writing 2020 off all together as everything is in a turmoil .
Take care,

grandMattie Wed 02-Dec-20 06:23:22

Good morning from a dark (though moonlit), chilly E Kent. I know you hardy Northerners would call 4deg “warm”, we’re not used to anything much below that, so for us p, it’s 🥶 cold!
Oh, Mick, I’m so sorry you’re going to have a solitary Christmas. And I hope the GP sorts your chest out. Doesn’t sound good...
Yes 2020, certainly had been a weird year!
My DGD had an ok night on Monday, but was starting to react a bit to the bashing and rebuilding of her little leg yesterday. She was quiet and “discombobulated “ according to DD. She also wanted no one on her bed , no cuddles or anything. I suspect anything like that would jar her. She also was oddly reluctant to use the morphine pump. It’s being taken away today anyhow. The surgeons were very happy with how the op went, and delighted that she could wriggle her toes on demand. More news when I get it.
Another online cookery course this evening. Aubergine some tonight. I love aubergine, it is probably one of my favourite vegetables.
Be gentle with yourselves, nap/rest before it become urgent, have a good day. X

farview Wed 02-Dec-20 06:23:33

Morning everyone..*Mick* glad that you are speaking to the doctor..look after yourself!
Dark and damp in Bolton, lots to do so a busy day and our 4yr old "hurricane " coming for tea..
Keep smiling..keep safe 🦋

Scentia Wed 02-Dec-20 06:40:28

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire, it is quite mild today.
Had a text message from our council to remind me I am now in tier 3.
Mick it sounds like you are getting

Scentia Wed 02-Dec-20 06:42:55

posted too soon!!
Mick sounds like panic attacks to me with the mask/breathing issue. Take care of yourself.x
Taking DGS swimming today then taking care of him for the rest of the day.
No other plans.
Take care everyone and stay safe❤️

farview Wed 02-Dec-20 06:48:22

Think you are right Scentiare panic attacks..
grandMattie your granddaughter seems like a little trooper 🦋

Sar53 Wed 02-Dec-20 06:51:02

Good early morning all from a cold Essex by the sea. It's still dark outside but I believe it is going to be a chilly day.
No plans today but may go out and try and have coffee somewhere.
Hopefully my reordered parcel will arrive today 🤞🤞🤞.
Grandmattie lovely to hear that Iris's operation went well but sorry to hear that she is uncomfortable. We are all thinking of her and wish her well.
Enjoy Wednesday everyone and stay safe xx

cornergran Wed 02-Dec-20 06:53:16

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, cold and dry corner of Somerset. Been awake since silly o’clock pondering the state of the world. You’ve done the right thing contacting your doctor Mick, hope there can be reassurance for you. Your granddaughter is a real trooper grandMattie, she’s coping with her discomfort in her own way. A brave little soul. A hair cut for me first thing, how lucky was I to have booked one for today in advance of lockdown? Grocery delivery later in the morning then chauffeuring Mr C to the dentist. The day will fill nicely. Take care everyone, special thoughts for those with heavy hearts.

Dwmxwg Wed 02-Dec-20 06:53:16

Good morning Mick from a cold north Surrey. Think I will wear my thermals for outdoor PT this morning.
Hope you get somewhere with your GP appointment Mick.
GrandMattie I should think it will take some time getting used to for Iris, still early days and the youngsters soon bounce back. I expect the morphine was making her feel a bit odd although difficult to know if children can associate side effects with medication.
Put my tree up yesterday. Need to tidy all the boxes and debris now. Might make a start on wrapping which will give me a better idea of what I still need to buy.
My NHS app pinged this morning to say my tier has changed, thought it was tomorrow.
Wishing all a good day today

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:06:21

Good morning Mick and all

Mick I hope your doctor can help you feel

grandMattie thinking of your GD, it’s been a shock to her system, it will take time for her to get used to her cage.

It’s still dark here I am off to the gym - yippee!!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Ashcombe Wed 02-Dec-20 07:06:22

Good morning, all from a quiet Torbay.

Mick do take care of yourself as the weather is due to turn colder and a chest infection can lay you low.

I keep thinking of your DGD, grandMattie and hope each day sees her grow stronger. An anaesthetic can be disorientating and the effects of morphine on a little one could add to that, although the pain relief is very necessary.

How sad for Grammaretto to have to arrange a funeral alongside the preparations for Christmas. A poignant time.

Yesterday, I helped my bubble buddy with her Christmas decorations. I had no idea one string of lights could contain so many bulbs or get into such a tangle! Three hours of undoing the “ knitting”!! But the result paid off!

Wishing you all as good a day as your Tier allows.

Beechnut Wed 02-Dec-20 07:06:56

God morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry and very dark.
Good news about your granddaughters op grandMattie.
Could well be what others have said Mick. Back in the early days I often came back from the store with what felt like a tight/sore throat which I put down to being anxious.
A few more houses have put up outside lights and I can see from a local Facebook page that it’s going on a lot where I live.

Not sure what to do today. My hair wants cutting. I use a walk in place so I don’t know whether I’ll go or no, we’ll see.

Have a good day and I hope all ills and worries are as small as can be 🌺

Pittcity Wed 02-Dec-20 07:11:25

Good morning from a dark and freezing Colchester. 0° here.
I am putting on my thermals and several more layers to walk into town. We are determined to restart our weekly Wednesday meetups even though it means sitting outside. We have found a cafe with a marquee that opens today. Now where's my bobble hat?

Jaxjacky Wed 02-Dec-20 07:15:01

Good morning all, dark and cold in S Hants. We’re now in tier 2 and as I type, it’s being reported the Pfizer vaccine has been approved.
Kitchen floor being latexed today.More stamps coming in my Tesco delivery later, then I can finish and post my cards.
Mick good you’ve got a chat with your GP, take care. Might be a fish and chip run tonight as the kitchen floor will be out of action for a while.
Have a peaceful day all.

kittylester Wed 02-Dec-20 07:20:28

Morning all from a perishing cold North Leicestershire.

Please let us know what the GP says, Mick and I hope your dgd has a better day today, Mattie.

I have fortuitously also got a hair appointment tomorrow, corner but it was made so long ago that I need to check what I am actually having done!

Our cleaner is here today and DH is driving so I will sit in the playroom and do my Sainsbury's order for tomorrow.

Take care today everyone.

Lins1066 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:31:13

Good morning Mick and all. It is still dark here on the S Welsh coast but it is dry. Glad that your granddaughter's operation went well ^grandMattie*. farview's description of her " four year old hurricane " made me laugh, we have one of those. Our son is driving Mr Lins to Bristol for his appointment at the Eye Clinic this morning. A Sainsburys delivery due later. Hope that everyone will have a pleasant day. Stay safe.

Urmstongran Wed 02-Dec-20 07:34:12

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s still dark but seems mild out. We are in Tier 3 restrictions today but as we are in isolation for another 10 days yet, it makes no difference to us at present.

I put up my candle bridge yesterday at the window in our bedroom. I love the soft comforting light it gives. My mum bought it for me years ago and I think of her now when I switch it on. This will be our third Christmas without her and I miss her dearly.

Hope Wednesday is good to us all. Best wishes for your brave granddaughter grandMattie it’s good to know she’s on the right side of things before Christmas. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Beauregard Wed 02-Dec-20 07:45:57

Good morning from Derbyshire where it's cloudy but dry.

I was woken early by a flare up of itchiness on my forearms. Something I normally just get in the evenings but it's particularly irritating this morning. I slapped on the Sudocrem but didn't get back to sleep. I remember my mum having problems with it years ago.

DH has a hospital appointment this afternoon to hopefully get on the waiting list for hernia repair surgery. I can't go with him but think I'll go to a couple of shops while he is there.

I booked a collection slot with Morrisons for Christmas eve afternoon. That was easy. But when I tried to select the Christmas food to order items I wanted many of them were unavailable/sold out, so there's not much point in keeping the slot. I found this with M & S too. Slots available but not much left to order.

Iris is doing so well grandMattie she's such a brave girl.

Hope everyone has a good day today.

ginny Wed 02-Dec-20 07:51:58

Good Morning all. The sky here in N. Bucks looks beautiful but of course red sky in the morning is maybe not a good sign.
I have a hair appointment today and a driveway chat with DDs 2 & 3 and DGS which had to be postponed yesterday.

Take care Mick and all feeling under par
Wishing everyone a 😁

brook2704 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:57:44

Good morning everyone from Inverness, it’s been raining overnight but should dry up soon I hope.
Hope you’re feeling better soon mick and your doctor soon sorts things out
We enjoyed a good long walk yesterday through Cawdor woods, not too far from home.
Today I’m looking forward to meeting my friend for coffee at the local garden centre and then later we’re doing the school pick up. DGC are staying over tonight so it’ll be a busy but lovely day ahead...
Still very early days for your brave DGD grandMattie she’s been through such a lot
I love the candle bridge urmston so warm and comforting, what a good idea to put it in your bedroom window too.
I hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

dragonfly46 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:57:53

Good morning - it is indeed perishing here in Leicestershire.

I realised yesterday evening that I have been feeling quite poorly the last few days taking me to a very low place.
I suddenly perked up yesterday evening. Maybe it was the radiotherapy or maybe a virus (not Covid) but hoping I am over the worst.

Taking blankets, fur boots and blankets and meeting old friends at a local beauty spot this morning as up to 6 of us can meet outside.

My DS keeps phoning me with more ideas for the GC presents but goodness knows how we can get them to them. It maybe Easter!

Pleased you are speaking to the doc Mick.
I think the morphine could well discombobulate your little GD Grandmattie. I cannot take it. She is a very brave little soul and will hopefully start to perk up now.

A young friend was to have major surgery yesterday to remove a large tumour on her spine but it has been postponed indefinitely as they do not have a free bed in ICU!

Love and best wishes to all.

Greyduster Wed 02-Dec-20 08:00:03

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a cold, rather grey South Yorkshire where it is just getting light. Mick I hope the doc manages to throw some light on what is ailing you. I hope he asks you to go in and see him. Look after yourself. We went out walking yesterday and what should have been a lovely walk turned into a horrendous muddy slog where you had to test almost every step☹️. When we got back to the car we were exhausted. Eye test for me this morning, and then I will spend the afternoon cooking. Have a good, safe day, folks.

Grammaretto Wed 02-Dec-20 08:01:09

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. There's talk of snow in time for Friday's funeral.
If that's all, we can cope, we're trying to keep eachother strong. DH's parents will miss the send off. He's in hospital and she is self isolating with her other son.
The vaccine is coming too late for this family.
I am sorry you are not too well Mick. Could it be the icy cold weather?
I send my best wishes for your DGD's recovery grandMatte . Luckily children mend quickly.
Thanks for the pretty lights and flowers. Keep them coming.
I'm expecting a call from the nursing team today to see how I'm coping.
I think it will be next week before I collapse and then I can have thoughts of Christmas to light up the shortest days.

Nortsat Wed 02-Dec-20 08:01:17

Good morning Mick and the GM team from east London, where the sky is pink-ish ...

Urmston, your candle bridge looks pretty. It’s extra special if it brings a happy memory of your mum, every day.
Mattie, so your DGD can wiggle her toes already ... she’s a ⭐️. The effects of the anaesthetic and the morphine pump are bound to have an impact. I hope she has a good day today.
Mick, glad you’re speaking to the doctor today ... very wise. We’ll wait to hear what the advice is, tomorrow.

My health is playing up a bit, so more meds and more care today. Although our Christmas will be quiet, we do have some lovely invitations in the pipeline during December, so I need to be on top form for those.

I will write Christmas cards today and my partner will take a couple of parcels and the overseas cards to the PO.

Hope Mary and Cherry had a decent night. gilly is in my thoughts and of course Grammaretto.
Have a good day all and enjoy the cold crisp sunshine if you are going out for a walk. 😎

EllanVannin Wed 02-Dec-20 08:02:18

Good Morning All x.
I've only poked my nose out so don't know what the weather's doing. Feels slightly colder but nothing to get excited about yet.

My word did I feel rough after D had dropped me off from Asda. For a start the place was busy, as I had a feeling it would be before the onslaught of the next couple of weeks.
I could have subconsciously panicked because of the crowds and trying to concentrate what I wanted even though I had my list.

Anyway about 2 hours later----queues at the tills, D put my shopping in the boot as well as her own and I put the trolleys back and my legs felt weird. I didn't say anything, I never do.
Once home D carried my bags in and I set-to putting stuff away, half-heartedly, until I could barely stand. This was about 4pm. I had to sit down but knew that would be it.

The A/Fib started with a vengeance and I broke out in a cold sweat, but would you believe I was hungry at the same time ? Needless to say I just had a couple of rich tea to stop the stomach rumbling. This went on until 9pm and I went to bed to watch TV, drifting in and out of sleep so I made a cuppa, back into bed and slept until 5am. My pulse was all over the place, it's an exhausting feeling.

However I'm okay now just feel as though I've been through the mangle grin Had I panicked when going into Asda ? Most likely, along with the sudden exertion after months of doing nothing as I'd been fine up to then.
Mick I can sympathise with you if you'd felt the same, hope you're okay with rest.

I can't be doing with a thousand and one things going on in my mind, but I've never been any different. Ah well. At least there's enough in the freezer to choke a goat if the weather turns. D had remarked--" there's only yourself, mother " grin

GrandMattie, it's early days yet for your DGD but there's bags of hope on the horizon and she'll be fine x.

I was so thrilled for D as her new bathroom is nearly finished, she's gained an extra room and she's having living room carpet fitted this morning. All this going on with her working and looking after children too, what a trooper----which is why I never tell her how I feel so I bend the ears of you ladies instead----sorry.

Anyway I hope everyone is okay and free from " funny turns " at this time of the year, it's been a corker to say the least.
Stay safe and well as I now organise the crumpets and hot choc.
Take care all, Gilly too xx