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Will other supermarkets follow suit?

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Sarnia Wed 02-Dec-20 08:56:56

Tesco have repaid almost £600m to the Government. They received it as part of the business rates holiday scheme during the pandemic. The supermarket says it has weathered the storm and does not need to keep the money. Good for them. They just need to stop providing/selling carrier bags and I will be a happy woman.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 02-Dec-20 09:08:39

Good for them indeed, my last shop came with a crate liner, better than bags and can be reused in the car with the dog, I hope they are biodegradable , but there isn’t any writing on them.

Missfoodlove Wed 02-Dec-20 09:09:31

For years Tesco had a complex string of off shore accounts in the Caymen Islands.
They used a loophole to avoid over 1 billion pounds of tax.
Looks like a guilty conscience!

Elusivebutterfly Wed 02-Dec-20 09:28:40

Mrsthreadgoode - How did you manage the crate liners? I was surprised to see them as they seemed pointless. It is impossible to bend down and lift up a whole crate full of food.

DotMH1901 Wed 02-Dec-20 09:59:15

Well done Tesco for handing the money back. I bet many other food stores did very well during the last nine months and didn't need to be subsidised by the tax payer, hopefully we will see other stores handing back money too.

Kate1949 Wed 02-Dec-20 10:02:36

The crate liners are fine. We have them.

jaylucy Wed 02-Dec-20 10:09:40

I wish Asda used crate liners!
We do click and collect and from doing our own shopping and using or own bags, Asda's click and collect use really thin carriers for their orders- non contact collection where the orders are placed in lockers and the customer receives a text message to say where the order can be found.

henetha Wed 02-Dec-20 10:31:14

I like the crate liners. It's easier to deal with the shopping in them. My only concern is, can they be recycled?

BassGrammy Wed 02-Dec-20 10:51:05

I should think Tesco have done well and very public spirited to pay the money back!
As far as the crate liners are concerned, you can choose when you place your order whether to have them or not, in fact I think they are actually making a charge for them now. I do click and collect so it’s easy to put a couple of crates on the car and transfer the shopping in.

Namsnanny Wed 02-Dec-20 10:54:12

Thank you for posting this, a good news story for a change!smile

I wrote about a company who had returned every penny they had been given, a few months ago.
I hadn't heard of anyone else doing this until I read this thread.
Cheers me up to think of businesses being financially responsible.
Afterall some are quick to take from the gov.

I really think if a business (on line shops) has made profit exceeding a certain amount, the gov. should take some extra tax and re district to small ailing businesses.
Peoples jobs matter.
It is probably a good PR move as well, because I for one will choose to shop there now.

Well done Tesco!!

GreyKnitter Wed 02-Dec-20 11:25:46

Yes. Well done Tesco. When the pandemic started in March we tried a range of stores for home delivery but def found Tescos to be the most reliable so we’ve stuck with them. Our deliveries are now made without bags - we just tuck the things into our own friendly bags on the doorstep. I do have a huge pile of bags from when they delivered that way but I am slowly making my way through them, using them for other purposes.

Bijou Wed 02-Dec-20 11:25:55

I have had Sainsburys deliveries for more than two years and stipulated “no bags”. But they do put the frozen food and loose vegetables in what used to be 5p orange bags. Just two apples in one for example so at least five bags each delivery.
These bags can be recycled at their stores but I am housebound.

4allweknow Wed 02-Dec-20 11:31:50

Not sure if this was a "gift" to businesses and wasn't to be paid back. My DiL runs a small business with a shop and the loans given out to help support staff are definitely expected to be repaid.

BusterTank Wed 02-Dec-20 12:11:59

All supermarket's have more than weathered the storm . It's there best year they have ever had . They have removed the cheaper foods and are selling more branded expensive food . They can get away with this saying supply and demand . So any CEO of any supermarket will be having a very merry Christmas .

Buttonjugs Wed 02-Dec-20 12:44:59

I have been doing Aldi click and collect since it started last month and they use compostable carrier bags.

GrandmaKT Wed 02-Dec-20 12:56:42

Good for Tesco returning the money. I hadn't heard about this and it will certainly encourage me to shop with them!

growstuff Wed 02-Dec-20 13:02:20

I use the crate liners in my cat litter tray. Unfortunately, I haven't had them for a while. When I'm expecting a delivery, I have to line up cardboard boxes by the front door. It obviously depends which store does your deliveries.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 02-Dec-20 13:05:44

Good for Tesco! I've been shopping in our local one once a week since March and have great admiration for the staff and the friendly service they provide.

Purplepoppies Wed 02-Dec-20 13:42:51

I pass Tesco crate liners on to be used as cat litter tray liners. Apparently they are the right size 👍

Largolass Wed 02-Dec-20 14:02:54

Bijou you can give your orange bags back to the Sainsbury's driver for recycling.

Baggs Wed 02-Dec-20 14:17:53


Mrsthreadgoode - How did you manage the crate liners? I was surprised to see them as they seemed pointless. It is impossible to bend down and lift up a whole crate full of food.

For some people it might be. The crates don't weigh nothing and, if you're lifting them all day long....

Baggs Wed 02-Dec-20 14:18:42

Oh, wait. I thought you asked a question. Apologies.

Baggs Wed 02-Dec-20 14:20:00

The Asda Delivery guy who delivers to where I work lifts whole crates.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 02-Dec-20 15:54:31

They didn’t put much in each crate liner and they weren’t used for the heavy stuff.

They were a bit saggy, but then aren’t we all, well, me anyway.

Aepgirl Wed 02-Dec-20 16:40:50

I’m not a Tesco shopper, but this, I hope, will make other supermarkets follow suit.